Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 121 - Things that Can Be Changed (1)

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Chapter 121: Episode 24 – Things that Can Be Changed (1)

Soon afterwards, the plains became stained with blood from the battle. No, it couldn’t be called a battle.

Internal organs flowed from the torn flesh of the small people. Every time the Japanese moved, the small people were trampled on.


“S-Save me! Save me!”

It might be a small scream but the weight of life was the same. They were small in size but they had a normal life like the humans on Earth until the scenarios arrived. People ate, worked and lived an ordinary life with their family…

The familiar scenes from Earth overlapped with the corpses of the fallen small people.

The Japanese incarnations shouted. “Hahaha! This is what it feels like!”

Perhaps Xun Kuang should’ve been born in this age. It was an age where evidence that human nature was fundamentally evil was everywhere.

The victims who were slaughtered by someone immediately turned into the perpetrators when provided power and rewards. Maybe they were even worse because they had been hit once.

Shin Yoosung asked me, “…How can they do this?”

Perhaps it wasn’t a question that she was really curious about. She already knew the answer to the question. I placed a hand on Shin Yoosung’s shoulder without a word. Shin Yoosung’s shoulders shook like a person carrying a heavy burden.

“This is too much…!”

Gain coins, gain new items, gain skills and become stronger. People didn’t know a way to live a bit longer in this world. That’s why all survivors understood other survivors. Some survivors lived in shame because they understood it.

“D-Disaster…” A small person crawled towards our feet. “P-Please, mercy…”

The power that went beyond common sense evoked fear and awe. For the inhabitants of Peace Land, humans were both gods and disasters.

I bent over and extended a finger to the small person. His hand reached out towards this finger. There were rough breathing sounds as the small person came into contact with the tip of my finger.

A strange joy filled the face of the small person at the moment of his final breath. It was as if he touched a god and received salvation.

[Perform the duties of a disaster.]

Now we had to kill these small people. I felt Shin Yoosung emitting a boiling magic power next to me. I was afraid she would immediately rush to the Japanese people but her killing intent was directed in a very rational direction. “That… that guy made this scenario?”

It was the intermediate dokkaebi. Unlike low-grade dokkaebis, a graceful looking dokkaebi was effortlessly floating in the air with crossed arms. It wasn’t Paul who was taken to the bureau. He would be melting in the heat of Hell right now.

I remembered the text of Ways of Survival that I read beforehand.

「 The intermediate dokkaebi of the Abandoned World scenario. His name is Ganul. 」

The intermediate dokkaebi Ganul said.

[As expected, the 3rd quota players of Japan Dome are hot from the beginning. I hope you will make a lot of coins on Peace Land.]

It was the third quota…

As expected, the scenario of Japan Dome was very hard.

“Haha, this is the best! This is the reason why the first and second quota people ran so quickly.”

“Do you see the coins coming in right now? Isn’t this a completely free scenario?”

[Many constellations are excited.]

[Some constellations want to see 10 small people being killed at the same time.]

Anger soon filled the face of Shin Yoosung.

“It is because of these bastards…!”

However, there was no place for her rage to go. The constellations were on top of the Star Stream. They weren’t someone that Shin Yoosung who was only an ‘incarnation’ could face. That’s why all we could do was find a scapegoat to pour out this anger towards.

“Hahaha, 10 at once! I will kill you first!”

I couldn’t find any traces of reason in the eyes of the Japanese people joyfully wielding their swords. In their eyes, the small people probably looked like living coins.

“Ahjussi, this…!”

Then a heavily armed small person walked out of the troops. He seemed to be the commander of this army.

“Glory to Kal-Seiviah!”

The commander of the army raised his sword and bravely rushed towards the disaster. The Japanese people seemed annoyed and swung their swords.

Surprisingly, the small person escaped with swift movements. The surprised Japanese incarnation cried out. “W-What?”

The commander ran along the blade and succeeded in stabbing the back of the Japanese person’s hand for the first time. It was a great combat power. The startled Japanese person waved his arms to shake off the small person.

“Dammit! It hurts!”

The small person screamed as he was thrown onto the plains. The other Japanese people laughed like it was interesting.

“There is a pretty brave person?”

It was almost as if there hadn’t been a successful blow but there was a faint smile on the face of the small person who succeeded. There was a small scratch on the back of the Japanese person’s hand, as if he had been stabbed by a needle.

“L-Look! A disaster is bleeding!”


It was one drop of blood. This drop of blood was a miracle to the small people. They could also kill a disaster. The gods were bleeding. It was only one drop but it taught the small people.

“We can do it! Attack! Just a bit more!”

The small people stopped fleeing and started running towards the disaster.

“What is this all of a sudden?”

“Go away! You worms!”

The small people swung swords smaller than toothpicks at the Japanese people. The useless arrows filled the air and the cavalry maintained their formation without giving up, driving their lances towards the feet of the Japanese. There was still no damage but the small people didn’t give up.

Shin Yoosung watched the scene with her hands clasped tightly together. Then an indirect message was heard.

[A small planet’s constellation is supporting the incarnation ‘Gillemium.’]

The constellation of a small planet. A constellation that was born on a small planet and grew on the beliefs of the small humans.

[A small planet’s constellation has sponsored 10 coins to the incarnation ‘Gillemium.’]

Perhaps the incarnation called ‘Gillemium’ was the name of the small person who hurt the Japanese for the first time.


All of the small people were excited, as if they could win if they attacked a bit more. At least, until the voice of the intermediate dokkaebi was heard.

[This situation is fun. Isn’t it more exciting with resistance?]

The dokkaebi Ganul laughed as if to ridicule the resistance of the small people. It was a strange laugh.

[The bigger the despair, the darker the story.]

A black aura emerged from the bodies of the Japanese incarnations. The small people realized that something was wrong and stopped attacking.

[Now part of the disaster penalty is lifted. If you choose the path of ‘evil’, you can get additional buffs.]

The Japanese people looked down at their bodies and frowned. “Why do we need this?”

“This game is already too easy… This will make the fun vanish.”

[This is also easy. Think of it as a game to relieve stress.]

“Well, if you say so…”

The Japanese people chuckled and didn’t hesitate. A strong magic power filled the Japanese people. Based on their stigma, they seemed to have a samurai sponsor. I didn’t think they were famous…

[Some of the probability constraints on the disaster have been lifted.]

[The synchronization with the disasters and sponsors will increase for a period of time.

[The lacking probability will be paid by the Star Stream’s bureau.]

The ground was crushed and blood splattered from over a hundred of the small people. It was a considerable destructive power. However, from the viewpoint of the small people…

…No, it would be surprising for the small children. In front of these disasters, several small people urinated while others fell unconscious. The small people stared blankly at the disaster, as if they had forgotten how to scream.

“Ah, ahh… Uwah…”

The small people holding weapons knelt down. Even the commander who first hurt the Japanese people dropped his sword onto the ground. The eyes filled with courage were now completely broken.

「 We can’t win. 」

「 Our planet, now… 」

This form of despair was familiar, making it painful to see.

[The small planet’s constellation has discovered you.]

Then a message was heard.

[The small planet’s constellation is looking at you with pathetic eyes.]

[The small planet’s constellation is expecting your compassion for a small planet.]

[The small planet’s constellation is looking hopefully at you.]

[A small planet’s constellation has sponsored you 10 coins.]

I frowned and looked up at the sky.

[You have returned the sponsored 10 coins.]

Then the messages continued.

[The small planet’s constellation is embarrassed.]

[The small planet’s constellation has turned red with shame.]

It was a misunderstanding. The constellation thought I wasn’t moving because 10 coins was too small. However, this idea was wrong.

I spoke in a small voice towards the air. ‘If you are really thinking about your planet then don’t do that.’

[The small planet’s constellation is embarrassed.]

‘Don’t make your planet a story to sell for money.’

[The small planet’s constellation is silent.]

In the distance, the second Japanese attack was coming. It would surely wipe out the remaining small people.

Shin Yoosung declared, “Ahjussi, I can’t stand it anymore.”

The black aura around the Japanese incarnation’s body was gradually becoming thinner. The probability buff was slowly being released.

It was time to act. I spoke to Shin Yoosung. “There is a way to clear the scenario even if we don’t become disasters.”


“However, it will be really hard and terrible.”

Shin Yoosung’s eyes shook.

“You might be tempted to give up. Do you still want to do it?”

In fact, I was going to do this from the beginning. I just waited to increase the odds. No matter how pitiful the inhabitants of the planet, they were a different species after all. The most important thing for me right now was Shin Yoosung’s life.

[The probability constraints of the disasters have been restored.]

The black auras around their two samurais returned to its original state. Shin Yoosung nodded.

“I can do it.”

I gave her a signal and ran forward.

[The Star Stream has detected anomalies from you.]

[Warning. Be careful to avoid being hostile to other disasters.]

Maybe Shin Yoosung would soon regret her decision. It would soon become clear what would happen to those who gave up ‘convenience’ in an easy scenario.

However, sometimes a person had to give up convenience to defend their beliefs.

[Blade of Faith is activated!]

Light exploded and a roar filled the plains.