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Chapter 304: Thirst For Companion

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Is this is what you call the best of both worlds and doesn’t have anything despicable in it?"

After a long silence, Aya tremblingly asked.

Wang Lu said, "Is there a problem?"

"You’re the one with a problem here! Sexual immorality, is this not despicable? You’re going to give my most loyal subordinate a humiliation that could never be washed, yet you ask me is there a problem?"

Wang Lu said with amazement, "Hey, hey, why do you react so much? Isn’t he just a muddlehead, what’s the big deal? In any case, she’s just Bedivere’s leftover. Perhaps for using this worn out shoes, I would get athlete’s foot instead…"

Aya categorically said, "I will never allow this."

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and carefully observed Aya’s reaction. "Actually, I’m not really serious about taking away a man’s wife, that’s just a talk. But I always thought that you are a bit too sensitive about this matter, like it poked into your sore spot. What’s wrong, have you been skidded in the past?"

Aya froze for a long time. Inwardly, she was secretly surprised. When did this Wang Lu become so sharp? However, on the surface, she was still as cold as ice as she avoided this topic. "In short, I don’t like this method."

"That’s okay. Marina is someone else’s wife, so it doesn’t matter if I skip her and just try to lure Irene. You’re not going to criticize me for this aren’t you?"

As if she had just met Wang Lu, Aya’s eyes were wide opened as she stared at him. "You actually dare to put your hand on a little girl that’s even younger than fourteen years old?"

Wang Lu laughed. "Irene, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul!"

"Shut up!"

"Alas, I can’t do this, and I can’t do that. Is the Knight King really difficult to serve?" Wang Lu said in distress, "Since that’s the case, then I can only use the unwise one."

"Unwise one?" Taking into account of Wang Lu’s lower limit standard, Aya could not help but somewhat turn cold.

"Yes, although it’s an unwise one, but on a moral level, it’s better than the previous one. Although it is indeed somewhat out of the ordinary…"

"Can it not be out of the ordinary?"

"Certainly. Let’s go home and give up saving Bretton Dragon Clan."

Upon mentioning about this topic, Aya finally went silent.

As the Knight King, Aya has very high moral requirements, but as a King of a country, how could she not understand that many times it was impossible to do things to perfection.

"Tell me about that method of yours."

Wang Lu said, "The same purpose, to let Marina and Irene give up their fate, turning them into our side. But this time, it isn’t me who will act, it’s her." With that, Wang Lu pointed at the nearby Liu Li.

The nearby Liu Li who was playing by herself stared with eyes wide open, and incomprehensibly pointed at herself. "Me?"

Wang Lu said to Aya, "The main force is Liu Li and Little Bai. Of course, when needed, you can also join. In short, you guys personally step up and seduce them until they fall head over heels and be in seventh heavens that they even forget Holy Light Religion and unwittingly come into our arms. In this case, that muddlehead would not be so broken-hearted."

"..." For such extraordinary methods, Aya could only stare dumbfoundedly.

"Holy Light Religion does not prohibit marriage, but inside their religion, regarding married people or in taking a wife, there is indeed a certain degree of unfair treatment. Therefore, many people, in order to go higher in the hierarchy, tend to restrain their feelings. This process would often lead to the development of abnormal feelings. By restraining their desire to the opposite sex, their desire would often be transferred to the same sex—or to put it simply, they become homosexual. The atmosphere of homosexuality in Holy Light Religion is somewhat heavy, thus it is not strange for the Holy Women to play lily 1 among themselves. Therefore, to some extent, you guys are actually more convenient than me."


"I’ve already conceived the general plan. Both Marina and Irene are all reverent believers of Holy Light Religion, so what they like the most is developing new believers, especially among Dragon City Guards. Thus, consequently, this is Bedevere’s most tightly controlled area, which makes the proportion of believers very low. That mother and daughter, in fact, have always been hoping to close the distance between Holy Light Religion and Dragon City Master through this way. So you guys just need to pretend to be a little bit interested in Holy Light Religion, but not too much, and they will pester you down, hoping that you will become a Holy Light Religion believer, and thus as a breakthrough to the Dragon City Guard. During this period, even if there are some special requirements, they will, using every effort, try to meet them."


"Then we will mention about Dragon City Guards. This relatively closed military group has a congenital defect, which will inevitably lead to some special phenomenon. Aya, you were once a military man so you should understand. In short, because of the strict management and close living environments, resulting in the lackluster way that their heterosexual desire is spent, this desire thus is transferred to the comrades that often accompany them—in other words, homosexuality again. Thus, the homosexual atmosphere within Dragon City Guards is also a bit heavy. Therefore, you guys also inherit this glorious tradition of Dragon City Guards, and when you guys express your love to Marina and Irene, they will certainly uphold the traditional etiquette of Holy Light Religion and respond positively to you guys!"


"In short, as long as you guys use this method, making those mother and daughter dead set on you guys, then everything would be perfect. Bedivere will not be wearing a green hat 2 , the mother and daughter will not continue to be poisoned in the clutches of Holy Light Religion, and we will also receive the most important support on the road to the kingdom recovery. Everything will fall into place in one fell swoop. So what are you guys hesitating about?"

On the third day, that programme was finally finalized. Wang Lu and the others formally began to take action.

The scene was in the downtown area of the city, which was also the most prosperous part of the town. Large and small merchants were neatly distributed in the planned block. It was a very busy crowded area.

As the largest city in Brettonia, Dragon City has an excellent transportation hub status, rich and extensive property, as well as nearly all the ambitious domestic merchants. Dragon City was not only the strongest force in Brettonia, but also the largest commercial metropolis of Brettonia.

The center of the business district was a wide plaza. This piece of land was particularly luxurious. A ring of seats was established all around the square to provide a place for short rest, but also catering to the local dining area.

On the edge of the square, outside a fine candy shop, a petite and lovely little girl was leaning against a transparent window, drooling over the candies inside the shop.

While she was coveting those candies, the little girl’s petite pink hand reached into her pocket, touched a handful of coins, and could not help but be discouraged.

From the amount of money that she had, it was already problematic just to buy a piece of cookie in the city’s most upscale candy shop. As for that crystal-candy hand-made by the candy master, it was even far beyond her reach.

While swallowing her saliva, the little girl was calculating how many months of advance pocket money that she needed to beg her mother to buy that jar of crystal candy. As the precious jewel of the candy shop, the sale of the crystal candy was not particularly good, but it was impossible for it to just lie in the window quietly for a few months.

How should I explain to mom when I come back?

And just at this time, in the quiet and deserted candy shop, a white-haired old man—which was also the owner of the candy shop, walked to the window, bent down, stretched out his hand, and in the little girl’s incredible eyes, took away that crown-jewel-of-the-candy-store crystal candy.

Huh, why would he pick it up? Is he going to give that crystal candy because he pities me? Oh, thank the Holy Light, may the Holy Light bless this compassionate old man! He will definitely live a long life!

"Please take it, this is the crystal candy that you want."

The little girl subconsciously stretched out her arm, trying to hug the candy jar, and banged at the window. Then, within her sight, that crystal candy fell into the hands of another person.

It was an Eastern Continent girl with a gorgeous colored dress, which, in the colorful candy store, was even more gorgeous and colorful than the surrounding candies. The girl’s smile was even mesmerizing. The shop owner was a veteran who previously worked in the kitchen for the Dragon Guards and has repeatedly fought against enemies, so his heart was already as hard as iron. But under that Eastern Continent girl’s gorgeous matchless facial features, he actually appeared embarrassed.

"Thank you."

The Eastern Continent girl took that candy jar and smiled even sweeter. She then gave ten pieces of magic coins to the shopkeeper and happily walked out holding that candy jar.

Before she even walked out of the door, the girl could not wait to open the jar anymore. From the jar, she fished out a piece of crystal clear candy. Its exotic fragrance immediately spread out, attracting the attention of a lot of passersby.

The girl looked at the crystal candy, lightly sniffed it, and then closed her eyes as she put it into her mouth. The next moment, some of the people could even sense the feeling of happiness that burst forth. The expression of the girl that tasted the candy unexpectedly caused the onlookers to involuntarily gulp down their saliva, and their appetites increased.

As a witness to this whole process, the little girl was also staring with eyes wide opened and kept swallowing, and swallowing, and swallowing...

All of a sudden, a touch of resentment welled up in the heart of this bright little girl who grew up under the Holy Light. Why is the one holding that candy jar not me? Is it because I’m not pious enough that the Holy Light is using this to test me?

Just at this time, she suddenly saw that Eastern Continent girl turned her head to look at her with eyes full of curiosity and friendliness. Then, with a clear pronunciation of the common language, the girl said to her, "Want to eat? Together?"

The little girl was stunned, only to feel the just-now-went-far-away Holy Light came again, which immediately covered her in happiness and joy.


"Yes. Master said that good things must be shared to those who like it."

With that, the Easter Continent girl held out the candy jar in front of the little girl.

"I am Liu Li. This is for you."

"I…" The little girl hesitated, looked at the as-sweet-as-the-Holy-Light smile of the opposite party, and firmly decided to put her mother’s urging, which was to never eat the food from a stranger, to the back of her mind. She then cautiously reached out into the candy jar and grabbed one, treating it as if it was a treasure.

"I am Irene. Thank you, big sister!"