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Chapter 216: Double Cultivation!?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Old ginger is spicier.

After experiencing the capricious mule-headedness of his Master’s Non-Phase Protecting Wealth Sword Qi, Wang Lu’s jaw could not help but drop; he was lost in thoughts.

If that inconceivably wide range sword qi could be used in immortal cultivation time, its profound power could still be explained. However, the long distance shock which injured Shao Bo was another concept entirely.

Big Heart Demon Oath could not accommodate word games, and even more could not accept self-hypnosis. In order to vent the anger in his heart, Wang Lu had to pay with his thirty years of lifespan. However, his Master just casually sent out her sword qi without the slightest trace of her life being shortened.

This was, of course, unreasonable. However, the fact happened as so. Therefore, rather than complaining about the rationality of it, it was better to find a plausible explanation. And there seemed to be several possible explanations for this: since they were the same practitioner of Non-Phase Method and had taken basically the same Big Heart Demon Oath, Wang Lu has seriously thought about how to make full use of the existing conditions, enhancing the strength under the constraint of Big Heart Demon Oath… He believed that by showing this against-the-heaven sword qi in front of him, his Master had deliberately given him some pointers.

Look, this is the way that you’re going to go next.

To achieve the effect of long-range rebound attack, the simplest way was to divide the flesh—by separating parts of the body, such as nails, hairs, or even flesh, and covering them over the person that needed to be protected. With this, the bounceback effect would be immediate once the opponent touched the detached body parts.

For the peak Jindan, this long-distance control of body parts could be realized. Moreover, for Spirit Sword Sect whose cultivators paid attention to basic skills and foundation, they could even atomize parts of their body and spread them over the area of several hundred feet from their body. With this, if the enemy dared to move even the slightest bit, in the name of self-defense, the practitioner of Non-Phase Method that has taken the Big Heart Demon Oath could kill the enemy on the spot.

However, what his Master had done seemed to be several times better. She didn’t divide her flesh, but instead, she had included the heavenly talisman inside her Non-Phase Sword defense, and within that circle of defense, all belong to her justifiable defense area.

"Mm, this is the extension of the concept of ‘I’. This could even be extended to cover the whole world. Your immortal cultivation will experience this sooner or later."

In his mind, his Master’s voice timely sounded.

"In the road of Immortal Cultivation, there’s no such thing as being alone. No matter how solitary a person is, sooner or later, people will eventually meet their cherished people or things. If the enemy can’t hurt you, they will turn their eyes on them. And if you can’t protect them, you will experience the taste of worse than death. I believe you should have some experience with this point."

Wang Lu was speechless and could only helplessly smile.

Just now, Liu Li was merely seriously injured, yet Wang Lu had already felt that his blood boiled. If at that time she were really dead...

"You care about Liu Li very much? Then that’s easy… Though you couldn’t learn my covering the heaven and earth stage because your primordial spirit has not been condensed enough, there is a home remedy that can let you provide the strongest defense for Liu Li at any time."

"There are such tricks? You should’ve taught me earlier."

As a result, his Master asked with great interest, "Are you sure? The home remedy that I refer to is double cultivation."


"As long as you and Liu Li perform intercourse, your two’s spirits and flesh unite into one, and the power of Non-Phase Method can be passed on to her. You can even share injury for her so that when others cause her injury, you can righteously defend and counterattack.


"Actually, from the many techniques that come from Non-Phase Method, I’m most satisfied with this Non-Phase Harmony Method. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the right partner. Xiao Qi’s personality is introverted and shy; she said that she’s too embarrassed to practice it with me, so I can only extract data from you."

Wang Lu said, "... I’m done here. You can continue your game."

With that, he deliberately cut off the contact.

Fifth Elder felt angry and funny at the same time. "What are you so anxious about? I’m not done talking to you. If you want to leave, then I also…"


On the other side.

The Non-Phase Protecting Wealth Sword Qi of Fifth Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect had completely crushed the arm of Disciplinary Elder Shao Bo in a single hit.

Immediately after his sneak attack failed, Shao Bo experienced the unwavering of Non-Phase Sword Qi. Promptly, Shao Bo suppressed his injury and backed away. The strength of a peak Yuanying Stage was, after all, no small matter. Within moments, his shattered arm had already been respawned, and the damage to his Jade Mansion has also been repaired. Nevertheless, he no longer has his confidence back.

In terms of strength, he was confident that he would not lose to a Jindan no matter what. However, after several times he was met with unexpected counterattacks, Shao Bo realized that it was unwise to make another move again. Let alone even if he managed to get a lose-lose fight against Wang Wu, so what? As long as he could not keep the immortal beast from leaving, it was still a failure for him.

In the cover of black clouds, Shao Bo silently calculated the present situation. The primordial spirit of a peak Yuanying Stage cultivator like him was very formidable. It could carry on computation deduction for hundred and thousands of times in an instant. However, even after he exhausted his mind, he still couldn’t crack this situation. As long as the other party could hold him off for a moment, even if he had great ability, he had no way of blocking them from leaving with the immortal beast.

Wang Wu’s appearance was really too troublesome. For now, unless there was another cultivator with similar cultivation base as him, so that one of them could suppress Wang Wu while the other suppresses Wang Lu, otherwise, he had no chance to hold the immortal beast back. However, in just a short time, where could he find another peak Yuanying Stage cultivator? It was already rare for a Great Elder of Beast Master School like him to travel thousands of miles away to Cloud Region; even in his own sect, people already called his move as killing a chicken with a sledgehammer… After all, people mostly thought that the opponent would just be a few younger generation of Xudan and Jindan cultivators. However, unexpectedly, this monster suddenly sprang out.

Although his own strength was powerful, what he truly excelled at was the coordination with his two water dragons to fight the mighty force of more than one enemy in a close quarter fight. Nevertheless, it has a slightly inferior ability in attacking an enemy in a fortified position.

Now, even calling out for reinforcement was already too late. From Southern Heaven Region to Cloud Region, there were thousands of miles distance. Moreover, out of his own consideration, Tiger King Lei Zhen did not set up a transmission array in his Division. If relying solely on cultivation base, even the sect leader couldn’t come here instantaneously.

While Shao Bo was anxious, without hesitation, Wang Lu pulled over Bai Shixuan so that she could leave her mark on the heavenly talisman. Shao Bo’s eyes almost went out of their sockets; he really wanted to immediately tear it into pieces. However, the dao’s heart in his Jade Mansion firmly suppressed this impulse, telling him that, at this time, even if he went all out to prevent it, he could not break Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword Qi, and would end up only embarrassing himself.

However, at this moment, a gentle voice suddenly chimed in.

"Hehehe, my Beast Master School is passionate about treating the guest well. Since you all have come, why are you so anxious to leave?"

The person who spoke seemed near, and the voice was gentle like the spring breeze. However, upon hearing that voice, coldness rose up from the bottom of Xiao Qi’s heart. "Reward Giver Elder!?"

Wang Lu inwardly sneered. "The hell with elder this and elder that, I’m leaving… In any case, with Master’s ability, no Beast Master School’s cultivators could hold me back."

At this time, Bai Shixuan had already left her mark on the heavenly talisman, and it just needed to be activated by Wang Lu. However, there was a hint of slight fluctuation from the heavenly talisman that let him prevent himself from activating the heavenly talisman.

The next moment, he looked up to the sky and saw, on top of the Crown Cloud Peak, there was a young looking cultivator with white beard and hair. That cultivator looked mild and amiable. His pair of eyes were elongated into a line because of his smiling face. However, his tight lips gave people a bitter cold feeling.

Meanwhile, that cultivator’s right hand was holding a miniature rock. Upon closer look, the rock appeared sharp and straight like a sword, and its surrounding was covered with clouds… If that was not Spirit Sword Mountain, then what?

Spirit Sword Mountain has a total of twelve peaks, which could only be seen after entering the mountain; it also used the space expansion spell. However, looking from the outside, Spirit Sword Mountain was a solitary peak mountain, a sword-like mountain. That cultivator held the miniature of Spirit Sword Mountain as he smilingly looked at Wang Lu. Wang Lu self-deprecatingly shook his head and then retrieved back the heavenly talisman.

There was no need to use the heavenly talisman. The transmission target of the heavenly talisman was Spirit Sword Mountain. However, that cultivator’s remarkable ability had created a mimicry effect on the miniature rock in the palm of his hand, which produced an extremely powerful interference effect. Although the probability of the successful interference was only a third, as long as the interference was successful, it was tantamount to wasting the precious heavenly talisman in Wang Lu’s hand. And Wang Lu was not going to gamble on that two-thirds probability.

Spirit Sword Mountain heavenly talisman had been compromised. On one hand, that cultivator’s magical ability was so astonishing that he was able to imitate the charm of Spirit Sword Mountain to a degree using his magical power, and on the other hand, it was because Wang Lu had revealed the heavenly talisman for too long. Unlike Shao Bo who came late, clearly, that cultivator had already come earlier at the Grand Cloud Mountain and lurked in the shadow, carefully observing the heavenly talisman in Wang Lu’s hand. After he identified the target location of the heavenly talisman, he immediately made a targeted action.

The escape effect of the heavenly talisman was absolute, however, that would only happen in an unexpected situation. If it was out in the open for too long, the opponent could lock the target location and make the appropriate arrangement. Spirit Sword heavenly talisman was not rare, after all, no matter how marvelous it was, it was still an inanimate object; though it has some intelligence, it was rather limited. Though Wang Lu did not intend to do so, however, he had already taken out the heavenly talisman for several times, only to get blocked from activating it by an external situation each time. This exposed the heavenly talisman for far too long, and now that it has been compromised, he also had nothing to say.

In any case, his master was still here, and against two Great Elders of Beast Master School, she should… be able to hold them off right?

Sure enough, his Master did not disappoint him. After casting a glance through her peripheral vision at the top of that Crown Cloud Peak, she unceremoniously mocked that cultivator.

"Yo, Li Han, you this old turtle also came?"

The cultivator named Li Han smiled. "My disciple has been killed. As the Master, how could I just be indifferent in the Southern Heaven Region? Although that kid Lei Zhen is wayward, disobedient, and didn’t have that much talent, but after all, he is my disciple. Since he’s dead, I’m bound to do something about it… As you do now."

While speaking, he slowly descended from the Crown Cloud Peak. His footsteps tread on the air, and white cloud would be condensed out in each step. A moment later, after that mid-air ladder-like descent, he arrived in front of Wang Wu.

"Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect? I’ve heard so much about you. Indeed your reputation is well deserved. A mere peak Jindan Stage yet able to make my Junior Brother Shao Bo at a loss. If I didn’t personally see it, I really can’t imagine someone can display the effectiveness of a Jindan to this point."

Li Han then laughed. "However, what if there are two peak Yuanying? What can a mere Jindan like you do about it?"

With that, his imposing manner suddenly became sharp. A gust of cold aura that could freeze everything quickly spread out. Compared to the deep gloom of Shao Bo, Li Han’s aura appeared gentler and also purer. He just slightly exerted out his magical power, and the Full Moon Valley had already been turned into a place of winter. The creatures inside and outside of the valley began to shiver, and even the clouds in the sky began to slightly condense, showing that his cultivation base was several degrees higher than Shao Bo.

Both were peak Yuanying, but each other’s strength could be very far apart. This was also the common phenomenon that appeared in the immortal cultivation road on each level bottleneck. Although Shao Bo loathed this like-to-act-young Reward Giver Elder, since he came, the situation has been set. No matter how strong Wang Wu was, could she be stronger than two peak Yuanying Stage Great Elders combined? Even if she had the power to protect herself, could she save her disciple and the young immortal beast?

However, Wang Wu just smiled dismissively.

"Two peak Yuanying is not bad. But who told you that there’s only one Jindan here?"

Li Han shook his head. "If the real body of Zen Master Dog Meat is here, I would immediately withdraw. However, at this time, her source of magical power is nearly exhausted, so she could not withstand another fight. If you push her, I am afraid it would be useless."

"Nonsense, who told you the second Jindan is Xiao Qi? Today, I will let you open your eyes!"

As soon as Wang Wu’s contemptuous laughter fell, a surge of tsunami-like magical power wave violently spread out with her at the center. The dull golden light around her body became as bright and dazzling like the sun, and within that light, two golden cores shone on each other!

Double Golden Cores!

"To deal with the two of you, I alone am enough!"

With that, golden light filled the entire Full Moon Valley, scattering out those deep cold and black clouds away. The double golden cores in Wang Wu’s body released an astonishing pomp and power, far above that of any Jindan. The two peak Yuanying Stage Great Elders were also repulsed before the golden light—it was very difficult for them to resist.

The number one Jindan in the Nine Regions was not just a random talk!

In the face of this horrifying scene, Shao Bo became discouraged. On the contrary, Li Han was actually somewhat calm; after weighing the situation, he finally made a decision.

"I think the problem between us should be resolved peacefully."