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Chapter 198: Shouldn’t Honest People Be Rewarded!?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Gee, it really is the hatred of the cat, in vain I struggled to help you fight for freedom, and this is how you repay me?"

The cat girl\'s whiskers trembled with anger. "Do you have any shame at all? From the beginning, you didn’t do anything! It’s Yue Xian who helped me cut the shackles, it completely has nothing to do with you, okay!?"

"Ridiculous! I am Xian’Er’s Senior Brother and guardian. In other words, I’m her superior. Any credit by the subordinate is the credit of the superior, and you say I have nothing to do with it!?"


"What? Is that your attitude towards your superior?"

Wang Lu unceremoniously pulled the cat girl’s whiskers. She couldn’t help but grimace in pain.

"In short, you’re going to give us a baby. But, considering your poor origin—a spirit beast, cultivation base around level one Jindan -15, mediocre Immortal Cultivation method, and also with IQ that is nothing to be proud of…"

Annoyed, the cat girl interrupted him, "Hey, are you finished?"

"In short, with your background and situation, you don’t have the qualification to follow me around. So, it’s better if you just give the baby to her. Your two IQs are relatively close, so on the reproduction side, it’s not going to be a problem…"

Wang Lu then pointed at the still giggling incessantly Liu Li.

The cat girl nodded her head. "Okay!" Her pair of cat’s eyes irrepressibly glittered with the joyful ray of light.

"Well then, now that the personnel arrangement has been set, let’s get down to business."

Wang Lu gradually restrained his relaxed demeanor and then reached out his finger to point at the moon in the sky. "The last time, you didn’t finish telling us about something. Now say it."

The cat girl froze for a moment while in her heart, she couldn’t help but sigh. This guy really can see that...

Previously, when she was a captive, she did reveal a lot of inside information about the Beast Master School, but it was clear that she had hidden some key points.

However, the last time she divulged the information, it could be said that she was implementing A Xia’s strategy, so all the responsibility was on A Xia’s. However, this time, if she really leaked out the internal secret of the Beast Master School, it meant that she has completely cut off all her ties with the Beast Master School.

Then, what would the cat girl’s choice be?

"No problem. I do have a few important things to tell you."

The cat girl didn’t have any hesitation.

Indeed, the Beast Master School has taught her a superior method, and she had received their training. With them, in just a few decades, she had advanced from Xudan Stage to peak Jindan Stage, and she even had the chance to reach the Yuanying Stage. In short, Beast Master School has indeed given her a lot of things.

However, on the other hand, in her three hundred years of life, the most painful period was also concentrated in the Beast Master School.

Indeed, the man who pushed her into the abyss was A Xia. However, who was the person that taught A Xia? Who was the one who sat idly by while she suffered? Who was the one who tacitly agreed with A Xia’s act of suppressing the spirit beast?

The cat girl didn’t want to just follow the current trend of blaming the systemic problem because, within the Beast Master School, there were indeed many compassionate cultivators. However, unfortunately, she met none of them. Therefore, she had all given up hope for the Beast Master School, no longer wanting to hold on to any relationship with them.

"Regarding the immortal beast moon spirit, they never let me touch the core secret. However, as a peak Jindan Stage Elder, to say that I know nothing about it, that is also impossible." The cat girl then proceeded to stroke her whiskers, and then said with a sinking voice, "For example. We have been stationed in the Grand Cloud Mountain for more than a year, but in all this time, no one has actually ever seen the appearance of the moon spirit."

"No one has ever seen it?"

"There are many indirect proofs. Some even have seen a blur from afar, but no one has ever encountered it directly. Moreover, the way it appears is also very strange. It’s very elusive. Sometimes, it even simultaneously appeared in two spots several hundreds of kilometers apart. Though the immortal beast, for the most part, possesses an exceedingly high supernatural power, this one has yet to transform its form, and that kind of supernatural power is really unheard of. Let alone people from the Beast Master School are not weak either; would even a Yuanying Stage Great Elder fail to see the immortal beast’s side?"

Wang Lu didn’t immediately ridicule the opposite party, but instead asked a rhetorical question, "So, what’s your speculation?"

The cat girl said, "Perhaps because of the relationship among spirit beasts, I have a deeper feeling towards the surrounding of Grand Cloud Mountain. After living here for quite some time, I can vaguely feel that the surrounding seemed to be pregnant of something."

The cat girl then paused, giving Wang Lu’s time to digest and absorb the information. However, when she was ready to continue talking about her own speculation, Wang Lu said one step ahead of her, "In other words, you suspect that the moon spirit has yet to actually take form right?"

This was not the first time the cat girl marveled at the opposite party’s comprehension; she numbly nodded and said, "Well, the Immortal Beast of the Grand Cloud Mountain is the moonlight-transformed spirit of all living things. From the previous records of its appearances, all were from the places where the moonlight concentration is the highest. As such, I thought that is it possible that it has yet to fully form? If that is the case, currently, it would still as the Grand Cloud Mountain’s spirit of all living things. As a result, it could appear in any position, because as an individual, it’s not yet completely independent."

Wang Lu said, "And your conclusion is?"

The cat girl replied, "My conclusion is, in a few days, on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, it would formally take form. It’s also the date where an immortal beast transforms its form."

Wang Lu was startled, and immediately remembered his study at the Teng Cloud Hall: Fifteenth day of the seventh month, Zhongyuan Ghost Festival, Emperor Essence Flow!

Every sixty years, there would be a change in the heaven and earth. The moonlight essence would fall down from the sky like a river. That was the grand ceremony day where monsters absorbed the essence of the moonlight to transform their form. Since the Grand Cloud Mountain’s immortal beast formed by the moonlight, how could it miss this day?

Then he heard cat girl say, "Of course, since I can think of this matter, I believe the other elders also can think of this. The Great Elder’s spiritual treasure is almost done these few days, so it’s highly likely they would catch it on the fifteenth day of the seventh month."

Wang Lu asked, "There is a problem. To say that the Grand Cloud Mountain is big, it’s actually not. But with Beast Master School’s power, it’s impossible to cover every inch of the land. And that moon spirit naturally possesses magical abilities. If it has a mind to hide, when the time comes, it could hide in the dark and silently suck the Emperor Essence Flow and transform. Thus, Beast Master School’s more than one year of effort goes down the drain. How do you think about this?"

Cat girl replied, "They should rely on that spirit beast collar of spiritual treasure class, plus their refinement of dog type spirit beast life force. As long as they manage to succeed before the fifteenth day, the spiritual treasure power would be able to cover the majority part of the Grand Cloud Mountain. No matter where it appears, it would end up the same."

"It turns out to be so. It’s indeed a spiritual treasure. No wonder along the way, I feel like the Beast Master School’s guards aren’t very strict, it’s actually because they have been refraining from vigilantly defending the areas where the immortal beast frequently goes to."

The cat girl shook her head. "It’s not only that. Actually, in recent months, moon spirit no longer appeared, as if it’s aware of something. Therefore, we don’t want to waste our time to monitor its movement."

"No longer appeared? This doesn’t make sense. The closer it is to the day of transformation, the more moonlight essence that it should absorb to enrich its reserve,

so that it could have the means to deal with the tribulation of the form transformation. Even if it’s an immortal beast, this is an unchanging truth."

The cat girl looked confused. "I-I am not sure either."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment, and then said, "Bring out your previous map again."

The cat girl reached out her hand, and the Grand Cloud Mountain map reappeared. The marked spots where the immortal beast had previously frequented often were mostly on the peaks or empty valleys.

Wang Lu learned the map for a moment, and then reached out to point a spot on the map and asked, "What about here? Did it ever show up?"

The cat girl looked at that spot. "Green Lake? I’m not sure… It’s on the edge of the Grand Cloud Mountain. Moreover, the terrain there is mixed, no peak that overlooks everything, and the forest there are thick, so it’s hard to effectively accumulate moonlight essence. Therefore, we don’t put much attention there."

Wang Lu sighed. "Then pay attention to it. Without further ado, let’s move."

The cat girl was surprised. "We’re not going to wait here?"

"Yes. So you better guard this place, and remember that new baby."



Wang Lu’s action was very fast. Without even cleaning up the bonfire trace, they directly departed to the Green Lake in a hurry.

Xiao Qi and the rest followed after him, and although their hearts were puzzled, no one questioned his decision. Despite among them, Wang Lu’s cultivation base was the lowest, his authority was beyond doubt.

Before long, under the cover spell from Xiao Qi, their group passed through several lines of defense of the Beast Master School and finally arrived at the Green Lake.

When they landed their gaze upon the Green Lake, everyone finally understood Wang Lu’s intention.

On the surface of the lake, the bright moonlight was reflected on it. The rich moonlight essence was so thick as if they could even suck it into their body.

"There, now you know what I meant right?"

Wang Lu mockingly laughed. "No wonder you guys failed for more than a year, your IQs’ are actually damaged."

The cat girl was speechless. They had actually surveyed this green lake before. However, at that time, the moonlight density wasn’t too high, so it didn’t attract their attention. However, now it seemed like, while the Beast Master School had lowered their guard, that moon spirit had quietly completed its own arrangement. This rich with moonlight place was a good place for the form transformation.

A spot with so rich moonlight essence like this was not naturally generated.

"Well, though we can’t see the moon spirit now, but, I believe it’s in this Green Lake vicinity." Wang Lu then lied down on the grass near the lake. "We just need to patiently wait for it to appear."

However, just as he lied down, a gray shadow sprang up from his side and jumped high into the lake. Subsequently, with a plop sound, it fell into the lake, smashing the tranquil surface of the lake into a million of silvery scales.

Wang Lu was extremely surprised to see his mottled dog Huahua threw itself into the lake. Inwardly, he thought, Don’t tell me this stupid dog couldn’t see the bright side of things just because it tried to solve a math problem?

However, a moment later, a stunning scene appeared before him.

The rippling waves on the surface of the lake became more intense, and in the middle of the lake, a slim female figure slowly rose from the water.

As her position was facing the moonlight, Wang Lu could clearly see the woman’s flawless countenance, as well as her like-a-moonlight bright silver hair. A long white dress wrapped her tall, slender figure. The woman’s toe gently touched the surface of the lake, just like a fairy who descended to the world.

And at the woman’s feet, there was a white colored spirit dog. That spirit dog has an incredible charm, and its physique was flawless, to such extent that, even if it were of different species than the human Wang Lu and his group, they were still deeply attracted to it.

For a time, they were shocked and awed by the frighteningly beautiful pair of woman and spirit dog, and no one could utter even a word. Even the well-informed Xiao Qi was also dumbfounded. Her whole body was motionless like she was petrified… Only a trace of saliva that flowed from the corner of her mouth showed that her consciousness was still


The first person who regained his bearing was Wang Lu.

The calmness of a professional adventurer could always be relied on.

He rose from the grass and coughed lightly. He then approached the lakeside and began to open his mouth.

"Excuse me, Fairy, my spirit dog that fell into the lake is not this flawless spirit dog, but a stupid and fool mottled dog."

Then he paused, waiting for the opposite party’s reaction. Seeing that the fairy in the middle of the lake nod in agreement, he then tentatively asked.

"In view of the honest reply that I just made, may I ask if you could give me the spirit dog at your feet?"