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Chapter 310: Express Delivery Little Elder Brother Saves the World

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The appalling scenes in the King’s Treasure House still stimulated the nerves of the Holy One.

At the same time, the Administrator of the King’s Treasure House was deeply helpless.

"I admit my mistake this time, but Your Holiness, you also saw that, they are doing adultery all day long in the open, at least they can’t… can’t go out and threaten Holy Light Religion."

The Holy One still has some lingering anger. "Are you certain they’re not going to go out? Don’t forget, in that treasure house there’s a wandering ghost!"

"Rest assured, even if he was once invincible, now he is just a wisp of a remnant soul. I am the Administrator of the Treasure House!"

"... Since you can rule out the factor here, then I want you to hurry up and clean the remnant in the Dragon City."

"Now?" The Administrator was a bit surprised. "But the strength of Dragon City parish is not enough."

"So let Faceless One go." The Holy One coldly made his decision.

"Faceless one? Do you want to…"

"As the servant of the Holy Light, we have the obligation to rule out all the obstacles and threats, at all costs. And Bedivere has been living in disgrace for so long, that should be enough. It has already been a great gift for him to leave him alive and his Dragon City intact after the purification war."

"Yes… Oh, I almost forgot. It\'s been rumored recently that the eastern city-states have officially formed an alliance with the heretics from the east."

"An alliance? A wishful thinking from a few people. We just need to use a few saboteurs to kill several of them and the alliance would collapse on itself. An alliance with foreigners will not end well."


The dialogue between the two of them continued, but under the Holy Light, the darkness lasted forever.


With the unremitting effort of Dragon City parish Archbishop Rowan, the matter regarding Bedivere raiding the headquarters of Inquisitors has finally gradually died down. The relation between the church and Dragon City became a bit gentle, as if it has returned to that wordless tacit understanding of the past few years.

No one interfered anyone, and no one disturbed anyone. Everyone did their part, each going their own way.

In this period, Archbishop Rowan truly deserved the majority of the credit. He was the first to control the scene, by not letting the leaderless group of inquisitors increase their antagonism, but also comforted Marina, stabilizing the faith of the Holy Woman. At the same night, he made a secret meeting with Bedivere, stabilizing the action of Dragon City.

This series of means demonstrated the shrewdness and efficiency this old man had in his twilight years. At the same time, the one who single-handedly provoked this series of contradiction had to adapt and make a new plan.

However, nobody thought that the new storm has come to Dragon City faster than what anyone expected.

"A new Chief Inquisitor?"

Inside Dragon City Cathedral, Marina was somewhat surprised by the rumor.

Archbishop Rowan nodded. "Yesterday, I just got a new directive from the Holy City. Because Count Conrad is seriously injured, he could not lead his institution, therefore, the new Chief Inquisitor will probably be appointed in two or three days."

The Archbishop has a deeply worried look during his speech.

Marina asked, "Who is the new Chief Inquisitor?"

"According to the rumor, it’s… Faceless one."

"Faceless one!" Marina suddenly stood up. "Unexpectedly, it’s that madman! What were the people in Holy City thinking? The situation here has just stabilized, but it turns out they send that executioner, the homicidal maniac here!"

The Archbishop took a deep look at Marina.

Obviously, this naive Holy Woman hasn’t realized yet that by sending Faceless One here, the Holy City deliberately wanted to intensify the contradictions. His previous means to stabilize the situation, have also perhaps offended the Holy City.

"Your Grace, I don’t understand, several years ago that Faceless One has committed monstrous murders in the west side. Hasn’t the church punished him? Shouldn’t such a person be expelled?"

"Try to adapt." The Archbishop was also helpless. "The action of Faceless One is indeed extreme, but in regard to the faith of the Holy Light, he is not inferior to you and me, no, he is above you and me. He is second only to the several top legendary powerful figures in the church. Moreover, his ability to handle matters is very strong, he is the church’s sharpest dagger. In regard to him, you have to exercise forbearance, even if you don’t understand."


Before she could continue, a joyful voice suddenly came behind the two. "Oh, that’s really good. Unexpectedly, in this rampant-with-heresy place, I can actually run into a bosom friend. It seems like we can still cooperate."

"Who is that?"

Marina and Rowan turned their head at the same time, only to see a tall and thin man, draped in all white holy robe, standing straight in the center of the room. At first glance, he could be described as solemn and respectful, a template of a holy clergy. However, his face seemed to have been forcefully erased by a force, it has no facial features, only a piece of pure white.

"Faceless One!" Rowan was extremely terrified and startled that he subconsciously retreated two steps. "When… when did you come?"

In a flash, Faceless One appeared behind Rowan and stretched his white-gloved hands over Rowan’s shoulder, showing a seemingly intimate posture. "When I was still in Holy City, I heard people mentioning you, saying that you are the biggest loser among the more than thirty parish Archbishops, who lives like a dog since young in age. Now, it seems like, though useless, you are quite tactful."

Rowan’s complexion turned red upon hearing that. He tightly clenched his withered hands but fought back his retort.

However, Marina, who had always seen Rowan as a father, could not bear it.

"Your Grace, you have no courtesy at all!"

"Courtesy?" Faceless One said, "Holy Light’s will is the greatest courtesy. And I came according to the will of the Holy Light."

With that, Faceless One turned his head. His pale, flat face seemed to project a frightening vision.

"Oh, are you the local parish’s Holy Woman? I’ve also heard about you in Holy City. People say that you’re a dirty whore, it seems like they’re right."

"Dirty wh…" Marina couldn’t believe her ears."

"You don’t accept it? When you gave birth to a bastard from that heretic Bedivere, your whole flesh is already rotten to the core. It is even more amusing to hear that you haven’t killed that little bastard by yourself, but instead have raised her to this day."

"Oh right, speaking of which… where is that little bastard? This time, I’ll clean it off."

"Court death!" Marina could no longer contain her anger. If the other party just wanted to deal with her or Rowan, Marina could force herself to shut up, but her daughter Irene was, without a doubt, her inverse scale.

Although Holy Woman was not good at fighting, she was, after all, a high order profession. The fury of Holy Light turned into a raging flame, desperate to burst out. Unexpectedly, it became like a scorching sun that was about to plunge the entire Dragon City into the sea of flames.

"Humph." Toward this, Faceless One just stretched out his hand, and the flame was suddenly shackled by an invisible force, and then suppressed back into Marina’s body, unable to leak in the slightest.

Marina’s body trembled, shaken by this formidable countershock force, which immediately hurt her internals and caused her to spit out blood.

"Oh, you actually dare to make a move against the Holy Light messenger. You truly are an out and out heretic whore." Faceless One easily suppressed Marina’s outburst. "It looks like it’s necessary to stamp out the source of trouble. Hmm, let me find out where that little bastard is…"

Marina shivered and shouted, "If you want to do something, do it to me, don’t hurt the little child!"

Rowan also advised, "Your Grace, what Marina did is just a spur of the moment thing, please be magnanimous and spare her. She is a staunch believer. Initially, it’s because she was young and inexperienced that she was lured by temptation from Dragon City Master that she accidentally made a mistake. Now she is wholeheartedly longing for the Holy Light, without any ties at all with that heretic!"

"But, if you made a mistake, you have to pay the price." Faceless One raised his hand with interest, and his pale face turned to Rowan, seemingly waiting for him to continue to speak.

Looking at the severely wounded and fatigued Marina, Rowan clenched his teeth and said, "Moreover, Marina, as this parish’s Holy Woman, has a very high popularity. If randomly killed, it would be very unfavorable to the local missionary work!"

Faceless One said, "Are you threatening me?"

"I do not dare! I am merely… stating the fact."

"Mm." Upon hearing this, Faceless One nodded. "What you said is reasonable. It’s indeed not good to arbitrarily kill a popular Holy Woman. Moreover, the real enemy of Holy Light is Bretton Dragon Clan, so I don’t need to waste my energy on trivial things."

With that, Faceless One withdrew his right hand that initially suppressed Marina. After the pressure on her was released, Marina felt that she didn’t have any strength to use, which was very much uncomfortable.

The heavy burden in Rowan’s heart was finally lifted, thinking that this Faceless One seemed just to want to give them a kick, to quickly establish his absolute authority as the new Chief Inquisitor of this place. He was indeed worthy to be the church’s sharpest knife. His action and style… were too radical. Fortunately, the worst has already passed.

However, just as Rowan relaxed his guard, he suddenly listened Faceless One said, "Capital offense can be lifted, but suffering is difficult to escape."

With that, he pointed out his right-hand fingers, and with a tearing sound, Marina’s holy robe was unexpectedly split apart by an invisible force, exposing her soft, and plump naked body.

"You!" Marina was extremely ashamed and angry, yet incapable of struggling. She could barely stretch out her hands to cover her most intimate parts. Her posture was extremely embarrassing.

"You say you have nothing to do with Bedivere, but, if I get on top of you here, could he not respond? I doubt it."

Rowan was scared and angry at the same time. "Your Grace, what are you doing?"

"Can’t you see? I’m going to rape this woman, and use it to lure Bedivere into a trap here. I heard that, because his two recruits were arrested, he dared to raid the local Inquisitor Headquarters, so I’m sure there’s no reason for him not to come if he hears that his woman is abused. At that time, I just need to wait for him here."

With that, his figure moved and arrived in front of Marina. Then his tall and thin body pushed her down, enveloping Marina like a cloud.

"Get away from me, you devil!"

"Devil? Wrong. I am the Chief Inquisitor of this parish, the manifestation of the will of the Holy Light." The voice of Faceless One was still in that same cold tone. And as he said that, he could not help but reach out to Marina’s tightly shut legs and spread them wide. And a shadow slowly stuck out from his white robe.

Archbishop Rowan finally couldn’t restrain himself anymore. "Such atrocity could never be the will of the Holy Light!"

He pointed forward his white-golden scepter and an irresistible invisible force bloomed between Faceless One and Marina. It was the divine method, in legend, once used by the prophet to divide the ocean. What Rowan used was its simplified version, but its power still could not be underestimated. If aimed at the center of a person, it could even directly tear an intermediate high order profession.

However, Faceless One just stretched out his left hand and gripped the empty air. Rowan\'s scepter immediately shattered and there was a depression on his chest, seemingly being smashed by a giant hammer. At once, he crazily spurted out blood.

"True, Holy Light did not make me do that." Faceless One nodded. "But, it also didn’t say anything against it."

While talking, he pressed Marina down, and the shadow was about to go inside Marina.

The woman was humiliated, but she was powerless to resist what was happening in front of her.

However, at this time.

Knock, knock, knock.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted the scene.

"Hello, I am delivering water from the water station, is there anyone here?"