Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 148 - Constellation Banquet (3)

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Chapter 148: Episode 29 – Constellation Banquet (3)

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

He stood at the entrance of the banquet hall. If I was right, he was one of the high level constellations who supported me since the beginning of the scenarios.

「There was a mischievous look on the face covered with white-gold hair. One of the most powerful authorities who was imprisoned in the smallest prison of the world. I was unable to breath as soon as I encountered the noble self and piercing eyes. 」

This was the description from Ways of Survival. I watched in a spellbound manner. This was a top presence located at the top of Ways of Survival. I ignored the housekeeper and ran inside. “The Great Sage the Equal of Heaven!”

However, the laughing Great Sage the Equal of Heaven disappeared in front of my eyes. He was like smoke. It was as if he was telling me I wasn’t qualified to meet him yet.

…A clone?

My hand fell in a dejected manner but the situation wasn’t over. I suddenly called out the name of the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven, making the constellations on the first floor of the banquet hall pay attention to me.

[Who is that person?]

An incarnation called the nickname of a particular constellation. Most of the constellation didn’t have great expressions. Gazes focused on me from all over the banquet hall.

[An incarnation?]

[What? Who is that incarnation?]

Countless gazes gathered, the atmosphere was heating up and I was so stiff that I couldn’t move. My mind became blank and I couldn’t tell who was looking at me.

I thought I could hold on after hearing the constellation’s true voices. However, it was clearly the influence of Fourth Wall. Just their gazes made me like this.

Now I realized. I was the only existence in this banquet hall who wasn’t a constellation. I finally stood before the constellations.

“Now now, please calm down. There was a mistake so I will be taking this friend for a bit.” I heard a familiar voice and somebody lifted my stiff body and moved it somewhere. As I left the banquet hall and entered the banquet, the hell was over and I barely managed to breathe.

“…Why would you come here alone?”

I turned and saw a familiar figure floating in the air. “Bihyung?”

“Yes, it’s me. The Queen of Night said she would send an envoy. Didn’t they come with you? Why are you wandering around alone in this place? Do you want to go to hell?”

“There were circumstances.”

“Hey, is that the problem now? This isn’t the scenario area! If you make a mistake then it is the end! This place…”

“It is a place where there are people who can kill humans with their eyes like we are bugs.”

I know. I understood. That’s why I came here.

Bihyung pouted like he wasn’t satisfied and took me somewhere. “I’ll take you to the waiting room. Rest there for a while. There is a screen in the waiting room that you can watch. Be sure to take a look. Do you understand?”

There must be something based on the way Bihyung was acting. Not long afterwards, we arrived at the waiting room. By the way, the sign in front of the waiting room was very strange.

“…Incarnation waiting room? There was something like this?

“Do you think you are the only incarnation? Of course, you are the only one who came here alone.”

The door opened and I saw an unexpected figure. He spoke first. “…Kim Dokja?”

I looked at him with a blank expression and waved awkwardly. “…Yoo Jonghyuk.”


The constellation banquet was frequently mentioned in Ways of Survival.

It was the place Yoo Jonghyuk usually came to whenever he used ‘regression.’ It was natural for Yoo Jonghyuk to be included on the invitation list. I didn’t know who was invited this time but this person would try to form a relationship with the narrative grade constellations…

The constellation banquet was a joint event with several countries. There was the Seoul Dome, Washington Dome, Moscow Dome and New Delhi Dome.

Perhaps the bureau had held a performance presentation to select the best performing domes. Once I saw the list of participating countries… it was similar to Yoo Jonghyuk’s 24th regression. There were separate incarnations for each country in the waiting room.

Yoo Jonghyuk asked me, “Why are you here?”

“Probably a similar reason to you.”

“When will you revive?”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“The others are worried.”

“I’m sorry.”

I felt somewhat uneasy as I had a conversation with Yoo Jonghyuk. His fists were clenched tightly like he was angry. I suspected that he might have anger control issues these days.

I sat in the chair next to Yoo Jonghyuk and watched the scene playing on the large screen in front of me. There was an intermediate dokkaebi promotion ad playing on the screen.

-Thank you to all the constellations and dokkaebis who have given me the glory of the story…

It was an interview with the representative of the low-grade dokkaebis, Bihyung. That bastard, this was why he told me to watch.

-Half of the glory is actually due to an incarnation working hard in my channel. Maybe he is a friend that you know. I’ll give half this joy to the incarnation!

I felt uncomfortable at the shameless words.

The surrounding incarnations were looking this way so I turned my attention away. Then Bihyung took out a golden egg and raised it up to the sky. I immediately recognized what it was.

-The other half will be given to this child who will be born!

It was the egg where the soul of Shin Yoosung was sleeping. Fortunately, it seemed to be growing well.

“Don’t tell me, did you…?” Yoo Jonghyuk used Sage’s Eyes as he looked between me and Bihyung’s egg with a shocked expression.

I spoke an excuse. “It was the only way.”

“Do you know what you did?”

“I know.”

“If you do this, Shin Yoosung…!”

I knew what Yoo Jonghyuk was worried about. The person who had been suffering from the ‘story’ for so long was now the subject producing the tragedy. I didn’t have to say that Yoo Jonghyuk knew how painful this was.

I told him, “If she is born as a dokkaebi, at least she will never die. The bureau is the safest place until the Star Stream is destroyed.”

Of course, this wasn’t the only reason. Still, I couldn’t tell him all my reasons for making Shin Yoosung a dokkaebi. Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes met mine. It felt like he would pull out his sword and cut me to pieces right here.

“Perhaps… are you Kim Dokja?” The voice that interrupted us caused the tense atmosphere to disappear. I turned and saw a beautiful mixed-race woman. She had wavy brown hair and gentle brown eyes. Her smile was especially beautiful.

“That’s correct. Do you know me?”

“Oh… a little bit. I have heard stories.”

It was great. I couldn’t believe this woman came to talk to me first.

“Nice to meet you, Selena Kim.”

“Do you know me?”

“Aren’t you the representative of the United States? I’ve heard it before.”

Of course, I didn’t really hear it. I just knew her.

[The exclusive skill ‘Character List’ is activated!]

[Only randomly specified items will be displayed for the user’s convenience.]


[Character List Summary]

Character: Selena Kim

Private Attribute: Animal Lover (Rare) King’s Guardian (Hero)

Constellation Sponsor: Ender of Wars


Selena Kim from the Washington Dome.

She was a member of Anna Croft’s Chalatustra and one of the strongest 100 women in Ways of Survival. The King of No Killing was an attribute that originally belonged to this woman. Unfortunately, she had acquired another attribute because I took it first…

I asked, “Anna Croft didn’t come?”

“…You know Anna?”

“I’ve met her in a dream the other day.”

“She wanted to come. If she knew you were coming, she would’ve come.”

Of course, then the situation would become more complicated. Why? It was due to this guy.

“Tell that girl to take good care of her neck.”

“…You are the same as Anna told me, Yoo Jonghyuk.”

The reason Anna didn’t come here was due to Yoo Jonghyuk. In the last regression, Yoo Jonghyuk was betrayed by Anna Croft. Anna would’ve seen what she did to Yoo Jonghyuk. Thus, it was natural that she didn’t come here.

“There is a very ugly person on the Korean side. Are you the representative of South Korea?” I looked back and saw that it was Russia’s representative who spoke this time.

“Iris, that’s rude. It is a bad habit to evaluate others based on appearance.”

“I said he is ugly because he is ugly. Honesty is a virtue in Moscow.”

White blond hair with pure white skin. The little girl had her hair up in twin ponytails.

I knew who had come from Moscow. However, I pretended not to know. This girl was one of the people I hated in Ways of Survival. I deliberately asked her, “Who are you?”

“…Don’t you know? You don’t know me, Iris Vladimirovna Rebezova?”

“Should I know you?’

Selena Kim intervened. “Dokja-ssi, I will introduce you. This is Iris. She is a representative from Russia. In Russia, she is called the ‘Full Body Red Square.’

“Ahem, that is me.”

I nodded. I wanted to say something about the ostentatious nickname but I stopped because it would cause trouble.

Selena Kim continued speaking, “Iris, this is Kim Dokja. He is from South Korea and his nickname… I-I’m sorry, I don’t know Dokja-ssi’s nickname…”

Then Yoo Jonghyuk opened his mouth. “This nickname is…”

I hurriedly interrupted. “I don’t have a nickname yet.”

A ridiculing laugh emerged from Iris’ mouth. “A person came here without a nickname?”

I had one but it was disgusting.

“I don’t know why you are qualified to be here but you better be good.”

As the Russia representative showed a fighting spirit, Yoo Jonghyuk moved forward. Perhaps she felt the huge strength of Yoo Jonghyuk. Iris took a half step back.

“Don’t interfere. This is better me and that ugly guy.” Despite Iris’ warning, Yoo Jonghyuk kept staring at her.

Well done. If you want to slap someone then do it to Yoo Jonghyuk. In the end, Iris bit her lips and retreated. “Well, I don’t know what trivial upper grade constellation brought you here to take their story but… let’s just leave it.”

…Take the story of a upper grade constellation? This girl was somewhat cute. That reminded me, there was something about the ‘Story Succession’ at the constellation banquet. Perhaps this was what Iris was alluding to.

Knock knock.

The door of the waiting room open and a low-grade dokkaebi appeared. “Incarnations. We will be holding the ‘Story Succession’ soon. A place has been temporarily set up on the first floor of the banquet hall. For reference, the first floor is only for the upper grade constellations.”

[Story Succession.]

It wasn’t only through Sponsor Selection that the constellations could influence the incarnations. Despite not being their sponsor, an incarnation could build up strength by inheriting the story of other constellations and showing examples of the story. By widely announcing the story, the constellations broadened their power. This was good for both incarnation and constellation.

We walked to the banquet hall one by one. The first one to enter was Selena Kim.

[Selena Kim! King’s Guardian!]

I’ve been watching your good performance!]

Unlike before, the reaction of the constellations were favourable. Maybe it was because they met their favourite incarnations. It was like meeting their favourite celebrity.

Then it was Iris’ turn. She walked past the constellations and waved lightly like she was giving them fan service.

[Iris! The Red Square kid!]

[Hahaha! Cute.]

[Isn’t it exactly the same as what I saw on the screen?]

She stood in her place and stared at me. She seemed to be saying to me, 「 Did you see? 」

…So what? It was soon my turn.

I walked into the banquet hall and the pressure of the gazes poured towards me again. This time, I could endure it. Maybe because I had experienced it once before or because the gazes contained a different feeling.

However, the reaction of the constellations was strange. The heated atmosphere was quiet, as if cold water had been poured on it.

…Perhaps I wasn’t popular? Iris seemed to be laughing at me.

Then someone opened his mouth.

[…That person. He is Kim Dokja of the Korean Peninsula.]

[Kim Dokja? That Kim Dokja?]

The chatter started again. It was a completely different reaction from the previous incarnations.

[Kim Dokja! That guy is Kim Dokja.]

[Kim Dojega! Kim Dojega!]

[The King of a Kingless World!]

The voices of the constellations rose every time I took a step.

[He who opposes the enemy!]

It was like a wildfire spread throughout the hall as the voices continued.

[Hey, do you remember me? The Bald General of Justice!]

[Kim Dokja! I’m King Heungmu the Great!]

I silently walked through the middle of the banquet hall.

[I saw Peace Land very well! Child, can you say something?]

[Hey! Wave your hand over here! I sponsored you 3,000 coins!]

[You came! Kim Dokja!]

[Isn’t he better than what we watched?]

The whole banquet hall seemed to be a vast melting pot as the constellations forgot their dignity. Their souls seemed to be ripening so I was forced to raise my hand towards them and waved. Then chaos exploded among the constellations.

[Handsome Kim Dokja!]

Iris was looking this way with a dismayed expression. However, I didn’t see her. I didn’t come here to play.

The scenario footage was covering the ceiling and walls. Incarnations were screaming and dying while the constellations laughed as they watched.

I saw this and once again realized what this place was. It was where all human tragedies became dinner.

I looked up at the second floor of the banquet hall. Unlike the ridiculous first floor constellations, an ominous silence came from the constellations on the second floor. They were constellations who each shone with a fearsome presence.

They were the real enemies I had to fight.