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Chapter 262: I Am Not Alone in the Fight

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"It’s useless."

Along with the faint voice of Sword Demon, dust slowly landed all over the ground.

Before Wang Lu, the wreckage of swords was as dense as a jungle. Thousands upon thousands of broken swords were concentrated in one spot, scattering around the atmosphere of destruction, making it a daunting scene.

However, at this time, a proud tall figure lightly stood on top of that forest of sword, his long robe still spotless.

"Now is not the time to fight among ourselves."

Sword Demon faintly said, looked at the frowning Wang Lu, and then said, "Much less you don’t have the capital to wage this infighting. Your Void Spirit Root is indeed fierce, but before you can condensate your primordial spirit, you don’t have the qualification to hurt me. Even if I am just a wisp of residual soul, it’s still a residual soul of Mahayana Stage."

Wang Lu didn’t speak.

"Moreover, even if you kill me, it won’t help you. Maybe you can get out of here, but for you, getting out of here is simply not enough, am I right? Don’t you want to save your Big Sister’s life?"

Wang Lu remained silent.

Sword Demon said, "You’re right about forced possession. Sword God has occupied Zhu Shiyao’s Jade Mansion and body, however, that doesn’t change the fact that both he and I are still a wisp of remnant soul… Therefore, your Big Sister is not completely out of control, and there’s still a room for her to maintain her feeble existence."

After a pause, with a sinking voice, Sword Demon then said, "However, if you really have the ability to kill me, meaning that my soul would return and unite with Sword God, making him complete, then… there is no place for your Big Sister’s soul to dwell any more."

Upon hearing this, although Wang Lu kept his silent, he withdrew his Sword of Mount Kun.

"I know you have a lot of doubts, but now is not the time to explain them one by one. The protection of sea of bitterness boat is limited in time, so we can’t waste it anymore. Listen, the other side has chosen to forcefully possess Zhu Shiyao, it meant both crisis and opportunity. Along with the sudden increase in power, he must’ve faced with enormous hidden danger, otherwise, he doesn’t need to wait until now. Thus, if you want to reverse the situation, you must not waste this opportunity."

Wang Lu said, "When all is said and done, it’s still the same possession way, right?"

"Again, if you have a better way, let me hear it."

Wang Lu let out a laugh, but in his heart, he remained silent.

The person before him was indeed a character that swept the Nine Regions thousands of years ago; even if the person was just a wisp of remnant soul, the person was still really powerful. The old man has seen through his fearless temper.

Just now, when he failed in his sword rain attack using his original magical ability against the Sword Demon, Wang Lu actually didn’t feel discouraged. In his original magical ability space, there were still many tools at his disposal. So what if the other side was a Mahayana Stage? A mere wisp of remnant soul would always have a flaw.

The thing that Wang Lu really couldn’t ignore was the sentence from the Sword Demon: Even if he was able to kill Sword Demon, he would still not be able to save his Big Sister. Even so much that his Big Sister would, therefore, be immediately killed.

This was the real reason why Wang Lu hesitated.

Of course, it stood to reason that any person’s life could not be higher in value than one own’s life. In this kind of dilemma, Wang Lu taking a selfish route was understandable. However, was he that kind of person?

Braving through the eight virtues trial to here, was that not because to rescue his Big Sister? When he broke through this deepest level, didn’t he never think that it would be dangerous?

Yet, he still came. And since he has come, it should not come to naught, wasting his original decision!

However, on the other hand, should he sacrifice even his own life for the sake of a moment of determination?

"Wang Lu, time is not much, don’t be indecisive."

Upon hearing the urging of Sword Demon, Wang Lu looked up, intently looked at him, and then bloomed out a smile.

"I already have a decision."

Sword Demon. "And?"

"I decide…" Wang Lu took a deep breath, stared back at the deep gaze of Sword Demon. "I want to face him myself!"


After a long silence, Sword Demon asked, "Are you sick?"

Wang Lu said, "I have a sure way to win."

With that, he fished out the team leader handbook from his bosom, tore the single page of Zhu Shiyao, and grasped it in his hand.

"Moreover, I am not alone."

The sea of black mist was filled with ‘rising winds and scudding clouds’.

And in the center of that turbulence, an elegantly simple woman appeared restless. Her hand that was grasping the sword was slightly trembling, showing that her patience was wearing down.

She… or rather he, was waiting for the people from within the sea of bitterness boat to come out. As soon as they came out, he would strike them with an attack as powerful as a thunderbolt. He could not give the other party any chance anymore.

In the current situation, he has occupied an overwhelming advantage. Although when he first tried to open his final card, it appeared hasty and awkward, essentially caught with his pants down, but when he did open his card, he immediately gained the upper hand… The only way the other party could stay alive was through possession… Although it would mean the two people were doomed to end in misery, at least, there was still a chance to win.

All he needed to do was to wait for the other side to come out from the boat and make a decisive battle… Theoretically, his odds were certainly superior. Whether it was the main part or the mortal body, their side’s combination was obviously the strongest.

Just as he thought about it, his brows slightly frowned. Sensitively aware of the change in space, he felt as if there was something that was about to storm out from the cage.

He immediately raised his vigilance and tightened his grip on the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword, ready to fight it out.

Then, he saw the long-awaited figure. Wang Lu, holding the Sword of Mount Kun, slowly walked out from the void, brimming with strong self-confidence and extraordinary momentum. Behind him, the complexion of Sword Demon...

Wait, Sword Demon!? How could there still be Sword Demon!?

He incredulously looked at his counterpart who has the same origin as him. The surprise in his heart was indescribable.

Why would he still be him? He should’ve possessed Wang Lu and took over the body. Did the possession fail!?

Correct, there might be a possibility to this. Although that Wang Lu has an amazing potential, he was difficult to control, or even impossible to control. It was also because of this, coupled with some other factors, that he didn’t choose him as his successor. But unexpectedly, Zhu Shiyao, who was seemingly the easiest to deal with, also has a problem. He has clearly destroyed her lenses secretly, but in the end, she managed to make on her own! This forced his hand to make the first move against her—an unfortunate end for such a good seedling.

However, this regret was soon replaced with ecstasy: Since Sword Demon didn’t choose to possess Wang Lu, his win was all but certain, and not ending with mutual injury.

Although his heart was still puzzled on why the other side chose the road of suicide, since things have come to this point, why would he flinch before this mystery?

When he chose to possess the girl’s body, there was no turning back.

Thereupon, he resolutely made his move. The rivers of star lights moved according to his heart’s desire. Doomsday atmosphere filled the air.

Even if he was only a wisp of remnant soul, he was, after all, a Mahayana Stage remnant soul. Once he had a body to rely on, his strength would be incomparably powerful.

However, at the same time, Wang Lu also made his own response.

He looked at the elegant woman not far away from him, and then softly said, "Senior Sister, you’re not this useless are you?"

Senior Sister?

Sword God inwardly sneered. "Your Senior Sister has already long been suppressed, unable to do anything, only barely managing to maintain a feeble existence. It’s only because I’m still incomplete that there are some corners that are difficult to reach… Otherwise, I would’ve shattered her soul. Do you think there’s any use to call her out at this time? Do you want her to try to wrest away her body from me, to give you advantage? You’re just indulging yourself in fantasy!"

However, just at this time, he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation bloom from within his body, as if a pile of dying embers had begun to rekindle.

Sword God was truly startled this time. Unexpectedly, Zhu Shiyao was actually so tenacious. After he had suppressed her until her soul nearly scattered and flew away, to his surprise, she still has the strength to battle it out with him!

But, this was merely a fight of a cornered beast. Zhu Shiyao’s body and Jade Mansion have been occupied by him. Only her primordial spirit has a little bit of leeway. The influence that she could exert was extremely limited, which made it impossible for her to constrain him in the fight against Wang Lu and Sword Demon.

For example, now, although her soul was trying to reconnect with the body, the fact was that, the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword was still stably wielded by the body, slowly falling to its destination.

When the sword landed, it was another world collapsing event, and this time, the sea of bitterness boat would not be able to save them.

In the eyes of Sword God, the opponent was clearly crushed by the absolute power. Although they tried to resist desperately, it was still a futile effort. Of course, the one that was crushed was not Wang Lu. The boy’s life remained useful, but Sword Demon could not stay no matter what.

Along with the crashing down of the stellar lights, Sword God even clearly saw the expression before death of his old enemy. It was some part relieved, some part uneasy. The lips were slightly opened as if they were about to send out the most vicious curse. But in the end, his old enemy only let out a sigh.

However, all this has nothing to do with himself. This was the fate of the loser. Only the victor could sing proudly.

However, was this a win? Wasn’t it too easy? In a trance, Sword God still couldn’t believe himself. However, at this moment, a coldness crept into his forehead.

The coldness from his forehead suddenly spread all over his body, making him tremble. During this tremble, everything before his eyes shattered into pieces like they were bubbles, crashing loudly.

By the unparalleled strength of sword qi, the space was ripped apart. The fragments of the remain of Sword Demon that were shattered by him and the powerful stellar lights that fell past Wang Lu… were all gone. However, without knowing why, the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword was still held high by him. The sword was still fully brimmed with the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, which was still yet to be sent out.

However, the opponent’s Sword of Mount Kun has already stabbed the center of his forehead!

What’s going on here!?

"You have yet to realize the actual situation? Poor guy."

Wang Lu’s sinewy laughter was so grating. Unfortunately, it was already too late for the Sword God to make a counterattack. A surge of power that was incomparably loathed by him came out from the tip of the Sword of Mount Kun.

Primal chaos god destroying sword qi! This Sword Demon’s unique consummate skill was particularly designed to destroy primordial spirit. Even though the power was really smaller than the original in Wang Lu’s hand, it could still not be underestimated. The Sword God was caught unprepared. Immediately, his soul shook and his primordial spirit split apart.

While Sword God struggled to fight back, the present scene changed. Previously, he clearly saw Wang Lu torn to pieces by his sword strike; the condition of Sword Demon was even more miserable, and every details were seen by him in panoramic view… However, very quickly, this scene turned into ‘dreams and visions in a bubble’, and Wang Lu has already put a talisman on his body.


This time, all the magical ability of Sword God has been sealed. Even the wrath of his primordial spirit has been suppressed. The God-Seal seal that tightly attached to his body finally eliminated his last chance to victory. Although the forced possession of Zhu Shiyao was able to let him display formidable strength, he was powerless to defend against two successive heavy strikes, unable to turn the tide around.

After suffering these two unfathomable offensives, a flash of light broke through the haze that clouded the mind of Sword God.

"Zhu Shiyao, it’s you!? It’s your innate magical ability at play here that holds me back?"

Through primordial spirit, Zhu Shiyao’s voice, though weak, sounded very firm.

"This is not your magical ability, why don’t you just give up!"

Then Wang Lu’s voice came in—after the primordial spirit of Sword God had been sealed up, his primordial spirit was virtually undefended.

"Senior Sister, nice move. Rest in peace, Sword God, accept your fate, and don’t do something unsightly, you are, after all, a senior in immortal cultivation."

"Ha! Do you think you’ve won? All of you will be buried together with me!"

Laughing wildly, the seal that firmly sealed the primordial spirit of Sword God suddenly revealed a crack. Wang Lu immediately put the second and the third God-Seal seal in succession, building an impregnable barrier to prevent him from storming out.

When the primordial spirit of Sword God was finally shattered, the expected violent explosion didn’t happen. However, in the middle of the fragments, a black hole appeared, and then, with an irresistible suction force, everything around it was sucked into it.