Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 208 - Unidentified Wall (5)

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Chapter 208: Episode 39 – Unidentified Wall (5)

There was the sound of a blade penetrating the heart and the last man fell.

“K-Kuock… d-dog…”

He tried to squeeze out a curse but the man’s mouth was crushed by the woman’s foot. He was the last man.

Han Sooyoung looked around the office that had become a bloodbath. “…I barely killed them all. At any rate, the adaptation of the Korean people is dirty and fast.”

This was the home of ‘Law of the Jungle’, an incarnation club of Gyeonggi Province. As soon as the scenario started, they chose a useful sponsor and turned themselves into a criminal group. They were those who refused the control of the government. If she didn’t kill them now, they would become a cancer of the Korean Peninsula. According to the original novel, they were bound to be such people.

“Damn Kim Dokja.” She started cursing but didn’t feel any better. Thus, Han Sooyoung added one more thing. “Bastard Yoo Jonghyuk.”

She thought of the two people who went their own separate ways and Han Sooyoung felt like an abandoned food processor.

“Dammit. Kim Dokja has a reason but what’s wrong with Yoo Jonghyuk?”

The moment that Yoo Jonghyuk left Seoul Dome, he continued to do things that weren’t in the original third regression. He stayed alone in a room, talked to himself and then threw the Korean Peninsula scenarios away for the personal scenarios…

Thanks to this, cleaning up the remnants were left entirely to Han Sooyoung.

“What is he thinking… Shit…”

In any case, she was currently the last person who read Ways of Survival. Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk weren’t present, leaving her the only one responsible for the Korean Peninsula.

She sighed and quietly left the scene of slaughter. “Ah, what a surprise. What are you doing here?”

There was a woman waiting for her at the office doorway. The woman wore a combat uniform that clung to her body and her hair flowed around her in a cool manner. As if conscious of the body that was revealed, she wore a wide coat on her shoulders. It was a refreshing but very beautiful face.

Well, this was what the media stated.

Han Sooyoung wondered, “I thought you were busy with TV these days. Isn’t this the case?”

Han Sooyoung stared at Yoo Sangah with a slightly unfriendly look. Yoo Sangah moved away from the wall she was leaning on and looked down at Han Sooyoung. There was a slight difference in their heights.

There was a moment of confrontation before Yoo Sangah opened her mouth with a brief sigh. “…How long are you going to act this way?”


“You can’t kill all of them just because law and order is gone.”

Han Sooyoung was too lazy to explain and just waved her hands. Yoo Sangah didn’t know. What type of people belonged to Law of the Jungle? In addition, she didn’t know what they would do.

She didn’t know which was why she could argue with such childish justice.

“They are the ones who will do something wrong in the future.”

“However, you didn’t give them a chance.”

“It has already been determined. You don’t know anything.” Han Sooyoung replied while passing by Yoo Sangah.

She couldn’t share the future. The information that many people knew would become less valuable and would change the future. Kim Dokja would’ve probably done the same thing. So…

“Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World.”

Han Sooyoung instantly stopped walking at Yoo Sangah’s words.

“Isn’t that the book the prophets call the Revelation?”

“…You must’ve heard something funny.”

“Did you read it?”

Han Sooyoung bit her lips before opening her mouth. “You don’t need to know.”

“The constellations seem to have no idea about this book.”

The story had slowly spread so it wasn’t strange. Some of the readers were outside Seoul Dome and there were also the rumours that the prophets had leaked. Yoo Sangah also knew that she was the First Apostle.

“Did Kim Dokja read it?” That’s how he knows the information of the future.”

“Who knows?”

It was an uncomfortable topic. Han Sooyoung pulled out a dagger. The information about Ways of Survival was filtered but she didn’t know how long it would continue. Thus, she had to reduce the number of mouths…

“Why did he do that?”

Han Sooyoung turned her head at the sudden sad tone.

“Why did Dokja-ssi make such a choice even though he knows the future?”

Han Sooyoung looked at Yoo Sangah’s face and seemed to know why she came. Han Sooyoung stared quietly at Yoo Sangah’s face. She had been an ordinary office worker before the scenarios started.

‘She was in the same company as Kim Dokja.’

Why? Han Sooyoung suddenly felt hot. “Everybody talks about Kim Dokja everywhere I go. They don’t know anything about Kim Dokja.”

Han Sooyoung took short breaths as a terrible voice flowed out. Without knowing why she was so angry, Han Sooyoung cried out. “He is a selfish bastard. He only thinks about himself from beginning to end.”


“The person who fooled people to the end, lied and disappeared as a hypocrite, what do you know about him? You don’t even know if he is dead or alive.”

A fleeting scene ran through her head. It was Kim Dokja’s eyes looking at her in the tenth scenario. It was that damn expression that made her pull out her knife first.

“No, he can’t be dead. I’m sure he is alive and living well in another story.”

“Do you really think so?”

“You don’t know Kim Dokja.”

There was a deep sense of self-deprecation in her cold tone. Nobody knew Kim Dokja, including Han Sooyoung herself. Yet Yoo Sangah’s answer was different. “No, I know.”


“A person doesn’t change so suddenly.” Yoo Sangah’s voice was calm. “The scenarios started and for a while, Dokja-ssi was like a different person. A man who could calm down in front of life-threatening situations and kill unknown beasts without hesitation. He was different from the Kim Dokja I knew.”

“You probably didn’t know Kim Dokja very well.”

“Even so, Dokja-ssi is still Dokja-ssi.”

Han Sooyoung closed her mouth.

“A person who likes reading books rather than building up his specs. His presentation abilities aren’t good but he will listen to someone else’s presentation…”

That Kim Dokja was different from the one Han Sooyoung knew. The person who knew Kim Dokja was talking.

“Thus, he was obviously lonely.”

Somewhere in front of her, Kim Dokja seemed to be making a face. In a world with no one… Kim Dokja might be looking at the sky alone in a world that no one knew.

“Han Sooyoung-ssi. I have to go and rescue Dokja-ssi.”

Han Sooyoung saw her determination and felt somehow defeated.

‘You are a lucky person, Kim Dokja. People are worrying about you.’

Han Sooyoung was about to open her mouth when a message was heard in the air.

[A new main scenario has started!]

“Son of a bitch.”

The Great Hall was opening in the air. The cries of monsters were heard from somewhere. The surprised Yoo Sangah and Han Sooyoung stood back to back. A giant monster was swooping down through the Great Hall. Then the dokkaebi’s voice was heard.

[The wave pattern is obvious and very slow, but I put it in because people seem to be too free these days!]

Yoo Sangah frowned at the sudden emergence of a situation and frowned. “…Was this the original content?”

“I don’t know. I don’t remember everything.”

This was why she didn’t want to do it alone. She knew the future but the information she knew was about flimsy things. Kim Dokja knew many rounds and Yoo Jonghyuk who made it through the rounds might be able to make a breakthrough but not Han Sooyoung.

The giant serpent flew through the dark clouds and landed on the ground. Every time the long tail swept over the ground, the high-rise buildings collapsed.

This was a third grade strange dragon species, the Kragagon. It was the name of the monster who descended as a disaster in the 12th scenario.

‘How do we beat that?’

Han Sooyoung tried hard to recall the contents of the original novel but no matter how she thought about it, a strategy didn’t pop up. Then the only way left was a full-scale battle. Fortunately, there was Yoo Sangah right next to her. They weren’t colleagues but it was better than nothing.

[The stigma ‘Black Flames Lv. 6’ has been activated!]

She focused her magic power on her dagger while activating the skills of the weapon.

[The third grade strange dragon species ‘Kragagon’ has defended against the attack using ‘Fire Resistance.’]

[The third grade strange dragon species ‘Kragagon’ has defended against the attack using ‘Shadow Resistance.’

“Ahh, you are no help against a damn lizard!”

The enemy had fire and dark resistance so Han Sooyoung’s skills didn’t affect it at all. The attacks just seemed to tickle and annoy the strange dragon.

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is gloomy.]

She looked around and Yoo Sangah’s situation didn’t seem much better. Han Sooyoung thought to herself, If only she had inherited the story of the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon…

‘Dammit, how do I inherit that damn story?’

Han Sooyoung’s expression darkened as she looked at the group of incoming strange dragons. If that jerk Kim Dokja was here, he could’ve told her what to do.

It was at this moment.

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ tell you that if you want, he can you tell their weakness.]

“…You know their weakness?”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is nodding.]

“Don’t make a fool of yourself. You don’t know much about the scenarios.”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is jumping around wildly.]

Han Sooyoung listened to the black dragon’s childish message and inwardly sighed. ‘That brat Kim Dokja, he must’ve laughed at me when I chose the black dragon?’

The Abyssal Black Flame Dragon was clearly a powerful constellation. However, his intelligence was much lower compared to other constellations. Why? This guy was too strong since his birth and didn’t need much strategy to attack the scenarios. It was cool to hear but it wasn’t good from the position of his incarnation.

However, this time something was different.

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ says that the kragagon’s weakness is the silver scale on top of its head.]

“Really? Last time you told me the wrong thing.”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ claims on his black flame dragon that this is real.]

“You said that last time as well.”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ claims this story was told by a reliable source.]

“Reliable source?”

Since there was no other method, Han Sooyoung decided to follow the words of the black flame dragon. Han Sooyoung jumped onto the strange dragon’s tail and used footwork to run up. She crossed the streamlined body. She really saw a silver scale near the crown of his head.


The dagger dug into the scale and the kragagon collapsed with a terrible scream. The breath of the giant monster stopped in an instant. Han Sooyoung was stunned and muttered, “…Really? Aren’t you quite useful?”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is puffing up his chest with a triumphant expression.]

Yoo Sangah flew through the air and said,

“Do you know its weakness?”

“No, not me… in any case, the silver scale is its weakness. That’s all you have to attack.”

Thanks to the information given by the black dragon, the two of them safely suppressed the kragagons.

[The constellation ‘Bald General of Justice’ admires your performance.]

Han Sooyoung received the messages of the constellations and slightly frowned. Usually it would be a pleasant situation but today something was wrong. She always felt like this when she was teased by Kim Dokja. At this moment, something ran through her head.

“Hey, black flame dragon.”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is surprised and looks at his incarnation.]

“…Tell me honestly. Who did you hear this from?”


[The third Night has arrived.]

I listened to the message and recalled what happened a while ago. He really did as I told him. Just like Kim Namwoon, perhaps the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon wasn’t as bad as I knew. Either way, he was Han Sooyoung’s sponsor.

Thus, it was okay to tell him this.

‘I am safe, don’t worry.’ Tell this to the person who asked.


I had to endure this. Endure it now so I could smile and meet them again. I quietly moved through the Night.


Screams came from everyone. It wound the sound that signalled the executioners appearing.

It was bloody from the beginning. Maybe it would be a terrible Night that couldn’t be compared to the other two days. I killed three executioner so tonight they would come full force.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t afraid. Starting from tonight, I would start the counterattack.

“Jang Hayoung.”

Jang Hayoung walked forward at my words. He was very tense but it wasn’t the same expression as before. Jang Hayoung asked, “Can I do well?”

“No one can do it better than you.”

“…Do you really think so? I only learnt the skill two hours ago.”

“Two hours is enough.”

I spoke with confidence. It wasn’t just to reassure Jang Hayoung.

「 “Who is the most perfect incarnation?” 」

One day, the flippant commentators of the Star Stream discussed this topic.

「 “The strongest incarnation in a one on one fight is definitely Yoo Jonghyuk. There is no one who can fight as well as him.” 」

「 “No one can beat Anna Croft when it comes to information.” 」

「 “How about Lee Hyunsung? He is the best tanker.” 」

「 “It is Ranveer Khan in major wars.” 」

Jang Hayoung’s name wasn’t mentioned at all. He was inferior to Yoo Jonghyuk in a one on one fight. He had less information than Anna Croft. His defense wasn’t better than Lee Hyunsung. He wasn’t as effective as Ranveer Khan in a major war. However…

「 “The most perfect incarnation is someone who must do well in everything.” 」

「 “Then it has been decided.” 」

He had more defense than Yoo Jonghyuk. He was better in a one on one fight than Anna Croft. He was better in a large war than Lee Hyunsung. He was an outstanding presence was more information than Ranveer Khan.

[The character ‘Jang Hayoung’ has used Fighter Transformation Lv. 9.]

「 “Jang Hayoung is the most perfect incarnation.” 」

Jang Hayoung’s body moved in a burning curve and painted the sky red. He wasn’t exceptional in one area but he had the most attributes and skills of everyone in Ways of Survival.

The moment he acquired a skill, he had the ability to reach the highest level of the skill sooner than anyone else.

The master of the Unidentified Wall, the ‘King of Transcendents’ Jang Hayoung. The second part of Ways of Survival began with this guy.