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Supreme Tian Lun\'s great victory over Calculation Immortal finally reversed the decline of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the Grand Competition.

After that victory, everywhere in the City of Immortals was full of joy. The first two areas were decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and all the major shops took this opportunity to offer discounts.

Fast-handed merchants had already had already made a variety of products related to Supreme Tian Lun.

For example, the medicinal herbs that Supreme Tian Lun personally authenticated, or top-grade secret book praised by Supreme Tian Lun, or the imitiation of Supreme Tian Lun\'s unique wheel...

Of which, more than half were false advertisements. In his early years, prior to him mastering his method of socialization, Supreme Tian Lun was well-known for practicing in seclusion. How could he have the time to come out to certified some medicinal herbs and comments on a method? The Ten Thousand Arts Sect was famous in the entire Nine Regions for its collections. They had all the resources, almost without any exception, so why should he waste his time going out?

As for the wheel imitation, it was purely a profiteering act, he was lucky that he had yet to encounter a disciple from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect...

Nevertheless, the sale of these Supreme Tian Lun\'s related products was quite good.

The buyer certainly knew that these things were fakes—no fool could settle in the City of Immortals. Thus, they didn\'t buy the advertisements as true, but purely for joy.

We won! We\'re happy! We want to revel!

"These people are crazy."

The teenager in charge of watching the shop looked at the carnival atmosphere outside the shop and couldn\'t help but click his tongue and then became depressed.

As a seller, he should be overjoyed in encountering a day when the buyers were collectively crazy. Because things that were hard to sell on normal days could finally be sold, even at an incredible price. The owners of the several shops around him were laughing so hard that they broke their lungs. Several unknown dishes were sold for several hundred of spirit stones each, just because the wheel icon of Supreme Tian Lun was printed on its wrapping.

How could there be such a profitable business in the world? The glittering and translucent spirit stones were like landfill as they kept coming in continuously...

It was indeed a revelry, a grand feast!

"Ah, and for what? Wasn\'t it for just a single win in the cultural competition? And it\'s only for thirty points. We\'ve already lost hundreds of matches in a row before, and already has two thousand points gap. Moreover, just today, didn\'t we also lose two small matches? What is there to be happy about?"

The teenager\'s lamentation was not loud, but which of the shop owners around him who hadn\'t had a keen hearing? After listening to it, they all sneered.

"Sour, just continue to be sour!"

The young man was laughed at, and his face sank slightly, but he did not refute it.

According to his usual temperament, by this time, he would already have a bloody quarrel with the fat man on his left and the slim woman on his right. The little mouse had mingled in the marketplace since childhood and had no concept of respecting the elderly.

However, today, he did not say a word and just ate up the other party\'s ridicule.

Because they were right, he was indeed sour, very much sour.

The people on his left and right were all awash with profits, their goods were all nearly sold out, but he could only sat and watch the market frenzy around him and could not participate.

As for the reasons? It was very simple, this shop was not his after all. He was responsible for watching over the shop, responsible for its daily operations, but he had no say in important matters.

The man who had the final say told him not long ago that he was not allowed to take part in today\'s market frenzy. The goods in the shop were not allowed to have any relationships with Supreme Tian Lun.

This was, of course, a model of good faith management, but when one looked at the colleagues getting rich day by day while they only have honesty and conscience as their companion, the torture in their heart was really indescribable.

After a while, the teenager could not bear the torture and directly closed the shop, no longer operating.

What to buy and what to sell might not be his decision, but as the sole operator of the store, it was always possible to ask for sick leave!

Returning to the residence from the shop, Shu Si poured out his bitter hardships directly at Dead Face.

He was too lazy to mention the things in the shop because not long ago, they had a quarrel when Dead Face told him to operate in good faith. But the results were clear at a glance, and naturally, there was no need to mention it again.

However, the teenager\'s mind was difficult to calm down, so he changed the topic and began to complain about the meaningless revelry.

Supreme Tian Lun did win, and the victory was indeed gratifying, but what important was a victory? For just that one victory, it was as if they had already won this Grand Competition. Was that not just a self-deception?

Listening to Shu Si\'s complaint, the Dead Face did not even raise his face because what Shu Si said was just nonsense.

Indeed this was only a victory, and at the same time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had tasted the taste of two failures—once again Luo Xue showed her unparalleled accomplishment in the field of zither, go, painting, and calligraphy by easily beating the master musician from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. From the number of points won point of view, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals lost today. However, was the Grand Competition be decided by the result of one or two days?

After a while, the Dead Face suddenly raised his head.

"From now on, we are going to collect products related to Wang Lu, and I want them to be genuine."

At the same time, in the courtyard of Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu gently put down his writing utensil.

"Very good. After these three consecutive wins, the momentum has already taken shape. As long as victories continue to be achieved in the next few games, then the momentum would snowball, becoming more and more smooth, and by then…"

Wang Lu said and suddenly raised his head.

"What do you guys think, is it necessary to start stockpiling some of my exclusive goods from now on?"

Hai Yunfan sighed. "With this energy level, how about thinking about the next match? If you want money, how could you not get it with your power?"

"Um, could rape and adultery be generalized as one?"

That said, Wang Lu still returned his attention back to his desk. However, after just reading two documents, there was nothing left for him to read. He looked up and said, "Little Hai, what\'s next?"

Hai Yunfan said, "I have them here with me. I\'ll help you sort them out later… Don\'t look at me like that, no one wants to take over your power, but as a secretary, I need to remind you that there are more things that need your attention now. No matter how you plan to take advantage of the momentum in the next few matches, you still have to go out in person at the end of that. But up to now, most of your energies have been used to deal with these cases, and thus the progress of your practice is not good."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was startled. "Little Hai, unexpectedly, you actually care so much about my situation… Could it be that because of the recent quarrel you had with your wife that you change your object of affection to me? Unfortunately, I\'m not that kind of person."

Hai Yunfan sighed. "If I really quarreled with Feifei, it must be because you forced me to be your secretary, which cause the husband and wife to separate… Moreover, from the very beginning, it was me who said I\'m not that kind of person, not you! Of course, I know that you always have a plan in mind. But in the Jindan Stage fight, it\'s better to practice for a longer time than for a shorter time. There aren\'t many works that you have to do it yourself here, so you don\'t have to waste too much time here."

"..." Wang Lu was silent for a while and then sighed. "I actually do want to practice in seclusion immediately. But unfortunately, there are actually many things that I have to do here. Don\'t look at the carnival-like atmosphere outside, the situation is actually far from positive. When everyone is celebrating, Luo Xue had beaten two of our people. So from this point of view, we don\'t earn anything today. The next big match is scheduled to take place in two days, but during these two days, there are three minor matches to be played, which previously had been postponed for various reasons and thus could no longer be delayed any longer. Even if we win the big match in two days, it won\'t make up for the deficit in those three minor matches. So the situation is not so gratifying."

Hai Yunfan said, "The situation is not gratifying, but the comprehensive strength of the ancient Earth Immortals is far better than us, and they have been implementing early suppression strategy, so the current situation is not surprising. That\'s the reason we designed the schedule to be the way it is. First, we arranged some weaker contestants to participate in some matches with fewer points. The main force would then take this opportunity to step up their practice and enhance their strength in order to counter-attack in the future. Your latest activity is also to boost morale, and after the morale reaches its peak, then you would blow the counterattack horn thoroughly, sending the main contestants to the arena and win points…. So, is it not normal to lose points now?"

Wang Lu said, "The problem is, those main contestants have already started to compete one after another."

Hai Yunfan was suddenly burst into shock. "What?"

"In fact, in the original plan, I did not intend for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to lose for a month in without winning anything. At that time, the expectation was to try to maintain the situation on the scene, meaning that even if the overall loss is more than win, at least we could still maintain the fighting spirit. Therefore, the main force and the cannon fodder are alternately played. The cannon fodder allows the other party to relax their vigilance, while the main force occasionally takes advantage of the situation to make progress to support the situation. But what happened in the arena was that the first batch of high powered main force was completely suppressed without the power to fight back. No difference than the performance of the cannon fodder, let alone supporting the situation. Did you think I deliberately fished the situation regarding Heavenly Book Building? Although it\'s a good thing to take the opportunity to clean up the bad influence, would it not be better if they could not even have the reason to speak from the beginning?"

Hearing Wang Lu\'s explanation, Hai Yunfan felt a burst of dizziness, feeling inconceivable. During this period, he had been working as Wang Lu\'s secretary, and most of the documents were presented to Wang Lu through his hands. So it could be said that he was the one most clear about Wang Lu\'s plan.

However, he never heard of such an inside story!

"Because my plan works in time. Moreover, I haven\'t had too much confidence in them from the beginning. As soon as I couldn\'t do anything, I immediately change my mind and treated it as a part of the plan. Regarding this, besides a few people such as Supreme He Tu, I have not spoken about it to anyone, let alone put it in written words, so you certainly wouldn\'t know about it. But in a nutshell, I\'ve been dispatching the main force for the past month, and most of them have lost."

Hai Yunfan was silent for a long time.

"In that case, even if you personally end up winning in your Jindan Stage fight in the future, what is the point in rising morale to the top? It just gives a fantasy about victory."

Wang Lu said, "That\'s exactly what I\'m working on now. I\'m reasonably planning the schedule, designing the lineup and try to win even if there\'s only a slight chance to win. This is what I\'m doing and the only thing that I can do."

"... Is there anyone else who could do it beside you?"

"Of course there is, there are a lot of bureaucratic talents among the Elders in the Heavenly Sacred Hall. They could handle some of the routine work, but could I get them to take over now?" Wang Lu smiled and said, "Everyone knows that I\'m the person who presides the work of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. What would you think if someone suddenly takes over my position? Would the just-been-raised morale change?"

Hai Yunfan felt his mind became a bit heavier.

"... Putting on so many problems on a Jindan who has been cultivating for just around thirty years would probably become a disgrace to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

Wang Lu said, "On the contrary, thousands of years later, people would only give praise to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals headed by Supreme He Tu, for knowing his subordinates and assigning them properly. Without any restraint, he chooses the right person in the most critical time."

With that, Wang Lu stood up, stretched up his wrists, and smiled lightly. "Rest assured, although the situation is not positive, since I am here, victory will definitely belong to us."

Hai Yunfan looked at Wang Lu\'s smile, only to see that it was radiant like the sun, especially dazzling.