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Chapter 229: Want Your Sister\'s Take out in Broad Daylight

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In fact, aside from the doubtful Hua Yun, when the other Heavenly Sword Hall Elders heard that the ancient sword tomb was a True Immortal’s inheritance, they have basically made up their mind.

As the Sect Leader, Feng Yin has the power to make decisions without consulting others. However, usually, he almost never used it. He always tried to make decisions along with his Junior Brothers and Sisters. Only when Feng Yin has already been thinking did the rest of the elders rarely put out objections.

It was not because of the fear of authority—the deep connections between each of the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were a lot more deeper than any common cultivator could imagine. To them, power and its benefits were meaningless. The other elders threw their support for Feng Yin because he, as the Big Elder and Sect Leader, has the vision and wisdom to protect the sect for the last hundred of years.

After an ensuing silence, seeing that there were no more objections, the Reward Giver Elder whose position was second only to the Sect Leader set the tone even further. "Then let’s take the second plan. Let Yao’Er and the others use this opportunity to further train themselves. We can also use this chance to assess the power level of the disciples of Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect. I heard that the Lead Representative of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect Zhan Ziye was able to comprehend the Ten Thousand Motionless Heart Sutra so that his strength has already surpassed that of Liu Li’s. Kunlun’s Zhou Mumu was also not that much different than him; the next generation of disciples really can’t be overlooked."

Zhou Ming also sighed with emotion. "I initially thought the Immortal chance that she got in the experiential learning at Grand Cloud Mountain with Wang Lu could make her edge out her peers. Unexpectedly, it was just to barely catch up with the progress of others. This generation is really amazing."

Liu Xian said, "They were blessed with providence, so there is no need to be jealous. And with our Spirit Sword Sect’s good preparation, our superiority would manifest after they reach the level of Daoist Master… In short, in this time’s cooperation between the three sects to explore the sword tomb, presumably, all will go all out; not only will there be cooperation, but there would also be competition. Compared to Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect, although Spirit Sword Sect’s Wang Lu and Yao’Er each have their own strong point, after all, the number is low. And at the current stage of Immortal Cultivation, the number of disciples that we could send is only three Successor Disciples and a few of others. However, there should be no problem with the ten-person team of Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Therefore, in these several days, we old fellows must not stay idle either. We must use anything that we got; no matter which peak, they’re all Successor Disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, we must stop at nothing to help them."

Wang Wu vigorously supported this last sentence. "Well said! I strongly support this! Recently, Wang Lu is cultivating the divine skill of Non-Phase Gold Melting, he needs daily supply of one hundred spirit stones to be able to advance. I implore Brothers and Sister to vigorously support this!"

Sect Leader muttered under his breath, "What a terrifying divine skill, just tell him not to practice it."

"... Hey, aren’t you supposed to give your full support?"

"Yes." Feng Yin coldly said, "Therefore, we are also considering whether or not to give him a more considerate master. In any case, he has succeeded in his Non-Phase Method; without you, he can still continue to cultivate."

"What the! Can you not do this kind of ‘have sex first only to throw away the girl later’ thing!?"

After smoothing out the disturbance the of Fifth Elder, the other Heavenly Sword Hall Elders respectively set the scope of their contribution. Some contributed their magical treasures, some contributed elixirs, and some were willing to help the Successor Disciples to temporarily increase their cultivation base. In the end, even Wang Wu became serious enough to declare that she would teach Wang Lu a new set of method. Although it would only benefit her own disciple, the other Elders didn’t put out any objection—the biggest task set by Spirit Sword Sect on Wang Wu was to teach Wang Lu well.

After this discussion had ended, Liu Xian said, "The preparatory work has been set. Next, we need to formulate our initial action plan. Although we still need to wait for the communication from Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect on the specific details, we must at least have a basic idea. I mean, let Wang Lu be the leader. Despite in terms of strength, Yao’Er is obviously above him, and little Liu Li could have a great progress after a crammed training, but in exploring the sword tomb, Wang Lu’s strategy is undoubtedly the most important."

Fang He questioned this, "Those words are good. On the experiential learning at the Grand Cloud Mountain, I also recognized his talent as a leader. However, currently, only little Liu Li trusts him. He has yet to build enough rapport with Yao’Er."

Several Elders turned to see Zhu Shiyao. The woman looked indifferent, still sitting quietly at the wooden table. Her delicate hands caressed the sword and stars seemed to appear in her eyes.

The elders felt a bit of a headache. Zhu Shiyao’s temperament was too cold, too proud even. In addition to the way of the sword, she didn’t care about anything. If you want to gain her recognition, you must prove your strength and talent… And within the entire Spirit Sword Mountain, only Sect Leader Feng Yin, with his peerless sword, could make her submit.

As for other people such as Liu Xian and Fang He, although they were elders with astonishing authority and cultivation base far above the current Zhu Shiyao, it was impossible for them to casually order Zhu Shiyao to do things that she loathed.

As for Wang Lu… previously, when Zhu Shiyao returned from her experiential learning and used her extreme diffraction sword to awe the Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples, it was difficult for him to withstand it and had to retreat half a step back. This made it impossible for Zhu Shiyao to acknowledge him.

After an ensuing silence, Wang Wu sneered. "You this group of idiots must have your brain fossilized and decayed. Isn’t it easy to make her obedient? No matter how cold Zhu Shiyao is, she’s still a woman. And if a woman is not obedient, then he just needs to f*ck her until she becomes obedient. A tough woman would especially be submissive to the man who enters her."


Deathly silence descended on the bamboo room and the temperature dipped significantly that a thin layer of cold fog began to appear.

Wang Wu was blissfully unaware of this change in atmosphere and just kept saying, "For the next several days, I will design a set of Non-Phase Vajra Scepter for Wang Lu. After he practices it, I guarantee it would double his power and firmness. With this, he would be able to display the hardness and firmness properties of Non-Phase Method, which would then be able to make Zhu Shiyao submissive to him!"

"... You," Sect Leader softly said. His voice trembled. No, his whole body trembled lightly.

Wang Wu said with a smile, "Rest assured Senior Brother, after I perfected this method, I will also teach you this so that in your twilight years, you can still…"

"Shut your mouth! What a vulgar language! Starting now, for three years, you will not have your allowance!"

Wang Wu dumbfoundedly stared as if she has just been struck by a thunderbolt. "Why!?" Then he turned around to look for help. "Brothers, help me!"

Hua Yun, whose relationship with her was the closest, was somewhat unable to continue watching. "Senior Sister, recently, you were short of money, and whenever you’re short of money, you would lose your moral…"

Lu Li also sighed. "Senior Sister, I have some spirit stones left in my hands, I will deliver it to you. I hope you… slightly reserve yourself."

Between this noisy dispute, Zhu Shiyao suddenly stood up, which immediately made the other elders silent as they turned their focus on her.

After Zhu Shiyao stood up, her willowy eyebrows slightly furrowed. Her cherry lips seemed to open and close as if there were words that she could not express. She was not good at talking; though she inwardly has her own opinion, it was difficult for her to say it out.

Thus, she resorted to the sword. She conveniently brandished the ancient sword of top-grade spiritual treasure that she got from the ancient sword tomb and a group of stellar sword qi dissipated everywhere.

In the presence of several people, everyone felt the firm determination of Zhu Shiyao in the bone-chilling sword intent. For a time, everyone fell into silence.

Zhu Shiyao has made up her mind. After waving that sword, she floated away from the table, leaving behind the cold loneliness in that bamboo room.

"Em, what did Yao’Er say just now?"

Wang Wu was baffled and had to seek help from others.

Several Elders revealed a difficult look. Finally, Fang He cleared his throat and opened his mouth, "She said, she will absolutely not form a team with Wang Lu, will not obey his instruction, and in the ancient sword tomb, she will act alone as a single person team."

Wang Wu was dumbfounded. "What? Such a young woman yet determined to be a leftover woman, why even bother?"

Do you even have a f*cking face to ask that!?

After a long silence, Sect Leader finally gave his voice.

"This is actually good. Yao’Er is proud and arrogant, so she would not let herself be a subordinate of Wang Lu. Not only would it be difficult for them to cooperate, but it could also provoke an internal friction instead. Moreover, strictly speaking, Yao’Er has been here for nearly twenty years while Wang Lu has only been on the mountain for more than ten years, so I think there’s no harm in seeing how the chosen one that came out from my Big Stellar Diffraction Technique would fare against my personally chosen sword god reincarnate? Spirit Sword Sect disciples living together in harmony is good, but the internal competition must also be strengthened. Especially Wang Lu; he has the innate skill, talent, and quite good cultivation base. However, compared to Yao’Er, his Immortal Cultivation drive is still not enough, so this pressure might be good for him. As for Yao’Er, with the protection from the ancient sword, there would be no problem in letting her act alone."

Then, the Sect Leader seemed to accidentally glance at his Junior Sister. Sure enough, her face looked relaxed, showing her mindless jubilation countenance.

Yo, this person, have become addicted in playing bad official...

The official documents from Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Immortal Sect arrived at Spirit Sword Mountain a day later.

As anticipated by Feng Yin, the two sects uniformly put forward a strictly confidential clause and proposed action by disciples alone. Obviously, they were not willing for this matter to be spread out.

For the three sects, the Southern Heaven Region was too remote, which was beyond their control. Of course, it would not be difficult for any of the Five Uniques to fight across the region and subdue the local sects such as Beast Master School in the Southern Heaven Region. The problem was… with the Shengjing Sect’s continent-wide strategy, the situation became tricky.

As the number one among the Five Uniques, the total strength of Shengjing Sect was nearly on par with any random three Five Unique sects combined. Although this behemoth was truly bloated, if it really wanted to use power to suppress others, only Royal Soldier Sect those damn barbarians, could go neck and neck against them.

Therefore, the best way was to bypass Shengjing Sect entirely, which required a high degree of confidentiality. Within Spirit Sword Sect, the news about the cooperation was only spread among the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders, as well as Zhu Shiyao and Wang Lu, the two Successor Disciples; they even hid it from Liu Li. Within Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the in the know people were only the Sect Leader, several elders, and a few elite disciples. Such a matter might not be kept secret until the last minute, however, a minute longer was always better.

As for how the three sects would cooperate, after a few rounds of rapid and efficient consultation, the tentative framework was set: the participant disciples of the three sects would take the Big Heart Demon Oath to not harm each other. As for how the team would form after entering the ancient sword tomb, there was no clear requirement; after all, the situation on the deeper levels was still entirely unknown, so it would be useless to decide everything beforehand.

In order to show sincerity, the three sects each took out one of their valuable spiritual objects, which would mostly be used to break the mechanism in the sword tomb, or to save life, which could be shared by the others. Among which, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect contributed a truly original multi-purpose formula, which could be used to rapidly compute the change in the array mechanism. Kunlun Immortal Sect contributed a set of ancient book, which recorded all sort knowledge from their predecessors in exploring traces of True Immortals. All of which were priceless. This gave Spirit Sword Sect a headache in trying to come out with an object that was similar in value.

While the three sects were actively laying out the plan for the sword tomb exploration, Wang Lu was not idle either.

In this trip to the sword tomb, the biggest difficulty lied in the numerous tests and mechanisms left behind by the True Immortal. However, within the Spirit Sword Mountain, there exist a very able person who could crack any mechanism or puzzle no matter how hard it was...

"Lady Boss, I want a takeaway."