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Chapter 380: Scored Twice

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Bits and pieces of the crumbling world fell as Peach Garden Village disappeared without a trace, replaced by the endless inexhaustible shining galaxy within the group of immortal tombs.

Just now, they have spent a total of ten days in Peach Garden Village, but it was as if the experience was just a dream. Only the headscarf in Wang Lu\'s hand that reminded them things were real.

"I, I think…"

Big Sister Tiandao Lan found it difficult to open her mouth. Her voice was hoarse and dreary, not at all like her usual sweet and feminine voice. Obviously, she has very complicated feelings about this.

"I think all of these are like a nightmare."

Wang Lu, however, laughed. "Clearly this is an incredibly inspirational story, how could it be a nightmare?"

Tiandao Lan somewhat excitedly said, "But that\'s the story of my Yin and Yang School! Did you see the last scene, that Yin and Yang Armillary? That\'s the treasure of our Yin and Yang School\'s main mountain! Moreover, that Yanzi, that Yanzi clearly said that she is the founder of our Yin and Yang School!"

Wang Lu asked, "Do disciples of Yin and Yang School like you guys not know whether it\'s true or not?"

Tiandao Lan shook her head. "Indeed, we don\'t know about it. Although Yin and Yang School is not as powerful as the Five Uniques of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, our history is at least equally long. The school was established before the age of chaos, and that was thousands of years ago. However, after experiencing the age of chaos, many of the school\'s inheritances were severed. Even the records of school history have also been lost. We only know that the founder was an otherworldly genius who created the basic method of Yin and Yang School. Although the method is simple, its advantage is that it\'s simple and concise, could not be cut off and unchanging for thousands of years. But, unexpectedly, it was actually us, the younger disciples who passed it on!"

Upon reaching the end of her words, Tiandao Lan has already believed in the most absurd and ridiculous conjectures in her mind. It was just that she never could understand it rationally.

"But, it doesn\'t make any sense at all!" Upon pondering it over, the lively and energetic Ying Tao became distressed. "If we say the school\'s methods were passed on by us, from where did our methods come from? If our methods came from the school, but the school\'s method… actually came from us?"

Even the most passionate Lin Wan, at this time, was distracted, shifting her attention away from Wang Lu and seriously pondering, "Moreover, this place is the group of immortal tombs, it stands to reason that everything is just a fleeting dream, but why do I feel that… we were experiencing the real history?"

The youngest one Li Qingci guessed, "Did we just… go back in time?"

Yingtao peevishly said, "Go back in time, go back in time, all you know is go back in time. I told you to focus on cultivating your method and stop reading novels but you don\'t listen!"

Li Qingci felt that she was wronged. "But if it\'s not going back in time, then how do you explain what just happened!"

Yingtao said, "Maybe everything is an illusion! Everything is fake, how can we take everything in immortal dream land seriously?"

Li Qingci pointed to the silk headscarf in Wang Lu\'s hand. "Then is that Heavenly Silk Headcover also fake?"

Yingtao was immediately tongue-tied. The silk headscarf in Wang Lu\'s hand was the biggest contradiction. If all was just an illusion, then this headscarf was the claw that tore said illusion and revealed the bloody reality.

Seeing the several girls of Yin and Yang School quarreling, Wang Lu shook his head and said, "You guys won\'t get the answer if you keep on arguing each other. It is better to just bring this silk headscarf to your school and ask your Masters and Sect Leader to identify its authenticity so the truth of the matter can be found out."

Tiandao Lan was startled. "But, this silk headscarf is…"

Wang Lu interrupted, "Previously, your boldness in asking has even reached the Unity Stage, but now how could you be so shy and embarrassed? This scarf means more to you than me. Besides, I\'m a professional, so for me, getting through an immortal dream land and obtain treasures is easy, but you might not have such a chance. Moreover, you and my Master know each other, so just consider this as a gift for me. Here take it."

Seeing Wang Lu\'s sincerity, Tiandao Lan very gratefully took the scarf and wanted to express her thanks. However, she felt that whatever grateful words that she could say paled in comparison to the treasure that she just obtained. Nevertheless, her passion seemed to overflow. The next moment, moved by her passion, the girl actually stepped forward and kissed Wang Lu on his cheek.

Wang Lu was surprised. Although he could dodge or parry this \'attack\', in the end, he just quietly accepted it.

Because as the best student of Spirit Sword Sect, his knowledge told him that perhaps for these passionate girls of Yin and Yang School were concerned, they might view the double cultivation as trivial. However, a kiss on the cheek has an entirely different meaning. Similarly, rejecting their advance for becoming their double cultivation partner was a matter of course, but refusing a kiss on the cheek would actually be hurtful.

"Then, we may have to return to the school as soon as possible."

Tiandao Lan endured the embarrassment in her heart and said to Wang Lu, "For such a big matter like this, we must first report it to our sect\'s Sect Leader, so, then…"

Wang Lu waved his hand. "After this, I no longer need your help, so you can set your heart at ease."

After saying goodbye to Tiandao Lan and the others, Wang Lu fell into deep thought.

After clearing the Peach Garden Village test, in addition to the silk headscarf, Wang Lu also got a few pieces of glittering and translucent fragments.

It was the fragments of the immortal dream land that fell into his hand when it broke after he witnessed Yanzi become the founder of Yin and Yang School. In Wang Lu\'s view, this was probably the clearance token to enter the next, deeper immortal dream lands in the thirty-six chains. And this was actually the purpose of his Sect Leader in sending him here. As for the harvest in the immortal dream land, no one actually cared about it.

In fact, in Peach Garden Village, he almost disregarded the existence of the harvest. In his two battles against the demons and monsters of Black Wind Mountain, the spoils of war could actually fill a whole valley, yet he didn\'t even cast a glance at those spoils—how could a group of motley crew possibly have anything good?

It was at the later, when the plot twist caught Wang Lu off guard. When Yanzi declared the establishment of Yin and Yang School, even Wang Lu felt that his mind was temporarily blank for a moment.

Of course, the reason his mind went blank was different than that of Tiandao Lan and the others. Wang Lu\'s mind went blank because at that time, there were too many things that he thought at the same time. Since he was the map holder, his understanding of the group of immortal tombs was no less than anyone. Before this, he only knew that the group of immortal tombs might hide great secrets, but unexpectedly, in just its periphery, he has already been involved in the great killer move of line of cause and effect.

However, to really mention about the line of cause and effect, there were actually many things that could not be justified. For example, if Wang Lu didn\'t decide on a whim to bring Tiandao Lan and the other girls with him to Peach Garden Village, what would the later development be?

Of course, many events in history could be traced back to a tiny coincidence. However, could his experience be really called coincidence? When his Master told Tiandao Lan and the others to look for him, was it because she was already able to see the secret of the group of immortal tombs, or was it merely unintentional? If his Master has already discerned it, then does it mean that the other Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall also knew it? However, why would they conceal this from him?

This did not make sense either. Because, they have no reason to conceal it in the first place. If they were not assured of him, they could\'ve sent other disciples to do it. The difficulty of Peach Garden Village story was nothing more than how to deal with the village women. If the Elders already knew the follow-up development, it would not be difficult to deal with the village women. As long the Elders looked for disciples who could deal with the two battles against the demons and monsters of Black Wind Mountain, then that would be enough. And this point could be easily done by Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao, moreover, they might be much better in controlling the situation than him.

After slashing off this reasoning, Wang Lu instead fell into deeper confusion. That last scene before the end, Wang Lu didn\'t think that anyone could expect it beforehand. Even Qiong Hua and the other disciples of Shengjing Sect prior to him had never explored so deep like this. Perhaps his experience referred to the responsibility that must be shouldered, which was said by the voice from inside the group of immortal tombs when its gate was opened the first time.

However, could it be that the responsibility that he needed to shoulder was to satisfy the need of the entire Yin and Yang School? That would be too inconsiderate. Moreover, the establishment of Yin and Yang School happened thousands of years in the past, thus, hoping that the future generations to take the responsibility for the oath would be impractical. At least, how could the leader of Yin and Yang School, as a Supreme of Unity Stage with thousands of cultivators and inheritance, agree to his, a Xudan Stage cultivator, demand? If she were that foolish, she wouldn\'t have been the leader of a top rank sect in the first place.

In fact, although on the surface, obtaining this Heavenly Silk Headcover seemed good, the hidden risk was also large. The so-called big grace was like enmity. Since Wang Lu has greatly helped Yin and Yang School in its establishment, then the enmity might also be absolutely irreconcilable. Moreover, Wang Lu actually has no demand from Yin and Yang School, this sect that made countless other people salivating. Therefore, he simply gave the Heavenly Silk Headcover to Tiandao Lan so that she could take it back to her school. As for how Yin and Yang School wanted to deal with it, whether they would be grateful or just pretend that it did not happen, it didn\'t matter to him

However, thinking to this, something flashed through Wang Lu\'s mind, which was actually something completely unrelated. This Heavenly Silk Headcover that he obtained was supposedly his personal harvest. However, after the end of the immortal dream land, when he handed it over to Tiandao Lan, there was no obstacle in the slightest… Logically speaking, the spoils from the group of immortal tombs could not be transferred to others. However, this Heavenly Silk Headcover was not subjected to this limitation. Was it because the scarf itself special, or was it because to obtain this scarf he had made a contribution that could not be neglected, thus was qualified to share?

Unfortunately, the current information on the group strategy was too little, so it was difficult for Wang Lu to make a conclusion. Prior to this, although the exploration of the group of immortal tombs has been going on for a year, the exploration by a group was still in the minority, because the difficulty would increase along with the number of people. The reason why Wang Lu and his four companions were able to smoothly clear the test was because the plot in Peach Blossom Village did not emphasize in fighting and also Wang Lu\'s strength was so much higher than his peers that it could not be used as normal standard.

However, upon thinking to this, Wang Lu suddenly had a new idea. Since there was a possibility that the prize in the immortal dream land could be shared, then as an expert in this kind of thing, taking a new group seemed to be a very good thing… Unfortunately, currently, there was no chance for it to be put into practice.

For now, Wang Lu couldn\'t wait to experience the content of the next chain of immortal dream land. He wanted to explore and understand if there were any other causal line secret in this group of immortal tombs.

Thinking to this, Wang Lu decided not to go back to the mountain, but to directly enter the next chain. In any case, with the difficulty level of this thirty-six chains, he was the best to be the pioneer for the next chain.

Thus, Wang Lu directly picked up the fragments of immortal dream and locked in on the next chain entrance in this shining galaxy.

However, just as he entered the next chain of immortal dream land, before he even had the chance to observe his surrounding, Wang Lu felt the whistling of the sword from ahead of him. A sword strike was directly aimed at him.

What the hell is this!