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Chapter 333: I’ll Show You How to Do One Against Hundreds

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Build towers?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu\'s answer, Aya inwardly speculated, "That\'s nothing more than to rely on the strength of the laborers to build defensive towers." However, when she pondered about it, the more she couldn\'t figure it out. "What kind of tower do you want to build? How do you build it? How long would you build it?"

On the first question, what kind of defense tower should be built in order to block the opponent? The opposite party has four hundred golden guardians with power close to Jindan Stage. The battle formation made them look like common infantries, but once the war started, each one of them could move heaven and earth! Perhaps the common defense tower has miraculous effect on the common-people-level war, but here it was meaningless! Once the golden guardians went all out, they could even dismantle ten towers at once.

On the second question, even if Wang Lu has the blueprint of a super defense tower that was capable enough to repel these golden guardians, what about the materials? One could not make bricks without the straws—no matter how competent the Golden King\'s laborers were, they could not possibly make a tower out of air.

The third question, even if Wang Lu\'s materials problem could be solved, what about the construction time? No matter how efficient the Golden King\'s laborers were, they could not possibly make a tower in a flash, yet, would Tannu give them time?

"About the first question, you should not ask me about it. Instead, you should ask these hard laborers. They are fortunate to serve Golden King as his elite workers, so they had undergone the most rigorous training in civil engineering, how could they not be able to build even a few practical defense towers? Even if it\'s not true, I also have in me a few drawings of Dragon Tower, which has the ability to kill all living beings in a matter of seconds…"

Aya was greatly surprised. "Drawings of Dragon Tower? Where did you get those? That\'s one of the top secrets Bretton Dragon Clan!"

Dragon Tower was a treasure level building designed by a group of building-loving scholars when Bretton Dragon Clan was at its peak. The tower has an independent defense capability; without manual operation, it could identify the enemy and meet the enemy in combat through various means. Based on the different building materials, it could display the strength from low order to high order profession. Of course, the cost of a Dragon Tower that was comparable to high order profession was so high that even the Dragon Clan itself could not bear it. Its invention did not have too much practical value. However, low-level Dragon Tower was very practical. For example, the most cost-effective Green Dragon Tower only needed materials worth of five or six hundred spirit stones (or magic coins) to build. Its power was enough to rival peak Foundation Establishment or near Xudan Stage Cultivators. And if there were a dozen of Dragon Tower fire, even a cultivator who has just entered Jindan Stage must evade it.

The only problem was that the technology needed to build the Dragon Tower was too complex. Even in the past, among the skilled building makers, the numbers were very few. And for Aya\'s era, the building maker that could build Dragon Tower was almost extinct. Plus, Aya was more concerned with the offense than defense. Therefore, this kind of defensive tool was not very useful for her, so Dragon Tower drawings were thus put on the shelves.

However, after all, it was still a treasure of the Dragon Clan. How could this inheritance, which was among the most valuable treasures, fall into Wang Lu\'s hand?

Wang Lu said, "Of course I found it in the Treasure House of Dragon City. In your absence these years, as the only remaining guardian of the Bretton Dragon Clan, Bedivere had gathered a large number of Dragon Clan heritage, one of which is the drawings of the Dragon Tower."

"Of course I know that, but, how could Bedivere let you into the secret treasure house?" Aya was in disbelief. "It\'s not that I don\'t trust you, but… Bedivere should know the meaning of the Bretton Dragon Clan heritage. Except for me, he can\'t even let his wife enter the treasure house!"

Wang Lu said, "I told him that I am your gigolo."

"... And he just let you in?"

"Of course not. Bedivere is so strict, how could he break the rules just because of the gigolo identity? However, I also told him that our child would be born next year, so I intend to give a present to the child, but also give you a big surprise."

"..." Upon hearing Wang Lu\'s explanation, Aya immediately stopped moving, as if she was petrified.

Wang Lu said, "So I asked him to recommend if there\'s anything good in the treasure house. He recommended the drawings of Dragon Tower and said that if I can build a Dragon Tower in accordance with the drawings, even if it\'s just the most low-level Bone Dragon Tower, and made it as a guardian for the newly born child, it would make you very happy. Now it seems that Bedivere has indeed greatly contributed to the cause!"

Aya didn\'t even have the strength to speak.

"And as for your second question, the materials. It\'s also Bedivere who helped me solve that. Under the oppression of the Holy Light Religion, his greatest need was self-defense. And as a defensive tool, Dragon Tower was his first choice. Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of materials, but he lacked the capable building-makers to construct it. During this period, he had to reluctantly recruit some, but was soon discovered by the Holy Light Religion. However, the Dragon Tower project was still managed to be kept secret by him. It\'s just that he didn\'t have the supporting climate to construct it… At the time, when I got the blueprint, he also included a large number of materials—fortunately, my mustard seed bag is big enough, hahaha!

"And as for the third question, would construction time be really a problem? Who do you think Tannu is? How could he see through my tricks? And even if he can see through, so what? As long as I personally go into action, those mere puppets would be extremely vulnerable like a free range chicken and a cute puppy."

"You personally go into action? Do you want to use your original magical ability to slow them down? That\'s impossible! The strength difference is too big!"

"Is it?" Wang Lu laughed. "My cultivation base is only Xudan Stage—after diligently struggling in this Western Continent, I manage to reach high-level Xudan Stage, and my real defensive power can hold off anyone under Yuanying Stage. While they are just a group of puppets that barely reached Jindan."

Aya said, "It\'s a group, not just one!"

"But if they can\'t break my defense, what is the difference between a group and just one?"

"Tannu is a master of military strategy and tactic. The soldiers under him couldn\'t possibly be a mess. Once they unite their strength, four hundred people join forces, even a Yuanying Stage could not clash with them head on!"

"Hahaha, will I give them the opportunity to unite their strength? You underestimated the Void Spirit Root too much! Even if in this Western Continent I need the transformation law, I have a way to make them remain in disunity, unable to show their real strength! Humph, now it\'s time to show my true skill!"

"Wang Lu!" Aya furrowed her brows while inwardly sighing that she really couldn\'t see through him.

Indeed, Wang Lu has never done things that were uncertain to him. Therefore, him being confident now meant that he had something that he relied on. Aya could clearly see that Wang Lu simply did not have enough strength to contend against four hundred golden guardians. Both of them were from Spirit Sword Mountain, so Aya basically knew all his cards!

"Relax. Don\'t forget, I\'m your way to win every war. Otherwise, let\'s make a bet. If I can single-handedly delay them so that the laborers have enough time to build the Dragon Tower, then I want something from you and you have to give it to me, what do you think?"

Aya asked, "What do you want?"

"I haven\'t thought about it yet, let\'s just keep it for later, okay?"


"Okay, that\'s a deal. Just wait for me to come back!"

With that, Wang Lu no longer paid attention to Aya. Leaning forward, he went straight towards the other end of the plain, where there was the army of the military god Tannu. He really went to face the enemy alone.

However, as a general, Tannu has a foresight. Therefore, as soon as Wang Lu landed, he immediately issued an instruction.

"Spread out!"

With just one command, the four hundred golden guardians spread out, never letting the opponent to get the chance to catch them all at once. Wang Lu couldn\'t help but admire the keenest and cautiousness of the opponent. Before he could launch his original magical ability, the opponents have already dispersed themselves, but so what?

Because his original goal was not the golden guardians and warlocks, these small fries. The reason why he marched in was only one: Tannu himself. As long as he dealt with this military god, his four hundred golden guardians army would turn into a mess and become easy picking!

However, Tannu\'s phantom was indifferent to this. Once Wang Lu had entered their battle formation, several of the nearby golden guardians formed a mini team to intercept him. Under Tannu\'s command, these golden guardians seamlessly worked together, making their strength seemingly more than doubled. However, with Sword of Mount Kun in hand and Non-Phase Sword Defense being propped up, they couldn\'t slow down Wang Lu\'s footsteps at all.

As for Tannu himself, under the protection of dozens of golden guardians, he remained motionless as if waiting for Wang Lu.

From those cold eyes, Wang Lu could not read any slight psychological fluctuation. The military god Tannu\'s situation was like a precise clock. Every action has its clear purpose, and any external blow could not shake its stability. Wang Lu couldn\'t even tell if Tannu has set up a trap for him to plunge, or it was just a bluff.

However, what should he care about that? Did he have to turn around and leave? Soon, Wang Lu has arrived before the army. However, Tannu had gently opened his mouth, ready to issue the updated command.

According to Wang Lu\'s guess, it was likely to order the whole army to attack at once, bypassing Wang Lu to directly grind those one thousand and five hundred hard laborers. Because no matter what Wang Lu\'s battleplan was, the core key must be those hard laborers. As long as they were killed, Wang Lu could no longer display any of his tricks—it was like pulling the carpet under him.

And at this time, because the golden guardians were in a dispersed formation, it was impossible for Wang Lu to completely block them using his original magical ability.

However, Wang Lu completely did not want to meet the enemy head-on.

They saw him reach into his pouch, took out a fine gold medal and lifted it up. The next moment, an amazing momentum and pressure suddenly burst out of that gold medal, sweeping in all direction like an invisible ripple. In a twinkling of an eye, the atmosphere in the entire battlefield turned heavier by a lot. Then, a majestic voice from the sky shook everyone\'s heart.

"Bastards, kneel!"

Almost at the same time, the entire army of Tannu kneeled down, without any resistance at all.

Facing this change, the countenance of military god Tannu finally changed slightly. His sharp eyes pierced that gold medal, obviously, he had seen through Wang Lu\'s trick.

Unfortunately, if Tannu was not an illusion but the real Tannu, that look was enough to really pierce that gold medal. What a pity… at this time, he was powerless. In the battlefield, he was indeed the commander of the army, however, the army itself was, after all, the army of other people.

Seeing that the battlefield had instantly quieted down, Wang Lu gently let out his breath.

"When I saw the magnificent barbarian military god using the army of Golden King, I knew that it was time to show off my genuine counterfeit skill!"