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Chapter 219: To Bear The Trust

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

To Bear the Trust

It was the duty of a master to solve the problem of the disciple. When Wang Lu encountered an embarrassing thing, being able to take the initiative to offer her help, Wang Wu’s awareness was certainly commendable. However, considering that her offer was akin to biting more than what she could chew, and at the same time displayed her presumptuousness and even thick-faced-ness, people could not help but hold back their praise.

Facing the puffed out chest of his master, which showed her extreme confidence, Wang Lu fell into silence, and even unconsciously loosened his arm from Bai Shixuan’s waist.

"Master, tell me the truth, you’ve long coveted for Shixuan’s immortal beast origin, right?" After some deliberation, Wang Lu plainly spoke, "I remember the first thing you said right after you arrived, it’s something along the line of ‘my Non-Phase Peak’s immortal beast’ right? When did Bai Shixuan become a member of Non-Phase Peak?"

Without skipping a beat, Wang Wu replied, "Did you hear yourself? I’m a master, how could I covet something that belongs to my disciple? Even if you splurge a ridiculous amount of money to buy a luxury flying boat, I wouldn’t be jealous."

"Master, those words are tantamount to self-confession."

"That’s not the point! I’m thinking for your own good. You’re the disciple of Non-Phase Peak, and Bai Shixuan is your sister. That said, is there something wrong in calling her as my Non-Phase Peak’s? What’s more, you’re my Non-Phase Peak successor disciple, so sooner or later, everything on the peak would be yours!"

Wang Lu sneered. "Those are similar words usually said by a local boss who wants to cheat young girl by saying sooner or later, he would support her."

"You and I have ten years of master’s and disciple’s mutual affection, yet you basically do not trust me. It really makes me heartbroken you know."

"Hehehe, if I believed you, I would feel sorry for my IQ."

Master and disciple, two people continued to noisily argue endlessly, ignoring anyone else. However, Xiao Qi, Liu Li, and the rest simply looked at them with interest; no one interrupted their argument, everyone just silently watched the lively exchange, and then they talked to each other in whispers. However, Bai Shixuan who stood by Wang Lu’s side has her eyes set on Wang Wu, unable to move away. Unexpectedly, it was as if she had already gone crazy.

A moment later, Wang Wu caught Bai Shixuan’s gaze. Feeling extremely pleased with herself, she showed off to Wang Lu, "See, when you slander me unjustly, Shixuan’s vision is like a torch, able to see my unique personal charm, and thus secretly adore me."

Wang Lu said with a smile, "I think she’s trying to see where is your moral integrity, but when she found nothing, she became confused!"

Wang Wu sneered. "The loser’s wailing is really harsh, but I can assure you, when Shixuan and I commence our wedding, we’ll be sure to send you an invitation, remember to bring cash and not things as a gift."

Wang Lu smiled. "Rest assured, I will bring you nine big stashes of money so that you will kneel in tears on the spot."

Wang Wu chuckled. "At that time, I already had my immortal beast, do you think I would care for your nine big stashes of money? Don’t think that I’ll be poor forever!"

With that, she no longer entangled herself in a verbal battle with Wang Lu, but went to before Bai Shixuan, and said with an unprecedentedly gentle smile, "Little Sister Shixuan, do you want to accompany big sister to see a koi fish [1]?"

Knowing that the opposite side’s intelligence has just been awakened, like a little girl with a mind like a blank paper, Wang Wu casually struck up a conversation. However, the next moment, Bai Shixuan’s response greatly exceeded her expectations.

Two lines of tears fell on the girl’s cheek.

Wang Wu was, at once, startled. "Is-is this tears of joy?"

Tears continued to fall down Bai Shixuan’s face, but she didn’t speak.

Wang Lu said with amazement, "Master, look at what you’ve done, not having moral integrity makes your appearance repulsive, that’s why she cries!"

For Bai Shixuan’s tears, different people have different interpretations. However, the girl gave out the answer.

She gently held out her hand and touched Wang Wu’s face.

"Does it hurt?"

Wang Wu was initially baffled, inwardly questioning ‘what pain’? However, from the cool spot where her cheek touched the girl’s hand, a point seeped directly through her skin and penetrated deep inside her heart, touching the darkness within that hasn’t been touched for years.

Waves of emotion suddenly filled Wang Wu’s heart. The woman’s body shook, and then, Bai Shixuan, who couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down incessantly and whose face was filled with compassion, wanted to open her mouth to say something. However, she was inexplicably choked with emotion, unable to say anything.

Subtle mood silently dashed back and forth between each other. Wang Wu and Bai Shixuan’s two pairs of eyes locked on each other like they were petrified. Bai Shixuan’s tears continued to flow, and Wang Wu gradually seemed to be infected by it as her body slightly trembled.

"Alright-alright, can you two stop being affectionate in front of me?"

Xiao Qi timely interjected and lightly patted their heads, which immediately interrupted the emotion transmission. Wang Wu recovered the fastest; forcing herself to blink, she smiled. "Sorry for losing myself for a moment." Then she retreated a few steps and fell into silence. Obviously, she has yet to fully control her waves of emotion, not as easy as what she revealed on the surface.

And Bai Shixuan was stunned for a long time, until she uttered a cry and shook her head in a daze.

"What just happened?"

Xiao Qi and Wang Wu looked at her at the same time, and then they looked at each other, and both simultaneously sighed at how powerful the magical ability of an immortal beast was.

Xiao Qi talked through primordial spirit, "Being penetrated straight into the heart, how does it feel, my friend?"

Wang Wu sighed with emotion. "As a woman, I’ve never felt such a powerful penetration."

Xiao Qi exclaimed, "But you recovered really quick!"

Wang Wu said, "Humph, from the start, it’s not that big of a deal actually. It’s been so many years. Occasionally, I would be triggered by something and just sigh with emotion. Why would I need to be entangled for a long time? However, the magical ability of this little girl is far beyond expectation. You should know that my Non-Phase Immortal Heart has been intensified several times these past years, yet I can’t even resist her gentle touch. Immortal beast is indeed immortal beast, its magical ability is out of this world."

"Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it for Beast Master School to go through so much trouble just for her. Although she has completed her form transformation, she is still young, and it would take at least a thousand years for her to fully mature. Cultivators from thousands of years ago have already turned to soil, so whether Beast Master School would still exist… Despite that, Bai Shixuan is still filled with abilities, which shows how valuable she is. Moreover, it seems like Beast Master School seems to underestimate her a little in their assessment, after all, it has been long since an immortal beast last appeared in the Nine Regions."

Wang Wu shook her head. "It has been long since it last appeared? Not necessarily. Just being around that kid Wang Lu is already… This guy’s luck is so powerful that it’s really astonishing to see."

Xiao Qi also agreed with this appraisal. "Yeah, Wang Lu’s ability in implicating the cause and effect is something that I’ve never seen before. I literally can see the whirlpool like cause and effect surrounding him, I even think it’s even far more powerful than that of the Immortal Qin and Great Ancestor Desheng."

Wang Wu chuckled. "You flatter him too much. That’s nothing more than his troublemaker skill. Although this kind of person would usually meet rare encounter again and again, and his cultivation base would advance by leaps and bounds contrary to common sense, the probability of dying young is also big. The elegant tree would be destroyed by the wind, these years geniuses are actually…"

When it came to this, she seemed to be overwhelmed by emotion and could not help but go into silent.

Xiao Qi tactfully skipped this topic and said, "Therefore, you especially asked me in that letter to look after him. Moreover, later on, you didn’t feel relieved and even personally ran over here."

Wang Wu smiled but said nothing.

"But, I’m a bit curious. When you sent him to Grand Cloud Mountain on the pretext of sending out a letter, did you expect that something like this would happen?"

"How could I be that far-sighted? If I really have this ability, I would’ve looked for immortal chances around the world a long time ago." Wang Wu shook her head, somewhat annoyed. "It’s just there’s a certain person who thinks himself as brilliant who wanted to show off his trick."

"Oh? He’s actually really good; he let this big immortal chance for Wang Lu. I heard that he also has a Successor Disciple."

Wang Wu said, "This matter in Grand Cloud Mountain is like trying to extract a tooth from a tiger’s mouth. To deal with this high-rank sect, Wang Lu has done so many things, yet, in the end, he still needs me to clean up the mess. But if it were Zhu Shiyao with her sword destroy everything skill, she would’ve been killed by people early on. However, that old bastard doesn’t treat his disciple unjustly. He leaves Zhu Shiyao with an immortal chance not inferior to Wang Lu. Next month, in the Southern Heaven Region, an ancient sword of high-rank spiritual treasure would be born, and Zhu Shiyao has already booked ahead."

Xiao Qi could not help but feel surprised. "Southern Heaven Region, high-rank spiritual treasure? And he let a younger disciple fight for it?"

"The birthplace of this spiritual treasure is in an ancient sword tomb, so chance encounter is more important than cultivation base. And for a chance encounter with sword, in the entire Spirit Sword Mountain, no one can compare against Zhu Shiyao. As long as she’s cautious, seizing the treasure and returning back is inevitable. Let alone she had just slain a spirit beast whose strength nearly reaches that of a Yuanying, so her sword momentum has reached its peak. Even if there are some senior cultivators, they will suffer a loss against her if they treat her lightly."

After talking about Zhu Shiyao, Wang Wu also said, "There’s nothing to do here anymore, so I want to take my people back to the mountain. Do you want to go to Spirit Sword Mountain with me and play for one or two days?"

Xiao Qi shook her head. "No need. I already have my own experiential learning here on the Ground Cloud Mountain. After going through a lot of things while accompanying this kid Wang Lu, I got my own insight, which put me one step closer to transforming my nascent soul into true soul. Therefore, I want to seriously prepare for that."

"Mm, remember to call me when that time comes."

"Heh, I’d rather not. If I call you, I’m afraid I would end up being a waste Deity Stage cultivator. If you’re sincere, just help me burn an incense and pray for me."

"Hehehe, I’ll pray your soul fail to transform, so that you’ll be disheartened and I’ll just swoop in and forever enter you into a bowl."


"It’s going to be alright. Remember to think of me, okay! Muach!"

"Get the hell out of here!"


After bidding farewell to Xiao Qi, people of Non-Phase Peak boarded Wang Lu’s Cloud Wave Boat and left the Grand Cloud Mountain.

Sitting in the flying boat and looking out at the passing mountain scenery of Grand Cloud Mountain from the window, Wang Lu’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

This time’s trip to Grand Cloud Mountain was not long. In total, it didn’t even reach a month. However, it was filled with colorful stories, twists and turns… No, it was thousands of times much more than that. At this time, he slowly recalled those memories and could not help but feel tired; all of his strength suddenly left his body.

However, looking at Liu Li, cat girl Ling Yan, and Bai Shixuan laughing and talking near him… he felt that his great effort was worth it.

Before long, the Cloud Wave Boat penetrated the layer of clouds which cut off his sight from the green scenery of Grand Cloud Mountain. Wang Lu took back his gaze and slightly sighed inwardly.

Grand Cloud Fairy, for the moment, I didn’t disappoint the trust that you have given me. Although I had to uproot Shixuan who has just transformed her form from her home, it’s better than being enslaved. Moreover, Spirit Sword Mountain is rich with spiritual energy, so Bai Shixuan should be able to live happily there.

Therefore, please rest assured.

Wang Lu lowered his head and clenched a piece of round white stone. It was a piece of inconspicuous pebble from the Green Lake, but an important souvenir from this experiential learning of Wang Lu.

[1] (This is usually a line used by criminals to lure little children and kidnap them)