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Chapter 270: It Seems Like an Old Friend Has Arrived

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Time to part ways?

For the sudden farewell of Sword Demon, Wang Lu was slightly surprised, but then quickly relaxed.

As a matter of fact, this was something that he should’ve expected, as he was already aware of the problem. The resurrection of Sword Demon Zhong Shengming has very clear purposes. One was to purify his primordial spirit, cutting off the part that was contaminated by the power of the will of the people to ensure that he died unbesmirched. The second was to fulfill his commitment to the earth immortals, which was to find a qualified successor for them.

Now that these two goals have already been completed, there was no meaning for him to live anymore.

A qualified chivalrous hero ought to die after completing the meritorious deed, and now it seemed like what Zhong Shengming was about to do was similar to that, only with minor differences.

Wang Lu felt mixed feelings about this. After his battle of wits and bravery against this old demon, as a person of talent, he naturally appreciated him. Although he didn’t pity him, he also didn’t hate him to the bone. When he considered that before when facing death, the old man gave him a mysterious but awesome inheritance, and considering that when people were about to die, their words were usually good, Wang Lu was silent for awhile, then he slowly but sincerely said, "I will miss you."

Sword Demon immediately replied, "You are disgusting."

"The hell! Do you know how hard it is for me to say such kind words!"

Sword Demon coldly said, "I do not appreciate you, you’re also not good to me. The two of us are not friends, so why did you make an affectionate remark while completely forgetting our previous animosity? If you didn’t struggle so hard and instead be a little darling to let me possess you, my primordial spirit wouldn’t have to dissipate."

"... I think you better die quick!"

"Rest assured, I have a feeling that we will meet again."

"I don’t want to see your loser face anymore."

"Are you sure? What I mean previously is that I think pretty soon you’re going to start thinking about me, ugh, even saying it makes me want to throw up."

"Tsk, since you’re that sick, why don’t you go in peace."

While they were speaking, Sword Demon’s figure gradually faded away, becoming more and more transparent. Apparently, his power to maintain the unity of primordial spirit has begun to dissipate.

Since things have come to this point, although in his heart there were still many questions, Wang Lu didn’t say anything anymore, but just silently watched Sword Demon as he faded little by little.

Even if he had little respect for this once a supreme character that overawed the entire Nine Regions with his sword cultivation, and regardless of how they fought each other, he could not deny that Sword Demon was an opponent worthy of his respect.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the figure of Sword Demon finally vanished completely before his eyes. Wang Lu could not help but sigh as he felt his heart was somewhat empty.

"Well, what does the old adage say? People will always remember anyone who has entered their body?"

He shook his head, trying to erase these rotten words that came into his mind. After that, he began to recuperate, cleaning his internal mountains and rivers, and launched his method to heal all kinds of wounds from the previous battle.

Although his internal world looked peaceful and in harmony, and there was no trace of the havoc created by Sword Demon anymore, but after he connected his Jade Mansion and his body, Wang Lu could clearly feel all sorts of hidden internal injury. Sword Demon’s initial intention to possess his body was not fake. After Sword Demon has dominated the control of his body, he immediately made the transformation to make Wang Lu’s body adapt to Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword.

Now that Sword Demon was no longer in him, those transformations and Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Method was out of tune. Especially the two hundred and six root bones that supported Wang Lu’s world, more than half of them seemed damaged, and many were already like garbage that could only be cast aside… He probably wouldn’t be able to heal all of them in a short time.

However, the advantage of Non-Phase Method was its extremely high adaptability that even if he lacked arms and legs, it could still maintain its circulation. After Wang Lu had spent some time to make a preliminary adjustment to his body, he let out a long breath and began to think about the next problem.

Which was also a matter of vital importance.

How to get out of here?

When he opened his eyes and gazed at the empty space around him, Wang Lu helplessly shrugged.

In accordance with the three-dimensional map given by Sword Demon, this place was the bottom part of the sword tomb, which was completely isolated from the outside world, and only when the conditions were met that the passage would open.

However, the question was, now that the conditions were already met, what about the passage? Wasn’t the condition was as long as the successor was found, that person would be able to leave? Now that the successor was already here, where was the passage?

Was the only way to get out was to use the key? Or when this sword tomb was designed and built by the earth immortals, the passage was set aside for Sword Demon? Perhaps in their view, after the successor selection, Sword Demon would come out together with the successor… They probably didn’t expect that after more than ten thousand years, too many things have changed.

No wonder before Sword Demon died, filled with evil intention, he predicted that it would not be long before I miss him—this is what he actually meant!

Now that Sword Demon was already dead, it was no longer possible to bring him back; if he wanted to go out...

Wang Lu looked around him once again. He actually already has a bit of speculation in his heart.

According to Sword Demon, his plan after possessing Wang Lu was to use his own ability to break the earth immortal seal and get out. Since Sword Demon could do it, perhaps he too could do it?

Who am I kidding!

Sword Demon was able to have that plan because his primordial spirit was already at Mahayana Stage. Thus, once he took possession of Wang Lu’s body, he could quickly restore his original stage. However, Wang Lu has yet to reach even Jindan Stage, and in this place, which was isolated from the main path of immortal cultivation, even cultivating for ten thousand years would still be useless!


A light flashed through Wang Lu’s mind, and he immediately looked down.

At his side, Zhu Shiyao was still unconscious, a state caused by forceful possession by the primordial spirit of a Mahayana Stage cultivator.

Compared to this, Wang Lu was actually quite lucky. When Sword Demon tried to forcefully possess him, he was only able to invade him physically. Because of Wang Lu’s trick, Sword Demon was unable to penetrate the core of his Jade Mansion and Purple Mansion. Otherwise, if his purple mansion were invaded, he would definitely die, not just unconscious...

Alright, that’s enough of that thought, if I want to get out, perhaps I have to rely on Big Sister.

Of course, it was not because Zhu Shiyao’s Stellar Sword was so against the heaven that even though she was still in Xudan Stage she could break through an immortal level blockade, but rather...

Based on the saying if the quality was insufficient, quantity could make up for it. Two Xudan Stage, of course, could not be compared to peak Mahayana Stage Zhong Shengming, but if it was one thousand, or even ten thousand Xudan? As to where to found those ten thousand Xudan… that was easy. In this endless expanse of space, wasn’t there a pair of man and woman? As long as they have the mentality of where there’s a will there’s away and continue to produce generation after generation of descendants, the immortal blockade would not be difficult to break through anymore.

Thinking about this, Wang Lu began to seriously look at his Senior Sister.

Although the few times they were together were not a pleasant experience for him, objectively speaking, Zhu Shiyao was still a rare beauty, especially when she was in an unconscious state. Without her sharp gaze, there was a trace of the gentleness of a woman in her face… He might as well ‘keep the goodies within the family’.

In any case, since he has nothing else to do, Wang Lu began to plan for the future education of his children. He even took out writing utensils and began to write, when he suddenly heard Zhu Shiyao’s gentle groan.

"Water, water…"

Wang Lu immediately stopped writing and turned his head. He saw that Zhu Shiyao seemed to be having a nightmare. Her delicate eyebrows furrowed, her face pale, and beads of sweats were already hanging on her cheek, seemingly in great pain.


Although the situation was still unclear, since Zhu Shiyao unconsciously uttered water, it seemed like she really needed it. However, upon hearing this, Wang Lu could not help but be stunned: Big Sis, this place is completely barren, where do you think can I find water here? Do you dare to drink the water from the sea of bitterness?

As a professional adventurer, naturally, he always went out with ample supply. His mustard seed bag has always been stocked with food and water. However, currently, he could not immediately open his mustard seed bag because when he was possessed by Sword Demon, the owner’s name engraved on it became slightly incompatible. Of course, this was a trivial problem, it won’t take long to solve it, however...

"Water, water!"

Hey! Why such a hurry!?

After mulling it over, If she really wants water, it’s not that there’s no water. Since pure water could not be found, wouldn’t xxx water still here?

Just when he thought about this, suddenly, his waist shook; the mustard seed bag has been opened.

It was unknown whether he felt regret about it or what, but Wang Lu took a long breath, fished out a fine water bag from the mustard seed bag, and then looked at the moaning Zhu Shiyao on the ground, somewhat at a loss.

What should I do next? Give her the water? How? Or should I pour the water when she opens her mouth to moan?

Mm, although Zhu Shiyao has a small cherry mouth, how could I not be able to do it?

Thinking to this, Wang Lu stood straight and began to aim earnestly. Then he opened the lid. Immediately clear water flowed down exactly in the middle of Zhu Shiyao’s small cherry mouth.

Just then, Zhu Shiyao shook her head painfully.

As a result, the water was poured on her face, and the liquid beads flowed down to her smooth neck, wetting her front dress.

"Damn it, stop moving you idiot!" Wang Lu was flustered.

Without any better choice, since his Big Sister didn’t cooperate, Wang Lu had to work a bit harder. He crouched down, held her upper body with one arm and used the other hand to pour the water into her mouth.

However, just when he poured the water into her mouth, Zhu Shiyao fiercely struggled.

"No, no! Stop… Don’t drown me!"

What the hell! So you f*cking called out water because you’ve been dreaming of being drowned in the flood!?

Just when Wang Lu felt as if he was thunderstruck, a very familiar woman’s voice and laughter that made people emotional resounded overhead.

"Inspection! Inspection! Whispering sweet nothings in each other’s embrace, are you two having an illicit affair here...hey, why is Yao’Er struggling like that? Why are her clothes wet? Oh sh*t! Bold Wang Lu, you actually have the impertinence to rape your Big Sister in the open!"

With that, a beautiful woman in white fell from the sky.

Looking at the petrified Wang Lu and the still struggling Zhu Shiyao who seemed still immersed in her drowned in flood nightmare, the woman coldly humphed. With a solemn look, she righteously said, "Can I join?"