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Chapter 367: Principles Behind Making Money

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"... In short, under the new stage, the Excavation Management will, with the support from Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, persevere in its hard work, persist in pioneering and innovation, and make proper contributions to the development of the immortal path!"

As Feng Yin read the last word, there was a burst of thunderous applause from below the golden platform.

Of course, it was not because of how brilliant Feng Yin\'s speech was, but this cruel leadership speech has finally come to an end so that the people could have a sigh of relief. Listening to the boring report and being unable to divert attention because of the spell, this feeling was no different than being subjected to a rape.

Fortunately, Feng Yin was a considerate man, and his report was very simple. At least, compared to the full three hours speech of Daoist He Tu, Feng Yin has been considered as particularly kind. When people thought about that speech from Daoist He Tu, what they felt was a lingering fear.

Actually, Daoist He Tu was not the kind of cultivator who rejoiced in grandiose deeds and coveted the bureaucratic formality. As the number one cultivator in Nine Regions, his interest in cultivation far outweighed than that of power and influence—whether it was power and influence in mortal world or power and influence in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

However, at the same time, Daoist He Tu had an unbelievably upright character and a strong sense of responsibility that was enough to make the vast majority of cultivators to feel inferior. He, as the Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect and the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, actually attached great importance to his job responsibility. He believed everything must be done to perfection. At the opening ceremony of the group of immortal tombs, Daoist He Tu needed to point out and sum up the next stage of the work of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was an organization that consisted of a large number of personnel and agency that if he wanted to cover everything, he needed to spend quite a bit of time. That three hours report was actually the result of his repeated streamline of the original. If someone listened carefully to it, it would not be difficult to find that it was hard to change even a word of it.

After the two leaders, it was Wang Lu\'s turn to deliver his speech, who won the award for the most outstanding contribution. However, when Wang Lu spoke, people were noticeably slacking up. Previously, He Tu and Feng Yin used their own spell to will the focus of people towards their speeches, though incomparably nauseating, it was amazingly effective nonetheless. No cultivator below Deity Stage and without a leadership position could cast it. Thus, no one expected Wang Lu, a high level Xudan Stage disciple-level cultivator, to be able to do it.

However, Wang Lu who was on the golden platform also didn\'t mind it. Because this formalism activity was abhorrent to him like it was a mind rape. Even if he himself was the speaker—the party who exercised this violence—he could still not obtain even the least bit of pleasure.

Picking up the transcript, Wang Lu began to recite it with a dull sounding voice. The audience\'s reactions were varied. Most people pretended to focus but were actually distracted. A small number of them could be considered as mavericks as they simply began to take a nap. Of course, there were also a lot who listened attentively to him.

Because, compared to the first two leaders\' level of speech, Wang Lu\'s speech actually has a lot more solid stuff. Currently, the few people who knew the inside story were all aware that nearly the whole operation of the Excavation Management and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in Western Continent were useless. It was Wang Lu and his companion who operated alone and managed to get a hold of the key of the group of immortal tombs. During which, they never once drew support from his sect or organization whatsoever. Were it not for this matter to have already spread among high level cultivators, which made it really hard to fake, it was really unbelievable.

A group of Xudan Stage cultivators completed the great undertaking that numerous Deity Stage and even Supreme of Unity Stage could not. This was something that was difficult to explain logically to the other young heroes. Therefore, many people really wanted to know how exactly Wang Lu and his companion did it?

"Three, careful and meticulous preparation of relevant work. (A) Organizational level: Carefully selected team members, better to have nothing than substandard choice. Fully used the strength of the sect to choose the strongest amongst the peer, an obedient strong team member, while simultaneously employing a professional foreign aid to further enrich the team\'s power…"

While reading the transcript, Wang Lu sighed at how sincere the author of this transcript was, who turned the several months of vivid adventure experience into something so dull and dry! If several months ago he saw such a work plan, he would\'ve probably given up on the western journey on the spot...

However, the advantage of such a manuscript was that it was foolproof. No critical person could find any omission or taboo words. Every word in the transcript was accurate and concise, while simultaneously rich in content. For example, the word employing in the sentence \'employing a professional foreign aid to further enrich the team\'s power\' alluded that Aya was really not an insider of Spirit Sword Sect, which meant that people could use temporary workers and the friends outside would have no reason to shirk… And although by putting this sentence in the same category of peer selection of team mates somewhat weakened the role of Aya, it actually highlighted the power of the peer team members of Spirit Sword Sect, which was clearly a politically correct rhetoric.

While reading the transcript, Wang Lu unconsciously remembered the story about Holy Light Religion in Brettonia. In Holy Light Religion, there was once a popular penance, which was abstinence to quickly improve power. However, if the desire to reproduce ceased to exist, then Holy Light Religion would be in a big trouble.

In Western Continent, the inheritance of profession greatly depended on the power of the bloodline. Things were also like this for the priests of Holy Light Religion; the purer the bloodline, the easier to appreciate the Holy Light and obtain its blessings. If all of their top level elites chose the penance of abstinence, it would simply be like sterilizing a fine stallion, utterly heartless.

Therefore, after several high level discussions, they put forward a special way to reproduce. Which was to cover the woman\'s body with a piece of plain white cloth and left out a hole on the crucial part. After that, separated by the white cloth, the ascetics would carry out their part of great reproduction undertaking through that hole.

When he first heard of this, Wang Lu could not help but praise Holy Light Religion for inventing this method, thinking that, without a doubt, this method was undoubtedly a powerful mental sterilization method, which embodied the great wisdom of the people of the Western Continent. And at this time, he found out that the wisdom of Nine Regions people was actually not inferior. Wasn\'t this boring report a piece of white cloth that shielded all the pleasure?

However, when he took a glance through his peripheral vision, Wang Lu saw that many of the sect leaders on the golden platform, such as Kunlun Sect\'s Supreme Zhu Ri, actually revealed an intoxicated look, seemingly listening with relish! And Daoist He Tu, who has always been described as a very serious person, though there was no significant change in his expression, repeatedly nodded, seemingly expressing his approval!

Wang Lu was shocked, thinking that, just how powerful was their mental capacity that their mind could turn these dry words into such a delightful story? They were truly worthy to be sect leaders—their mind has reached the realm of perusing all the documents in the world, and it could even reach the climax just by hearing the reading of documents.

Amidst Wang Lu\'s mood change, his mind has been completely distracted. However, his reading of the transcript was still smooth. As a high-level Xudan Stage cultivator, although his Non-Phase Immortal Heart was not as powerful as that of a Yuanying Stage cultivator, multitasking was one of the basic skills. However, because he had no interest in the content of the transcript, he didn\'t think too much about it. When he discovered that some of the audience has given a different reaction, it was already too late.

"... The material level is carefully selected for quality. Inexpensive magical treasure stage props suppliers. Such as the Blue River Region\'s Breaking Mountain Room, which supplies flying swords. In this sale period, it offers a special discount price of 3888 spirit stones for the wholesale purchase of 20 magical treasure of flying swords. Gold Top Monastery offers the sale of Heart Protection Mirror. With the price of 9888 spirit stones, you can purchase the middle rank magical treasure of the Origin Mirror. Floating Fragrance Store offers a special sale of elixir…"

While reading the transcript, some parts of his brain were dumbstruck. Most of the content on the next dozens of pages of transcript in his hands were actually filled with dubious product offers from a bunch of unknown counterfeit suppliers… He had indeed done quite a good preparation before his departure to the west, but he had never visited these unreliable merchants. If he wanted to purchase something, it was always through his sect\'s internal division or through the Mysterious Sky Mansion.

So where did these things come from? Thinking that the one who handed him the manuscript was his beloved and poor Master, Wang Lu felt that there was nothing that needed to be explained anymore.

At the same time, behind him, Wang Lu heard a bit of commotion from where the Spirit Sword Sect Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were seated. The Disciplinary Elder Fang He fiercely interrogated his Fifth Junior Sister.

"Do… do you know what occasion it is today? Do you want to humiliate our entire sect?"

Wang Wu righteously argued, "I have risked my life to pull in so many sponsors, okay? Although the product quality from these unscrupulous businessmen is difficult to guarantee, each one of them has paid a huge advertising fee for their name to be added into the transcript. Solely on these dozens of pages with around ten thousand words, the value is over ten million spirit stones! Which means one million spirit stones per a thousand words! Whether our Spirit Sword Sect can wash its reputation of being poor, it depends on this move!"

"You\'re the poor one here, your whole family is poor!" The Sixth Elder Lu Li who was in charge of the Sect\'s Treasury immediately jumped to his feet. "From the entire population of Non-Phase Peak, you\'re the only impoverished one! Within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the GDP per capita of our Spirit Sword Sect is among the highest rank, wealth per capita is also at the forefront; you\'re the only one whose poor here!"

Fang He could not calm his own anger. "For money, you disregard anything!"

Wang Wu, instead, asked in puzzlement, "But it\'s money. If I\'m rich, what is there to worry about?"

Seeing that Fang He was about to punish her while disregarding the presence of all, Wang Wu immediately added, "I will share some of the profit!"

Lu Li\'s eyes immediately shone. "Senior Brothers, please wait a moment, let\'s hear how much will she share…"

Wang Lu wasn\'t too concerned with the argument of his Sect\'s Elders. On the contrary, his mind has been drawn into other things.

For the current Wang Lu, ten million spirit stones or something were actually immaterial. Spirit stones were only useful for large organizations, but what he was more concerned about were the more scarce resources, such as high rank magical treasures or high level methods with enough reference value. These things were precious and hard to find. Real gold and silver, or even spirit stones were not easy to use. Usually, it was the higher class currency that was used to carry out these precious objects transactions.

Currently, the average rank currency was used to buy the high rank magical treasure—this was something that was common in the Nine Regions and the Western Continent. Over there at Western Continent, there was this thing called the Treasure Stone of Jordan, which was the higher rank form of magic coin… And high rank magical treasure was still something that was not easy to acquire for Wang Lu. However, now it seemed like he had found a shortcut to getting rich.

Oh, I almost forget, I am now… a celebrity. Not only do I share the same stage as He Tu, Zhu Ri, Tian Lun and the others, I am also one of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques...