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Chapter 376: Rope Play

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Upon passing the entrance to the group of immortal tombs, they were immediately greeted by rivers of stars. Countless clusters of nebulas revolved around Wang Lu\'s party, and the starlights were unpredictably changing.

This was the first time Wang Lu entered the group of immortal tombs. Although it could be said that he was the person in the whole Nine Regions most deeply involved with the group of immortal tombs, he has never entered it personally. Upon witnessing the marvelous sight before him, though Wang Lu was well-informed, he could not help but become greatly shocked. This unsurpassed treasure house built by the earth immortals in the distant past faintly exuded the tens-of-thousands-of-years-passed-down majesty. Wang Lu even felt that deep within these rivers of stars, there was something that called him forward.

Perhaps it wasn\'t just an illusion?

Because from the moment they stepped into the gate, they were immediately assigned to different independent spaces. This was also the procedure for all the cultivators that entered the group of immortal tombs. The group of immortal tombs would not put tens of thousands of people together in one space, but split them apart to different stable spaces, where they could choose their own starting point of departure.

At present, each nebula in front of them was an independent immortal dreamland, tailor-made according to the circumstances of the experiential learning. Each has its differences. However, from the observation of the naked eye, it was difficult to find the pattern. One has to dive in to find out. If there was no special skill, the exploration of the group of immortal tombs would be like blind people touching an elephant.

However, for those who have long been given the map of the group of immortal tombs, this shining galaxy was not that mysterious. As a matter of fact, if not so, it would not be so easy for the Spirit Sword Sect to find its thirty-six chains of immortal dream lands to be explored.

Currently, although their progress has lagged behind that of Shengjing Sect and Royal Soldier Sect, it was partly because the thirty-six chains chosen by Spirit Sword Sect were all of high quality.

After standing in the rivers of stars for a while, Wang Lu swept his eyes around and found out that Tiandao Lan and the others were still immersed in the wonders of the galaxy, unable to extricate themselves, and didn\'t have much talk either. He then fished out a copper coin from his mustard seed bag.

The next moment, the galaxy rotated and, in the exclamation of Tiandao Lan and the others, one of the nebulas in front of them rapidly expanded, and then covered their whole field of vision.

This was a method of using a specific token to lock on a particular nebula. As long as one has previously entered the immortal dream land, and then brought out one or two things, one could backtrack and lock its position. And the coin that Wang Lu held was the currency obtained by Wen Bao in that mountain village.

After they were shrouded in the mysterious nebula, the next moment, the galaxy in front of them disappeared, replaced by a beautiful picturesque scenery.

However, before they have the time to appreciate the green hills and clear waters, a shout to kill entered their ears. They saw a group demons and monsters holding ghost-headed sword, wolf tooth club, and other things, like a group of dark clouds that covered everything, rushing towards their target. And in the middle of that dark cloud, a solitary village, relying on an ancient array that has obviously been passed down for many years, was like a solitary boat in the middle of the storm, tossed around by winds and rains.

Wang Lu inwardly thought that the progress of this instance was so fast—without a moment of foreplay, it goes straight to climax. From the looks of it, that village\'s array was only going to hold on for another tea\'s time. And once the array was broken, those passionate village girls would be left to fend for themselves… Unless the toughness of their sex is unequaled that they can make these thousands of demons and monsters die of exhaustion, otherwise, it would be a dead end for them.

"Wow, where is this?"

"Sister Lan look, that small village seems to be in a precarious situation!"

Just as the girl was about to open her mouth, Wang Lu had impatiently interrupted her, "That\'s enough chattering, follow me to save people."

While saying that, Wang Lu was ready to dash forward. The several girls were surprised. "Senior Brother, you know that there are thousands of monsters there. Their strength is not a small matter at all!"

Wang Lu dismissed her concern by saying, "There\'s not even a Jindan there, what\'s so dangerous about it?"

With that, he fished out a rope, which was like a spirit snake, deftly floated in the air and tied the slender waists of the four girls while the other end of the rope was held by him.

Being tied by the rope, the girls suddenly felt that a trace of strength suddenly welled up in their bodies. When they took a step, it was as if they suddenly soared into the clouds. Obviously, their cultivation base was far lower than Wang Lu, yet unexpectedly, they could keep up with his speed. In the twinkling of an eye, he had crossed two hills and arrived outside the small mountain village that was pressed by the dark clouds.

"This is the follower rope." Wang Lu simply explained, "Stay close to me and don\'t move heedlessly."

His voice had just fallen when he heard a roar from mid air, "Who are these reckless things!"

It turned out that although these group of monsters and demons were merely illusion puppets of immortal dream land, they actually have the ability to think. Seeing that Wang Lu, though young, was not weak, thus most certainly came from an extraordinary background, they immediately decided to control their temper and ask a question.

Wang Lu didn\'t intend to waste his breath on mere small fries, so he directly gave his middle finger, which opened the curtain of the war.

The monsters in the air flew into a rage. Although they were a bit cautious, since they have the numerical advantage, among which, there were ten of them who have managed to have inner cores, why should they care about a Xudan Stage cultivator too much? By asking him first, they have already shown that they thought highly of him, but since he was reckless, then they would simply get rid of him.

Several monsters who have already succeeded in taking human form furiously shouted in unison and fished out all kinds of weapons. They then proceeded to launch their respective demon and monster methods. Thunder and lightning immediately flashed down from the dark clouds in the sky, giving off devil fire and evil wind, which was really threatening.

Tiandao Lan and the other girls were pale with fright. Although they came from a prestigious big sect, their cultivation bases were still shallow, at most Foundation Establishment Stage. To deal with even one inner-core-level monster, the four of them have to give everything they could. However, currently, there were around several tens of such level monsters! Merely a group of demons spitting out their devil flame had already made it difficult for the four of them to breathe. At this moment, even their magical power stagnated, unable to be circulated.

However, the next moment, Wang Lu lightly unsheathed his Sword of Mount Kun, and a gentle and pure sword qi, as if splitting the heaven and earth apart, immediately set up a space that was cut off from the rest of their surrounding. All of the demonic monster aura immediately vanished from all the space within the cover of the sword qi. Furthermore, all the falling lighting and devil fire, as if hitting an invisible barrier, immediately dispersed upon hitting the sword qi barrier of three hundred meters radius set up by Wang Lu.

Along with Wang Lu\'s single step, the entire bullet spells that landed on top of the barrier immediately bounced back, and the monsters who were at the forefront miserably cried out in unison. Some were burned by the devil fire from the inside that their seven orifices spat out fires and their bodies turned into smoke, some who defended with their own tools had their muscles and bones torn to pieces and turned into mud, and there were also some that had sparks of electric charge snake around their body while the lighting energy devastated their bodies inside and outside.

In just one step, several corpses of monsters began to fall from the sky. They were the elite monsters that acted as the vanguard, which immediately alarmed everyone. The four Yin and Yang girls were stupefied that their eyes almost fell out of their sockets. The dark sky in the sky immediately withdrew a bit and the little demons on the edges of the dark clouds slowly retreated, very much unwilling. Then, a burst of gentle and charming cheer came from within the village.

On the parapet outside the village, one young glamorous woman who appeared to be twenty-eight years old, shouted out to Wang Lu with a clear and resonant voice, "Brave heroes, please come in. There is an array left by the ancestors of the village, if you can take charge, we will definitely…"

Wang Lu promptly beckoned his hand. "No need."

While talking, he had swept over his gaze on the black clouds. These monsters and demons each have their own thoughts. Some were eager to fight, obviously confident with their own ability that even the death of their companions did not sound an alarm in them. Some looked hesitant, seemingly weighing whether that sword move from Wang Lu was just a casual move or full strength but feigned as casual? If it was the former, it was naturally in their interest to retreat. However, if it was the latter, they could use their number advantage and thus needed not to be afraid of him. Of course, some of them were simply scared shitless after seeing that scene, unwilling to be the enemy of him any longer.

Seeing this scene, Wang Lu showed a faint smile, and then, with a clear and resonant voice, said, "Your king is an idiot."

According to the map, as well as the knowledge of Wen Bao and other people, Wang Lu already has a general grasp of this immortal dream land. The strength of the monsters and demons might be greater or weaker depending on who was the one that entered the immortal dream land, but their mode of thinking was easy to follow.

The most simplest one was: Loyal and devoted to their leader.

Thus, as soon as Wang Lu said those words, the demons in the air immediately went wild with rage. Those who initially began to retreat began to clamor, voicing out their indignity. One of the forefront demons could not control its rage anymore that it directly released its demonic spells, summoning a blast of howling ghost and cold wind. The ghosts were dense and insidiously evil.

A group of demons simultaneously went into action by casting their demon method, multiplying the power of the dark clouds. This qualitatively changed the ghosts\' aura, making it comparable to that of a Jindan Stage cultivator!

"Senior Brother Wang, let\'s go inside. This is a Jindan level attack, not something that we can withstand!"

However, before Tiandao Lan could continue to persuade, those malicious ghosts have already thrown themselves at Wang Lu\'s group while screeching. Tiandao Lan immediately closed her eyes, not daring to see. Nevertheless, her eyelids were slightly opened, leaving out a bit of gap.

The next moment, under Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Sword Qi, all of the evil ghosts, beyond their control, vanished. The rear part collided with the vanguard of the malicious ghosts after they were bounced back by the sword qi. Their blood-curdling scream, along with the accumulated yin energy vanished into thin air. The whistling of the chilling wind spontaneously came to an end, and the dried branch and dead leaves that previously rolled along with it directly fell to the ground. This rapid change in the surrounding simply caused one\'s hair to stand on end.

And those demons and monsters that cast the spell also simultaneously suffered an equal amount of reverse shock as Wang Lu took another step forward. One after another, a group of demons and monsters screamed and fell down. This time, more than ten inner core level monsters died under their own consummate skill. After this group of elites was removed, the fury of the dark clouds was immediately weakened by half.

Seeing this scene, let alone those demons and monsters in the air, even the initially cheering villagers were shocked into silence. They just felt that everything was so unbelievable.

These crowds of monsters and demons that seemed like a dark cloud, though they looked like a rabble, had actually been haunting the villagers for years, giving them many nightmares. Were it not for the array left behind by their ancestors, they would\'ve been ravaged many times early on. Yet, unexpectedly, under this young cultivator\'s sword, they were so vulnerable… No. the young cultivator didn\'t even make a sword strike. He only used his imposing manner to push them back.

As for Wang Lu himself, he merely took a deep breath and calmed down the slight turbulence in his Jade Mansion.

Non-Phase Nameless Sword exchanged blood for blood, trading injury for injury. Currently, Wang Lu had shouldered two rounds of full attack from this group of monsters and demons. These two rounds of damage on the body, if received even by a Jindan cultivator, would lead to a dead end. However, in the eyes of Wang Lu, the injury that he suffered was actually slightly less than what he expected. After circulating his magical power, he had already returned to normal condition.

Meanwhile, the strength of his counterattack had caused the tragic death of a group of demons and monsters on the spot.

"The key focus of this test is really not in fighting."

Wang Lu casually muttered, seemingly brushing off the hard effort of Wen Bao, Yue Yun, and the others.

After saying that, Wang Lu turned around and saw the passionate beautiful village girls staring at him from behind the village parapet, with peach blossom like faces.

Then he looked at the Yin and Yang School\'s girls beside him. Their eyes were also glittered with lights, mesmerized by him.

"I can\'t wait to see the next passionate scenario."