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Chapter 359: The Service Contract Has Expired, Want to Renew?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Generally speaking, Daoist Master Feng Yin was an honest, simple, and good-hearted person. As a member of the Standing Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, he has always been humble and low-key. Therefore, even if most of the Nine Regions cultivators expected him to win, they didn\'t expect him to win through diversionary tactic.

For a time, all the spectators near and far from the battlefield were silent. By slanting his face, it seemed like Feng Yin was somewhat embarrassed, as if such a tasteless way to win was not his intention. It was just that, when Harrington went all out against the galaxy sword, his flaws were wide open, which caused Feng Yin, a cultivator who was expert in combat, to be tempted.

It could be seen that Harrington\'s combat experience was very shallow. In all his life, he hid behind Billy, supplying him with the foresight of the future. This, of course, greatly helped Billy, but it also caused the former a serious lack of combat experience, especially against an opponent with the same level of power as him. He inherited the power of the Pope, but he didn\'t inherit the Pope\'s actual combat experience. In the face of an opponent like Feng Yin, one careless move and the whole game was lost.

In Nine Regions Continent, an experienced cultivator who bullied a newcomer by relying on experience was not upright and frank. Therefore, although Feng Yin didn\'t give any leniency, thinking about the group of onlookers from his side, he could not help but somewhat ashamed.

"Good method." Although Harrington was aware that the sword could stab him at any moment, he didn\'t panic. "But do you think you\'ve won? Then just wait."

Feng Yin said with a laugh. "I have also heard about the undying body of the Holy Ones of Holy Light Religion."

When a Holy Light believer reached the level of Holy One, they have the ability to rise from the dead. Although the limitation of this ability was very high, it was still an against-the-heaven ability. Although Feng Yin has achieved a momentary advantage—not to mention that launching the galaxy sword needed a huge magical power consumption, therefore, based on what was left of his magical power—he did not have enough energy to cast a full power galaxy sword once again. And even though the sword\'s momentum was huge, it might not be able to break Pope Harrington\'s robe. Even if it could, the Pope could still come back from the dead, so, at most, the Pope would only lose a move, which was meaningless in the grand scheme of thing.

Feng Yin said, "It\'s not easy for me to kill you, but likewise, it\'s difficult for you to defeat me."

Harrington was silent. He just wielded his scepter and used his power to touch the line of cause and effect, completely disregarding Feng Yin\'s sword on his neck.

It was clear that he would rather sacrifice a life to continue to fight. Although he lacked combat experience, his will to fight didn\'t lose to anyone. After years of being good friends with Billy, he must support the Holy Light Religion no matter what the cost.

However, Feng Yin actually withdrew his sword. "Enough. There\'s no need to continue this battle anymore."

As he spoke, he began to retreat. His figure drifted from place to place, deftly wandering beyond the myriad causal lines of Harrington, like dancing on the tip of a sword, swift and quick. In the blink of an eye, he had returned to the Nine Regions cultivators camp.

Having failed to strangle the opponent\'s calculation through his great prophecy technique, Harrington could only watch as Feng Yin withdrew from the battlefield. He then raised his scepter. "Are you trying to admit defeat?"

Feng Yin smiled and said, "Remember the conditions that we made before the fight? If my side wins three out of three fights, we ask you to agree to our two conditions. The first is to open the Golden King\'s Treasure House and then let us find what we want."

Harrington coldly said, "Correct. But I have foreseen the future. Your side will lose two rounds and repent for thousands of years under the holy light purification!"

Feng Yin smiled even brighter. "Since you\'re so good at anticipating the future, have you foreseen that we have actually gotten what we want?"

With that, he suddenly stretched out his right hand and spread out his palm. A simple box-like seal printed with inscriptions appeared in the palm of his hand. Seeing that box-like thing, Harrington slightly frowned, because he could not see through the actual situation of it. However, he faintly felt that this box thing seemed to have countless ties with the King\'s Treasure House.

"This is the purpose of our Nine Regions cultivators coming to Western Continent."

Harrington furrowed his brows even tighter. At the same time, he secretly launched his big prophecy technique and used his eyesight to see the river of time and the cause and effect from when Feng Yin came out and showed the box thing. Soon, he saw a group of young Nine Regions cultivators. They were the one that held the box thing for the first time. While there was a fierce fighting in the sky, they quietly sneaked across the battlefield under the protection of one of their Elders, from the ruins of Taobao City toward the Nine Regions camp, and then delivered it to Feng Yin\'s hand through a spell.

When he continued to look back, Harrington was shocked to see that those young Nine Regions cultivators actually came out of the King\'s Treasure House! And the one who led them was actually the culprit who stirred up the trouble in Brettonia, the legendary gigolo of the Knight King! Exactly the prime target of the team of Faceless One, Paul, Ferdinand and the others!

… At this moment, his presence meant that Faceless One and his team have failed, and those involved in the hunt have possibly fallen. The more fatal thing was, while those Nine Regions cultivators overthrew Faceless One and the others away, possibly killing them, they have also managed to obtain the key of the Nine Regions\' people in the King\'s Treasure House!

Which meant that...

After receiving the key of the group of immortal tombs, Feng Yin lightly said, "The significance of our victory has ceased to exist. Even if we win all the three rounds, you couldn\'t possibly take out the second key of the group of immortal tombs, not to mention I\'m afraid that Golden King\'s Treasure House is already not in your control anymore, so there\'s no need to gamble anymore."

Harrington was silent, but the scepter in his hand was actually gripped even tighter by him.

Nine Regions people just wanted to leave like that? After they caused the fall of the three Holy Ones, including the Pope, and also destroyed the King\'s Treasure House as the strategic foundation of the church in the last nearly one hundred years, they just wanted to pat their ass and leave?

"Calm down a bit. No one will benefits if the war continues." Feng Yin tried to persuade, "Your church\'s vitality has been injured, so the urgent task is to recuperate, to lick your own wounds. If you insist on continuing the war, you might indeed cause us to suffer a loss, but the loss on your church would be countless. The thousands of years church would fall apart and cease to exist."

"What a bunch of nonsense!"

Feng Yin said, "No, this is a determined future."

With that, he gently waved his hand and like a lightning, the flying sword immediately thrust forward.

Harrington didn\'t pay attention to this. The Pope\'s Holy Robe that was left for him has a quite powerful defensive ability, so this kind of superficial attack was not enough...


Along with a muffled sound of metal piercing through the flesh, Harrington felt cold on his chest. He looked down and saw that Feng Yin\'s flying sword has pierced through his chest, leaving behind only a small section of the sword and the sword hilt still outside his chest. The sword was engraved with quaint Nine Regions writing. It seemed like it was a prop used by the opposite party to cast the Stellar Diffraction Technique.

However, even though it was just a common prop sword, it could directly pass through the defense of the robe, trampling all the defense rule and power, creating a deadly outcome. It seemed like the god foreordained it to drink blood. Like… a cause and effect attack.

Stunned by this realization, Harrington\'s body has involuntarily turned into holy light, which was the independent ability to rise from death of a Holy One. A moment later, the light reunited and his body restored to its original. The sword in his chest disappeared, and the wound also healed—even the broken robe was completely patched.

However, in his chest, the cold pain lingered, reminding him of what just happened. The freezing-like cold pain made him unable to move.

"Alright, let\'s go."

Feng Yin beckoned with his hand to all the Nine Regions cultivators that were watching the battle. Although the cultivators were somewhat baffled, unable to completely understand what actually happened, but Feng Yin\'s galaxy sword, as well as his flying sword that pierced through the lines of cause and effect, had successfully shocked and awed the audience, causing them to involuntarily comply with his command.

When Nine Regions people were leaving the battlefield, there was an uproar in Holy Light Religion camp. Several Archbishops couldn\'t restrain themselves from wanting to fly out and stop them. However, they found out that there was an invisible barrier in front of them, preventing them from moving forward no matter what.

"That\'s enough, let them go."

Harrington\'s frail face came from the sky, and then he slowly landed. His face greatly changed, as if he has aged quite a lot.


One Archbishop could not restrain himself. "Just let them go? Where would our Holy Light Religion put its face? Later on, how…"

Harrington said with a stern voice, "In the next fifty years, or even a hundred years, we must recuperate, must not lightly start a war. Do you think our adversaries are only the cultivators of Nine Regions? There are innumerable people on the continent who look forward to the demise of Holy Light Religion. Otherwise, how could those Nine Regions cultivators manage to advance directly toward us? If at this time we are swayed by our emotion and act impulsively, it would be irresponsible to the Holy Light Religion\'s years of foundation and to the sea of Holy Light!"

This severe reprimand only barely suppressed people\'s query. However, perhaps only Harrington himself knew that the reason why he didn\'t dare to step forward to chase them was that… the last sword attack from the opponent has completely crushed his fighting will.

That flying sword was ordinary, it did not have any too strong power. However, it pierced the space and time and killed him through the lines of cause and effect. This method didn\'t require complicated skill, and it wasn\'t as brilliant as his Great Prophecy Technique, which contained every manifestation of nature. However, it was incomparably sharp, a sword strike that could break through everything. Even if he was clearly aware of it, he could not stop it.

Perhaps if he were Billy the III, he could suppress his opponent fair and square with his power. However, for Harrington who was accustomed to rely on prophecy, Feng Yin was simply the perfect opponent to restrain him.

Since Feng Yin could kill him once, Feng Yin could also kill him the second time.

There was no need to fight if it was just to die in vain.

Looking at the back of the already in the far away Nine Regions cultivators, Harrington\'s heart was like a dying ember, the Holy Light dimmed.

On the other side, the Nine Regions people who were retreating were talking to each other.

The mystery of the last sword strike from Feng Yin perhaps was only known to the concerned parties. For others, from the beginning of the battle, they were somewhat baffled. However, one thing was clear.

The goal of them crossing the endless sea to come to the Western Continent has been achieved. The key to open the group of immortal tombs was already in the hands of Daoist Master Feng Yin.

And the real hero for the achievement of this goal was none other than Wang Lu, who at this time, was actually caught in a delicate dilemma.

"Wang Lu, I think it\'s time for us to say goodbye."

Aya lightly smiled. Her deep green eyes perfectly mixed her soft and heroic characteristics.