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Chapter 389: The Thrill of Walking on a Tightrope

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Afternoon the next day, under the scorching sun, Wang Lu has reappeared in the boundary of the royal tomb.

And this time, he was no longer alone. Behind him was the highest authority in Cloud Country, King Yunyang. And behind King Yunyang was a luxurious and spacious carriage, which was steadily towed by an invisible force. On the soft bed inside the spacious carriage was the extremely weak Princess Yunyue who sat in repose with eyes closed, looking like she was sleeping.

The three people stopped at the boundary of the royal tomb. At the front, Wang Lu had already raised his Non-Phase Sword Defense even before they arrived at the boundary of the royal tomb. However, even at the boundary of the royal tomb, they did not encounter any of the expected obstruction.

Wang Lu thought about it. He did not think that Yunkongjun has become weak and unable to see people in these two short days. Perhaps it was quite the opposite. In two days, he had gained a breathing time and had completely recovered from the weak period in his millennium of slumber, becoming even stronger than before. Stronger than he had ever been able to perceive.

Although the might of the just woken up Yunkongjun was already very terrifying, it did not really reach the realm of peak Yuanying. Although it was already enough to make Wang Lu helpless against him, if Wang Lu went all out, under certain circumstances, at least in a short time, Wang Lu would be able to break free from the fetters, to reach the place where Yunkongjun\'s power was unable to reach, and thus save his life.

For a Peak Xudan Stage to do this feat in front of a peak Yuanying Stage was already very commendable. However, now, the binding on Yunkongjun by the stele was getting increasingly weaker. Thus, Wang Lu was already risking his life simply by getting close to it. Although he still had cards up his sleeve, the risk has undoubtedly increased a lot.

Wang Lu didn\'t really like to gamble, because for cultivators, in their long process of cultivation, if everytime they needed to gain victory they relied on gambling, they would end up dead sooner or later. However, if they didn\'t take even a little bit of risk, then they should just give up on immortal cultivation. Cultivation to immortality was basically a path that went against the heaven, an absolutely no safety path.

And now, after weighing the pros and cons again and again, compared to what he might gain, the risk was entirely within the reasonable range. Thus, he made his decision.

Shortly after entering the royal tomb boundary, although Wang Lu didn\'t perceive any threat to them at all, he still focused all of his attention on it. Unable to resist Yunkongjun was one thing, but whether or not he had the will to resist was another thing entirely. However, before they could walk for several steps, Yunkongjun\'s voice has rung in Wang Lu\'s ears.

"You really do keep your words. But why are you bringing these two ants with you? One is a king who has lost his virtue and another is a dying mortal, where is your so-called heavenly spirit root princess?"

Yunkongjun\'s tone of voice has a slight ridicule in it. Apparently, he had already recognized Princess Yunyue within the carriage, which was said by Wang Lu to possess heavenly spirit root. At the same time, the true qualification of Princess Yunyue could no longer be hidden from him.

Were it not that Yunkongjun found Wang Lu to be interesting, since a young cultivator of Peak Xudan was able to stand toe to toe against a Peak Jindan necromancer, as soon as he found out the truth about Princess Yunyue, he would\'ve made Wang Lu pay for his wild talk. However, now he needed a reasonable explanation.

"The king who has lost his virtue is just today\'s stage prop. As for the heavenly spirit root princess, she is in the carriage. Senior, please."

"Are you joking with us? Do you think our eyes are blind?"

Just at this time, the hoarse voice of the dwarf jumped out. He viciously stared at Wang Lu. He then stared at King Yunyang, and the carriage behind them, scanning them with immense disgust.

"That woman at most only possess earthly spirit root, and even that is pushing it. And this time, the poison has ravaged her body that she\'s on the verge of death. Yet you intend to use her to fool us?"

Wang Lu lightly smiled. "Us? Do you think you deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the senior? I am talking to the senior here, so you should step back."

Towards Yunkongjun, Wang Lu showed a modest respect, but for the dwarf, he was unbridled. Although Yunkongjun has a certain preference for the dwarf, obviously, he didn\'t care about his face. Listening to Wang Lu talking like that to the dwarf, not only Yunkongjun was not angry, he was even more curious instead. And the dwarf suddenly seemed unsightly in his eyes.

" Yunchang 1 , stand down."

"Ancestor, but…" Before the dwarf called Yunchang was able to continue his words, an invisible force came crashing down on him, making all of his bones tremble. Thus, he no longer dared to say any more words but just scurried away from Wang Lu\'s line of sight in distress.

At this time, Wang Lu said, "As you can see, right now the qualification of Princess Yunyue is at most a second-rate earthly spirit root. But this is not surprising, because currently, she is just a semi-finished product, far from being completely processed."

Hearing this made Yunkongjun really want to laugh. "Semi-finished product? Does heavenly spirit root really have a semi-finished product?"

Wang Lu nodded. "Of course it has. As you know, many of the cultivators acquire their spirit root only after it awakens, but before that awakening, they are no different from ordinary mortals. However, for some people, although their spirit root seems to have been awakened, it\'s actually not a complete awakening. If properly guided, they can see their true light."

Yunkongjun sneered. "An absurd nonsense!"

Wang Lu, however, seriously replied, "In the matter regarding spirit root, you must believe in my professionalism. In dealing with high level spirit root problem, my sect is second to none. For example, me…"

With that, Wang Lu suddenly deeply took a breath. Very quickly, the almost real Void Core in his Jade Mansion crazily contracted, pulling the surrounding spiritual energy from hundreds of miles away towards it like a vortex.

With a simple breath, Wang Lu was able to pull the surrounding spiritual energy like a terrifying tidal wave. This was a surprise to Yunkongjun. "What is your spirit root?"

Originally, in Yunkongjun\'s eyes, Wang Lu only possessed earthly spirit root—his Non-Phase Method certainly covered the property of his spirit root. However, even heavenly spirit root was unable to generate this kind of rushing tide surrounding spiritual energy. This was the first time Yunkongjun saw it happened, which was simply jaw-dropping!

Yunkongjun\'s talent was really not that special, but, different from Princess Yunyue, only after he bitterly cultivated and had a fortuitous encounter did he finally reach a stage where the majority of cultivators could not hope to reach. Consequently, he didn\'t put any special value for the other ordinary earthly spirit root. Yet, Wang Lu\'s qualification was far beyond his imagination.

"This is void spirit root." Wang Lu let out a faint smile. "Before being stimulated, I was only an ordinary earthly spirit root cultivator. But now, you can see it for yourself."

These words from Wang Lu have indeed caused Yunkongjun to be lost in thought.

Striking while the iron is still hot, Wang Lu said, "I promised to bring you the heavenly spirit root princess, of course I must bring to you the freshest. Before you, I will show how to make the princess be reborn, awaken her true spirit root, which is the heavenly spirit root."

Although there was still some suspicion in Yunkongjun\'s heart, after he weighed them, he became more inclined to agree. But as a Yuanying Stage cultivator, his thinking was also very fast.

"Then, are you going to say that to make her be reborn, you need my help?"

Wang Lu laughed. "Sure enough, I really can\'t deceive senior. Indeed, there is something that needs your help. Although I know the principle to stimulate the awakening of the spirit root, my cultivation base is not high enough, so I can\'t utilize it. At least, in this case, I don\'t have the full assurance to stimulate the princess\' full potential while her body is being ravaged by the poison."

Yunkongjun was silent for a moment and then said, "You want me to help her get rid of the poison? Is that it?"

"The key is that the poison in her body must be directly grasped by magical power. It could not be cleansed using the ten thousand spirit blood method—that would probably have unpredictable effects on my next work."

"So that\'s how it is. It is indeed not easy to use magical power to save her life, where the poison from rotten corpse grass can\'t be solved by ten thousand spirit blood… but, is this really a necessary step to awaken the heavenly spirit root?" Yunkongjun pointedly asked.

Wang Lu said, "Whether it is necessary to cleanse the poison or not, what does senior have to lose?"

"Very well, I\'ll help you this time."

As soon as Yunkongjun finished saying, a painful coughing sound came from Princess Yueyun inside the carriage. At the same time, a black mist rose up from the carriage, as if it was grasped by an invisible force.

Wang Lu\'s eyes turned serious. Seeing this scene, Wang Lu was able to determine that the rate of power recovery of Yunkongjun was far faster than what he expected. Casually grasping away the rotten corpse grass poison that had seeped into the vital organs was indeed formidable, truly formidable!

"Right now, the poison in her body has already been removed. Now you can do whatever you need to do to her."

Wang Lu nodded, turned around and waved his hand, and the spacious carriage was dismantled, revealing a large soft bed. Princess Yunyue, in a splendid attire and in her weakened strength, was trying to sit upright on the soft bed. Her face was pale and her body was also frail, however, she has a look of fortitude that was inconsistent with her age.

Wang Lu, however, did not go straight to that soft bed but came to the side of King Yunyang, staring at him. At this time, in Wang Lu\'s eyes, King Yunyang appeared to be in a trance.

Wang Lu snapped. "Until this time, you\'re still as hesitant as before, don\'t you care about your little daughter?"

Being the focus of Wang Lu\'s roar, King Yunyang was covered in shock, pulling him back from his trance-like state. Finally, he regained the aura of a king that has ruled his country for decades. He then handed over the delicate sachet from his hand to Wang Lu.

Wang Lu took the sachet and then arrived at the bedside.

"Princess Yunyue, do you know what you\'re going to face next?"

Despite her serious condition and unbearably weak body, she still struggled to nod, though she was unable to say anything.

"Very good."

With a solemn look, Wang Lu handed over the sachet to Yunyue.

However, at the same time, Yunkongjun snapped. "What is that sachet?"

Although there was a wave of powerful and invisible force that accompanied that voice, Wang Lu just took a step to the side, seemingly intentional but also not, and cut off that force. Although he was shaken that blood flowed out of his seven orifices, the sachet finally fell into Yunyue\'s hand!

The next moment, Yunkongjun\'s roar shocked the entire fifty kilometers radius area. "Kid, you dare!"

In the face of the wrath of a near Deity Stage ancestor, Wang Lu calmly set up his indestructible Non-Phase Sword Defense, firmly protecting King Yunyang and his daughter. Then, he slowly turned his head and saw that, in the distance, on the stele that should\'ve been dilapidated, a wave-like ripple slowly restored the damaged area, and the characters on its surface gradually lit up, releasing an incomparable power.

At this stage, Wang Lu finally laughed out loud.

"Of course I dare, why wouldn\'t I if I am dealing with a prisoner?"