Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 397 - A certain heart (4)

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Chapter 397: Episode 75 – A certain heart (4)

[Skills are evolving due to Attribute’s evolution.]

[Exclusive skill, ‘Demon Slaying’, is evolving to ‘God Slaying’!]

[Exclusive skill, ‘Hour of Judgement’s’ activation criteria is being modified!]

Jeong Hui-Won looked down at both of her hands, currently covered in the blinding aura. One hand was dyed in the pure-white light, while the other, pitch-black.

[‘Isle of Reincarnators’ is looking at you.]

The ones cheering her on were no longer the Constellations.

[Inhabitants of ‘Isle of Reincarnators’ are looking at you.]

No, it was people she had protected until now.

Demon Kings began glaring at Jeong Hui-Won in utter disbelief.

[….Her Attribute has evolved?]

[Not bad. I see that the scenario has bestowed its grace unto you.]

However, they didn’t seem to be panicking; no matter what, Jeong Hui-Won was still an Incarnation, someone who couldn’t borrow Uriel’s powers or the blessings of <Eden>.

But regardless of all that, she still took a step towards the Demon Kings.

[Exclusive skill, ‘Hour of Judgement’, is activating!]

Haagenti caught onto what she was trying to do and began laughing in derision. [You still haven’t wisened up yet. Doesn’t matter what your Attribute evolves into, the Archangels will never lend their powers to you.]

Skill [Hour of Judgement] needed to borrow Probability from the Absolute Good, so without the permission of the applicable Constellations, it could not be used.

However, a string of strange messages suddenly popped out of nowhere.

[‘Hour of Judgement’ no longer requires the consent of the Constellations on the side of Absolute Good.]

[‘Hour of Judgement’ no longer needs to borrow Probability from the Nebulas on the side of Absolute Good.]

[Constellations on the side of Absolute Good are greatly flustered by Incarnation Jeong Hui-Won’s change.]

“I don’t need to get their stupid consent anymore,” said Jeong Hui-Won, now neither ‘Good’ nor ‘Evil’. “We decide who will be judged from now on.”

Sparks danced wildly around her figure as she gripped the [Sword of Judgement]. Demon King Haagenti took several steps back, almost reflexively, after sensing her suspicious aura.

[What is this…..??]

[Exclusive skill, ‘Hour of Judgement’, is receiving the blessing of <Kim Dok-Ja Company>.]

[Voting rights have been distributed to the members of <Kim Dok-Ja Company>.]

[A portion of the members are unable to participate in the voting.]

[Only the members that can, will participate in the voting.]

And then, the voting began.

[Incarnation, ‘Yi Ji-Hye’, agrees with the judgement.]

[Incarnation, ‘Shin Yu-Seung’, agrees with the judgement.]

[Incarnation, ‘Yi Gil-Yeong’, agrees with the judgement.]

[Incarnation, ‘Jeong Hui-Won’, agrees with the judgement.]

[All members able to participate have agreed with your judgement.]

Jeong Hui-Won looked at the collapsed Yi Hyeon-Seong.- at his cold, unmoving body. This judgement would be for him.


[‘Hour of Judgement’ has activated!]

[Activation time will be curtailed due to an insufficient number of members participating in the vote.]

[Your physical abilities will transcend the scenario’s Probability for the next 4 minutes!]

[All of your Fables will transcend the scenario’s Probability for the next 4 minutes!]

And her blade moved. With a speed that not even Demon Kings could catch, in order to judge the ones she desperately wanted to judge.

At that moment, she thought that everything besides her had come to a standstill.

They referred to themselves as stars, with such low speed?

Haagenti was blinking its eyes in sheer disbelief.

An enormous amount of Probability was spent and sparks exploded forth in the air, perhaps to provide proof of Jeong Hui-Won having judged ‘something’ at this very moment.

[Uh, euh, keok….?]

Haagenti’s heart, cut out from its body, was now palpitating on top of the blade of the [Sword of Judgement].

Jeong Hui-Won was bathed in the spray of the dying Demon King’s blood. She slowly opened her lips. “None of you will return alive.”

She was given four minutes. But, that was plenty enough time for her.

Haagenti’s head flew off along with the rising fountain of blood.

[Demon King, ‘Golden-horned Ox’, has died.]

[Demon King, ‘Golden-horned Ox’, has been defeated in the regional conflict.]

The ‘President of Flames’, Amy, muttered in sheer astonishment. [….Haagenti??]

She exhibited the power capable of killing the 48th-ranked Demon King in one hit. No Demon King alive had seen such a feat achieved by a measly little Incarnation until now.

[But, such insane Probability can’t be allowed….!]

Demon Kings now found themselves in the pit of sheer shock and couldn’t shut their slack jaws.

A tragedy for one side would become a farce for the other.

Reincarnators had been forced back by the overwhelming might of the Demon Kings until then, but now, they began throwing themselves at the miracle taking place right before their eyes.

“Let’s go!”

“We can win this! Let’s join forces!”

“Protect Jeong Hui-Won-nim!”

Demon Kings watched the Reincarnators rushing towards them and roared out in anger.

Jeong Hui-Won had vanished from her spot by then; she reappeared like it was some sort of magic, and the afterimage of her blade shattered Amy’s spear.


The Demon King witnessed its spear of flames that couldn’t be broken by any known object shatter into pieces, and its eyes shot wide open.

And along with its wide-open eyes, Amy’s world came to a crashing end with another single attack.

[Demon King, ‘President of Flames’, has died.]

[Demon King, ‘President of Flames’, has been defeated in the regional conflict.]

It was an obvious result. Even the 48th-ranked Haagenti had died in a single hit, so there was no way that the lower-ranked Amy could withstand Jeong Hui-Won at this stage.

The vigour of the Reincarnators soared even higher, and the fighting spirit seething within the battlefield climbed higher, as well.

Wooung… Wooung….

Jeong Hui-Won ran forward while fighting against the pain severe enough to seemingly burn her eyes. She cut down the pouncing ‘Dark Warriors’, and then cut some more – for the sole aim of taking yet another Demon King’s head.

[Oh, Incarnation, you’re truly naïve. You’re simply borrowing the strength of a single ‘Nebula’, are you not?!]

The master of the 36th Demon World, the ‘Owl with Silver-coloured Claws’, Stolas, might have lacked noticeable combat prowess, but it was still one of the Demon Kings possessing a great pool of knowledge.

It had caught the presence of the ‘Ring of Chaos’ within Jeong Hui-Won’s eyes and cried out loudly. [That is the power of Chaos. A power that is neither ‘Good’ nor ‘Evil’, birthed from the beginning of everything, and originates from outside the scenarios! If you use that power-!!]

“Shut up.”

Jeong Hui-Won jumped up and ripped Stolas’s wings off. The Owl Demon King screeched in pain, and its silver-coloured claws pierced into her thighs and shoulders. Torn flesh flung into the air as the attack that disregarded her own safety continued on; broken Fables sprayed onto the ground like real blood.

However, she paid no heed and wielded her sword. She swung it again and again regardless of whether her innards spilt out or her cheeks were gouged out; her thoughts were dominated by the singular mission of shattering the head of the Demon King before her and to end its life for good.

And so, after the blink of an eye where she swung her sword around fifty or so times, the head of a dead owl could be found in her grip.

[Demon King, ‘Owl with Silver-coloured Claws’, has died.]

[Demon King, ‘Owl with Silver-coloured Claws’, has been defeated in the regional conflict.]

“Pant, pant…..”

She had displayed the combat power capable of slaying three Demon Kings all by herself.

[Many Constellations are astonished by Incarnation Jeong Hui-Won’s strength!]

[Constellations on the side of Absolute Good find Incarnation Jeong Hui-Won to be ominous and unsettling!]

[Constellations on the side of Absolute Evil are scared of Incarnation Jeong Hui-Won!]

Stars of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ had divided the sky, and beyond the divide, there were other gazes looking at her. They belonged to those beings that didn’t hold any prior interest in her.

[Outer Gods are paying attention to Incarnation ‘Jeong Hui-Won’.]

As she was bathed by the numerous gazes of the stars above, Jeong Hui-Won continued to move forward. There were currently two Demon Kings remaining.

[….My apologies, but I don’t enjoy such a situation. So, farewell.]

Those words belong to a certain Demon King who had been reciting a lengthy incantation the moment Jeong Hui-Won had gone through her awakening.

[Demon King, ‘Demon King of Seduction and Infertility’, is leaving the regional conflict after paying an enormous amount of Probability.]

She belatedly threw her blade at the creature, but the ‘Demon King of Seduction and Infertility’ Zepar had already vanished from the spot by then.

She gnashed her teeth and shifted her gaze into the sky.

Now, only one Demon King remained.

[The supposed master of the 16th Demon World running away with his tails between his legs because of a mere Incarnation. How shameful.]

It was the Demon King who murdered Yi Hyeon-Seong, the master of the 8th Demon World, the ‘Merciless Hunter Against the Will of Heavens’, Barbatos.

Even when it had witnessed Jeong Hui-Won’s abnormal feats, Barbatos didn’t try to escape.

[Demon King, ‘Merciless Hunter Against the Will of Heavens’, is unleashing its Status.]

Barbatos was actually able to match Jeong Hui-Won’s speed with [Hour of Judgement] still active. It chose its actions just as quickly as her, and could attack at the same time as her, too.

It fought in an unbelievably skilful and destructive manner; Jeong Hui-Won was getting pushed back little by little.

As if it was enjoying this, Barbatos laughed out. [Your Fable is destructively beautiful.]

As the fight wore on, Jeong Hui-Won gradually realised how truly strong Barbatos was – the Demon King hadn’t been going all out until now.

This was the difference between one’s spent lifetime, something she couldn’t hope to catch up to, no matter what.

Blood poured out from her punctured side. She used the flames of [Hellfire] to singe the wound. Barbatos didn’t miss this opening and kicked her in the stomach.

She vomited out a mouthful of blood and managed to barely force herself back up.

[One minute of ‘Hour of Judgement’ activation time remaining.]

Jeong Hui-Won fixed her grip on the sword, her hand now showing the bones underneath the skin.

‘Is it impossible with the amount of time I’ve lived so far?’

[Blessing from <Kim Dok-Ja Company> has strengthened!]

Something began granting additional power to her in that state.

[Great Fable, ‘Kaixenix Archipelago’, is looking at you.]

It was the history she lived in.

[Constellation, ‘Master of Steel’, is looking at you.]

They were the ones who loved the same thing as her.


Jeong Hui-Won held the sword with both of her hands and defended against Barbatos’s bayonet attacks.

Bayonet fighting – a man she knew was also proficient in it.

⸢You usually yell out louder and louder the harder it gets in the military. After I yell out every morning, I get that feeling that I will be able to endure the rest of the day somehow.⸥


Jeong Hui-Won yelled out exactly like Yi Hyeon-Seong. Barbatos’s bayonet pierced into her waist, but she gripped the weapon tighter so that it wouldn’t get pulled out. Along with the sound, “Pu-ook!” the bayonet penetrated even deeper into her waist. Even then, she took another step forward.

⸢….Even I start things without a plan sometimes. It’s not like I’ve calculated everything beforehand, you know.⸥

She summoned forth her courage like Kim Dok-Ja, and….

⸢You shouldn’t be wielding it like that.⸥

….And, swung her sword exactly like Yu Jung-Hyeok.


[Sword of Judgement] sliced into a part of Barbatos’s forearm.


The Demon King saw the fragments of Fables dyed in crimson hue explode forth, and its brows quivered greatly.

In that moment, she thought she could hear Han Su-Yeong’s laughter.

⸢You know this too, right? The last one to laugh is the winner.⸥

Jeong Hui-Won spoke, exactly like how Ha Su-Yeong would’ve done. “If you want my bones, I shall give them to you. If you want my heart, then I will gladly hand it over.”

Her attitude of not caring about what kind of attacks her body had received; her method of fighting, solely focused on destroying her opponent.

“However, you will have to risk half of all your Fables.”

All facets of the Fables she had pushed to their absolute limits began glowing brightly now.

Barbatos fell into a fluster and backed away while firing a barrage of [Star Destruction Bullets]. However, she easily evaded them all. The bullets simply couldn’t match her speed as she grew faster and faster. The storm of Probability’s aftermath was slowly rushing in to arrest her entire body.

Her hair began to turn snow-white, the price to pay for exceeding her own Status. Even then, she didn’t back down.

All she wished for was to kill this Demon King.

Jeong Hui-Won’s blade flashed like a ray of light and sliced Barbatos’s left wrist off.

It couldn’t hold onto its rifle anymore and the Demon King spat out a pained groan. It then quickly hopped onto the deck of the battleship it brought to the battlefield earlier.

[I shall destroy you. I won’t even leave behind any trace of you.]

Barbatos’s battleship began advancing forward as it emitted chilling blue light. Jeong Hui-Won watched all this unfold as a smile floated up onto her lips.

The fact that it judged fighting her without borrowing the power of that [Fable Weapon] was impossible, now that was exactly the same as admitting its own defeat.

The Demon King must’ve realised it as well, because rage was filling up its expression now.

[Be gone.]

Jeong Hui-Won stabbed her sword into the ground and stood tall. If it was possible, she’d like to destroy that ship, too.

[Activation duration of ‘Hour of Judgement’ has ended.]

Unfortunately, she no longer had any time left.

The battleship’s eagle statue dyed in the greenish hue, and its cannons began spitting out flames next, seemingly with enough might to sweep away the entirety of this regional conflict region.

Jeong Hui-Won pulled Yi Hyeon-Seong’s sagging body closer and hugged it.


I really did my best.

I don’t have a single regret left now.

I was not wrong.

Even if my scenario comes to an end in this place….

….I have lived this moment the way it’s supposed to be.

The once-lethargic perception speed gradually reverted back to how it was. She didn’t turn her gaze away from the battlefield and continued to stare at the magic shells raining down.

Sadly, though, her vision continued to grow fuzzier and she couldn’t see.

Without a doubt, she had poured everything out, yet why were tears coming out only now?

As her vision grew blurrier, she began crying in great indignation.

How could she not have any regrets?

“…Why is everyone from our Nebula like this??”

Someone suddenly spoke out in a loud ringing voice.

[Constellation, ‘Maritime War God’, is furious!]

Jeong Hui-Won was stunned by the indirect message coming from a familiar Constellation and quickly wiped her eyes away. Since she hadn’t closed them, she was able to see the miracle taking place right before her.


A battleship even larger than Barbatos’s was now dominating the entire sky above the battlefield.

[Someone has joined the 117th regional conflict!]

The ship had a turtle-like back made out of futuristic metal. And three people she loved so much were riding on top of its figurehead.


With excellent timing, Barbatos’s bullet flew in. Jeong Hui-Won reached out with her hand in great urgency and called out.

“Avoid it!!”

Her cries were buried under the loud cannon fires.

She plopped down to the ground as the ripples from the explosion swallowed up the whole battlefield.

On the spot where the thick smoke dissipated, the battleship stood proudly with nary a single scratch.

[Influence of <Kim Dok-Ja Company> in the applicable scenario has strengthened even further.]

Yi Ji-Hye and the kids revealed themselves as the smoke of the battlefield abated.

With a perfectly-still expression, Yi Ji-Hye raised her sword.

“Load the cannons.”

<Episode 75: A certain heart (4)> Fin.