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Chapter 276: Let Loose the Old Eight

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Master’s words came as a warning.

The work of Excavation Management in finding the key has been very slow.

It has been three years since the establishment of Excavation Management and the convening of the first meeting.

In accordance with the committee’s statutes, which were issued at the first meeting, the term of office of the Chairman of the committee was ten years. At the first conference, Daoist Master Feng Yin gave an impassioned speech, forecasting a bright future ahead of everyone. However, three years have passed, the initial excitement has gradually faded away, and the crucial problem emerged.

Where exactly is that legendary key?

Three years of time was long enough for the Excavation Management to search through the entire Nine Regions, and in theory, the missing key should’ve been easily found… However, for three years, even a single clue has yet to be found. It was inevitable that everyone was frustrated. In the past three years, under the leadership of Daoist Master Feng Yin, nearly all the sects, big and small, within Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were involved in the key searching work. The total manpower and resources spent could not be counted anymore; just the maintenance fee for the unsinkable fortress alone would soon reach astronomical. However, all of these have achieved nothing, and the key was still missing. Moreover, the more they searched, the more they became desperate. Because in these three years, they even run through the checklist of all their immortal treasures. Shengjing Sect even opened their treasure room, which stored dozens of their immortal treasures—regardless if they could be used or not—they checked them all one by one. Yet, even the slightest clue was still out of reach.

There was an old fable that spread from the Western Continent that said an inventor once performed three thousand experiments to find the right material. Each failure brought that inventor closer to the discovery until in the end he finally succeeded. In fact though, that fable was just that, a story. Let alone failing for three thousand times, even three hundred times or thirty times were already one failure too many.

Don’t believe it? If someone went to bed (having intercourse) with his girlfriend and suddenly failed to perform, not just once or twice, that person also failed to perform for three thousand consecutive times, do you think the girlfriend would wait for his boyfriend to perform for the 3001st time?

Daoist Master Feng Yin was facing such a dilemma. The result of the three years of work could be considered as negligible. In addition to Excavation Management committee, organizational structures became even more bloated, giving off an ever more promising future, but there was no substantial progress. Consequently, people began to doubt.

Was the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect really that reliable? Even though his cultivation base was not bad, moreover, he was also the leader of one of the Five Uniques, but the population of Spirit Sword Sect was scarce, and they rarely dealt with the external matter. Moreover, within the Five Uniques, it was known as a relatively backward recluse sect. Of course, the management level of its Sect Leader could not be reflected on this, however, Daoist Master Feng Yin has been the chairperson for three years, and his work progress has been close to zero, which seemed to confirm this point...

This pressure was not something that could fluster Daoist Master Feng Yin who has experienced the storm in the past. However, he also could not remain indifferent. Thus, this Daoist Master of Deity Stage has frequently used his Stellar Diffraction Technique to search for the clue. If he earnestly divined it, common immortal treasure could not hide from him. Yet, for three years, Feng Yin has achieved nothing; even he has become a bit discouraged.

This day, he once again launched his divination. Before that, however, he helplessly called Wang Lu over to rephrase the experience in the sword tomb once again. After all, it was Wang Lu who talked with Zhong Shengming, not him.

"Why don’t you tell me again about that day’s conversation, to see if there’s any clue missing."

Wang Lu sighed. "Uncle Sect Leader, I have already answered this question for more than ten times. You can even recite my dialogue with Zhong Shengming, why would you want to ask again?"

Feng Yin said, "This time, say it with a different tone so that I can find some inspiration."

Wang Lu was helpless. "Oh, Sect Leader, if a man can’t do it, even if his partner in the bed tried forty-eight postures, it’s impossible to make a eunuch hard."

For such outrageous words of comparing this matter to a eunuch, Sect Leader could not even get angry. Because Wang Lu’s words were reasonable. Since three years ago, he had sincerely thought out all of the possibilities, and he didn’t even hesitate to run to the Savage Land. Yet he still achieved nothing. This was not a problem that simple hard work could solve.

If diligent work could solve the problem, why would people still blame him even after three years of extra effort?

Thinking to this, Sect Leader was inwardly moved and decided to take a risk.

"What? Senior Sect Leader, are you joking with us? You’re looking for Eighth Junior Brother!?"

Inside the official hall at the Spirit Pool Peak, near the end of the routine meeting of elders, upon hearing the desire of the Sect Leader, Second Elder Liu Xian was extremely surprised.

The rest of the elders also could not help but stare with eyes wide open, waiting for further explanations from their Senior Sect Leader.

Feng Yin also could not help but put on a resigned face. "It’s about the group of immortal tombs. I’m at a loss here, so I can only seek help from the professional."

"Senior Brother, absolutely not!" Third Elder Fang He fiercely interrupted. "Although those group of immortal tombs is really important, the earth immortal inheritance is after all just a worldly possession, but Eighth Junior Brother, he… The price is too heavy, we cannot be careless even for one bit!"

Feng Yin wryly smiled. "Even if you say these words, that’s just superstition."

Fang He raised his voice even higher. "Senior Brother, even if there’s no reliable theoretical support, the fact trumps all the theories, this is the truth!"

With that, Fang He shook his head. Thinking that his previous hasty words and stern countenance were extremely disrespectful to his Senior Sect Leader, he immediately apologized.

He then lowered his voice and said, "Eighth Junior Brother’s treasure hunting ability is indeed the envy of the world, but each time he goes out to explore, after collecting the ancient treasures, he would cause huge trouble. Eighty years ago, when he found the immortal treasure Red Gourd, he also released the Golden Horn King, the Demon of War of the remnant of the Demon Clan. Seventy years ago, when he sought to summon a beast, he provoked a strange beast from abroad. Sixty years ago, he accidentally smashed the container of the fierce poison from the west, which caused a biochemical crisis. Fifty years ago…"

"That’s enough, that’s enough. We all know the great deeds of Eighth Junior Brother." Sensing that the atmosphere in the hall has become gloomier, Second Elder Liu Xian immediately interrupted the memory recollection of Third Elder.

Feng Yin sighed and then nodded. "Old Third, I understand what you mean. I also am not planning to let him loose. However, it would really be a pity if we don’t use his ability to find treasures, so we might as well invite him here to ask for his opinion. Rest assured, we’ll just ask him what would he do if he were us, I won’t let him out of the mountain."

Fang He obviously still wasn’t assured, however, since his Senior Sect Leader has said so, it would be too inconvenient to refute again. Besides, he was also an Excavation Management committee member, so he was very clear about the pressure on his Senior Brother.

After the meeting, Daoist Master Feng Yin summoned his Eighth Junior Brother to the Stellar Peak to consult him about the strategy. Before long, a young man dressed in splendid clothes ran in with a gusto.

"Oi, Senior Brother, I heard that you’re looking for an immortal treasure but can’t find it no matter what? Hahaha, you can rest assured, just leave it to me! As long as you let me know the basic characteristics of this thing, I will find out for you within one month!"

While speaking, the young man was downing the liquor from his wine gourd. It seemed like he has already drank half of the gourd, so his face has turned red, and he appeared excited.

"Senior Brother, just say it, and I will immediately leave! In no way I will shilly-shally!"

Due to the constant trouble brought by this Eighth Elder whenever he went treasure hunting, he was prohibited by the Heavenly Sword Hall from leaving the mountain, which made him feel extremely depressed. Just now, his Fifth Junior Sister has secretly passed him information about the possibility of this prohibition being lifted, thus he immediately became excited.

Seeing this scene, Daoist Master Feng Yin couldn’t help but have a headache.

"Oh well. I think you have already known about the matter regarding the group of immortal tombs."

"Oh, you mean the group of immortal tombs? I seem to recall that I am one of the committee members, no? But, before attending the first meeting, I was dragged back by you guys…"

Feng Yin peevishly said, "Nonsense. Otherwise, if you went with us, you would’ve explored Shengjing Sect, thus provoking a big trouble for us!"

"No one will find out."

"Do you think Shengjing Sect people are just decoration?" Feng Yin snapped back, and then went back to the topic. "So far, there’s no clue to the whereabouts of the key. During these three years, I’ve already launched Stellar Diffraction Technique for hundreds of times, and personally traveled around Nine Regions, yet all are for naught. According to Wang Lu, the key surely exists, moreover, it’s an immortal level… But, after three years of fruitless search, could it be that something is wrong?"

When talking about a serious matter, the complexion of Eighth Elder immediately became serious. "Senior Brother, when Wang Lu rephrased the three clues from Zhong Shengming, I still remember them very clearly. They are the most important clues in searching for the key. So, why didn’t you pay attention to them?"

Feeling odd, Feng Yin said, "How could I not pay attention to them? Before recounting the three clues in front of the whole committee, Wang Lu has first taken the Big Heart Demon Oath to ensure that there would be no omission, and during these past three years, these three clues have always been the guidance in searching for the key, not one was neglected."

Eighth Elder smiled. "I don’t think so. Senior Brother, do you remember the third clue?"

Feng Yin said, "The third clue, if there’s no clue within the known area, then you may wish to look farther. After sixteen thousand years, anything can happen."

"That’s right, since now there’s no clue within the known area, why don’t you look farther away?"

Feng Yin wryly smiled. "How far away? Two months ago, I just came back from Peng Lai Immortal Island after grabbing the Island Master’s Water Moon Pearl for inspection. As a result, she came here looking for me and cursed me for two months straight."

Eighth Elder curiously asked, "Is that Island Master of Peng Lai Immortal Island the one that is rumored to have a sex scandal with you, Senior Brother!?"

Feng Yin peevishly said, "Sex scandal my ass! That’s just some rubbish talk from that darn thing Wang Wu! Yet she still dared to ask for hush money from me!"

Seeing that his Senior Brother has been shamed into anger, Eighth Elder hurriedly shifted the topic, "That’s what I find it strange, Senior Brother. Since you even went to the overseas Peng Lai Immortal Island, why won’t you go even further?"

Feng Yin snappily said, "How much far? You don’t mean Western Continent don’t you?"

Upon saying this, Feng Yin was immediately startled.

Eighth Elder nodded. "Yes, if I were you, I would’ve gone to the Western Continent."

When it came to this, Feng Yin finally saw the light.

Damn, I was too narrow-minded, I only thought the treasure of Nine Regions would only be in Nine Regions. The implication of the third clue just never really entered my mind; after sixteen thousand years, anything can happen! Let alone, for the last thousands of years, the exchange between the East and the West has been frequent… Even on this Mountain, isn’t there a chef from the Western Continent?