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Chapter 347: The Proper Usage Of Liu Li

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Wang Lu, calm down, what can be done has been done, this is the best possible outcome under this circumstance. This will decide the victory or defeat."

Deep under the sea, Wang Lu quietly stood on the wreckage of a palace in the ruins of ancient city, swallowing a few mouthfuls of bitter water to calm his mind. What he must do next, every action and every movement, could not have the slightest mistake—he could not afford to make even one mistake.

Liu Li falling into other people\'s scheme was indeed beyond his expectation. All the various protective measures planted on Liu Li by the Elders failed to work. When he thought about it, this result was not strange. The opponent was close to legendary level profession, moreover, here in Western Continent, the law was different, so it wasn\'t strange if there were accidents. Any prior protective measures were not safe. Only by improvising and acting according to the circumstances could Liu Li be perfectly protected. However, everyone was fully confident in Wang Lu\'s ability to adapt, including he himself. Unfortunately, in the end, an accident still happened. Moreover, it was an accident where he could not shirk off the blame. He had thought of all the other factors, but he didn\'t anticipate that this young girl\'s feeling was the one that led to her downfall! But this was not Liu Li\'s responsibility. As her guardian, Wang Lu must assume the full responsibility!

However, the higher the danger level of the crisis, the less time he has to blame himself. Even if Wang Lu\'s sin could not be redeemed by a thousand deaths, he still needed to deal with the opponent first, and then he could consider on how to punish himself.

The situation was still far from being desperate. Although Faceless One has basically taken Liu Li hostage, Wang Lu still has cards up his sleeve. Moreover, theoretically, he has a card that could trump everything—he has the support of Golden King.

Without Golden King\'s acquiescence and secret help, their starting point in the sea of clouds might not necessarily be near that gloomy castle, not to mention outside the castle, it might be difficult to find the abandoned vehicle of Golden King. Moreover, the most important thing was, without the acquiescence of Golden King, there would be no detailed map of the sea of clouds in that vehicle!

This was an easily overlooked common sense; a high-level vehicle could record its journey. The biggest purpose of Wang Lu in scavenging was not the vehicle itself, but its previous journey record! At the same time, this was a secret that Wang Lu had never told anyone. When he was in control of the vehicle, Wang Lu found out that Golden King had indeed recorded the road map of his back and forth journey in the Beautiful Unique Pool Peak in that vehicle device. Golden King himself didn\'t fully explore the entire sea of clouds, but around sixty percent of the terrain had actually been recorded. Which meant that this map was truly priceless. Moreover, the icing on the cake was that Golden King had considerately marked some key spots on the map! This was also the reason why Wang Lu dared to risk himself.

The forgotten city of Atlantis in the endless sea, which was labeled by the Golden King as the place of reversal, was the opportunity that Wang Lu grasped during the brief confrontation in the vehicle.

"Liu Li, wait for me…"

While muttering, Wang Lu grasped the last card in his hand even tighter.

"Atlantis, forgotten city, abandoned by the gods…"

At the other end of the city ruins, a stiff-faced girl slowly walked. Relying on her perception, she tried to track Wang Lu\'s whereabouts while at the same coldly scanning her surrounding. While moving her limbs, she vaguely felt bouts of pressure.

Legend has it that Atlantis was once the pinnacle of the Western Continent civilization, similar to the Penglai Immortal Island of the Nine Regions. However, similar to the Age of Chaos disaster that destroyed nearly all of immortal path civilization, Atlantis was also permanently sunk down to the bottom of the endless sea due to a catastrophe. It was rumored that when Atlantis was still a vibrant island, due to them being a highly developed civilization, its citizens became insufferably arrogant and willful, and more importantly rude towards the gods. Because of this, they were permanently punished by the gods of the Western Continent.

There would never be gifts of divine grace in the Atlantis, only the wrath and the curse of the gods.

Of course, legends were just that, legends. Atlantis was destroyed tens of thousands of years ago, but the history of Holy Light Religion… was not that long. However, within it, Faceless One could clearly feel the mystical power of this place.

It was a rejection of divine power. Holy Light Religion worshiped the Sea of Holy Light, not a personified god. However, since it was a religion, it has something in common with religions that worshiped god—the essence of holy light was also a kind of divine power. Thus, it seemed to be reasonable that it was rejected in the city of Atlantis.

Was Wang Lu\'s assurance lying in this? Did he choose this battlefield that favors the heretic to make a comeback?

It was indeed a very clever idea. The rejection of Holy Light by the Atlantis was firm and without any gaps… The ubiquitous repulsion force has really put a pressure on the parasitic state Faceless One, making it difficult for him to perfectly maintain the spirit occupation of Liu Li. This would surely give Wang Lu an opportunity. If Faceless One had a one on one duel against Wang Lu in the ruins of Atlantis, Faceless One did not have the confidence that he would not reveal any flaw. If by some means Wang Lu managed to expel him out of Liu Li\'s body, the situation would be instantly reversed.

While thinking, Faceless One has already captured Wang Lu\'s position. He was hiding in the abandoned palace, ready to make a move, seemingly waiting for his arrival, as if at any time he might rush out and catch him unprepared.

Faceless One did not continue to move forward, nor used the hostage to force Wang Lu out. He just gently shook his head and inwardly sneered loudly.

It was naive to use the advantage of Atlantis, for he had no intention of fighting one on one against Wang Lu. Previously, Faceless One had used the hostage because there was no other way to catch him. But now that he had dragged him from the vehicle, the rest could be handed down to the coolies. Faceless One did not trust Paul, Ferdinand, and the others, but when needed, he would not shy away from using their power.

"Humph, it\'s time for those idiots to play their part."

Then, he used the connection between his avatar and his body to send a signal.

At the same time, in another place in the sea of clouds, because the Holy Light Religion team had pushed the Holiness vehicle to its limit in terms of speed, which overloaded the energy core and caused it to constantly groan, the atmosphere inside the vehicle became exceptionally restless.

"Faceless, how come we haven\'t caught up with them even after a long time? Didn\'t you say that they have stopped their vehicle?" Paul anxiously asked.

When he heard that Wang Lu had obtained the legacy of Golden King—a level eight vehicle, Paul could hardly restrain his fear of his future prospect. He had already known that as the administrator of the King\'s Treasure House, he was not the favorite of Golden King. Were it not for Golden King was just a wisp of remnant soul, which has no actual control of the King\'s Treasure House, he would\'ve long been expelled from the Treasure House. And this time, facing the challenge of Wang Lu, he had no doubt that Golden King would secretly make his move.

Once Wang Lu broke through this pass, the administrator position would certainly be exchanged, at that time, his situation would be worse than death!

Seeing that Faceless One continued to remain silent within the vehicle, Paul could not help but say, "Faceless, this is not only about me, but rather the development of the entire Holy Light church!"

"Found it." Faceless One suddenly opened his mouth and then reached out his hand and to point at a direction within the sea of clouds. "Go there, they\'re hiding in there!"

Paul\'s spirit was startled. "Good, everyone must work harder. As long as we intercept those heretics, we win!"

Under Paul\'s urging, the Holiness vehicle traveled a bit faster. Under such a high speed, the vehicle\'s body constantly trembled as if at any moment it might fall apart and become scraps. However, by the collaboration of the few of them, it was tightly wrapped by the Holy Light.

Before long, the vehicle broke through the blockade of the sea of clouds and came to a vast blue sea.

"What is this place?"

"The place where the enemy is hiding." Without giving them any more explanation, Faceless one directly piloted the vehicle to rush into the sea, which created monstrous waves upon contact towards the Atlantis.

Near the city of Atlantis, the city\'s ruins expelled their holy light, causing them to be instantly on alert.

"What is this place? How come it has such a strong repulsive force towards the power of holy light?" Ferdinand was surprised to find that his strength that has been suppressed by the sea of clouds actually dropped another half a level.

Paul fiercely said, "Crafty heretics! Curse you all!"

After that curse, they finally landed on Faceless One\'s designated location, in the square of the ruins. When the Holiness vehicle door was opened, all the people inside shook, overwhelmed by the pressure. They then impatiently rushed out, yet didn\'t find the traces of the heretics.

Ferdinand asked in a cold voice, "Faceless, where the hell are they?"

"Over there."

In the deep sea, the voice became somewhat strange, however, Ferdinand could still hear the crisp and melodious voice of a woman. He turned his eyes and saw a beautiful but slightly familiar girl slowly walked towards them. She has a near-perfect physique, but for some unknown reasons, her right hand was short of five fingers.

The Supreme Inquisitor was stunned, but then immediately realized. "Is this the spoil of your spirit occupation but also your card?"

Using the spirit occupation to capture a hostage and then threatening the opponent using the hostage; this was the common trick of Faceless One. Although it was old-fashioned, it withstood the test of time.

Faceless One, however, was too lazy to answer. He went on, "The target is in that palace, you guys go and purify him… Ferdinand, take two of the Archbishops and guard the hostage here."

The three ready to die Archbishops plus the waste Paul—facing the combined force of these four people, no matter how great Wang Lu\'s ability was, he would still meet a dead end. However, Faceless did not relax his vigilance. He wasn\'t going to give Wang Lu even a little bit of chance. He was dead set on killing Wang Lu, yet still arranged a massive force around the hostage, not leaving any flaws.

Soon, Paul led the three Archbishops into the palace while the Supreme Inquisitor led the remaining two Archbishops to guard Faceless One.

And just at this time, Faceless One suddenly smelled a weird scent. It was vague and coupled with a lot of other scents in the sea, making it difficult to determine what it was.

"Do you smell anything?" Faceless One asked Ferdinand. The latter wrinkled his nose and then frowned. "It seems to be the smell of… meat?"

Faceless One was stunned. Deep under the sea, in the ruins of this ancient city, fire could not be lit up, so how could there be the scent of meat?

Ferdinand\'s brows locked each other even tighter. Usually, except for praying towards the Holy Light, his hobby was eating good food, therefore, he had a strong sense of smell. "This smell… seems to come from the way those yellow-skinned bastard cook their food. I remember that it\'s called \'pork stew with vermicelli\'? And there\'s a lot of vinegar in it, making it very sour."

"Pork stew with vermicelli? How could there be pork smell here?"

However, before he could think it through, Faceless One suddenly felt that his spirit occupation somewhat could not control the host body. A strong will welled up in the host\'s body. The hand where he previously destroyed the fingers was involuntarily and irresistibly lifted up. A thick sword qi, as if puncturing the blue dome of heaven, simply flew out of that fingerless hand. Then, it rapidly flew and penetrated Ferdinand\'s chest. And when it went out through his back, a see-through hole suddenly appeared!