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Chapter 279: I Can See the Ending

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Don’t be afraid, sister Aya, this professional adventurer is here to save you!

After hearing the story of Aya from his Master, Wang Lu made up his mind.

Of course, it was useless to have determination alone on this matter. Aya’s past bitter experience was not a secret to the top level group in Spirit Sword Mountain; besides Wang Wu, other Elders were also fundamentally aware of the inside story. Many were sympathetic to her, but no one had the ability to genuinely solve this difficult problem. Among them, there were Sect Leader Daoist Master Feng Yin who has an unparalleled divine ability, and also Wang Lu’s Master who in all aspects was above her disciple.

Although his Master did not say it, with Wang Lu’s understanding of her, if she really has a way, she would not just sit idly by—even if she blackmailed someone to ask for an exorbitantly high price and so on, she would not be completely indifferent. And since his Master didn’t do anything, it meant that she was powerless. Similarly, Sect Leader and the other Elders didn’t need to be mentioned.

So many people were powerless, what could Wang Lu possibly do?

Theoretically, this was a problem that was almost impossible to solve; at least it was equivalent to a Deity Stage level problem. For a mere Xudan Stage Wang Lu, the gap was simply a world’s apart. Technically, there was absolutely no room for leeway, but the matter was not entirely hopeless. Although seemingly whimsical, after listening to Aya’s origin, a flash of insight passed through his mind, which although faint, lit up the darkness.

Wang Lu was not a person that was absurdly blinded by self-confidence, no matter what he thought of his ideas or determination. In practice, he has always been extremely careful. After all, Aya’s situation was extraordinary. Currently, her life on this mountain was maintained at a delicate balance, but if Wang Lu recklessly acted, for example by arbitrarily bringing Aya down the mountain, once her soul flies away and scatters, that was a hundred live’s unredeemable act.

Therefore, before he really made his move, Wang Lu carefully considered all the factors once again, and then he carefully pondered about it in his bedroom, not going out for three full consecutive days.

After the third day, Wang Lu put a big pile of manuscript papers and then pushed the door with a smile full of confidence.

"Aya, I’m here again."

With a relaxed greeting, Wang Lu once again opened the Misty Peak cafeteria door. Seeing Wang Lu come in with a full of sincerity smile, Aya who has accustomed to seeing the winds and waves of life felt somewhat powerless.

"You? Not again."

Aya has mixed emotions for this young man who often spout out unconventional conversations. On one hand, Wang Lu has been continuously pestering her which has already gone beyond her endurance, however, after more than ten years of getting along, how could she not see his intention to help her? Although his way of doing it was difficult to accept, but… she had to endure this for some time more before he grew tired and give up, and then she could resume her peaceful life.

"Humph, this time, I come with a conviction of victory."

Upon hearing this, Aya could not help but feel a headache. Conviction of victory? I’m afraid it’s more like a falling moral integrity… The natural disposition of this kid Wang Lu is indeed not bad, but his crooked way of doing things are too many, which overwhelms people. His previous consecutive pestering has already made me physically and mentally exhausted. Now he says he has a conviction of victory? What kind of sorcery is this?

Suddenly, Aya felt as powerless as a long time ago, on top of that bleak sword mound, when she faced the scene of being deserted by friends and allies.

However, a moment later, Aya was surprised to find that this time, Wang Lu was different. No longer he has that frivolity in the past, instead, now he was extremely serious.

"Aya, this time, I come with a conviction of victory."

The same words, yet the center of gravity actually fell on the word victory. Aya was startled. "You knew?"

"Knowing oneself and others, one hundred battles one hundred victories, of course I should know about this."

This was somewhat unexpected for Aya, after all, although her soul of the brave departed body was not a taboo, it was something that she could not conveniently preach about… However, if it was Wang Lu...

"Now that you know about it, you can go back now."

Once again, Wang Lu repeated the same words, "I come with a conviction of victory."

"You…" Aya finally understood what Wang Lu wanted to say, thus she fell into silence, waiting for him to continue. Because Wang Lu didn’t seem to be joking, moreover, if he did joke about it, she would be very disappointed with him.

"I have in me the way to win every war."

"Ha!" Aya unconsciously exclaimed. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She has come to the Nine Regions for so many years, and almost all of the people she met said otherwise: There is no way to win every war in this world. No one dared to boldly proclaim what Wang Lu just said. Certainly, she has heard similar words for several times, but all of those came from swindlers who harbored ulterior motives.

Aya didn’t think Wang Lu was trying to scheme her or something like that, but after all, wasn’t she previously a monarch with magnificent armies? Yet the present Wang Lu has nothing. Did he say that just to comfort her?

Haha, unfortunately, I don’t like other people’s sympathy or compassion, because it’s completely unnecessary.

"No, I’m not playing a caring older sister game here. I really do have the way to win every war." Wang Lu repeated his own point of view, and then, with a smile, he looked at the increasingly serious Aya.

"Before you start questioning, let me ask you a question first. In your opinion, if the way to win every war really exists, what could it be?"

Upon hearing it, Aya could not help but become stunned. After pondering about it for a while, she said, "At the beginning, I thought it would be a book, something like a supremely profound Art of War as well as other mysterious Eastern magical arts. At that time, I heard that the people of Eastern Continent were very good at battle. A military campaign that would decide that fate of a country in my place would just be like fighting between villages in the East… But when I came here and saw it for myself, it was actually just too much of an exaggeration. The art of war in the Nine Regions does have its originality, but to say that it’s the way to win every war…"

Wang Lu smiled. "Correct. How could there be a book that contains the way to win every war? If that book exists and is seen by the two opposing parties, wouldn’t that be a paradox?"

Aya nodded in agreement. "Yes, I have witnessed a lot of wars between the people of the Nine Regions, but also people of the Western Continent. Some are splendid, some are stupid, but no matter how, the way to win the war for each war is different. That was when I began to doubt." Then she took the initiative to ask Wang Lu, "You see, if there really is a way to win every war, what could Nine Regions possibly be? I have thought earlier that if there’s such a way, then there should be a very strong empire in the Nine Regions that is capable of conquering everyone. I actually have seen a few of such countries in Nine Regions… but obviously, none of them have the way to win every war."

"Of course they don’t, do they even deserve it? Even in Nine Regions, the way to win every war is very rare, how could it be spread in the world of mortals? Aya, you’ve got the wrong idea from the beginning, so of course you can’t find it. The way to win every war is neither a book nor word of mouth, nor is it an ordinary sight that can be seen at will in Nine Regions."

"Then in your opinion, what is the real way to win every war?"

Wang Lu said, "It’s very simple. Only people who previously triumphed in every battle could have the way to win in every battle. Or perhaps, the so-called way to triumph in every battle is the biography of a man who succeeded in every undertaking."

Aya was stunned. "This reversing cause and effect words of yours completely does not make any sense."

"No, this is the only correct point of view. Any theory must be tested in practice, so if there’s no man who succeed in every undertaking, then all of the boasted ways to win every war are false. This is not hard to understand, right? In fact, when you seek for that invincible country, wasn’t it based on this logic?"

"So what?"

"If you recognize this, then we can proceed to the next question. To find the way to win every war, you have to find a person who succeeds in every endeavor. And I happen to be a person that succeeds in every undertaking."

"This…" The amount of information in those words was extremely large. Aya gawked for a moment before she broke into laughter. "You are a person who succeeds in every endeavor? Where did you get this idea?"

"Let’s not talk about small-time endeavors, and just count on large-scale endeavors. Tell me, when have I ever lost? As long as I seriously want to fight, when did I not take the fight? Moreover, of all my adventures, which one did I not experience difficulty? If you were in my place, can you do better than me?"

Aya was lost for words. Her life has been spectacular, and the storm of life that she has passed through was far more than what a young cultivator with thirteen years of cultivation ever experienced. However, to say that she could do better than Wang Lu… she was far from certain. Yet, for her to really admit that Wang Lu was a person who succeeds in every endeavor...

"For example, if I challenge you to a fight now, you don’t have much of a chance."

Wang Lu chuckled. "First of all, you are looking for a country level way to win all the war, rather than small-scale way to win all the war. Secondly, do you really want to fight me in a life and death fight?"

Aya smiled. "Certainly not, but… in short, this succeed in every endeavor title that you give yourself seems to be unworthy."

Wang Lu said, "To win in every war, one has to have an assurance of victory first, not fighting an uncertain battle. This is the basic skill of a wise man. If you only have a few personal bodyguards left, would you rush into the enemy’s magnificent army?"

"Yes, and I would often win."


Aya smiled. "I know what you mean. Thank you for saying this, but…"

Wang Lu didn’t want to hear it, so he immediately interrupted her, "Don’t jump to conclusions. I know that words cannot win the trust of people, but whether it’s true or not, at least it needs to be put in practice first before you can have the conclusion. It’s not you nor I who can decide whether I have the way to win every war or not. Only the fact counts. So, Aya, I ask you to witness it with your own eyes."

"Witness it with my own eyes?"

"Yes, please bear witness if I can succeed in every endeavor or not."

"This…" Aya very much wanted to say, "I can’t even leave the mountain, so how can I witness you succeed in every endeavor? And what does it matter to me if you can succeed in every endeavor or not?"

Wang Lu silently stood up, looked up towards the sky, and then said with a sinking voice, "I, Wang Lu, hereby swear that henceforth, I will advance bravely and win every war that I go through." After a pause, he continued, "and for Aya’s country, as long as it has yet to restore, I will not step into Jindan Stage."

"You!" Incredibly surprised, Aya also stood up. An inconceivable look was reflected out of her deep green eyes.

Wang Lu calmly turned around and smiled. "So, now can you follow me down the mountain to return to your country?"