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Chapter 332: Devour the World

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Regardless of how unwilling the military god Tannu was, a lost was, after all, a lost. As the former military god, he was incapable of shamelessly not admitting his defeat.

"Very well, then per the agreement, you have a total of 25000 logistic points. You may assign it as you wish."

With that, the board game on the stone table turned into a pack of complex forms. All the details about logistic point conversion were recorded on it. Wang Lu looked at it and began to carefully calculate the optimal army composition. However, before he finished his calculation, he suddenly saw some details that startled him.

"Wait a minute, how could I even be printed on it?"

Tannu said, "Of course, don’t you want to enter the war also? And won’t you consume supplies in the war?"

"... So that’s why. Even the commander can’t be on the sidelines."

Tannu said, "Any commander who doesn’t dare to visit the front line is not qualified to be the commander of the Golden King’s army."

"I see." Wang Lu nodded and didn’t make too much fuss about it; since it was the rule set by the others, for now, he would follow it. However, when he saw his point value, he was actually priced at 500 logistic points. Wang Lu frowned. "Am I that valuable that I am equal to ten golden commanders!"

"The price is based on the strength of a person. Your value is 500 points, it means that you are worth as many as ten golden commanders."

Wang Lu thought for a moment, thinking that he indeed could probably face off against ten golden commanders. Because if he really ran into ten golden commanders, he would still be invincible with his Non-Phase Sword Defense. However, 500 points seemed a bit more expensive. What if he were replaced by the others?

"If you want to substitute yourself, that’s okay. However, only the person who set foot on the battlefield is qualified to pass. The onlookers who stay outside the battlefield inside the safe zone would forever stay in the safe zone."

"So what you mean is, let alone substitution, the five of us have to go to the battlefield in order to pass? And according to my price, the five of us must at least use 2000 points…" Wang Lu thought for a moment. "Then what about you? How much logistic points that must be spent for yourself?"

Tannu confidently said, "Of course it’s 0 point. Now I’m just a stone gate who has no combat ability. Even if I personally go into battle, since I lack any fighting power, I don’t use any logistic point. If you envy me, then you can beg Golden King to turn you into a stone gate!"

"Forget it, I’ll just consider this 2000 point as being eaten by dogs," Wang Lu said and continued downward in the point conversion list, ready to acquire Aya and other people’s exchange prices. However, in just a glance, he was immediately stunned.

"What the, one zero, two zero, three zero… it’s 10000 points! What kind of price is this?" Wang Lu flew into a rage. "Are you an airport security? How come the price is this high? Just a single Knight King alone is priced at 10000 logistic points?"

Tannu was also surprised. "How could it be that expensive? It seems like your Knight King has a great background, 10000 points are for a legendary level character!"

"Legendary my ass!" Seeing that the other was worth twenty times more than him, Wang Lu was flustered with anger and impolitely criticized, "She can’t even complete a shredded pork with garlic sauce! If I, as a team leader, am worth 500 points, then she should be just 300 points!"

Aya’s face had turned green from anger. "So is this what you really think of me?"

Tannu explained, "The price of the logistic points is mainly based on the peak strength. Although this woman is in poor condition, in her peak, she should be worth as much as a legendary character."

Wang Lu very unhappily humphed and tentatively accepted this explanation.

Wang Lu then continued to look at the list, only to flare up once again. "Damn, did Golden King conquer your land because you made a dubious land speculation? I can accept that you priced my Knight King as 10000 points, but now, you even priced Liu Li as 10000 points too? Is she worth a legendary level treatment? Or is it because she is quite close to Aya that her price rises as well?"

Tannu himself was surprised by this. "She’s also 10000 points? I don’t understand either, her power is only advance middle-order, so her points should be at most one to two thousand… Is it because of another reason?"

"What is it?"

"This logistic points essentially calculate the logistic consumption. Although for the trial’s sake, it heavily referenced to a unit’s fighting strength, but logistic consumption is also an important factor in determining the price. Perhaps… the reason why this girl has such a high logistic points is that her logistic consumption is very high?"

Wang Lu was stunned, because Tannu’s words were reasonable! Although Liu Li’s cultivation time was still low, far from reaching her potential, based on strength alone, she was far from 10000 logistic points worth. However, her eating capacity...

"Damn it, two women had already cost 20000 points, while I am just 500 points… Little Bai is 600, and the stupid dog is 2400? Do all of you want to rebel? Every one of you is extremely expensive! There are only 1500 points left! At most, I can only buy some hard labors! Wait a minute, those who challenged this before us, weren’t they given the same pricing standard? You said they only have 5000 points, right?"

Tannu was somewhat embarrassed. "The price calculation is determined by the spell left by Golden King. If you’re not convinced, you can talk to Golden King yourself."

"Talk your ass! Did those challengers use this pricing standard too? Weren’t their total score only 5000 points?"

Tannu said, "It’s the same standard as you guys. Among them, the most valuable is a legendary level that worth 8000 points. Therefore, he was unable to participate. It was someone else who brought in and led the large army."

Wang Lu asked, "But since people who don’t enter the battlefield can’t pass the test, could it be that after this they…"

Tannu explained, "No. This is a new rule that I later made. Because I found out that the faces of those who cheered on the sidelines were very hateful, I simply prohibit onlookers to pass."

"So you actually can change the rules at will?"

"Initially I couldn’t, but after all these years, I slowly can."

Wang Lu had to sigh at the intolerable condition caused by years of disrepair… By letting this Tannu arbitrarily changed the rules, the original intention of the military strategy test had disappeared!

However, as long as his team managed to pass the test, why would he need to care about military strategy or moral integrity?

"... Forget it, 1500 is 1500, I’ll take it!" Wang Lu sighed and helplessly looked at Aya and Liu Li. "It seemed like we are doomed to face a mighty army by ourselves, since our army’s ration has already been taken by two women!"

In the face of Wang Lu’s naked resentment, although she felt wronged, Aya has nothing to say to that. Meanwhile, Liu Li quietly hid behind Aya, not daring to look at Wang Lu in the eye. Then she sneaked a bite of her pie.

Towards Liu Li’s acts, Wang Lu didn’t even have the strength to be angry anymore. After most of their points were being used up, the remaining free points were just 1500 points. After distributing them, Wang Lu sneered. "This is nothing more than a military strategy game converted into a steamrolling game. But, as long as it’s still a game, I can still win even if my partner is a fujoshi! Military god Tannu, bring it on!"

"Good!" Tannu uttered a long laugh, even though that laughter could not convey his happiness. Although the young man before him was not that powerful, he could not help but somewhat be moved by his heroic spirit as people of talent appreciated one another.

And according to the rules of his barbarian tribe, facing people of talent, he had to use all his strength to beat them! In the past, when he met the other team of challengers, because he was put off by them, when he fought them, he only used eighty to ninety percent of his ability, which gave them a chance to score a narrow victory. However, this time, facing Wang Lu, he must come up with two hundred percent of his ability!

During that laughter, Wang Lu felt that everything began to get distorted and changed. The narrow space in front of the stone gate was replaced with a vast expanse of plains. At the other end of the plain were the hundreds of golden guardians, and the military god Tannu himself was surrounded by his army.

He was a giant barbarian with an astonishing imposing manner, huge built, and a resolute face like an unchanging mountain rock. Previously, Tannu was all laughing, relaxed and happy. However, on this battlefield, all of those superfluous feelings were obliterated, replaced by a withering cold atmosphere.

"What a powerful battle formation."

In the face of military god Tannu, whose army’s only lost was to Golden King, Aya could not help but marvel at it.

If two armies fight each other, even just by looking at the opposite side’s battle formation, one could roughly estimate the overall strength.

"How is he compared to you?" Wang Lu asked.

Aya was silent for a moment. "Based on battle formation alone, I’m not as good as him. If you discount the strength of the commander, the gap between the two sides is about eight to ten."

Wang Lu was surprised. "That means he’s twenty percent stronger than you?"

"Based on battle formation alone, that is indeed the case. However, if we really met, under fair condition, I have the confidence to win against him"

Wang Lu said, "Riding alone to charge into the enemy? Unfortunately, this time, no enemy that you can ask to come forward. They’re just a mirage, so if you want to win, you have to wipe out every last one them."

Aya said, "Unfortunately, I can’t freely use my power. Once or twice might still be possible, but it’s unsustainable. And on the basis of one or two strikes, it’s impossible to eliminate all the four hundred golden guardians."

Solely on offensive and defensive attributes alone, golden guardian was close to the power of Jindan. And under the command of a skilled military commander, their strength output was unparalleled. Even if Aya was in her peak state, a legendary level character, she could barely hold them. At present, in her weakened state, rushing towards the enemy would only lead to her death.

In addition to Aya, the other people didn’t have the capital to contribute. Therefore, Wang Lu nodded and said, "That being the case, let’s change the gameplay. Aya, you were once the leader of an army, so I want you to command those people behind us."

Aya was surprised. "People behind us? What types of troops did you exchange that 1500 point for?"

Looking back, Aya’s astonishment was even greater. 1500 hard laborers were quietly waiting for the instruction.

"You actually picked hard laborers?"

That’s right. The logistic point can be exchanged with hard laborers, whose physique was comparable to middle order profession with excellent production and construction capacity. In the past, Golden King launched an expedition into the wild land. En route, he wanted to watch an opera, so he told his laborers to build a theater on Gobi desert. In just an hour, they built a magnificent, exquisitely carved theater. The interior can even accommodate around ten thousand people! Moreover, at that time, there were only about one hundred laborers."

Aya had also heard of this story, thus, she couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. "All the elites gathered under Golden King’s banner is indeed a well-deserved reputation. But, what do you want to build with this many laborers?"

Wang Lu lightly said, "To build towers."