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Chapter 377: For the next Generation, Help Me!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Killing the rest of the demons and monsters that formed that black cloud took quite a bit of time. Purely using Non-Phase Sword Defense against those scattered and fleeing monsters and demons seemed a bit inconvenient. However, Wang Lu, stemming from all sorts of considerations, did not use the skill that he acquired from the Sword Demon in Ancient Sword Tomb. In fact, he didn\'t even consider using his original magical ability. By purely using the countershock ability of his Non-Phase Sword, as well as his extraordinary speed, one by one, he overtook and killed those group of demons and monsters in the sky.

However, the good thing was, when he finally got rid of this group of demons of monsters, he needed not bother to find their stronghold—the second round of the plot has been opened.

The kings of the mountain stronghold have been alarmed by this one sided massacre, and they took the initiative to go down the mountain. Each and every one of the three kings was a monster who has taken human form and with Jindan level strength. With them, there were also over twenty personal guards with Peak Xudan strength, as well as around a hundred other monsters and demons. Their ferocity truly overflowed the sky.

However, this battle was even more tragic. Wang Lu single-handedly killed all of them. In a twinkling of an eye, he turned the battlefield into a river of blood.

In this battle, with his current cultivation base, he simply could not meet the enemy by force. No matter how strong his defense was, no matter how vigorous his vitality was, if he used the method of blood for blood against this more than a hundred strong enemies, the gains could not make up for the loses. Therefore, he first clung to the ground, showing the enemy that he was weak. He also reduced the radius of his sword defense to ten meters, making him appear like a leaf blown by the wind and rain under this group of monsters and demons. And Tiandao Lan and the others who were bound by the rope became even more frightened that they lost all the colors from their faces. They huddled up together, shivering in fright.

Being frightened in the face of Jindan level monsters was normal for these several Foundation Establishment cultivators. Wang Lu simply thought that, were it not for his clean-living and honesty, he could\'ve compressed his sword defense into just three meters in radius, and the four weak chickens behind him perhaps could only crowd around him

By showing his weakness to the enemy, the trade-off was arrogance. Seeing this, the big mountain stronghold monsters and demons immediately have their confidence soared. Without being given any command, they promptly bombarded him with all kinds of demon and monster methods. Two hours later, the hilltop where Wang Lu stood at has been flattened by half, and the several big monsters were also tired and out of breath.

At this time, Wang Lu finally began his counterattack. His first sword move immediately caught the enemy off guard. Suddenly, a demon lightning was rebounded, which immediately wrapped a big demon in purple black lightning and burned him from the inside. His agile and nimble body, as well as his red blood inner core, turned into coke, withered and fell to the ground.

Seeing that one of the three monster kings was killed, the remaining two monster kings were terrified and tried to escape. However at this time, Wang Lu\'s face turned pale and he gushed out a mouthful of blood, looking seriously injured.

Seeing this scene, the two monster kings whispered towards each other. Was he really injured or was it just a bluff? Supposedly, with the power of this group of demons and monsters, under their bombardment, let alone a Jindan Cultivator, even a low level Yuanying would find it hard to resist. Their enemy was just Peak Xudan Stage, so he should be using the power some kind of magical tool, and or panacea. However, their effectiveness would not last long...

Thinking to this, one of the more radical monster kings gathered his ten personal guardians and then jointly released tens of millions of poisonous insects.

These poisonous insects have been refined by the blood of countless humans. Although tiny in size, they were sinister and ruthless. They have a slanted sting on their head that could pierce through metal and stone. Their body was full of poison that rotted the bones and devoured the heart. Even more formidable was that, these poisonous insects could not be bounced back by Non-Phase Nameless Sword. Even if Wang Lu could maintain his Non-Phase Sword Defense, it would still be crushed into smithereens by these tens of millions of poisonous insects, yet incapable to hurt the monster king that sent out these poisonous insects.

This was the inherent defect of Non-Phase Sword. As a defensive method who was famous for its lack of method to wound the enemy, the nameless sword could be effective by skirting around the big heart demon oath, which if used would cause numerous inconveniences. Were it not for this, Wang Lu would not have needed to entangle himself when at that time the Sword Demon imparted him the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword.

However, after a few months of experience in Western Continent and later practicing hard on the mountain for a year, Wang Lu today was not the same as Wang Lu before the Sword Demon. Although he might not be able to make up the inherent defect of Nameless Sword, as long as he cleverly used various means, these poisonous insects would not be able to make things difficult for him.

When the insects had completely surrounded him, Wang Lu simply hurled his Sword of Mount Kun at the monster king that controlled the insects, which drew a straight line and was also completely irresistible to the poisonous insects.

The monster king who released the insects was inwardly startled, thinking that, could it be that this was the last breath\'s counterattack? This flying sword was full of brilliance, with thick sword intent. Clearly, this was a spiritual treasure level sword. Moreover, the sword spirit within it was by no mean ordinary. Although this sword might seem simple, it could not be underestimated. The best course for the monster king was to withdraw and retreat, avoiding its sharp edge. However, at this time, he was controlling the poisonous insects, thus, he could not move at will. Thus, he sacrificed the demon tool that protected his body to trigger a number of magnetically controlled rays of lightning, trying to shake off the incoming flying sword.

However, just as he sent out the rays of lightning, in a flash, the sword handle immediately ducked, and without any warning, a person appeared on that flying sword. The magnetically controlled rays of lightning fell short of its target, and instead knocked against that person\'s body. That monster king immediately felt a lung-piercing, heart-tearing pain. His magnetically controlled rays of lightning was unexpectedly bounced back!

This was the sword-person swap spell, which was used by Liu Li a long time ago during one of their sparring matches. Now, it has already been absorbed into Non-Phase Method system by Wang Lu, which if coordinated with the nameless sword, would create a miracle.

Seeing that in the blink of an eye, from the original three monster kings, two have already fallen, the last monster king no longer dared to act. He turned around and tried to run away. However, just as he was about to flee, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

Unbelievably surprised, the monster core of this monster king nearly cracked. However, as the chief among the three kings, his adaptability was also the fastest. He suppressed his instinct to fight back and decided to sacrifice his own killer move.

"Daoist Master, have mercy!"

His whole body trembled as he voiced out his cry for mercy, showing his sincerity so that Wang Lu would loosen the grip on his shoulder.

And the next moment, the monster king\'s sharp counterattack soon followed.

For monsters and demons, it was the law of the jungle where the weak was prey to the strong. Hoping for mercy was the most stupid mistake of humanity.

However, weren\'t the young man before him human? A young yet powerful cultivator was likely arrogant and also inexperienced, easily falling for this kind of trick. Seeing that he had fallen into the trap, the monster king turned around and spat out his monster core, launching his fiercest attack, trying to seek life by staking his life.

Although this monster king had guessed that the opponent\'s most powerful method was a defensive counterattack—the stronger the attack, the heavier the counterattack—but the power of the monster core that he spat out was close to Peak Jindan, moreover, it was launched all of a sudden in such a close distance, who could come out unscathed?

However, what the monster king saw as he turned his head was a sword. The tip of the sword was exactly at the point where he spat out his monster core. Thus, the monster core immediately clashed with the tip of the sword.

When the mushroom cloud slowly rose on the mountain, Wang Lu has already flashed several times down the mountain.

Using Non-Phase Sword against the exploding monster core in his Peak Xudan Stage, at a super close distance at that, was already an absolutely respectable awesome feat.

Wang Lu was able to use his absolute defensive power to reverse the energy of the explosion, so that the explosion nearly annihilated all of the mountain stronghold demons and monsters. Nevertheless, Wang Lu\'s invincible defense could not help but slightly crack, but it could be restored at any time. However, he didn\'t hurry to heal himself because the injury could trigger the village girl therapy plot, which would end the plot successfully.

However, from here, the real drama would begin, which was the difficult part of this test.

Although the plot of the first two chains has been completed, the focus of this immortal dream land was not the fight. This could be seen by how easy the battles were, even though he had brought four additional people with him. If it was truly about fighting, perhaps even the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall would find it difficult. According to Feng Yin, in one of the higher level immortal dream lands, he once saw a Peak Unity Stage cultivator. Fortunately, he had avoided the fight using a stratagem. If he were really to fight that opponent...

"Alas, I am afraid I have to expose my true strength."

When Wang Lu listened to these words at that time, he could not help but sigh with emotion, thinking that sure enough, everyone in Spirit Sword Mountain was shameless.

However, when Wang Lu triumphantly returned to the village, facing the shining eyes of the four girls of Yin and Yang School, Wang Lu could also only sigh with emotion, "Fortunately this specific immortal dream land is not made for fighting test, otherwise, I am afraid I have to show my real strength." With how chatty these four girls were, he would never expect them to keep a secret. It would be very inconvenient if some cards in his hands were to be seen by others.

However, very quickly, Wang Lu no longer has the chance to think about the cards in his hand, because the girls\' enthusiastic offense has caught him off guard.

"Wang Lu, you\'re so handsome!"

"Wang Lu, please let me give you a baby, I really couldn\'t resist anymore!"

Wan\'Er, Yingtao and the others were simply crazy as if they were spellbound.

As the Big Sister, Tiandao Lan was slightly more sedate. She softly exclaimed, "It turns out the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques is so formidable! Although you\'re only in Peak Xudan Stage, you actually can slice Jindan Stage monsters and demons like cutting through vegetables and melons! I used to think the lead disciple of our Yin and Yang School is a first class talent in Nine Regions, and they are not much better than me, however, now I know that I am really at the bottom!"

Wang Lu laughed but did not say anything. In the immortal cultivation path, the difference between each person was almost infinite. As an ancient sect, all the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect have above standard qualifications. In Spirit Sword Sect, Tiandao Lan and the others could only be considered as low level outer court disciple. As disciples of Spirit Sword Sect inner court, Wen Bao, Zhu Qin, and the others were much stronger compared to those outer court disciples. In turn, Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao were also many times stronger than Wen Bao and Zhu Qin.

Actually, in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Yin and Yang Sect was already a top rank sect, and although Tiandao Lan and the other girls still have shallow cultivation base, their foundation was actually quite deep. If they really worked hard, reaching Yuanying was actually a big possibility. Thus, there was no need for them to belittle themselves.

However, the next moment, Tiandao Lan immediately turned serious. "I see that my future in immortal cultivation is hopeless, so I can only pin all my hopes on the next generation. I hope that his root bone qualification can truly qualify to pass smoothly through the immortal path. However, solely based on my qualification alone, I am afraid it would be difficult to achieve… Wang Lu, I, I implore you to help me produce the next generation!"

Wang Lu could not help but spurt out on the spot. To be able to speak so high sounding-ly like this, Tiandao Lan, you really are one of a kind!