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Chapter 207: A Tooth for a Tooth, Double the Payback

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

When A Xia reappeared as Tiger King on the Crown Cloud Peak, the time that passed was actually less than half a day.

The once in a sixty-year world-changing event of the Emperor Essence Flow has just ended. The golden light gradually dissipated and the morning sun hung over the horizon. On the Crown Cloud Peak, hundreds of Beast Master School’s disciples and ten Jindan Stage Elders gathered together. They were unable to agree on how they should respond the present situation, endlessly quarreling.

"Elder Gong Yang, now what should we do?"

Several disciples gathered around an elder. Their anxiousness and helplessness were revealed in their speech and mannerism.

Usually, this Elder Gong Yang won the trust of Tiger King the most. Except for a special case like A Xia, he was almost considered by the others as the second in command here. Now that Beast Master School Division had suffered a major setback, when their pillar was no longer there, naturally, some people turned to him.

Unfortunately, Elder Gong Yang could not even take care of himself. When he presided over the beast collar, he was sneak attacked by Fenrir, which nearly broke his Golden Core into two halves. At this time, he didn’t even have the time to harmonize his breathing to raise his energy, much less worry about how to stabilize the morale of the confused disciples to indicate the way forward?

However, some of the elders were without injuries and still have their full strength. They disagreed with each other and just kept quarreling. Yet, no one could come up with effective methods.

"The way I see it, we join our forces and attack him once again. I don’t believe he can still unleash the spirits of all living things! Due to previous suppression from Great Elder’s Nascent Soul, he is now heavily injured, and there’s no time to heal. What power could he still able to produce?"

"Humph, if you have the ability, why don’t you try him yourself. Since you think he has no fighting power anymore, then what are you if not a dignified high-level Jindan Stage Elder? The opponent is only a Xudan, you should be able to take him out in two or three moves."

"Hey, surnamed Liu, are you trying to instigate here!?"

"I just have more brain than you! The other side dare to let the immortal beast to transform in front of us, so obviously, their cards at hand are enough, how could you look at the surface part alone such as the cultivation base? Even the Great Elder was killed by him, do you think you are better than Great Elder?"

"F*ck you Liang Yu. Great Elder has always been good to you, yet after he died, not only you don’t think about how to take revenge, you even find excuses to shrink your responsibility, do you f*cking still call yourself a man!?"

"It is precisely because of the death of the Great Elder that we must be more cautious. For the preservation of Beast Master School, you two don’t want to be the one that instigates an infighting…"

One of the Jindan Stage Elders suddenly stopped his words, because, in his line of sight, there was an incredible figure.

"Tell me who died again?"

The noises in the hall subsided in an instant, and more than a hundred pairs of bewildered eyes turned to look at one place, towards the burly man and his tiger head.

"Great Elder!?"

"Sir Tiger King!?"

"Senior Brother Lei Zhen!?"

All of a sudden, numerous exclaims sounded out in unison. People looked at the person who was supposed to be dead in front of them in disbelief. Though they could see that the person was weak and wounded, that unique magical power fluctuation ignited the confidence in the heart of the people.

"Sure enough, you’re still alive. I knew that you’re not going to die easily!"

An elder was filled with tears.

Just now, the hundreds of people were quarreling nonstop in the hall, with loud and clear voices that even gravel rustled and fall… It wasn’t that there were much infightings, but rather a way to mask their panic.

Gong Yang, Liang Yu, and the other elders could not hold the scene. The disciples were at a loss, and the remaining several Jindan Stage Elders each has their own plan. Some people even came up with an idea to surrender to that young Xudan cultivator!

Without someone with enough authority to suppress the situation, the hundreds of people of Beast Master School would fall apart.

"Humph, a bunch of waste!"

The same scolding voice sounded a bit less domineering compared to the past one year. However, for these people, it was like a sound of nature. They felt that their hearts were filled with warmth, no longer was there any hesitation or uneasiness.

This was the effect of the Great Elder Tiger King. His words alone could end all the disputes and stabilize the morale.

"Great Elder, please tell us what should we do next?"

Elder Gong Yang managed to ask in one breath the question that was in everyone’s heart.

"Humph, you still want to ask me this? Have you forgotten the rule of Beast Master School? Barged in into our sect’s affair, broke our more than a year plan, robbed the immortal beast moon spirit, wounded many disciples and spirit beasts, and even almost killed me, do you think we can just let all of this go?"

Tiger King said and then coldly laughed. Killing intent filled the air as he said, "A tooth for a tooth, double the payback!"

People were both startled and gratified.

He was indeed Tiger King. Though rough in character, this Great Elder would shelter them from rain no matter what!

However, even though they were relieved, they still couldn’t relax their vigilance. The always cautious Elder Liang Yu loudly warned, "Sir Tiger King, those several people brazenly stood in the Full Moon Valley for the whole night. Though it is possible that it is just a deception, most likely they have particularly powerful cards at hand, so we must be careful to act."

"Be careful? Absurd! Previously, when I sent out my Nascent Soul out of my body, wasn’t that being careful? This so-called careful act is just an excuse for your own cowardice!"

With that, Tiger King no longer paid heed to the hesitation of elders and disciples. He turned around and went towards the direction of the Full Moon Valley.

Looking at the gradually fading away shadow of Tiger King, though they were reprimanded for being timid, thus unavoidably became embarrassed, the fighting intention that initially has been extinguished, was now rekindled back. As long as there was this Great Elder Tiger King, they would certainly be invincible!

However, no one could see that the Great Elder, who was walking at the front, almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Sure enough, no one could see it… Among the several elders and disciples in the hall, some were around Tiger King for decades, yet no one was able to see that inside the body, the content has completely changed.

Of course, from a different perspective, completely abandoning his Jindan and body, taking over Tiger King’s body and Nascent Soul, there was actually not that much difference between A Xia and Tiger King. For this day, A Xia has been preparing for more than ten years. Tiger King’s character has been deeply printed in his mind that even the most detailed part has not been spared. When he decided to play the role of Tiger King, he was indeed just like him.

No, compared to Tiger King who always has a smooth journey in everything, completely unaware of the sinister heart of the people, A Xia, who was well versed in the way of survival, was confident that he could do better… For example, in the current situation, if he were the real Tiger King, he would probably swallow the humiliation, or more likely he would be consumed with rage that he would perish together with the enemy.

However, he was different. His hand held two cards that could turn the tide in their favor.

After taking the role of Tiger King, these two cards would pave the way for his brilliant victory.

The next moment, he forcibly extracted out magical power from the Nascent Soul within his Jade Mansion, turning it into wings that let him mount the clouds and ride the wind, flying towards the Full Moon Valley.


In the center of the Full Moon Valley, the form transformation of the immortal beast moon spirit has reached the final moment. The golden cocoon light suddenly flickered, and along with the alternating dark and light, it also expanded and contracted, as if it was the thump of a beating heart.

A new breath of life was brewing within the cocoon of light. Although it has yet to complete the key step of the breaking of the cocoon, the surging energy contained therein was still a source of dread.

It was indeed an immortal beast. In the legend, the strength of a fully matured immortal beast was comparable to a True Immortal. Compared to Liu Li and Wang Lu, these two exceptional talents seemed rather bleak.

They just needed to wait for it to break out of the cocoon.

Wang Lu has already long prepared the heavenly talisman. Once moon spirit completed the form transformation, he would immediately ignite the heavenly talisman and take the moon spirit back to the Spirit Sword Mountain. Compared to the immortal beast, the value of this heavenly talisman was nothing. As for the will and wish of the moon spirit… as its guardian, he could completely disregard them.

Of course, before he launched the heavenly talisman, they still needed to guard the moon spirit. His Sword of Mount Kun was still slanting at an oblique point, and his magical power output has not been interrupted. This Non-Phase Sword defense has supported their defense for the greater part of the night, clearly displaying the endurance power of the Non-Phase Method.

In his side, Liu Li was not a slacker either. Her incorruptible Brilliant Sword Heart physique received great benefit from the Emperor Essence, patching her deficient Xudan and condensing her slightly unstable primordial spirit. Liu Li integrated her Brilliant Sword Heart with Non-Phase Sword defense. Her magical power and sword intent had also been maintained for the better part of the night, yet she wasn’t in the least bit tired.

In addition, Zen Master Dog Meat Xiao Qi, Quan Zouhua, and cat girl Ling Yan… also surrounded the cocoon of light, each continued to maintain their vigilance.

The group adopted the stance of able to fight at any moment, but instead, it has guaranteed the safety for the greater part of the night.

Unfortunately, the tranquility ended here.

Over the Full Moon Valley emerged a dense mass of silhouette. Headed by Tiger King, Beast Master School Division people turned out in full strength, adopting the stance of fighting to the death and with feverish fighting intent.

Seeing that tiger head elder, everyone was taken aback. Including Wang Lu, who curiously asked, "Are you his twin?"

It was not that unexpected that the other person might not die, however, after just barely escaping death in the nick of time yet still wanting to rush to throw away his life was something that would make anyone suspicious.

Tiger King had luckily escaped, but was seriously injured, no longer has the strength to fight again. Anyone could see that, in front of the crowd, he had the elegant manner of someone who was courting a disaster.

However, before Wang Lu could say anything, Tiger King’s voice echoed throughout the valley.

"Didn’t expect me to come back, did you!? Your charade is over now!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu actually didn’t want to say anything.

Want to fight to the death? Alright, come and fight then… In this late into the night time, though his injury has already healed itself, and his magical power, energy, and primordial spirit… all of these were at their peak, but, he felt as tired as ever.

From the beginning to the end, this battle has been his plan. In the execution and the commitment, he was the person who carried all the burden. The weight of the pressure on him was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. However, this battle has lasted for too long, it was time to draw a pause. Although the other party was numerous in number, the most threatening Yuanying Stage cultivator has already been a waste and was now with the severely wounded body. In addition to standing in the front as a spiritual leader, in the ensuing fight, he could only play a cheerleading role. The actual battle would only be against the several Jindan Stage Elders and the spirit beasts.

However, as long as he and little Liu Li cooperated seamlessly, those Jindan Stage opponents were not that big of a deal. Even if they could not beat them, couldn’t they hold them off? As long as moon spirit finished the form transformation process, he would immediately activate the heavenly talisman, by then, what could they do to him?

However, just as Wang Lu was ready to swing his sword to meet this last round of fight, an ominous feeling suddenly flashed inside his heart.

When he looked up, he and Tiger King coincidentally looked at each other in the eyes. However, that purple-red eyes were flashed with entirely different light than the previous.

That was not the real Tiger King!

Wang Lu’s intuition decidedly said so.

However, whoever it was, it was still the same… Wang Lu’s exhaustion told him so.

The next moment, he saw in the opponent’s eyes a teasing look, as if the opponent has a plot that was about to succeed. I finally got you, it was as if Wang Lu heard of such taunt.

Subconsciously, he looked back and saw Liu Li standing beside him. And behind Liu Li, the cat girl quietly came near, with half vacant, half panicked look… her hand held a strangely shaped dagger, which she stabbed deeply into Liu Li’s back.