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Chapter 340: Everlasting Powerful Armored Vehicle

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"To sum it up, all we have to do is to build an armored vehicle."

After seeing the clues left by the Golden King, Wang Lu quickly summoned his teammates and shared his own judgment.

No one doubted his judgment. Since he dared to assert that the armored vehicle way was the key to break through the sea of clouds, then there should be no mistake. And when Aya and the others saw the murals on the ceiling above the exit gate, they agree more with Wang Lu\'s conclusion.

"But, can you build an armored vehicle?" Aya asked, "As far as I know, although you have learned so much in the Spirit Sword Mountain, you haven\'t had the time to dabble in vehicle refining."

Wang Lu laughed. "I never thought that you know so much about my learning progress, but you\'re right, although I have begun to learn about tool refining, I haven\'t had the time to learn about vehicle manufacturing and other high-end disciplines. Therefore, it\'s impossible to make a luxury vehicle like the one made by Golden King."

After a pause, Wang Lu continued, "But, I can still make a simple vehicle."

"A simple vehicle? According to the description of the murals, dangers are everywhere in the sea of clouds, and only through armored vehicle can we safely march forward. Won\'t it be too dangerous if we just use a simple vehicle?" Aya said, "It\'s better if we take the safer route. Although I don\'t know how to manufacture an armored vehicle, I do know a bit about formation, so we can work together to build a powerful armored vehicle. In any case, the resources in this castle are almost unlimited, so we can try our best. With your talent, even if you have to start from zero, we would still have the time."

Wang Lu shook his head with a smile. "Aya, you think too highly of me. The path of the armored vehicle is profound, if I only rely on self-study and trial and error without guidance, I would need around three to five years to build an adequate armored vehicle. But do we have three or five years to spend?"

With that, Wang Lu\'s expression began to take on a serious look. "In fact, we probably don\'t even have three to five days to waste. This is a racing game, so there are two conditions to win. First is to try to be faster than the opponent, and the second is to make the opponent slower than yourself. For us, we will likely choose the first option. However, for the Holy Light Religion, they would likely choose the second option. They will just have to make a simple vehicle that can break through the sea of clouds as fast as they could and try to eliminate us. There\'s no need for them to waste time in the racing."

Upon hearing this, Aya was startled and she immediately lowered her gaze. "I didn\'t of think of this. But, if we can\'t even have three to five days… then what are we going to do?"

"Very simple, we have to be quicker than them. If they use a few days to build a simple vehicle, then we use a few hours!"

"A few hours…" Aya was surprised. Let alone building a vehicle, a few hours would not be enough for them to draw a vehicle!"

Having cards up his sleeve, Wang Lu confidently said, "Rest assured, I have a special manufacturing skill. Didn\'t I say that I can\'t build a complex armored vehicle? Then it means I can make a simple one. Just leave it to me."

"Simple one…" An ominous premonition rose up in Aya\'s heart. A simple vehicle? How simple?"

However, Aya knew that Wang Lu would never take everybody\'s life as a joke. Right now, she could only trust him.

After about an hour later, Wang Lu had succeeded in building his first vehicle.

"Hahaha, my number one vehicle has been freshly made!"

When Wang Lu came out from a large metal storing room, his hearty laughter filled every corner of the hall.

Aya, who stayed at the hall along with the others, was astonished. "That\'s really quick!"

Although it has long been known that Wang Lu was quite good at creating miracles, however, everyone was still stunned this time. Building a vehicle in an hour was somewhat beyond their imagination.

"Senior Brother, you\'re really awesome!" Liu Li heartily clapped her hands as if she had just witnessed a miracle. "Where is the vehicle, I want to see it!"

Wang Lu waved his hand sideways and moved aside, revealing a thing behind him. And then, he heartily laughed. "See, this is it!"

Liu Li stared at it with eyes opened wide. She looked at it twice and then pointed at that thing in disbelief. She then tremblingly asked, "Is that… Senior Brother\'s vehicle?"

Wang Lu nodded. "Correct. This is a vehicle made of a large number of mithril gold that is hand-forged by me in an hour. I mark it with \'Everlasting\' sign. Isn\'t it very majestic and make you difficult not to look at it?"

"Difficult not to look at it…? Yeah, it is difficult not to look at." Aya had a little difficulty to swallow. She was also looking at that thing with eyes opened wide, revealing an incredulous look. "Is that even a vehicle? How could there be such a vehicle in this world? It only has two wheels!"

Wang Lu smiled and then reached out to stroke the vehicle. "Well, this is just a simple version of it, so it can\'t be compared with the complete version. The number of wheels is also very normal, aren\'t there many two-wheeled vehicles? Many troops are fighting with two-wheeled vehicles."

Aya urgently said, "Those are horse-pulled vehicle! Moreover, the two wheels in the two-wheeled vehicle are coaxial, but your two wheels are in tandem… and they\'re both connected by a chain. Moreover, looking by its structure, it\'s obviously human-driven!"

Wang Lu proudly smiled. "Correct. There\'s no need for an animal at all. As long as you pedal hard, the chain would drive the wheel to roll forward, very convenient and quick. So, this kind of vehicle also has another alias, which is bicycle…"

"Do you intend to break through the sea of clouds with this thing? You\'re crazy!"

Wang Lu gradually turned serious. "Am I crazy, or it\'s your mind who can\'t keep up here? The rules here stipulate that we must use a vehicle to leave the castle into the sea of clouds, but it doesn\'t say what kind of vehicle is it?"

"But this is too far-fetched… What if you encounter danger while using such a vehicle?"

Wang Lu smiled once again. "Encounter danger? Have you forgotten my profession? I am the strongest meat shield! Compared with iron covered meat, meat covered iron is even firmer!"

"You…" Aya felt that whenever she argued with Wang Lu, no matter what the topic was, in just two or three sentences, she would immediately be unable to put forward any convincing argument. Therefore, she asked the only thing left that could be questioned, "But this two… wheeled vehicle, only have one seat, but we have five people here."

Wang Lu said, "What\'s so difficult about it, let\'s make human pyramid."

"Human pyramid?"

"Yes, I\'ll be responsible for driving it… while you will ride on my neck. You then will spread your arms wide to the side and let Liu Li and little Bai sit on both sides. The stupid dog will sit in the front basket."

Upon imagining this arrangement in her head, Aya almost spat out blood on the spot. "You can\'t make me do that kind of ugly posture!"

"How is it ugly? It\'s the world\'s best acrobatic stance…" Although he said this, Wang Lu knew that it would very difficult for Aya to accept this. Therefore, he reluctantly pushed that Everlasting vehicle towards the outside of the castle alone.

"Of course, given that the vehicle hasn\'t been tested in a real combat, I will not force you to come up to fight with me. I will first go out and explore to test the performance of the vehicle. At the same time, I will also try to verify your conjecture."

Seeing that Wang Lu was already set with his idea, although inwardly she was still quite opposed to it, Aya no longer voiced out her opposition. She just silently stood beside the gate and decided that as soon as Wang Lu appeared to be in any danger, she would be the first to rush out to rescue him.

The exit door of the castle was slowly pushed open, revealing the endless sea of clouds. Wang Lu, in a dashing posture, boarded the vehicle and quickly pedaled it. Aya guarded the gate, full on alert. However, as soon as Wang Lu\'s figure entered the sea of clouds, Aya completely lost any contact with him!

"What!" Aya was startled, then guessed that it was very likely that this sea of clouds has a special law that isolated people\'s perception. Wang Lu surely wouldn\'t go too far, but the woman\'s heart still couldn\'t help but worry.

In her heart, she lamented that there were many rules all over this place, such as people couldn\'t go out of the castle without using a vehicle. The people who constructed the castle must be terrible people. But, there shouldn\'t be a problem for Wang Lu to explore a bit...

"... It really is a strange place."

On the other side, riding his beloved everlasting vehicle, Wang Lu slowly marched through the sea of clouds.

Although looking out from the castle, the clouds covered his whole vision, once he entered the clouds, he found out that the deep thick clouds were in fact just a layer of veil. Once you break through it, you would see the light.

Wang Lu was riding along a wide canyon with beautiful sceneries on both sides. There was only the sun in the sky above him, without any cloud as far as his eyes could see.

However, after a long ride along the canyon, the atmosphere suddenly became heavy and stagnant, which made it difficult for him to breathe. The gravity force also suddenly increased by several times, firmly attracting Wang Lu to his vehicle and the wheels mark turning deeper on the ground.

Wang Lu hesitated whether to turn around or to continue to move forward. However, as he continued, the resistance rapidly expanded. Before long, the gravity force has increased more than a hundredfold. Wang Lu felt as if he was riding a vehicle that weighed one hundred times the weight of the Everlasting and carried one hundred of him.

For Wang Lu, whose physical qualities was already superior to those of Jindan Stage cultivators, these, of course, was not a burden… However, for the vehicle, it was unbearable. With a twisting sound, the two-wheeled Everlasting vehicle collapsed

At the same time, Wang Lu felt the scene around him suddenly changed, in a flash, he had already re-appeared in the gloomy castle.

The concerned voice of Aya and the others immediately greeted him. "Wang Lu/Senior Brother, are you okay?"

Wang Lu nodded and told them to relax. He then looked down at the wreckage of the Everlasting vehicle that was twisted by gravity and rather sadly said, "Everlasting is broken…"

"But, I have accumulated valuable experience in this exploration, so the sacrifice of Everlasting is worth it. It\'s already gradually become clear to me what I need to do next."

While saying that, Wang Lu took a large stride towards the storage room and began a new round of forging.