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Chapter 400: Do You Think I Am Handsome?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Golden City?"

The golden cloud on Gray Mountain was like the divine troops descending from heaven, giving off pressure in all directions. The golden light was so dazzling that it blotted out the sun and left everyone present breathless.

"Golden City…"

Zhou Mumu seemed to have a tangled feeling and showed a bit of fidgety and uneasiness. "This class of battle array, looks a lot like those upstart in Shengjing. Tch, they\'re really fast!"

The master of Harmony River nodded his head and sighed with emotion. "So formidable. I have rushed here alone and be the first to arrive, but this Golden City is able to muster at least one hundred of their gold-clad celestial soldiers or higher, yet they\'re just slower a bit than me. Their ability to mobilize is truly powerful."

Zhou Mumu clapped her hands. "Rather than praising how awesome the enemy is, why don\'t you think about how to deal with them! Didn\'t you enjoy trying to single-handedly charge here to kill people? Now that you\'re about to become other people\'s dumpling, what are you going to do about that!"

"Damn, this Gray Mountain is basically done for. Now in the mountain, there\'s only a weak little girl who is in charge. If I didn\'t come here alone, should I bring the army to deal with her? I would lose my face if I do that!"

"You want your face but not your life!"

The master of Harmony River touched his chin. "Well, who made me this handsome."

Zhou Mumu, driven beyond her limit of forbearance, took out her Diamond Ring and about to smash him to the ground.

And while the two master and follower of Harmony River were quarreling, Wang Lu with a gloomy face had already walked out of the hall and bathed in the golden light.

As the most powerful side, this Golden City was the one that he worried the most. Wang Lu could crush his enemy if they were just ordinary Jindan using his finger, but if they were strong Jindan like Qiong Hua, Wang Lu didn\'t have the confidence to win. If it was a number one Jindan like his master, then that was needless to say.

Aside from the small fries, those gold-cloaked celestial soldiers who came were more than a hundred, and none of them were weak—at least not weaker than the master of Gray Mountain Lan. One hundred of them was really not a small matter. And what worried Wang Lu the most was the leader of these gold-clad celestial soldiers.

The strength of their leader determined the level of threat of these gold-cloak celestial soldiers. If it was just a common small fry, Wang Lu alone could completely crush these one hundred gold-clad celestial soldiers and the many more common soldiers—Non-Phase Sword was very much in control in scoring victory against those who used the strategy of relying on sheer quantity. However, seeing the overwhelming irresistible might above him, he knew that behind these celestial soldiers, there was a capable person controlling them, making the situation really ugly.

Previously, the moment he saw Zhou Mumu, Wang Lu had correctly guessed that the other three followers were very likely the lead disciples of Shengjing Sect, Royal Soldier Sect, and Ten Thousand Art Sect. This was really bad news, because Wang Lu\'s biggest card in clearing this hurdle has disappeared.

He was assigned to the most vulnerable force, the Gray Mountain, and there were irreparable gaps with the rest of the four forces. After they weighed in their situation, it was inevitable that one or several of them would try to swallow the Gray Mountain, this dying force. And in Wang Lu\'s view, the protagonist treatment was the protection from a certain early death. But with the appearance of Zhou Mumu, this card was brutally ripped apart. Because compared to the other four lead disciples, even if he has a privilege in the opening of the group of immortal tombs, it was still far from the point of being the protagonist.

If there was no one behind Golden City, Wang Lu might be able to deal with it. However, the other side was backed by one of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, which would make this an unprecedentedly arduous struggle. Any one of the lead disciples of the Five Unique was not simple. Previously, Wang Lu had dealt with Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu. Although at that time Wang Lu was able to take advantage of each of them, he also recognized that each of them was also an opponent of the same level as him. So if one of them obtained the strategic location advantage of Golden City, it would be difficult to think of a comeback.

However, while Wang Lu was hesitating, he suddenly heard a burst of voice from the sky that was a mixture of surprise and anger.

"Wang Lu, it\'s you!"

This voice sounded familiar to him. Wang Lu remembered he had a dialogue with the owner of that voice not too long ago in front of the entrance of the group of immortal tombs.

His worst expectation came true, Wang Lu somewhat helplessly shrugged and then waved to the sky. "Yo, Little Sister Wangyue, long time no see."

"Hahaha! I can\'t believe you would have this day!"

On the golden cloud above, Wangyue Luanyu laughed wildly. "Amongst the five spirits, earth spirit\'s starting situation is the worst, almost not having any chance of survival. I originally was curious about who would be the most unlucky lead disciple for ending up as earth spirit, but it turns out to be you!"

Listening to her unreserved laughter, Wang Lu wrinkled his brows, thinking that he had played too hard in the ancient sword tomb, so that now this woman had become hysterical.

Nevertheless, since it was her, the situation became a bit easier. This woman, Wangyue Luanyu, did have a few skills. After not seeing for several years, her cultivation base has greatly advanced, Now she has reached Peak Xudan Stage, and might, at any time, cross the threshold of Jindan Stage. However, if compared to Qiong Hua, it would be like the difference between the light from the firefly and the bright moon.

This time, Qiong Hua didn\'t personally came but just sent Wangyue Luanyu. This was mostly because she didn\'t want to risk to deal with Gray Mountain using too much strength. After all, although Golden City was the most powerful force, it still has to face the other four forces. A bit of carelessness and the table would turn, so the risk outweighed the benefit.

This cautiousness, however, has actually given Wang Lu the opportunity. He might not be able to deal with the army of Golden City led by Qiong Hua, but he still has the chance against Wangyue Luanyu-led army. Now the only problem was whether his rear would be safe if he went all out against the opponent. What would be the position of the two master and follower of Harmony River in this?

No matter how confident Wang Lu was, he didn\'t think he could deal with two forces at once. But the master of Harmony River seemed like a madman, so it was difficult to figure out his intention.

However, while Wang Lu was hesitating, a burst of cursing words came from inside the hall.

"Are those sons of b*tches of Golden City coming here to take advantage of the situation? Using many to bully the few, that\'s a fucking shameless!"

Before that voice could continue cursing, Zhou Mumu had already hit him in the head with her Diamond Ring.

"I don\'t like to hear you swearing!"

"You hit me again!"

Zhou Mumu ignored the glare from the spear wielder, but instead looked up to the sky and sneered. "Shengjing Sect people really do have such huge prestige. An inner court disciple can even display this battle array, if other people don\'t know, they would think that you\'re the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect."

Upon seeing Zhou Mumu, Wangyue Luanyu was immediately surprised and became at a loss.

When her Big Sister Qiong Hua sent her here, she didn\'t tell her that she would face against two lead disciples… Facing Wang Lu, even though she knew perfectly well that in all aspects she was inferior to him, but the anger that came from deep in her heart could supply her with endless courage. However, facing Zhou Mumu… the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect was indeed shocking to him.

However, at this time, a general with flaming jade golden helmet beside her said, "Miss Gold Spirit, this is a golden opportunity for us. Below there are two of the five pairs of master-follower spirit. If we can wipe them out in one fell swoop, the victory will immediately be in our Golden City\'s hand. Even if the fire spirit and tree spirit join hands, they would no longer be our rival. This is truly a great meritorious service!"

Wangyue Luanyue asked, "With what we have right now, can we deal both of them?"

"I don\'t dare to have a hundred percent certainty, the enemy is after all the king of Harmony River. In terms of strength, I am afraid he is not under any other leader of the areas. But right now, they are isolated, while we have one hundred and eight celestial soldiers, twelve heavenly generals, and you, the gold spirit commander. So it\'s reasonable to say that… our strength is far above the opponent.

This heavenly general\'s persuasion finally helped Wangyue Luanyu make her decision.

"Very well, then let\'s…"

Just as Wangyue Luanyu was about to order the whole army to start the assault, suddenly a wave of an unprecedented strong sense of crisis came to her mind. As an inner court disciple of Shengjing Sect, even if there was a world difference between Wangyue Luanyu and the lead disciple, her basic cultivator skill was very solid.

"Not good, we need to retreat quickly."

"What?" That heavenly general near her simply couldn\'t believe his ears. Just now, he had just managed to persuade the gold blood spirit to order the assault, yet she suddenly actually wanted to retreat?

This slight hesitation, however, had caused their opportunity to retreat to slip away.

From the hall of the Gray Mountain, a man with a spear strode out in boiling anger. "A group of unsightly scum, while two sides are dueling, not only you guys make a despicable sneak attack, you also rely on numbers to bully the few, and also caused me to be hit by my follower! I want you to pay the price today! Pay all the price!"

The more the king of Harmony River spoke, the angrier he was, which seemingly condensed into an essence in the spear. Water rolled up on the surface of that spear, like large waves in the deep sea. It was also as if volcano lava was pushed out. Water and fire, two entirely different kinds of forces assembled together in one place, brewing an incomparable terrifying eruption.

"Golden City scum, get the hell away from here!"

With a roar, a bolt of lightning rushed from the ground to the sky. The king of Harmony River threw his spear to the sky, which pierced the golden cloud and unexpectedly could not be blocked by the battle array made by the gold-clad celestial soldiers. Being pierced through like that, in a twinkling of an eye, more than half of the one hundred and eight celestial soldiers were seriously injured and vomited blood, there were even several of them who suffered huge blowback, immediately died on the spot and fell down.

The twelve heavenly general were surprised. "Blood mark divine spear! This madman actually use the blood mark divine spear!"

Before their exclamation even fell, they saw the king of Harmony River beckoned towards the sky, and the spear that he threw out appeared again in his hand. Then red light shone from the back of his hand which caused the spear to be filled with rolling waves and lava force once again.

"Let\'s go! Retreat, right now!"

This time, without Wangyue Luanyu saying anything, the heavenly generals acted in unison to lead their subordinates to flee. The golden cloud in the sky immediately turned into countless threads and scattered in all directions, scared that the king of Harmony River would go mad and chase after them.

In a single spear strike, the gold-clad celestial soldiers of Golden City that initially held the advantage immediately have their morale collapsed; this clearly showed the might of the blood mark divine spear. Even Wang Lu could only stare for a long time. With the Sword of Mount Kun in hand, he laughed and praised. "An eye-opener, truly an eye-opener."

Upon hearing the praise from Wang Lu, the king of Harmony River immediately cheerfully gesticulated in joy. "Hahaha, you have vision! Worthy to be the man that I picked. Don\'t you think that I\'m so handsome and cool when I broke away the enemy just now?"

Before he could continue, a diamond ring came right at his face and hit him.

"Are you sick? How could you use such a precious blood mark! Or are you just showing off your blood mark?"

The king of Harmony River stood up from the ground, wiped the blood from his nose, and smiled brightly. "Isn\'t that handsome and cool that I see outside object as if they\'re just dirt?"

"I-I\'m going to disfigure your face!"