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Chapter 283: Eat First Or...

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The Transformed Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman, which created the reverse transfer effect, was one of Wang Lu’s most powerful cards. The Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman didn’t bind him but his beloved Master. In the event of danger, his Master’s preserved magical power in the talisman would be used to activate the talisman and transfer her here.

Generally speaking, most of the sects’ elite disciples would have this kind of life-saving method, which would call the elders of their sect at the critical moment. However, once they left Nine Regions, these magical talismans would lose their effectiveness because of the change in the continent law. Only a top-level prop like Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman could ignore the change in the continent law.

However, according to his master’s opinion, because she had tampered the talisman, the transmission effect was not permanent. At most, he could only draw her Master her for the time to brew tea. And because the law on the Endless Sea was ever changing, the effect was shortened even more.

Nevertheless, although the time was short, it was enough for her to deal with this mighty giant beast. Although Non-Phase Method was notoriously good at defense but bad at offense, people familiar with Wang Wu certainly knew that this common sense was completely invalid when it came to her.

This time’s fight was extremely shocking. In just a few breaths time, Wang Wu tightly wrapped this revenge-seeking angry octopus with her emerald green sword light and pulled it back with her to the Non-Phase Peak through the channel opened by the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman, leaving only her stringy hearty laughter which reverberated on the Endless Sea.



After watching his master’s figure disappear through the transmission channel opened by the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman, Wang Lu took a deep sigh.

Standing beside him, Aya who was still shocked about what just happened, was silent for quite a while before reacting. She asked, "What’s the matter? Why are you sighing?"

"I’m worried about my Master."

Aya was even more curious. "Worry about your Master? Just now, she obviously occupied overwhelming superiority, not to mention that now she has returned to her home Spirit Sword Mountain, so there’s no danger at all."

Wang Lu said, "I am worried that by bringing back such a huge octopus with big tentacles into the mountain, a woman with a bottomless pit of desire and who has been single for over one hundred years like her would do something unspeakable that offends the public morale and thus ruin the reputation of my Spirit Sword Sect."

"... Your mind itself is already hurting the reputation of Spirit Sword Sect!"

Aya was driven beyond the limit that she could bear. However, she quickly thought of something. "Is that heavenly talisman worth a lot that you feel sorry for it?"

Wang Lu shrugged. "It’s not bad, if I want, I can sell it for several hundred thousand spirit stones."

Not only Aya was inwardly surprised by this remark, even the nearby Nie Yang exclaimed, "Several hundred thousand spirit stones!? And you spent it just like that?"

The value of this whole fleet was nothing more than several hundred thousand spirit stones. After all, the fleet itself was still stuck in the mortal world’s level, which was a huge difference to the Mysterious Sky Mansion’s top rank immortal level giant ship… Wang Lu’s use of Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman was equal to letting the fleet vanish into thin air!

Thinking to this, Nie Yang bitterly said, "This is… too wasteful."

"Wasteful?" Wang Lu keenly captured the meaning behind Nie Yang’s words, and his brows could not help but frown.

Looking at Ayun who has just narrowly escaped from the death, Nie Yang shook his head. "Sir, your heart is filled with kindness, so you can’t bear to see Ayun buried in the sea. Such compassion is indeed impressive, but the fate of the Sea-Tribe is indeed so. Even if she escapes this time, one day, eventually, she would still walk on the same path. The lives of the hundreds of thousands of Sea-Tribe people are like this, risking their lives for it. Can you, sir, be so generous as to save them every time? Alas, although what I say sounds cruel, but this moves of yours, Sir, doesn’t really mean anything."

Wang Lu chuckled. "The beauty of being rich is that you can always spend money to do meaningless things. Conversely, if you can’t spend money to do meaningless things, can you be called a rich person?"

Nie Yang gawked for quite some time and then somewhat sighed with emotion and kept his silence. Wang Lu, however, looked at Aya and meaningfully asked, "People with money does so, so does people with power, don’t you think? If you have power and money but can’t do things that seem meaningless to other people, what’s the use of having money and power in the first place?"

Aya disagreed, "That’s just needlessly showing off and being wasteful, definitely not the right way. In fact, in any continent, there’s no custom that advocates being wasteful."

"Hehe, you’re too naive."

"Naive?" Aya sneered, she even felt disdain to refute it.

Despite the enormous setback, she was, after all, a proud monarch. Naive? Wang Lu didn’t even qualify to give her evaluation!

However, Wang Lu also didn’t intend to say anything. Seeing that Aya already ignored him, he also didn’t speak.

After a moment, Aya asked Nie Yang, "Since we have repulsed that sea beast, will it give you trouble in the future?"

Nie Yang replied, "There would be no future trouble. That gigantic octopus was obviously acting alone, so no one would avenge it even if we kill it. That day, the sea beast that the fleet from Western Mausoleum port killed is a sea beast race, which provoked the wrath of the sea god. At worst, we would just stay at the Western Continent port for a while and return after the calm has returned."

"Mm, then it’s good that this won’t give you trouble in the future." Aya finally put down the worry in her heart.

During her speech, although she didn’t state it clearly, but her somewhat indeterminate figure gradually solidified.

After that encounter, the voyage was rather uneventful. Ayun was a near perfect navigator, directing the ships away from any risk on Endless Sea. Finally, the fleet safely arrived at the destination, the east coast port city of Western Continent. Nie Yang led the fleet to unload at the port, while Wang Lu and the others landed ashore, ready to start a new adventure.

Before parting, Ayun took off her two strings of necklaces and respectively donated them to Wang Lu and Aya. As the more expensive one, the pearl was given to Aya, while the shell necklace to Wang Lu. It was clear that the girl, though taciturn, knew exactly who gave her own life back.

Initially, Aya insisted not to accept it, after all, the giant octopus came to take revenge on her. However, Ayun was unusually firm, and she even kowtowed to her nonstop on the ground. Finally, Aya made a concession to divide the pearl necklace into two halves and just took a half, and Ayun could only reluctantly nod.

After saying goodbye to Ayun, Wang Lu’s team entered the port city, Deep Earth City.

As one of the trade hubs between the East and Western Continent, Deep Earth City was no less bustling as Sky Road City. The city also has high rise buildings, and the western unique cultural custom was a feast for their eyes.

However, what really mattered was the Western Continent law. For the natives of the Western Continent, this so-called ‘law’ was colorless and invisible, moistening things silently. However, for cultivators of Nine Regions, this extremely different law than that of Nine Regions was particularly uncomfortable.

It was as if creatures that were accustomed to running on land were suddenly thrown into the sea, or fish in the water being dragged ashore. The great change in the environment was simply suffocating.

This was the wall of law that prevented most of the cultivators from going to the west. Cultivators with cultivation base below that of Jindan Stage could hardly pass through the wall of law, making them unable to display their magical abilities, and even their physical strength would be greatly reduced. During this period, it would be very difficult for them to cultivate.

Generally speaking, only cultivators of Jindan Stage or above could maintain their cultivation base after crossing the Endless Sea. Because when cultivators reached Jindan Stage, their golden cores could congeal the model of the immortal cultivation main path, and unify it with their Jade Mansion, like a thousand of small worlds that grew and multiply without end, not needing to draw support from the outside world anymore. Nevertheless, even if one were a Jindan, if the foundation were not enough, it would still be weakened by the wall of law.

Only Yuanying, Deity, and above cultivators could completely ignore the influence of the wall of law. Because at those stages, cultivators would have a greater understanding and blending ability, that even in the strange environment, they could also, through their own ability, deduce and adapt to the new law.

Among Wang Lu’s team, only Bai Shixuan could barely be called as Jindan Stage. Wang Lu and Liu Li were still stuck at Xudan Stage. However, as Successor Disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, they have deep foundations. Thus, they could ignore the wall of law. In particular, Liu Li’s adaptation was the fastest. Shortly after they disembarked, she gradually adapted to the law of the Western Continent; although her flying swords were somewhat stagnated and erratic, but basically, she could arbitrarily let them fly on their side.

Wang Lu’s cultivation was Non-Phase Method, with introverted magical power, not showing the mountain and not revealing the water 1 . Walking through Deep Earth City, he looked calm and composed. Only occasionally would he stop half a step and adjust his breathing.

"According to Master, there is no harm in experiencing more laws while the Golden Core has yet to form. However, to persist in cultivating under the suppression of Western Continent law would give me twice the result with half the effort."

Upon listening to this, Aya, who walked side by side with Wang Lu ahead of the others, couldn’t help but nod. "You are indeed much more than what your effort appears to be, no wonder you could have such achievements after cultivating for only more than a dozen years."

Wang Lu said, "Genius is ninety-nine percent IQ plus one percent inspiration… hey, there seems to be no hard work in that formula?"

Aya could not help but laugh.

Wang Lu said, "Looks like you’re in a good condition?"

"Of course. After all, this is the land where I’m most familiar with. Here, I can feel my strength slowly restored." Aya closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and softly said, "I’m back."

Wang Lu was surprised for a moment, and then wrinkled his brows. "Then you want to eat first, or eat me first?"


Led by Aya the local guide, at the Deep Earth City, the team found a small family shop front, but hidden inside was a mysterious shop. According to Aya’s introduction, this was a branch of an extensive secret chamber of commerce in the Eastern part of the Western Continent. Relying on her special official seal, she obtained the trust of the shop owner and saw a special purchase list in the basement. After that, Wang Lu bought a high-end carriage with a large number of gold and other hard currencies that he prepared in the Nine Regions. The carriage was pulled by nightmare beast with several pedals that have amazing speed as if they were flying. In addition, inside the compartment was also transformed by the Western magic spells into a very broad space, which was as equally good as Wang Lu’s custom-made Cloud Wave 2000.

The carriage was purchased to facilitate the travel. On the Western Continent, many magical treasures and magical tools refined on the Nine Regions were difficult to use. Moreover, in order not to attract attention, it was best to play the role of local traveler.

After coming out of the shop, the team boarded the carriage and left the city heading west. According to the plan, they would take a short stay in the next city before directly going straight to Taobao.