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Chapter 302: You Can’t Be the Knight King

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Aya’s so-called change was to break Bedivere’s repression on Dragon blood.

Most of the methods he issued were simplified and degraded versions of the original. The difference was then simply filled in by Aya.

As the former Bretton Dragon Clan King, Aya’s understanding of Dragon bloodline was far above the others, and thus, it was very easy for her to fix these ancient methods. Therefore, for the next month, she took the opportunity to communicate with the other Dragon bloodline to spot and make them aware of the flaws in their methods, and then complemented them.

This process wasn’t too clearly done, but the effect was quickly manifested.

The new batch of Dragon City Guard had a total of thirty-six people (including Wang Lu), which consisted of nine Dragon blood and twenty-seven other blood. In the first three months, the difference in power level between the two groups was not big; Dragon blood was simply ahead slightly. But after one month, the progress of Dragon bloodline gradually left behind that of the others, and the power level gap got bigger and bigger.

If this progress happened to new recruits, it could be attributed to various accidental factors. However, when this happened to some veterans and gave them a breakthrough, then it was particularly striking. A Dragon blood who joined the Dragon City Guard around twenty-one years ago and had purple-blue level blood, in just three days, suddenly broke the shackles of years of the bottleneck and took a step into the threshold of high order profession, causing a no small sensation.

No matter where, high order professions were a very scarce resource. Dragon City was a powerhouse of strong individuals. However, if all the high order professions were to be counted, including the neutral forces and the others, the number would be less than two hundred. Dragon City Guards alone only had around sixty to seventy of them. Thus, the addition of one person was not trivial.

Moreover, for Bretton Dragon Clan blood, the real strength was often higher than the other profession of the same power level. After the breakthrough, this veteran was now actually not inferior to Dragon City Guard’s common high order profession, which was among the Dragon City Guard’s first class powerhouse.

Regarding this development, Dragon City specifically held a small celebration. Dragon City Master Bedivere even personally appeared and gave a reward, and had a lengthy face-to-face conversation with that veteran, including inquiring about his well-being.

The day after the celebration, Bedivere suddenly sent an order to summon Aya.

This development was not a surprise to Aya. This Dragon City had been under Bedivere’s control for over a hundred years, thus, no matter how disunited this city was, his control was still absolute. In this city, it was not easy to do anything to deceive his eyes and ears. In fact, it was because she wanted to see Bedivere’s reaction that Aya took the initiative to change the situation. Hearing that she was summoned by Bedivere, Aya did not hesitate.

"Okay, I’ll be right there."

"Yes, me too," Wang Lu said

The Dragon City Guard that came to summon Aya was startled. Looking at Wang Lu, he said, "Master only summoned Aya alone."

Wang Lu said, "I know, but I’m Aya’s personal belonging, not a person."

"Personal belonging?" The Dragon City Guard was stunned again. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"How could this be nonsense? Who stipulates that personal belonging must be cold, motionless, dead objects? A warm and strong living being like me is the woman’s favorite. You are not a woman, so you don’t understand the beauty of it."

"You…" The Dragon City Guard felt that he somewhat could not keep up.

"Moreover, you should also know how I joined Dragon City Guard. My relationship with Aya has been recognized by the City Master, so you can rest at ease in allowing me to come, and if there’s an accident, Aya will take responsibility."

Aya immediately exclaimed, "Hey!"

That Dragon City Guard considered for a moment and finally allowed Wang Lu to go with Aya to the official residence of the city master.

Bedivere lived in the castle in the barracks area of Dragon City. Although it was located in the center of the barrack area, it seemed to be really isolated. There were not few guards guarding the huge castle.

The guards led Aya and Wang Lu to the castle gate before stopped walking and signaling them to enter. The castle gate was wide open, revealing the cold atmosphere inside the hall and the ghastly horror of the flickering candlelight.

When Aya and Wang Lu walked into the castle, the gate slowly closed behind them. There was no one in the hall. And the red carpet was lined straight ahead in the middle of the hall, separating the left from the right, and to the winding second-floor staircase. Straight ahead across the stairway, a huge portrait was nailed.

The picture depicted an exceptionally sharp young man, short blonde hair and as deep as sky eye. He was fully armed, with bright as snow helmet and armor, and a gorgeous golden sword on his waist. A thick red cape hung loosely from his shoulder, looking very majestic.

Although it was only a portrait, Wang Lu felt as if he was looking at an aloof and remote sovereign king, far superior to mere professions, a true King that was above cultivators; inwardly, he couldn’t help but want to serve him.

"Tsk, tsk, what a powerful hegemon aura. This person is indeed a proud dragon in the sky."

With a somewhat strange look, Aya partially turned her head and glanced at Wang Lu but didn’t speak.

"Since it’s hung in the center of the hall, could it be that he’s Bedivere’s ancestor? But they don’t seem alike at all, you might as well say they’re of different species."

Aya finally couldn’t bear to correct him. "No, actually, he’s…"

Before he could continue, Bedivere’s voice came from the other end of the hall.

"He is the greatest King Brettonia has ever had. With all the wonderful characters a chivalrous knight could have and the most noblest of lineage.

In this gloomy castle hall atmosphere, like an apparition, Bedivere appeared on the second floor.

"Come up here. I’ll wait for you in the study room." Then he turned around and left.

Wang Lu was extremely shocked. He pointed at the portrait in the front and spoke through primordial spirit, "That’s you!"

Aya reluctantly said, "Yes, that’s me."

"But that’s a man!"

"I told you, as the Knight King, I never projected the image of a woman. In the eyes of the people, the Knight King is tall, majestic, and imposing King, not a slender young woman."

Wang Lu was engrossed with the explanation. "How did you do it? Even if it’s through illusion, but with your as-many-as-clouds powerful subordinates, how could not one of them see it?"

"It’s not an illusion, but a true shape changing, so no one can see it. It’s not hard to understand, right? Since as a Dragon bloodline, I can turn into a huge dragon, a completely different species, changing physical shape into another person shouldn’t be too far out shouldn’t it?"

"No. The physical change is really not that difficult, what’s difficult is the psychological change. When you put a feminine soul into a male body, you end up with an effeminate man, and vice versa. But you’re totally different." Wang Lu couldn’t stop his admiration. "Changing sex and manner into a King to rule the realm for years without revealing even the slightest flaw, and after that recover the original female body, along with the manner befitting to a noblewoman. The transformation was very smooth and without any hindrance. Aya, you’ve already reached the supreme state of organic body and inorganic heart, comparable to what I imagine a pervert should be!"

"You’re the perverted one!"

"Hahaha, do you think Bedivere has seen through your identity?"

"It’s hard to say. In any case, we’ll know it soon."

While talking, they had walked to the second floor along the red carpet, towards Bedivere’s study.

In Bedivere’s study, there were hundreds of rows of shelves filled to the brim with all kinds of books. By skimming through with his peripheral vision, Wang Lu found out that a large part of them were history books. Moreover, they were the records of history not too long ago, including the history of the era of Knight King.

Bedivere himself who sat behind a desk, upon seeing the two of them, gently nodded to tell them to sit down, and then went straight to the point.

"I’ve heard that for the last month, you’ve been pointing out the training deficiencies of the Dragon bloodlines. Phoenix broke through his bottleneck because of the inspiration you gave him. When asked, he profusely wants to give his thanks to you."

Aya didn’t mince word either. Facing him straight in the eye, she said, "Yes. I found out that the practice method of the Dragon bloodline is flawed, so I tried to point it out."

Bedivere said, "Well, that’s really good. But, giving targeted recommendations for dozens of different training method is something that not a common people could do. How did you do it?"

Aya said, "When I was very young, my parents told me a lot of things before they left me."

Bedivere nodded. "Galahad is one of the most powerful Knights in the Knights of the Round Table, so it’s normal for his descendant to have such knowledge. However…in my opinion, compared to Galahad, you’re more like another old friend of mine."

Aya slightly tilted her head. "Old friend?"

"Similarly erudite and knowledgeable, with similar matchless intelligent. Dominating many of the old antiques while still young in age, and eventually even ruling the world." While speaking, Bedivere’s eyes turned sharper and sharper, and the powerful aura of a high order Dragon bloodline seeped out, which caused the feeling of pressure increasingly heavy. "I still remember that as a Knight, he used his peerless talent to improve the methods of many powerful Knights. Those powerful Knights were the outstanding heroes of their time. Some of them were even more powerful than him. But when he spoke, all of them listened and complied, which is very similar to what you’ve been doing during the last month!"

Upon hearing this, the stifling atmosphere got stronger than ever. It was as if at any time he might make his move and hurt people. Wang Lu was unperturbed on the contrary, propped up by his active Non-Phase Immortal Heart. Aya returned the glare for glare, not backing down even for half a step.

However, just as it was about to explode, Bedivere suddenly sighed and shook his head. "Unfortunately, you can’t possibly be him."

Seeing the sense of disappointment in Bedivere’s eyes, Aya couldn’t help but ask, "Why?"

"Because you are a woman."


Bedivere said, "He is the King of the world, the most noble and proudest man. No matter what happens, regardless of any hardship, he could not possibly turn himself into a woman. That is an absolutely intolerable disgrace for a Knight! Therefore…although you look a lot like him, you can’t be him."


At that time, Wang Lu nearly couldn’t hold back his laughter, so he had to use his Non-Phase Sword Qi to harm his own Jade Mansion, just to prevent him from laughing out loud.

Aya, oh, Aya, you finally have your day!

Aya herself was stunned. Her initial swift and fierce gaze were gone, and now her eyes were completely glazed.

Bedivere was once a loyal and straightforward Knight. Unexpectedly, after more than one hundred years, his mind still couldn’t bend at all!

"It’s probably due to Galahad’s own nostalgia that he trained you to be like this. Unfortunately, it’s specious. How could a young girl shoulder the heavy burden of a King?"

Aya’s complexion gradually turned red. Of course, it was not because she was shy, but rather she was angered.

Bedivere was sincerely filled with grief. "When I saw you in Golden Flash Town, that familiar temperament put me in a trance. Later, I indulged you by letting that inexplicable man follow you to Dragon City, which was stemmed from the past nostalgia. But when I see you today, I finally realized that the past should stay in the past. A genuine Knight should not succumb to the illusory image of history." After a pause, he continued, "Perhaps in time, I should change that painting."

With that, Bedivere sighed. "Let’s back to the main topic. The reason why I asked you to come here today is to tell you one thing, I want you to stop giving pointers about the methods for the Dragon bloodline."

Aya asked, "The reason is?"

Bedivere asked back, "Have you ever raised an animal?"


"If not, go to the logistics area of the barracks to see it for yourself," Bedivere said, and lowered his gaze. "Now it’s already not the time when the Bretton Dragon King used to rule the world. Do you understand?"