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Chapter 240: Although I Am Sorry, but I Have to Say

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

After listening to the dialogue between Wang Lu and Liu Li, everyone inadvertently turned their gaze at Liu Li, this pretty, lovable young girl who continued to munch regardless of what happened around her...

However, just now, she could see that the round metal cards in Teng Fei’s hands were like the bread made by the Western Continent Holy Man that could be infinitely divided; could it be a magical ability that was even better than the Subduing the Devil True Eye!?

… No, that was a stupid question. Brilliant Sword Heart was also a very difficult to top magical ability in the Nine Regions! It was just that, previously, no one has ever thought that Brilliant Sword Heart also had the strong ability to break this kind of thing!

With mixed emotion, Zhang Li asked, "May I ask if you can see which is true and which is false from these cards?"

Liu Li turned and glanced at the pile of cards, and then said, "All of them are real!"

"All-all are real!?"

Wang Lu promptly explained, "This is normal. That bread from Western Continent Holy Man is still real even if it were divided thousands of times. No one who ate that illusion bread ever starved to death… Illusions beyond the Thousand Illusion level Spell are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, so this is very normal."

Zhang Li repeatedly scolded himself for being muddled and unable to understand such a simple truth. Just now, his mind has been in shock, therefore, it was difficult for him to think normally.

"Brother Wang, if you have a way just use it, don’t whet the people’s appetite."

Wang Lu said, "Liu Li, do it."

Liu Li nodded and, without asking or saying anything, attentively glanced at the many round cards on the ground, and then lightly picked out a children card.

Teng Fei looked at Liu Li in disbelief—the thing in her hand was one of female parent round card cast by him using the Infinite Division Method!

Yet, when she raised her hand, she cracked his infinite division illusion spell and thus reversed the character, revealing the truth!?

However, the next moment, more shocking scenes appeared. As that round card fell in Liu Li’s hand, a chaotic crashing sound came from the round cards on the ground as about one-tenth of the round cards immediately disappeared—the pile of cards has obviously dropped a layer.

At this time, Teng Fei sucked in a mouthful of cold air as he inwardly said, " This is not just crack but break! It could even be said to be the highest level of break! Moreover, seeing the look of Liu Li, obviously, she relied on her innate magical ability, and not acquired… That’s right, just now, she said that the bread from the Western Continent Holy Man could not be divided anymore. Clearly, it was not because she has more appetite than five thousand people, but rather she unconsciously exercised her illusion breaking ability, so that the bread lost its magical property. "

In this world, indeed, there would always be someone who was better than you.

Among the Five Uniques’ elite disciples, he, Teng Fei has quite a poor aptitude. He completely relied on his illusion casting ability to win the position of inner court disciple. However, this was also the proof of how high his attainment in illusion casting was. However, this time, his proud illusion casting ability has actually been broken so easily. His shock was not inferior to that of Zhang Li when the latter felt that his Subduing the Devil True Eye has been suppressed.

While he was in shock, one by one, Liu Li singled out all seven round cards. It was just that, unexpectedly, among them, only five were children cards as there were two parents cards.

Towards this, even Liu Li herself was surprised. "Hey, just now, it’s obviously not this."

Zhang Li was silent for a moment, and then explained, "The effect of that illusion is not only to create a lot of camouflage, but also to let parents and children cards to constantly change position in these thousands of cards. So, one needs to grasp the exact timing to accurately capture the correct card sign. Fellow daoist Liu Li possesses innate magical ability and by virtue of instinct, has chosen seven cards, of which five are children cards, this is already extremely rare… Now that six of us can have five children card, I will voluntarily give up my place."

Wang Lu said, "Good explanation, however, I’m afraid voluntarily giving up one place would not be enough."

"Not enough?"

As soon as he said that, he actually caught a glimpse of Teng Fei on Shengjing Sect side. On his face hung a glimmer of victorious smile.

Teng Fei said, "You guys are really good that even my powerful illusion trump card can even be easily broken apart. However, nevertheless, it still lacks a layer."

With that, he suddenly flipped his palm, and they all heard Liu Li immediately exclaim, "Hey, they change again!?"

The seven round cards in her hand, which consisted of five children and two parents, at this time, unexpectedly completely reversed, turning into five parents and two children! And the cards in Shengjing Sect hand were five children and two parents!

"Although the trump card is broken, fortunately, this last layer of illusion not only used immortal method, but it’s also combined with some small magic trick from the human world. It seems like fellow daoist Liu Li possess the magical ability that could see through the illusion spell using the immortal method, but lack the discerning eyes that could see through the human world’s magic trick."

With that, Teng Fei shook his head, withdrew his illusion, and then grasped the seven round cards in his hand. "I initially thought that I could win all the children cards using this method, unexpectedly, you guys actually won two of them, you guys are really good." Then, he handed over those seven round cards into Wangyue Luanyu’s hand. "I’m sorry Senior Sister, I failed to achieve the desired goal."

"It’s okay, you’ve done really well." Wangyue Luanyu received those seven round cards and then asked Wang Lu a question, "For this result, do you guys have anything to say?"

While speaking, she awe-inspiringly examined the posture of the people of the three sects, waiting for their response. Because, although in the contest, Shengjing Sect had gained the upper hand, if they wanted to complete the trial, they needed the cooperation from the other three sects. In fact, just now, what they gambled was not the sign on the card but rather the distribution right of the cards. Otherwise, even if they won all the children cards, if there was no coordination from the parent card holders, they would still fail. Therefore, before the gamble, needless to say, they needed to establish some rules, which was the parent card holder needed to coordinate unconditionally. Otherwise, this gambling was impossible to establish.

Zhou Mumu, Hai Yunfan, and the others were unwilling, however, Shengjing Sect’s victory could be counted as fair and aboveboard. Infinite division illusion plus clever combination of mortal world\'s magic tricks produced a flawless result that the three sects could not identify the real children card, this was irrefutable.

As for Wang Lu, after a moment of silence, he unabashedly laughed. "We are willing to concede. Your team can freely assign who would get those five children cards and two parents cards. We will fully cooperate."

Although they could see that the gesture was somewhat reluctant, it still made Wangyue Luanyu feel powerless as if she had punched a piece of cotton. What she wanted was not Wang Lu who readily accepted the victory or defeat.

The woman was silent for a moment, and then said, "You are willing to concede? Humph, you already have two children cards, so naturally, you dare to say that you are willing to concede, but I don’t know whether fellow daoists of Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect would be so generous!"

Her words have some ‘divisive’ undertone in them, however, it was not Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect turn yet to worry. With Wang Lu’s temperament, it was difficult to imagine that he would graciously accept only two spots. According to the three sects’ alliance, it didn’t make sense for Spirit Sword Sect to completely monopolize the result...

In light of this, Wang Lu remained indifferent. "How are we going to assign our cards is none of your business. You do yours, and we do ours."

Wangyue Luanyu said with a smile, "Good, then by all means."

At this time, seeing that Wang Lu still has the same indifferent face, Wangyue Luanyu finally found it difficult to suppress the palpitation in her heart.

Unwillingness ought to have been concealed under that calm exterior, right? She has heard that since he started the immortal cultivation path, he almost never suffered a setback! However, for people who were already accustomed to always move unhindered, they could not accept a setback, and very easy to be affected by mood. Unfortunately, her Senior Brother Jianglu was not here, otherwise, with his ability, he could let Wang Lu suffer even more loses!

Unfortunately, it was really hard to win half the battle with this smug person… the process was really not easy. If not for her younger brother Luanyun who suddenly had an inspiration just before Teng Fei made his move, which was to add a hidden trump card, the three sects would’ve gained the upper hand instead.

Nevertheless, in the end, they finally won!

With a hint of relief, and one or two points of regret, Wangyue Luanyu decided to make a quick decision, so as to avoid unnecessary problem.

They just needed to determine which five of them that would get the five children cards.

"From five children cards, Luanyun and I each will hold one. Teng Fei, you have contributed well this time, so you’ll get one. Xiaofan and Zhaojian each will hold one. As for the rest, we would like to ask for help from the three sects’ people."

Wang Lu said, "Looks like Shengjing Sect wants to produce and sell yourself? Good then." With that, he threw their surplus of parents cards to his own side. "Please accept these cards, Senior Sister Feifei and Junior Brother Zhang Li. Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect won’t have a problem with this right?"

The problem was of course this. For example, Zhou Mumu very much wanted to ask, does your Spirit Sword Sect really want to monopolize those two children cards? Hai Yunfan also wanted to say, if one of them must go, he wanted it to be him rather than Ye Feifei.

However, Wang Lu’s tone of voice was completely unquestionable. He was arrogant and overbearing that other people didn’t have the chance to interrupt.

Wangyue Luanyu inwardly sniggered. " Already flustered? Sure enough, he’s a young man who can’t afford to suffer a setback. " However, the urgent task was not to make fun of Wang Lu, but to complete the filial piety process as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delay. Fortunately, the several quotas have already been set, so they basically have no trouble anymore.

As for asking the help from the three sects, it could be regarded as the price that they must pay. As far as the treasures were concerned, Shengjing Sect has many of them, so they could just wait until they got back to ask for reimbursement.

In the ensuing silent contentment of the Shengjing Sect, one by one, the parenting and filial piety procedure were fulfilled methodically. During which, there was only one accident: the filial piety price for Ye Feifei and Zhang Li slightly exceeded the expectation—Zhang Li actually came up with middle-level spiritual treasure Pill Furnace, which caused Shengjing Sect people to scramble and scrape together enough spiritual treasure for the filial piety process.

However, no matter what happened in the middle of the process, it didn’t change the fact that they have won.

When the last Shengjing Sect cultivator completed the filial piety process, a cold voice resounded in the stone chamber.

"Do you confirm the completion of the process?"

Wangyue Luanyu subconsciously nodded. Since things have come to this, there was no chance to back down anymore. As the second in command of the Shengjing Sect that led her team to win against the coalition forces of the other three sects, and Wang Lu in particular, which was not really easy, at this time, Wangyue Luanyu felt that she was physically and mentally exhausted.

However, before she could even enjoy the taste of victory, from her peripheral vision, she caught a glimpse of Wang Lu, who as the loser side, suddenly reveal the smile of someone who’s crafty scheme has just prevailed.

Luanyu’s heart immediately sank, as if she has fallen into an ice hole. This was a scene that she was most unwilling to see.

She knew that she must have done something wrong, but in a hurry, no matter how hard she tried, she could not find her flaw.

A moment later, with an indisputable ruthless tone, the cold voice once again sounded in that stone chamber, which stunned the people of the Shengjing Sect, unable to believe the conclusion.

"The trial confirmation: Wangyue Luanyu, Wangyue Luanyun, Teng Fei, Wu Xiaofan and Meng Zhaojian are disqualified."


Wangyue Luanyu angrily asked, but the stone chamber didn\'t give any response, as if it has completely abandoned these few useless pieces.

The one who answered her question was Wang Lu.

"Why? Because the sixth of the second part of the rules stipulate that actions that violate the principle of the trial is considered as illegal, and the violator would be disqualified. On this filial piety trial, the principle was the two words filial piety, but also ‘there are three ways to be unfilial, having no children is the worst’!"

There are three ways to be unfilial, having no children is the worst!?

Not only Wangyue Luanyu and other Shengjing Sect cultivators, but everyone was also shocked speechless by these words.

Unfilial, without offspring… Where did this come from!? How could it be applied on this trial!?

Wang Lu said, "Look at the rules again. Actually, it’s not difficult to find the hidden hints, which warn you that this trial is definitely not some kind of stupid game that automatically eliminate half of the players. The principle of filial piety gate lies in the filial piety, but the method of one-divided-into-two is completely a fraud, totally not meeting the principle of filial piety, how could it be the correct way to pass the trial? Clearly, the most critical of the rules are these two: parents and children one on one correspondence, not one on many or many on one; and a person has and can only have one identity card."

Wangyue Luanyu looked back at the stone wall, only to feel that there was indeed some hidden clues, but for a moment, she was in a trance and thus unable to concentrate on thinking.

However, Hai Yunfan only needed to ponder it for a moment, and it immediately dawned on him. "In the first section of the rules, the key point is that the participants are free to choose one parents card, but on the second section of the rules, it suddenly becomes parents and children one on one correspondence, completely abandoning the concept of holding the card idea. This, in fact, implied that the identity of the card holder and the actual card are not consistent. The following matter is even more obvious: a person can only hold one round metal identity card, but not one type of identity card. From these two, there is an obvious hint, which is, a person’s identity is not unique!"

Wang Lu said, "Correct. As for the other rules, they are more or less meant to mislead. If the result is not known ahead of time, it is indeed difficult to infer. However, why do you need to infer them in the first place? We can apply the common sense in life here. Which one of the parents that did not grow up as a child? Which children that eventually does not become a parent? Parents and children are two different sides of the same coin, just like this round metal card that has both sides."

With that, he picked up a parent card to wear in front of his chest. As soon as he bound it to his clothes, the next moment, he flipped that round card.

On the back, the word children was clearly printed on it!

"See, there’s already a real-time implication. Next, as long as I pay respect to the parents, the next children can immediately turn this into a circle of family, perfectly clearing the trial… And in theory, for fourteen people like us, at most, we only need to sacrifice two people." Wang Lu chuckled. "See, actually, there’s no need to even use my professional adventurer quality in this, as long as you have a basic common sense, you’ll be able to play this well. Unfortunately, you thought yourself as clever and played it like this, it is indeed lamentable."

Upon hearing these words, Wangyue Luanyu almost wanted to vomit blood.

Yeah, now you can analyze this really well, as if everything was for granted. But when we just entered the stone chamber, who said that the people would be eliminated by half? Who took pains to motivate his teammates to fight for the children cards and agitate everyone’s mind to compete for the children card while ignoring the real key? Who performed such an amazing acting, calmly hide his anxiousness and cleverly conceal his unwilling eyes!?

Wang Lu said with a smile, "Yes, I did. But I didn’t take this for granted. Everyone is in the fighting game, not a single player game, therefore, swindling and cheating each other is the norm. Knowing perfectly well that we are against each other, rather than blaming me for inventing some crazy nonsense and convincing performance, you should blame your own IQ. Sister Wangyue, does your family know that you’re so naive? Looking at how old you are right now, I’m afraid you’ve never talked about love right?"

After a pause, Wang Lu said, "In short, although I’m sorry, but I have to say, I won."