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Chapter 348: The Magical Short Stick!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy


Ferdinand has always distrusted Faceless One, but he believed the latter\'s devotion to Holy Light. Moreover, he also believed that as long they have the same faith and the same goal, there was always a chance for them to be a partner. Therefore, he never thought that one day, the other party would suddenly betray him. The strike was quick and ruthless that he had no time to react!

Being stabbed severely on his chest, Ferdinand was extremely shocked. The Supreme Inquisitor looked at the culprit, Faceless One, in disbelief, and then looked down at his wound.

The wound pierced through by the flying sword showed no signs of healing… Normally, for the Supreme Inquisitor, as a legendary level character, his physical body could quickly regrow even if it was torn apart. However, at this time, he was double suppressed—he only had intermediate high order profession strength. This sword strike contained an irresistible sharp piercing force, which continued to corrode the open wound, completely rendering it unable to recover. The more sinister thing was that, the tip of that sword seemed to be smeared with poison, which caused his power to rapidly dissipate from his wound and all his body, completely irreversible.

As if it was a premeditated assassination, the pointedness of the action was terrifyingly fearful.

"Faceless, you…" The Supreme Inquisitor struggled to maintain his erect posture. He wanted to question why Faceless One plotted against him, however, as soon as he opened his mouth, blood spewed out, silencing him.

The next moment, he was even more in despair to see the two Archbishops fell beside him. It turned out that the power of that sword strike was more than what he imagined. At the same time the sword pierced his chest, its complementary waved spread out and cut off the head of the two Archbishops.

Three kills in a single strike! How could there be such a sharp sword strike in this world?

With a strong consternation, the Supreme Inquisitor\'s eyes plunged into the darkness.

However, Faceless One was also similarly shocked by this sword strike.

Why? What\'s going on here?

Even though Faceless One was a knowledgeable person, he was still startled by this sudden change. His spirit occupation of Liu Li should be absolute… Even if his spirit occupation was suppressed in this Atlantis City, he still has the absolute confidence in his control of Liu Li. Liu Li\'s consciousness has obviously already been suppressed by him in the deepest darkness. The several points that were most likely to burst were the yearning for Wang Lu, the attachment towards her Master, the thirst for the way of the sword… have already been sealed tight by him. However, just now, an unstoppable volcanic-eruption-like strong will directly broke through his seal, took over his control of the right hand, and summoned the dormant flying sword inside her body—the Skybreaker.

The Skybreaker was Liu Li\'s main sword that she obtained from the ancient tomb. It was once a famous immortal level sword in Nine Regions. Although the spirit of the sword has fallen, its sharpness has not diminished in the slightest. Its sharp point could break through anything and obliterate living things. If struck by it in close range, even the powerful Supreme Inquisitor could not withstand it. Not to mention that the sword strike came so suddenly that no one had the time to react. And without preparedness, who in the world dared to withstand the sharpness of an immortal level sword?

After that sword strike, Faceless One tried to suppress the runaway right hand. However, once that force broke out, it was difficult to stop it. Especially after the Skybreaker had been unsheathed, with its matchless sharpness, no matter how hard he tried to urge his spirit occupation, it was to no avail. Instead, his control over Liu Li kept on weakening. As for the Skybreaker, after that three kills in a strike, it had indeed worn out a bit, but it was still sharp enough.

Faceless One\'s main body was seriously hurt by Aya. Later, while still being injured, he cast his spirit occupation. In fact, he has already taken a risk; he has no fighting ability. Therefore, he didn\'t dare to be too near that breakaway Skybreaker. Thus, while trying to maintain his spirit occupation, he took two steps back, but then he saw the out of control right hand suddenly lift up and took aim at himself, apparently trying to commit suicide!

Faceless One was startled, how could he dare to let the sword stab himself? If Liu Li truly died by committing suicide, Wang Lu would likely activate the life-saving props to withdraw from the field. Those ten Spirit Sword Heavenly Talismans… Faceless One didn\'t think that Wang Lu was faking it.

The reason why he cast his lot on Liu Li was to pin Wang Lu down, making him unable to leave while he besieged him to death. Seeing that Liu Li\'s consciousness has inexplicably awakened and intentionally wanted to commit suicide, Faceless One immediately made a decision: he had to stop her no matter what!

Since his main body was present, as long as he integrated with his avatar, his spirit occupation force would continue to strengthen and could certainly suppress Liu Li\'s breakaway will.

However, the Skybreaker in Liu Li\'s hand was too powerful. Although its spirit has already died, its remnant aura was still attached to the sword. Although it was only a trace, it could still stop the injured Faceless One from exerting his force. If Faceless One wanted to force it, he could be injured by the Skybreaker.

This situation was extremely awkward. However, Faceless One\'s reaction was very fast. Realizing that hard approach was useless, he immediately changed his mind and loudly roared, "If you dare to commit suicide, your Senior Brother\'s life will not be guaranteed!"

Liu Li\'s runaway right hand immediately stopped.

Faceless One was startled. That unknown stimulation on Liu Li was really huge, unexpectedly her consciousness had been awakened to such an extent that she actually could recognize a sentence! And… with the awakening of the consciousness, the power of the spirit occupation continued to weaken, and soon it would be completely out of control!

Was this because there was something special about her heart cultivation? Or was it rather because of the Skybreaker?

However, it was also good that she had regained consciousness, otherwise, it would be difficult to control her!

"Listen, your Senior Brother is in that palace and has been surrounded by us. If you don\'t obey my order, he will die!"

Normally, if Liu Li listened to this words, she would just scoff; her Senior Brother was so amazing, why would she need to worry about him? As long as she could protect herself, it would be of immense help to him! However, at this time, Liu Li was under Faceless One\'s spirit occupation, so her consciousness has yet to fully awake. She just vaguely felt that she must not allow her Senior Brother to be trapped in a dangerous situation.

Seeing that Liu Li has been stabilized, Faceless One\'s heart became somewhat at ease. He didn\'t need for Liu Li to immediately be obedient—as long as she fell into confusion and thus hesitated long enough for Paul and the others to purify Wang Lu, that would be enough.

And by this time, Paul and the others have entered the palace for some time. With their absolute strength advantage, the outcome would soon be seen.

Sure enough, he heard a burst of rumbling voice from the palace ruins. Most of the palace collapsed under the impact of a giant force. The dust was stirred and dispersed along with the sea water, bringing with them a thick smell of blood.

Wang Lu\'s desolate and lonely figure stood between the rubble. He was covered in blood and has lost his right arm and left eye. However, he still held his sword with his left hand, still propping up his three feet sword defense, resisting all external forces like a lone pine tree amidst the blizzard. Nevertheless, no matter what, his crumbling situation could not be concealed.

Able to hold on the siege of Paul and the three Archbishops for a moment without dying… although a part of this was because their power has been suppressed, however, Wang Lu\'s defensive ability was indeed breathtaking.

A young man that has yet to reach Jindan Stage—not yet a High Order profession—in the face of four enemies, each more powerful than common high order profession, was able to withstand several rounds of siege. This powerful defensive ability was simply unheard of! If in the future he reached Jindan Stage and then broke through Yuanying Stage, he would likely be able to go unhindered in the entire Western Continent!

Unfortunately, that was all in the future. The future that would never happen.

"Kill him!"

Faceless One mercilessly ordered with a cold voice.

Paul looked back at Faceless One, inwardly feeling furious. At this moment, how could he not know that he had been duped by Faceless One? There was no level eight vehicle of Golden King. That vehicle has already long gone, no longer were they able to catch up to it. Faceless One has wasted their valuable time and opportunity just to deal with a young man whose level not even worth mentioning!

However, at this moment, he has no other choice. In addition to Faceless One, no one could track the enemy\'s position within the sea of clouds. As such, even if they could originally catch up, they had more or less lost the opportunity. Moreover, Paul knew that the young man in front of him was playing the role of team leader, and by killing him, there would be few threats left from the others. Therefore, it was indeed logical for Faceless One to target him.

"Kill him."

Paul roared while simultaneously chanting the hymn of holy light inwardly, extracting the power of the holy light along with the other three Archbishops. The holy light gushed out of their body, which combined and fused into a small sea of Holy Light. The pure and clean energy driven by the will of the four people gradually condensed and molded into a sword. The sword of the holy light shone in all directions that even the city of Atlantis found it hard to conceal it.

Just now in their several rounds of fighting, they have seen that Wang Lu was very good at one against many kinds of fighting. Non-Phase Sword Defense didn\'t care too much between one and ten enemies. This was also the important reason why he could endure several rounds of fighting against the four people. If they wanted to kill him, they must combine their strength into a higher level of power and then crush all of his defenses in one fell swoop.

However, facing that sword of holy light, Wang Lu\'s complexion was unprecedentedly heavy. Non-Phase Method was indeed the world\'s best defensive method. No matter which continent, no other method could match it. But… Non-Phase Method was, after all, not omnipotent. In the face of such a hopeless situation, it was highly likely that even Non-Phase Method...

And just at this time, from afar, a crisp sound arrived, which instantly got nearer!

"Senior Brother!"

Wang Lu was inwardly surprised so he turned around and took a look. Nobody knew when, but Liu Li had unexpectedly fully regained her freedom. With an eager face, she flew towards them while sending out streams of colorful ten flying swords from her sleeves and beautifully interwoven like a rainbow at her side.

However, Wang Lu has no mood to appreciate its beauty. He roared, "Liu Li, get the hell out of here!"

After untold hardship, he managed to select an advantageous geographical location, personally baited himself, and then used a strange method to break the spirit occupation. Were all of those in order so that she could die together with him?

Seeing that Liu Li had broken free from the spirit occupation and even killed Ferdinand and the other Archbishops, Paul and the others were also surprised. However, seeing Wang Lu\'s reaction, their surprise turned into a pleasant surprise. Very good, so you two heretics do want to die together!

Therefore, they simply let go of the encirclement and let Liu Li came to Wang Lu\'s side.

"Senior Brother, I…"

"... Forget it, since you\'re already here, then so be it." Wang Lu bitterly smiled, and then, with his sole arm that held the sword, he gently embraced Liu Li in his bosom.

Near the two people, the Holy Light Religion people gradually approached to encircle them once again.

Besides Paul and the other three Archbishops, the Supreme Inquisitor Ferdinand and the two Archbishops, with pale faces, also came over. Although they have just been killed by Liu Li, the gracious gift from Holy Light enabled them to rise from the dead. And at this time, though they were still weak, all of them stood in the front line, completely severing the hope of survival for the Senior Brother and Junior Sister.

"A wonderful performance with many twists and turns."

Faceless One\'s real body slowly approached, but stopped close at a certain distance, carefully hiding behind the protection of his compatriots.

"It is indeed filled with twists and turns." Wang Lu sighed with emotion. "I really didn\'t expect that this child is stupid enough to not know how to cherish the chance to escape."

After being broken free from the spirit occupation through a strange method and killed three people at once using her Skybreaker, Liu Li had the opportunity to escape alone. After all, the other party\'s focus was on Wang Lu.

However, Liu Li resolutely decided to die together with him.

This was even contrary to common sense because Wang Lu had always taught Liu Li to take care of herself first, do not think of others, especially Wang Lu! However, the first thing that Liu Li did after she regained her consciousness back was to throw away the teachings of her Senior Brother to the back of her head.

"This reminds me of what I casually said to her at the celebration night in Dragon City," Faceless One lightly said.

At that time, he encouraged Liu Li to sacrifice herself to help Wang Lu, which was a vicious intent. But later, Wang Lu managed to see through all of that and told Liu Li to completely forget all of those.

Liu Li, of course, earnestly complied. At that time, she said that she would forget them, and naturally by now, she had already forgotten them. However, some things needed not be encouraged by Faceless One. When things came to a certain point, Liu Li would naturally make the same judgment.

Sacrificing herself to save her Senior Brother… this was, in fact, something that she could not stop herself from doing. Seeing this, Faceless One actually just wanted to voice out its irony.

"Senior Brother, I did not follow your instruction. I\'m sorry!" Liu Li seemed to be completely unaware of their situation, her smile still as beautiful as flower.

Wang Lu took a deep sigh. "Never mind. Dying together with you could at least help you improve your average IQ."

While talking, he tightened his embrace on Liu Li even more, using his warm body to disperse the coldness deep under the sea. And under his clothes, a unique stick-like thing, from his waist, quietly rubbed the belly of Liu Li.

Liu Li shifted her vision downward, and through the deep ravine on her chest, she vaguely saw a seemingly very familiar thing on her lower abdomen.

"Heh, although you\'re not obedient, but this time, I\'m really glad that you came. Hold that thing in your hand. Yes, that one."

Liu Li obediently reached out her hand and firmly grasped that thing.

It was the vehicle\'s control stick that she had previously seen in the vehicle. She wasn\'t sure when Wang Lu pulled it out and brought it here.

However, at this time, the Holy Light Religion people had also finished their preparation and was ready to make a decisive offensive.

"Kill them."

At the same time, Liu Li held the control stick upside down and held it high.

Faceless One\'s eyes immediately turned sharp and inwardly thought— how could it be, how could it be that! Golden King had actually hidden this treasure in the armored vehicle and treated it as the control stick!

The next moment, a formidable energy burst out from the top of the control stick. Liu Li, who held that control stick, was stimulated by its energy, causing her body to involuntarily swell and at the same time causing her to straightforwardly yell out.

" For kazmodon 1 !"