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Chapter 243: I Prefer to See Her Desire Not Satisfied

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Wang Lu, arguing within, 100 pieces of coins.

When this result appeared, Wangyue Luanyu was no longer able to maintain her calm; dumbfounded, she asked, "What-what are you doing? Don’t you want to win!?"

Wang Lu said with a sinking sound, "I will never be sentimentally attached to a game that I can’t win, therefore, you should not waste your time as well."

Never be sentimentally attached to a game that he couldn’t win? What kind of reason was that!?

Wangyue Luanyu’s thought turned into a mess. What Wang Lu said was contrary to everyone’s analysis. Everyone felt that for a person with Wang Lu’s temper, he should be the most competitive person. In fact, this competitive character was so strong that it overrode his common sense; obviously, his team was the weakest amongst the four sects, yet he dared to lead the other two sects to butt head on against Shenjing Sect team. How could that kind of person easily give up on something?

It was also exactly for this reason that, upon discovering that she and Wang Lu were a team, Wangyue Luanyu threw her Senior Brother Jianglu’s instruction out of her mind and tried to make a deal with Wang Lu. Unexpectedly, before the deal could be made, it has already been terminated.

"Heh, you don’t understand yet? Actually, the reason is very simple. For a competition that I still have the chance to win, I will fight for it as hard as I could. However, if there’s not much of a chance, I would not waste my effort in vain even for the slightest bit." After a short pause, when Wangyue Luanyu’s mind was still in a mess, Wang Lu righteously said, "Simply put, I’m the legendary second move dog [1]."

"Second-second move dog!?"

"The rules in this gate put your team in an overwhelming advantage. As long as you, these minor players, wrote one hundred in your ‘arguing within’ paper, no matter what, everyone is powerless to save the situation. Therefore, to confront you, this cleaning party, I decisively quit, so you can go masturbate yourself."

Wang Lu said and waved his hand at Wangyue Luanyu. The next moment, a light flashed from under his feet, and he was teleported away from the grid.

He left behind Wangyue Luanyu who still can’t believe everything that she just heard.

Outside the grid, most people have yet to finish this game. Only a few Shengjing Sect people were in the square, discussing the situation with complacent face.

These people were naturally those that arrived in the same grid. They were discussing the different ways to pass the trials. Some of them wrote both one hundred on the resisting-the-enemy-without paper, passing the trial in a win-win situation. Some also sacrificed one person, so that the other one got 398 chips which could be exchanged with treasure. Shengjing Sect people has the most number, so this game was simply tailor-made for them!

After a while, Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Immortal Sect elite disciples were teleported out of the grid one after the other. It seemed that although they won the game, it was not as smooth as the Shengjing Sect team.

Despite the Spirit Sword Sect, Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Immortal Sect, the three sects forming an alliance, it was impossible for their relationship to be on the ‘tacit understanding’ level that was of Shengjing Sect team. If they met their own team, that was good, but when they met the team from the other sect, their fragile alliance was unreliable. Although they won, the price that they had to pay was not small.

After a while, Zhou Mumu of Kunlun, with an angry face, was teleported out. Immediately after her was a still shaken Shengjing Sect cultivator. As soon as that person appeared, Zhou Mumu roared, "Shamelessly despicable!" Then she immediately pulled out her Vajra Ring and was ready to use it.

Shengjing Sect naturally did not want to be outdone. Although, in theory, in a one on one fight, they were not Zhou Mumu’s opponent, but Shengjing Sect’s biggest advantage was in number. One by one, several of them pulled out their spiritual treasures, which was unexpectedly able to withstand the pressure from the Vajra Ring.

"What the hell is this!?"

Wang Lu loudly scolded and took two steps forward, using his Non-Phase Sword to hold off the spiritual treasures from the two sides.

The countenance of the Shenjing Sect cultivators changed as they felt an abundant amount of rebound shock coming toward their spiritual treasures. Finally, Wangyue Luanyun personally felt the taste of this impregnable defense.

Filled with anger because she was blocked by Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Sword Light, Zhou Mumu also felt that it was hard to breathe, her chest seemed stifled, filled with the desire to vomit. Though she knew that what Wang Lu did was mostly to help her—after all, if they really fought, it would be hard for her, as a cultivator who wasn’t an expert in fighting, to get an edge. Nevertheless, it put her in a bad mood, which was difficult to alleviate. Finally, she peevishly said, "You’re already won, yet you want to gloat here?"

After experiencing the test in the filial piety gate, Zhou Mumu has no doubt in Wang Lu’s ability to win. In her view, no crisis could stumble him.

Of course, after she became a bit calmer, Zhou Mumu was also curious. If it were Wang Lu, how could he handle the shameless cleaning tactic of Shengjing Sect? Seeing how he was so relaxed, did he not face the people from the Shengjing Sect or he actually had a surprisingly brilliant idea?

However, the next moment, Wang Lu shrugged. "Senior Sister Zhou, you overestimate me. I’m just a second move dog, not a winner."

Zhou Mumu was stunned for a moment, then she immediately realized what exactly Wang Lu said.

"You-you also lost!?"

No sooner than she said that, a light flashed in the square, and Wangyue Luanyu, with a complex look, appeared. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Lu pointed at her, "I met her."

Zhou Mumu disdainfully glanced at her. "Wangyue Luanyu? Thinking herself clever, that woman probably tried to appear as if she wanted to make a deal with you. But, you saw through her and decisively rejected her deal?"

Wang Lu inwardly sighed with emotion, although Senior Sister Zhou was a straightforward person, after all, she is a woman. When there’s another woman, she would tend to ill look at them … He then said, "It’s okay. Actually, I think if I really made a deal with her, she could coordinate with me to pass the trial together."

Feeling strange, Zhou Mumu said, "Then why did you give up?"

Wang Lu said, "Because compared to passing the test, I prefer to see her expression of dissatisfaction."

"Pfft…" Zhou Mumu tried to assume a dismissive-of-the-joke expression but still couldn’t hold back her laughter. And on the other side, upon hearing these words, Wangyue Luanyu’s expression became exceptionally ugly—it did look like a dissatisfied expression.

"However, in the end, you end up losing one gate, don’t you feel something about it?" Zhou Mumu curiously asked, "For example, like me who becomes indignant of the shamelessness of Shengjing Sect, but good or bad, we’re all still in an alliance, yet without the slightest scruple, you can dupe your own side… Do you really not feel anything or you’re just trying to maintain your image?"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "To say I’m despicable and shameless, what do you think I did on the first gate?"

"..." Thinking about Wang Lu’s glorious record, Zhou Mumu was also speechless. A little later, she couldn’t hold back her indignant feeling. "But this time, the method of Shengjing Sect is too cheap, whenever they met those that are not on their team, they immediately rushed to pledge one hundred chips on the ‘arguing within’ paper, so that they can perish together. The rules didn’t even stop them—there’s simply no solution to this!"

Wang Lu said, "The rules are not the same as the last time where the participant must be in line with the principle of the trial. As for having no solution? That’s even more out of the question. The method to break actually exist."

While speaking, two flashes of lights appeared in the square. Liu Li, with a smiling face, materialize in front of everyone. A moment later, Bai Shixuan also smiled as her figure came into view.

Without waiting for Wang Lu and Zhou Mumu to greet her, Liu Li happily rushed over. "Senior Brother, you guessed it right! I won!"

Won!? Zhou Mumu was startled, and then hastened to ask, "You also met with Shenjing Sect people?"

Liu Li nodded. "Uhuh. Just like Senior Brother expected, as soon as I went in, I immediately saw fellow daoist from Shengjing Sect. Without doing anything else, that person immediately picked up the brush and wanted to write on the ‘arguing within’ paper."

Hearing Liu Li’s description, Zhou Mumu vaguely realized Wang Lu’s method to break Shengjing Sect’s cheap trick. And just at this time, two flashes of lights appeared on Shengjing Sect side and two unconscious disciples came into sight.

Liu Li said, "Then I knocked him unconscious with my sword handle. When the time limit passed, he was considered as waiving his trial. And in accordance with Senior Brother’s instruction, I wrote one hundred on the ‘resisting-the-attack-from-without’ paper and passed the test."

Zhou Mumu nodded. According to the rules, if there was no interference, even one person could pass the trial. Clearly, Liu Li and Bai Shixuan have taken this path… To put it bluntly, the rule said if there was no interference, but it was not stipulated if the interference couldn’t happen before the trial begin. Thus, making the first strike to gain an advantage was even more vicious than the cheap cleaning tactic of Shenjing Sect. Shouldn’t this mean she ought to praise Wang Lu was indeed Wang Lu? However, since he has a way, why didn’t he use it?

"Because I can’t. My offensive is so miserable, and the one I encountered was also Wangyue Luanyu; except for quitting, I have no alternative. In fact, among the twenty-five people of Shengjing Sect, I can only win if I encounter Jianglu."

Zhou Mumu curiously asked, "Jianglu? Isn’t he the strongest?"

Wang Lu said, "He is the only person who knows how difficult it is to deal with my Non-Phase Sword Art, yet still dares to fight head-on against me. If it were other people, at most, they would resort to flirting like Little Sister Wangyue. No one will dare to clash against my Non-Phase Sword… That’s why Jianglu could be the team leader, and Wangyue Luanyu could only be his assistant, no matter how good she is."

"Well said!"

Wang Lu’s voice had just fallen when there was a ray of light in the square and Jianglu’s overbearing voice was heard.

Along with Jianglu, there was also a disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, who remained unconscious.

Obviously, when arranging the cleaning tactic, Jianglu has also thought of the countermeasure of such tactic. Although that Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciple was quite quick-witted, met with the unreasonably powerful Jianglu, he could only end up losing the trial.

Jianglu approached them in large stride and, with a clear and resonant voice, said.

"Not being a group with you this time is my biggest regret. I really want to taste this Non-Phase Sword who is known as the world’s best defense."

Wang Lu nodded. "Fine by me. I heard that Senior Brother Jianglu’s Power King True Body is an ancient inheritance, your body’s Holy Power, which is an Immortal level method, has already reached the thirty-ninth layer realm and each of your movement is accompanied with overwhelming might. Moreover, in recent years, you have already joined the club of power to destroy ten thousand methods. While my Non-Phase Sword has already gone through countless of strange methods from countless of heroes in all over the world, yet never actually competed with the Power King True Body, this kind of extreme method, which is really a pity."

Hearing this remark, Jianglu’s countenance slightly relaxed a bit because although what Wang Lu said was not flattering, it was not that far off from the truth. Therefore, Jianglu felt content instead.

Wang Lu said, "Then, why don’t we try it now?"

When Jianglu was about to nod, he heard Wang Lu add, "The loser will proceed to take his men out of this sword tomb, what do you think?"

Jianglu’s countenance changed. "In your dreams!"

As soon as he said that, he turned his head and no longer paid attention to Wang Lu. Seeing how fast his attitude changed, even his Junior Brothers and Sisters could not help but be surprised.

Zhou Mumu spat out, "Seemingly outspoken and straightforward, yet can change attitude dramatically as fast as flipping a page! Just now, he said he wanted to fight with you, yet he instantly shrank his head!"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "This is the dilemma of the leader. In the absence of certainty, he can’t make too big bets. Therefore, no matter what, he must not accept the challenge, so, rather than being continuously provoked by me, he’d rather make a clean, decisive decision. This guy is more powerful than Wangyue siblings… Well, in any case, this has nothing to do with the trial, so we might as well leave."

Although currently, not everyone was present in the square, with Ten Thousand Art Sect’s Zhan Ziye, Ye Feifei, and the others have yet to come out, Wang Lu has lost the interest in continuing to play, therefore, he turned around and walked towards the long corridor where they came in.

Walking by his side, Bai Shixuan hesitated and softly asked, "Senior Brother, you seem… somewhat happy?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, because I finally found the right way to play the game."

[1] (people who drop out of game instantly- i.e., quitter)