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Chapter 193: Boss Teaches You to Open the Flying Boat

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

This was a nightmare.

For A Xia who had been cultivating for two hundred and thirteen years, it has been a long time for him since his last nightmare.

When he first embarked on the path of Immortal Cultivation, misery would often accompany him. He wasn’t blessed with first class talent, so it was impossible for him to be picked by those top rate sects or even those Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Merely by an accidental chance, he was able to enter a low-rank sect. Within the sect, because he was born with brown skin as well as relatively average appearance and particular facial features, many of his fellow disciples ridiculed him as having a lineage from those Kunlun slave people; for a time, he was subjected to a great deal of rejection. Moreover, his Master was not in the least bit being responsible for him. Not only his Master ignored the plight that he suffered, even the regular immortal path was only passed on to him half-heartedly.

Until he accidentally revealed his talent, demonstrating his intelligence and perception that were a notch above everyone else did the Sect Leader start to fancy him and earnestly impart cultivation to him. However, he fulfilled the expectation put on to him and managed to reach the Xudan Stage at the age of eighty. Compared to those talented disciples, perhaps his speed could not even be counted as passable, yet, within the low-rank sects, it was a medium-level miracle. Afterall, not counting the wasted time, his real cultivation time was just sixty years.

However, A Xia’s world wasn’t too broad. Jindan, Yuanying, and those stages higher were things he didn’t dare to hope nor expect. He was already jubilant when he entered the Xudan Stage. However, in just a few decades, when he completely consolidated the Xudan Stage, his Master died, and he received the Sect Leader position, enabling him to become free and unfettered for around a hundred years.

However, the advent of a nightmare completely interrupted his happy life. When a demonic cultivator accidentally passed through his sect, that person quarreled with people from his sect, and unexpectedly, that person went so far as to kill the whole people in his sect, basically exterminating it!

That demonic cultivator was a Yuanying Stage old expert, which, towards A Xia’s sect was like a natural disaster. They sent over a hundred cultivators against that person, yet still, in just one night, all of them were slaughtered. His more than two hundred years of happily managing the beautiful scenery had turned into a hell of blood and fire… Were it not for the belated arrival of the righteous cultivator from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, A Xia himself would have his soul fly away and scatter in that battle.

The one who saved his life was the Elder of the Beast Master School. After A Xia recovered, he had no other place to go, thus he prostrated himself into the Beast Master School. Because his cultivation could be considered as not weak, plus he was determined for revenge, he went all out in cultivation practice. Moreover, because he was also favored by the Elder of the Beast Master School, they taught him a more superior heart sutra.

However, A Xia has always lived in the shadow of revenge. Every time he fell asleep or meditated, the scene where his sect was exterminated would inevitably float into his mind. Only when he had finally succeeded forming his Jindan in thirty years, his primordial spirit refined, and dao’s heart accomplished was he able to get rid of this nightmare entanglement. At the same time, though this accomplishment was not fast, it was still commendable.

However, deep down, fear had never left him.

Though the sect that he first entered was just dregs of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, locally, it was quite a prestigious Immortal Cultivation sect. The authority of its sect leader was comparable to a country’s king… but then came the disaster, which shattered all of these in overnight. This matter hit him very hard.

In Beast Master School, he dared not to expect his past achievements, but still, his heart could never settle down. He could only cultivate and continue to cultivate, hoping that if one day he was fortunate enough to reach the peak of the road to immortality, he might be able to find a sense of security.

But then the path of immortality was cut off in front of him. After all, his aptitude was not that good, and the low-level Jindan was his limit in Immortal Cultivation. No matter how hard he tried, he could not go further.

Low-level Jindan was a very awkward position. In Beast Master School, it was somewhere in the middle and lower level. His time in the sect was already close to a century, yet after having advanced to such a level and stuck there, naturally and unavoidably, he encountered some taunts. Adding to his different appearance and his gloomy past experience that affected his disposition, the situation was even more unbearable, as if he had returned to his initial years of Immortal Cultivation. However, this time, he didn’t have a sect leader whose mental perception was good enough to judge a character to help him.

It was also at this time when his Immortal Cultivation path had come to a dead end did he begin his role as a beast trainer within the sect. In Beast Master School, there was no discrimination in the lineage of the trainer. In just a few short years, the spirit beast that was handled by A Xia had advanced by several levels and the giant ape successfully transformed into human form.

At that time, when he watched that the brute’s Immortal Cultivation path was smoother than him, his mood was indescribably mixed. Thus, he couldn’t help but do some means. When the spirit ape took a human form, obviously, its comprehensive strength was more than A Xia’s, yet the fear toward its trainer was still deeply etched into its bones, and thus it continued to comply to A Xia’s orders.

A Xia was also not polite. Together with the spirit ape as his backing, he tried to pick a pearl-shaped spirit grass. He let the spirit ape sacrifice its life to entangle the monster that guarded the spirit grass while he took the opportunity to put the spirit grass into his bag. Afterwards, the spirit ape ended up severely wounded and died while he refined the spirit grass into a panacea, which, after he had consumed it, advanced his cultivation base by a level, becoming middle-level Jindan.

Thereupon, A Xia immediately understood a simple truth. A person’s strength might not depend on that person’s cultivation base, but in that person’s ability to dominate others, just like a king in the world of mortals that could hold a mighty force. Perhaps the king himself was weaker than any of his soldier, but since he basically could wipe out a country, who dared to say that he wasn’t strong?

The Immortal Cultivation world was also the same. As long as he could dominate the strong, naturally, it proved that he was stronger than the strong. Wasn’t the so-called strength the ability to accomplish the goal? If strength is power, then the power to dominate others was also strength! And the beast trainer’s identity gave him the perfect place to display that. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. For those with limited talents, to go further, they must resort to all means. At the same time, he didn’t freely splurge the sect’s spirit beasts. Each time he sacrificed a spirit beast, he always managed to exchange with more benefits—after all, this was his livelihood expertise, so he could not afford to be sloppy. Thus, for his practice, the Elders of the Sect would just open one of their eyes while closing the other.

After all, what he sacrificed was just spirit beast and not people. Therefore, it was not something that was truly unacceptable.

Of course, the forces within the sect that opposed to his practice was not small either. Therefore, A Xia was transferred from the Southern Heaven Region to the Cloud Region, hoping that if he could help in capturing the Immortal beast, the sect’s internal dispute would also be weakened. And, the path that he had taken would also be proven viable.

Unfortunately, he met an unexpected opponent.

When Wang Lu disparaged his lifetime worth and pursuit as worthless, he was really angered. However, that was it. How could his conviction that was formed in decades of successful career be destroyed by mere words?

Wanted to prove him wrong? Beat him first and say those things again. In this Immortal Cultivation World, only strength was the hard truth. And under the Ten Thousand Beast Array, what could the other party prove? It was all just a daydream!

Then the nightmare came.

The real nightmare wasn’t something that could put you into endless despair, powerless to struggle. Instead, it was the one that constantly gave you hope, only to then squash that hope, and when you suddenly look back, you find out that everything you’ve done was in vain.

That was the kind of nightmare that A Xia now experienced.

When the silver flying boat appeared, he was only surprised at the opponent’s card novelty, but subconsciously, he didn’t put too much attention to it.

A single flying boat would just be short-lived in this combined Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array and Ten Thousand Beasts Array. That fragile structure fundamentally could not afford the collision with the spirit beast, and its speed was not fast enough to get rid of the encircling flying beasts. It could even be said that this was really not a wise choice.

Then he saw the silver flying boat fly and smash his spirit beasts, turning them into a mixture of flesh and blood.

Though it was shaped as a cloud wave boat, whether its cloud silver plated surface or explosive power system, it showed that it was far from an ordinary cloud wave boat. Therefore, A Xia immediately changed the array pattern and did what he could to deal with it.

At first, he summoned out the vast sea of beasts, but he found out that the low-rank beasts could not effectively cover the target. The cloud wave boat, one by one, removed the key spirit beast with pinpoint precision.

Then, when he was reminded by the red wolf, he arranged for the smell of the long-haired beasts to destroy the opponent’s olfactory reconnaissance. Indeed, it was to let the cloud wave boat to pause for a moment.

Just as he thought that what he just did worked, the silver flying boat began to move again. That silvery trajectory nearly caused him to crush the array chart with his fist.

At the nick of time, the red wolf promptly made its move. Despite knowing that it would be sacrificed to the flying boat, it still resolutely moved. Prior to the fight, it had obtained A Xia’s commitment that as long as it performed a merit in the fight, he would lift its shackle, obtaining a real freedom.

In order to be free, the red wolf coldly staked out its life.

It also once saw the hope of victory. When it collided head-on with the flying boat, it proved that this flying boat was not omnipotent. At least, in the face of a real Jindan Stage character, it would appear somewhat weak. This red wolf was a first-class Jindan Stage expert; it was even a notch stronger than the cat girl Ling Yun, and within the Ten Thousand Beast Array, perhaps...

Then, just as A Xia was feeling hopeful, he fell into an even deeper despair.

The silver flying boat changed its shape, erecting out a turret at the front. From which an explosive energy of thunder and fire was sprayed out, burning the red wolf\'s face and sending it into a really sorry state. At the same time, the flying boat’s nimbleness and agility weren\'t reduced in the slightest. Within the valley, there seemed to be a refraction of lightning as the silver flying boat went back and forth, constantly looking for the weaknesses of the Ten Thousand Beasts Array; a little tearing damage could not stop it from trampling those that stood in its path.

The part where it collided with the red wolf was indeed broken, however, still, no low-rank spirit beasts could withstand it. And for those with higher rank and sturdy flesh, a blast from the turret would settle them.

The turret that rose up on the front of the flying boat was like a merciless sword, once again dismantling the Ten Thousand Beasts Array piece by piece. Though its firepower was not particularly overwhelming, for those low ranks spirit beasts the level of Xudan and below, it was still a catastrophe. Moreover, that thunder and fire blast was never-ending, as if it would never be exhausted. Several times, the red wolf attempted to approach the flying boat to stop it, but every time, it was beaten back black and blue by the blast from the turret.

Therefore, A Xia gave it all by assembling the remaining defensive type spirit beasts through the array chart to block the path of the silver flying boat, attempting to really stop that silver lightning.

More than ten rock-armored behemoths, as well as the swift-as-the-wind demonic wolf, joined forces to form a defensive line to cover the few key spirit beasts hidden behind them. Whether through collision or thunder and fire shot, the flying boat was decidedly unable to easily tear such a line of defense.

With the forming of this line of defense, A Xia was slightly relieved. He thought that the flying boat would harass the line of defense with its superior agility and nimbleness. For this reason, he didn’t hesitate to ignite parts of his primordial spirit as a sacrifice to refine the array chart so that the spirit beasts would speed up a bit, thus completing the defensive line.

Then, in his horrified gaze, the flying boat’s turret spout out a flying sword.

A magical treasure of limpid water sword. The flying sword left the turret in a straight path, leaving airwave behind it before crashing into the huge rock-armored behemoth. The flying sword was broken, but that small-mountain like giant beast began to melt like snow under the sun… a huge flaw suddenly appeared in the line of defense!

At the same time came a mocking sound from the silver flying boat.

"We’ve killed the enemy, now we’re looking for the next target!"

Towards those shocked and fearful spirit beasts, Wang Lu spoke.

"Tsk, tsk, haven’t you poor ghost ever met with gold coin bullet?"

Then, the magical treasure started to rain down on them. This time, it wasn’t only targeted at the huge rock-armored beast, even the demonic wolf was within range. Though its flesh was tough, being rained down by magical treasure, it would still be a dead end for it.

It wasn’t afraid to die, but it didn’t want to die in vain. As such, it immediately gave up defending, leaving behind those rock-armored beasts as its cover. It chose to save the few remaining key spirit beasts within the Ten Thousand Beasts Array. It was a demonic wolf—born a warrior, but also a natural hunter. If it wanted to run, few could catch up. If it wanted to hide, few people could find out.

However, the silver flying boat had no intention of letting it go.

"You’ve offended the abbot and still want to escape? How could it be that easy!"

Even without Quan Zouhua’s sense of smell; even if the red wolf’s magical power was completely concealed to the point where the sensitivity of Wang Lu’s Void Spirit Root was unable to lock it, Wang Lu still had one last mean.

"Liu Li, follow your intuition and fire at will."


Then, a top-rank magical treasure flying sword, like a fire, shot straight to the sky.

Through induction from Brilliant Sword Heart’s intuition, Liu Li has long remembered the characteristic of the demonic wolf; it could never hide from her. It actually bent on escape, and very soon it would fly out of the valley. The not too far A Xia simply never thought its position would be locked. While in a panic, the flying sword had already penetrated its mouth, taking away almost all of its vitality.

The last scene that it saw was the almost twisted face of A Xia.

In the valley, the sea of beasts dissipated and the five mountains returned to their position.

The silver flying boat was filled with heat, from which came the voice of Wang Lu.

"Cool, isn’t it?"