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Chapter 269: Unlimited Random Copy

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The sword tomb that was regarded by Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals as absolutely precious was now just a trivial point in a huge network. And within the network, there were similar nodes as numerous as the stars blazing with their own light.

This was the inheritance of the earth immortals?

Suddenly, Wang Lu fell into an enormous shock in the face of this star-studded three-dimensional map, which particularly highlighted how tiny the place was. He had risen to the challenge and passed through a number of levels, and after all those hardships, this was just a point in a huge celestial map—there were countless other similar tombs!

Then… perhaps for this world, my existence is also insignificant? Even though I seem to always stand where the wind and the wave are the fiercest, and also the lead representative of one of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and the topmost elite in the younger generation… but in such a vast world, perhaps the existence such as me are countless, my presence or absence has no impact in this world at all, just like dust, or ordinary people.

In short, it took some time for Wang Lu to quell the shock in his heart. Despite in his ten years of cultivation, he could be considered as well-informed, but the thing that he saw now has gone beyond the limit of information that he could carry at one time.

Is this what a true revelation mean?

Nevertheless, Wang Lu quickly restored his professional adventurer thinking ability despite his shock. Since the matter was already before his eyes, the next thing he needed to do was to analyze it rationally.

The first was to remove the possibility that Zhong Shengming was just b*llshitting him and accepting his claim as a fact.

Then, what was the origin of the group of earth immortals that Zhong Shengming jokingly called as ungrateful and ignorant? If each node in this network of countless nodes was similar in size with the current sword tomb—such a terrifying group of sword tomb—it was difficult to imagine that they were man-made.

Speaking about the resource alone, in this sword tomb alone, several pieces of spiritual treasures have already been excavated. The rumor even said that there was an immortal treasure here, therefore, for countless of nodes, would there be countless of immortal treasures?

Even Shengjing Sect, as the richest sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, at most only has less than one hundred immortal treasures. And this was because Shengjing Sect has exploited a large number of ancient heritage. However, in truth, only one-third of this inheritance could be used. The rest was only for exhibition. However, even in the prosperous era before the Age of Chaos, no one could collect thousands of immortal treasures. According to the written record in the Stellar Sword Method, in those days, Stellar Sword School, which was considered as unparalleled in the world, at most, only had a couple hundred immortal treasures. Among which, only a few were true immortal treasures, and most were just immortal treasures in name only. Thousands upon thousands of immortal treasures were a level that Nine Regions could not carry. Earth immortals, were they true immortals that descended down to earth?

If they were not true immortals, how could they have such huge resources?"

"Are you scared?"

Seeing that Wang Lu has remained silent for a long time, how could Sword Demon not be able to guess what was in his heart?

"When they found me and put this thing in front of me, I was equally shocked. However, when you understand the principle behind it, you’ll probably have a different idea."

Then he took some time to organize the wording before explaining, "Strictly speaking, these earth immortal’s countless inheritances do not really exist. What this map show is only a possibility of existence."

"A possibility?"

Sword Demon said, "Anyone, even the celestial true immortals, could not possibly have such huge resources. Even if all the resources in the Nine Regions are plundered, it is impossible to collect such an amount. Solely on the required metal and wood essence alone could deplete the entire Feng Shui line in the Nine Regions, much less other resources required to forge these amount of immortal treasures. Simply speaking, the materials are limited."

This reason was easy to understand. No matter how big Nine Regions was, and no matter how much resources it has, it could not be compared to the inexhaustible thing in front of him.

"However, there’s still something in this world that never dries up."

Sword Demon then looked at Wang Lu, waiting for his response.

"Is it the main path of immortal cultivation?"

"Correct." Sword Demon nodded his head. "In this world, only the elusive main path will never be exhausted. When you managed to form the Golden Core, congealing the initial form of the main path, you would have an unending stream of magical power from within your Jade Mansion, and you won’t need to draw it from the outside anymore. When you reach the Yuanying Stage, you would have the transform and creation method, which are the crucial points of the world’s main path. Sensing the main path and congealing the main path are the abilities to create something from nothing."

Wang Lu asked, "But, no matter how congeal the main path is, it’s impossible to create something out of nothing in the form of countless immortal treasures.

"Yes, it is impossible. Because while the main path is inexhaustible, our power is limited. However, what if the world’s main path itself created the immortal treasure?"

Wang Lu asked, "The world is unkind, it regards everything like dogs or hay, so how could it create immortal treasures for the cultivators? The world is not my family."

"Haven’t you heard the saying heaven rewards the diligent?"

"What kind of explanation is this?"

"It’s not an explanation. But a supreme main path that many people are acutely not aware of." Sword Demon lightly smiled. "In fact, if we consider the amount of effort that the cultivators have invested in their cultivation, it’s not difficult to find that there was nothing in this world that was truly made out of nothing. To obtain inexhaustible magical power, cultivators have to go through a long and bitter hardship. Thus, a different way to look at heaven rewards the diligent is like this, even creating something out of nothing is merely one of the ways the heaven gives back to the cultivators."

"As long as we try hard, one way or another, there would be a reward?"

"As long as we try hard there would be a reward is of course impossible. Otherwise, there would be no mediocre and incompetent people in this world. The world’s main path is both generous and cold. For some people, it is ruthless, but for other people, it is generous nearly to the level of ‘creating something out of nothing’. And these countless tombs are surely the latter."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu couldn’t help but frown. "That’s too long for an explanation, don’t you feel that you’re too long-winded? Simply speaking, these countless tombs have a feedback mechanism created by the magical ability of those earth immortals. The immortal treasures themselves do not already exist, but according to the earth immortals’ design procedure, you can get immortal treasures given back by the world’s main path." Wang Lu paused for a moment before saying, "It’s like teaching people how to fish."

Sword Demon sighed. "Sure enough, you really have a good perception. You’re right, it’s like that. In fact, this sword tomb does not even physically exist. It’s just a feedback mechanism that comes out from the combination of the world’s main path and the design, which was combined by those earth immortals. When the circumstances are met, the entrance of the sword tomb would immediately open. Then, when the cultivators enter it, the sword tomb would continue to perfect its interior design. The general idea is similar to now, except for minor differences. The cultivators need to pass through layer upon layer of trials, and finally, they would get the reward according to their efforts. Of course, the reward is not fixed, but there’s a general scope. It’s unlikely to go so far as after going through difficult trials and tribulations to go into the deepest level, there will only be one magical tool there."

Wang Lu finally concluded, "Hm, that’s basically a random copy."

"I don’t know what your so-called random copy is, but it seems that you’ve understood the concept of these tombs. Then let’s go to the next problem. These earth immortals’ inheritance is no doubt considerable, but the premise is that you have to find the key to open the door."

Wang Lu said, "Wouldn’t the identity as the successor enough? If there’s still a key that needs to be found, why bother asking you to be the doorman?"

Sword Demon said, "Theoretically, it doesn’t need to be this troublesome. The key to open the door was already in my hand. However, after more than ten thousand years have passed, many things have already not been in accordance with the theory." Sword Demon paused for a moment and then laughed. "In short, the key is lost."

"It’s lost!?"

"Yes, it’s lost." Sword Demon said, "Before my primordial spirit dispersed, those earth immortals placed the key within my sight. However, when I regained my consciousness after more than ten thousand years of deep sleep, the key has already disappeared."

"In fact, it’s not just the key that disappeared. There are many differences between the current sword tomb and that of the past. The missing parts are quite a lot. Even the most core Yin and Yang division great array has almost gone awry."

Wang Lu asked, "Why?"

"There are too many reasons. For example, when the Age of Chaos happened, it affected the whole Nine Regions, and although this sword tomb is an independent existence, it might still receive the ripple. However, the biggest possibility is that, this place has been patronized." Sword Demon coldly said his own judgment. "According to the original plan of earth immortals, my deep sleep were at most only several hundred years. Therefore, many things in these place were designed to only be valid for several hundred years. However, the fact is, I was only awakened after more than ten thousand years. During the period of the tomb’s slumber, the hidden spells were already expired, and thus, this place was founded and infiltrated by some grave robbers."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. "So my task is to find the lost key where you don’t know when it’s lost or where it could possibly be? Do you think it’s reasonable?"

"But you have no choice." Sword Demon said, "If you want the earth immortal’s inheritance, you have to find the missing key. And of course, it’s not that it’s completely without any clue."

Sword Demon stuck out three of his fingers. "There are three clues. First, the key is not destroyed. It does exist. In fact, the key itself could not be completely destroyed. Once the key is destroyed, the earth immortal’s inheritance will automatically generate a new key, which will appear in front of me. And since I don’t see the key, it’s either the mechanism design of the earth immortal is completely ineffective, or the key is taken away by someone else."

"Second, the key is not an ordinary thing. Based on the level, it’s at least on the same level as an immortal treasure, and it possesses epoch-making magical ability. For such a treasure, it could not be just a nameless object."

"Third, if you can’t find the clue in the known area, you might want to look farther away. Sixteen thousand years time is enough for anything to change."

After saying these three clues, Sword Demon looked at Wang Lu while lightly sighing. "The things that I have to say have already been said. Now it’s time to part our ways."