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Chapter 215: Non-Phase Peak Property Is Sacrosanct

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

All along, in Wang Lu’s heart, the image of his master was not some kind of untouchable expert.

Although rationally, as she was the founder of Non-Phase Method and a peak Jindan Stage cultivator, Wang Lu ought to clearly know how powerful Wang Wu was. However, since he acknowledge her as his Master, the image that Wang Wu put in front of her disciple was unbearable.

Most of the time on Non-Phase Peak, she spent her time doing nothing, being wasted in liquor, and occasionally, due to her own antics, being chased down like a dog by Liu Xian, Fang He, and the other elders.

The only time, in his ten years of being her disciple, he saw her being serious was when she fought Daoist Master Zhifeng of Shengjing Sect. However, that fight was not really that big of a deal to her; she really didn’t come up with several of her real skills. Not to mention that though Zhifeng’s Stage was high, his fighting experience was few, thus, trampling over this kind of opponent could not prove her ability.

Until now, which was an eye-opener for Wang Lu.

The screaming as he fell from the sky black-clad elder was not a weak opponent. With cultivation base of peak Yuanying Stage, two ferocious and warlike water dragons as spirit pets, and that spiritual treasure grade dark leather clothing, all of these showed him as a powerful Disciplinary Elder of a high-rank sect. This was real peak Yuanying Stage cultivator; even in the entire Immortal Cultivation World of the Nine Regions, he was nothing short of a master. However, in a twinkling of an eye, Wang Wu, with her bamboo sword, knocked out his two spirit pets, which sent the supporting magical power back at him and nearly shattered his Yuanying. His miserable image doubled the contrast of the awe-inspiring godly image of Wang Wu.

How could one establish one’s expert image the fastest? Very simple, by beating another expert into dog sh*t, you became an expert. This time, Wang Wu was undoubtedly an expert!

Wang Lu retrieved back the whole energy from the could-not-be-released Non-Phase Diamond Sword. Though he had promptly recovered parts of the magical power, he felt a burst of unprecedented weakness, especially since after passing a life and death crisis, one’s heart would feel loose, and thus exhaustion flooded like a tide.

Though physically and mentally exhausted, it was difficult for Wang Lu to suppress the joy of experiencing this turn of event. He looked up to the sky and saw his white-clothed Master holding her bamboo sword, disdainfully looking down on all the insignificant things in the Full Moon Valley, which looked insufferably arrogant. Her Jindan Stage ray shone brightly in every direction, as intense as the sun, which made it difficult for people to look straight ahead at her.

A moment later, while squinting his eyes trying to look through that brilliant light at his Master, Wang Lu sighed. "Master is also a saint light party."

However, his slight sigh was quickly overwhelmed by a cold voice.

"Shao Bo, twenty years have gone, you’ve really advance your ability."

Wang Wu’s cold, mocking laughter reverberated throughout the Full Moon Valley, which froze the heart like a howling cold wind.

Previously, the black-clad elder fell down from the sky. Now, he was barely able to hang on a cliff. Hearing that remark, his complexion sunk and blood spilled out of his mouth.

"Wang Wu…"

Wang Wu sneered. "Threatening my disciple, injuring my friend… I can actually let these go."

From below, Wang Lu followed, "I think they shouldn’t be let go."

Wang Wu continued, "But you actually have an idea towards my Non-Phase Peak’s immortal beast, that’s a hundred times irredeemable!"

However, upon hearing this remark, Shao Bo’s originally suppressed imposing manner suddenly surged up! While using his Jade Mansion to digest the injury, this Yuanying Stage Elder who was known for his ferocity, without hesitation, used his life essence to increase his imposing manner, and then coldly answered, "Your Non-Phase Peak’s immortal beast? What a joke!"

With that, he let go of the rock, produced two black wings from his back, and then slowly flew up to the sky and hovered neck and neck with Wang Wu.

"Grand Cloud Mountain is my Beast Master School’s parcel of land, and immortal beast moon spirit is the creature of Grand Cloud Mountain, so naturally, it belongs to my Beast Master School. You, people of Spirit Sword Sect, stop trying to take it by hook or by crook!"

Wang Wu did not budge even an inch. "That is simply a joke! Living in Grand Cloud Mountain automatically makes it your Beast Master School’s possession? Then I’m also now in the Grand Cloud Mountain, do you also want to take me as your sex slave!?"

Wang Lu whispered, "He never said sex slave…"

Wang Wu coldly humphed, "Taking a beauty, if not for making her a sex slave, then what?"


Shao Bo ignored the exchange of these two master and disciple and just said, "For this immortal beast, Beast Master School has been preparing for over five years, and have spent countless material and human resources…"

Wang Wu laughed out loud. "So that’s why this immortal beast immediately rejected it after being deeply touched by it! Shao Bo, oh, Shao Bo, don’t make me laugh, you want to claim something just because you have spent more manpower and resources? There has never been such a rule in Immortal Cultivation World. If things are according to your view, then if there is a day when you churn out nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces of spiritual treasure to propose to me, I should just accept it!?"

Wang Lu sighed. "I think you’d agree."

Shao Bo said, "Interesting, you think my Beast Master School’s multi-year arrangement does not qualify us to claim as the owner of the immortal beast, yet when your Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples came here to make a fuss, you righteously want to take the immortal beast away? Wang Wu, you have also been cultivating for hundred years, so you ought to know that those things that you said, how could there be such things!"

Wang Wu said with a smile, "There are many people like you in this world who relies on their own wealth and power to try to take someone’s love. Most of the time, happily ever after story is indeed just that, a story. I also don’t think that your Beast Master School’s brutes could understand the term helping somebody to achieve success, but so what?"

While speaking, Wang Wu retracted her smile, and the sword light of the emerald green bamboo sword in her hand became sharp.

With a cold, uncompromising voice, she said, "Today, I’m going to take the immortal beast away. If you have the ability, come and stop me."

Since things have come to this point, Shao Bo also has lost the interest of continuing to talk. As the rage burst in his heart, the lightning and fire once again appeared on his body.

"Cheap shameless person, do you really think you have enough strength to do that? What happened just now was a surprise sneak attack, now I would like to see what qualification a mere Jindan Stage like you to talk loudly in front of me!"

Peak Yuanying was indeed peak Yuanying. Obviously, he was seriously injured just now, but in just a moment of effort, Shao Bo has already recovered from his injury. And once again, he showed up his amazing means; the two water dragons that have already been shocked into dust by Wang Wu were once again reborn in Shao Bo’s lightning and fire! They soaked up the spiritual energy, absorbed the lightning and thunder, and then, after a moment, grew up to their original hill-sized size.

And this time, the two fierce beasts’ eyes were full of vigilance. Hovering in mid-air, they fixed their gaze at Wang Wu without any pause.

Shao Bo himself has changed. His black leather clothing now has turned into shining metal armor, which wrapped all of over him. The shape of the armor looked very aggressive. Its joints were full of sharp edges, which made it more like a fully covered weapon than a protective armor.

A person and his two pets were connected by lightning and fire, forming a trinity. The magical power was far more powerful than when they were separated. Shao Bo did not underestimate his opponent, instead, he brought out the full strength of a peak Yuanying Stage cultivator. He was confident that no Jindan Stage cultivator in this world could contend with him.

Twenty years ago, he did lose quite badly in Wang Wu’s hand. However, in twenty years, his cultivation base had continued to strengthen, while the other side had always stayed at the peak Jindan Stage. Therefore, for him, she did not have the capital to be arrogant!

Toward this, Wang Wu curled her lips. "Shameless, why don’t you be a darling and scram the hell out of here! Consoling yourself that it was a sneak attack, you can’t wait to die, can’t you? Good, then I’ll give it to you."

With that, Wang Wu turned over her palm, and suddenly, the numerous vegetation inside and outside the Full Moon Valley began to shake. Subsequently, countless points of green light gathered from all directions. They have been changed magically by Wang Wu into countless emerald green flying swords.

These flying sword swirled around Wang Wu, and together, they formed an impregnable Sword Defense array. Though the user’s cultivation base was only Jindan, it did not seem weak in front of the dark clouds and fire and lightning of the peak Yuanying Stage cultivator.

Wang Wu’s imposing manner was extremely arrogant. "Shao Bo, you once knelt in front of me and begged me to spare your life. Now, I’m going to take back that old debt twenty years ago."

Shao Bo was furious. "Empty rhetoric."

The dark clouds converged, and the man and his two dragons were hidden within those black clouds. Then, the black clouds rapidly spread out, as if they wanted to devour the Full Moon Valley. However, within those black clouds, several fierce, murderous intentions firmly locked Wang Wu.

Murderous intention of a peak Yuanying Stage was enough to defeat the heart of a common Jindan Stage cultivator. However, Wang Wu stood her ground in her sword array.

"Master, you can do it!"

From below, seeing that the opportunity had presented itself, while shouting out encouragement, Wang Lu immediately took out the Heavenly Talisman and urged Bai Shixuan to leave her mark on it.

He thought, "What a joke, who stipulated that Master must defeat Shao Bo and completely suppress the scene before we can go?" Though that could indeed save an expensive Heavenly Talisman, Wang Lu had suffered and been delayed long enough, thus he did not hesitate in wasting a Heavenly Talisman.

It was rare that the attention of that peak Yuanying Stage completely moved away from him, so if he did not leave now, then when?

However, just as he took out the Heavenly Talisman, a shadow beside him quietly sprang up; like an assassin dagger, it aimed straight at the Heavenly Talisman in Wang Lu’s hand!

That shadow was actually the full armored Shao Bo himself! He covered himself in black clouds in the battlefield but, while on the surface he fought Wang Wu, his brain was not handicapped, how could he not distinguish the primary objective? At this time, the most important thing was to stop immortal beast moon spirit from leaving and not settling an account with Wang Wu! Not to mention that Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword was notorious for its defense, without looking at her cultivation base, her Three Feet Sword Defense was very difficult to break even for a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage. What was even more shocking was that, behind that Three Feet Sword Defense, there were One Foot Sword Defense, Three Inches Sword Defense, and even One Inch Sword Defense. Each and every layer of them was impenetrable, proving that the defensive power of Non-Phase Sword Art was simply inconceivable!

He was confident that his own strength could not be compared to that of ordinary Yuanying Stage, however, to say that he could break the opponent’s multi-layers of Sword Defense, his confidence was not that high.

However, he was confident enough to catch Wang Wu by surprise, by sneaking up to her disciple! No matter how formidable Wang Wu was, when she put out the sword array, dishing out her Three Feet Sword Defense around it, she was doomed to fail. No matter how invincible the defense of Non-Phase Sword art was, what was the use if she could only defend herself?

Now, I’m going to hurt your disciple and take the immortal beast moon spirit right under your nose, what can you do!?

Since I had already fought you twenty years ago, how could I not know about your Great Heart Demon Oath? Just now, I was merely caught unprepared, but now that I’m ready, I will never give you the opportunity!

Through primordial spirit, he ordered the water dragons to tie Wang Wu up in those dark clouds no matter what, while at the same time, he aimed for that Heavenly Talisman.

First, destroy the Heavenly Talisman, then hurt Wang Lu, and then take the immortal beast moon spirit. Finally… he also has in his hand Beast Master School’s Heavenly Talisman!

However, just as his hand touched the Heavenly Talisman, a rigid impact force entered his fingertips and burst out inside.

It was a force nearly identical to what he used to try to break the Heavenly Talisman, but much more powerful. Caught unprepared, his whole arm was blown into pieces. Shao Bo was knocked back by this impact, and his face revealed a disbelieving look.

Who is it… who could stand in the way of my strike? Just now, the counterattack force was clearly that of Non-Phase Sword, was it Wang Lu? Impossible, he’s just a Xudan; he doesn’t even have the reaction speed, how could he block the full power attack from a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage?

While he was inwardly confused, at this time, Wang Wu’s faint voice came from above.

"Shao Bo, what do you think of my 300 Meters Sword Defense?"

T-Three Hundred Meters Sword Defense!?

Shao Bo felt that he was about to pass out and vomit blood. This woman… when did the scope of her Non-Phase Sword Defense extend to three hundred meters? No, the bigger question was, with the restraint from her Big Heart Demon Oath, even if this Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi was extended to thirty thousand meters, it could only be used as a defense, so how could it shock and destroy his arm?

The same problem also appeared in Wang Lu’s heart. Just now, Shao Bo’s sneak attack had caused him to break into cold sweat. But then, his master’s invisible sword qi had defended him from that sneak attack. While he was relieved, he was also curious about this new trick of simultaneously saving people and injuring the enemy.

He was very clear of the advantages and disadvantages of Non-Phase Method, coupled with the restriction from the Big Heart Demon Oath; it has no long distance damage ability, could it be...

"Wang Lu, are you still unclear of this point?"

After a pause, Wang Wu explained, "Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman is priceless you know!? Breaking my Heavenly Talisman is like cutting my flesh and blood, so my self-defense is righteous!"

I’ll be damned! For a time, even Wang Lu was stunned by this wonderful explanation.

Shao Bo could not help but gush out a mouthful of blood. What the f*ck! Is there a natural law here!?