Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 103 - Things That Can’t Be Changed (2)

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Things That Can’t Be Changed (2)

Shin Yoosung’s right hand quietly rose towards the sky.

“Cry, King Masswood.”

Then the ichthyosaur king behind her quietly raised his body. The king of the ichthyosaurs, the King Masswood used Ice Breath. Han River instantly froze and the ghost fleet firing their shells gradually lost their function. The fleet was unable to move.

“Unni, I will give you one piece of advice. The ghost fleet is nothing without water.”

Everything happened in an instant. Shin Yoosung’s fist moved as well. There was the sound of something popping. Lee Jihye lost her sword and flew through the sky.

“Of course, it is useless to give the advice at this time.”

The bleeding Lee Jihye flew away and had already lost consciousness. King Masswood’s Ice Breath had spread completely across Han River.

“Aaaagh! What?”

The incarnations crossing the cold water shrieked. The hundreds of people were destined to be frozen along with Han River. It was a person watching nearby who saved the helpless incarnations.

[The character ‘Lee Hyunsung’ has used the stigma ‘Great Mountain Smash Lv. 5.’]

Lee Hyunsung’s abnormally inflated right arm hit the frozen river. His right arm seemed to burst as he used Great Mountain Smash to break up the ice.

His efforts were rewarded. The surface of the cracked Han River collapsed and the influence of Cold Breath weakened. The incarnations took the opportunity to climb onto Nodeulseom.



Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsung standing in the middle of them and smiled sadly. “Yes, Hyunsung oppa. I knew you would be here.”

“…You know me?”

“You were our most reassuring shield. You saved my life many times.”

Shin Yoosung gestured and the huge chimpanzee behind her hit his chest and walked forward. The 5th grade behemoth, Heavy Metal Bean. He stomped his hind legs and the nearby incarnations rolled around on the ground.

Lee Hyunsung rushed towards Heavy Metal Bean. Lee Hyunsung’s swollen arm hit the Heavy Metal Bean’s steel muscles. Lee Hyunsung’s power was amazing. He wasn’t pushed back by the 5th grade behemoth despite his blood vessels bursting and blood flowing from his mouth. No, he was rather overwhelming.

Shin Yoosung kept speaking to Lee Hyunsung. “You are the same as ever. Hyunsung oppa. One of Yoo Jonghyuk’s most loyal…”

“…Who are you?”

“You saved the lives of countless people and protected Yoo Jonghyuk to the end. Then you were hit with the breath of the iron blood dragon and scattered into a handful of ashes.”


“Do you know what Yoo Jonghyuk said then?” Shin Yoosung’s tongue was a sharp scalpel that transplanted the wounds she received onto another person. “I lost a bad shield.”

Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsung’s changed expression and struggled with a solitary pleasure. ‘Yes, you should feel this too. The pain I felt, the sights I saw. I won’t unleash all of them but you should understand this too.’

However, she didn’t know. This round of regression was different from what she knew.

Lee Hyunsung hit the Heavy Metal Bean and opened his mouth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I don’t follow Yoo Jonghyuk.”


“I am in Kim Dokja’s party.”

“Kim… what?”

The Heavy Metal Bean fell to the ground with a loud sound. Shin Yoosung’s expression hardened and she approached Lee Hyunsung.

“What are you talking about?”

There was a popping sword and Lee Hyunsung flew through the air. Shin Yoosung had punched Lee Hyunsung in the belly. The ether storm pierced through Lee Hyunsung’s solid skin and he flew to the middle of Han River.

The blow was hard enough to cause all his organs to rupture. The Lee Hyunsung of the third round would no longer be able to live. However, a question remained in Shin Yoosung’s head.

It was a name she had never heard of before. Kim Dokja… Who was he?

Shin Yoosung tore off the heads of the incarnations rushing towards her and slowly walked towards the frozen river. The frightened incarnations fled and were torn apart by the claws of monsters. Little by little, despair filled the eyes of the people.

A sense of resignation spread through the incarnations facing the impossible disaster.


Of course, there were some people who tried to resist. The kings grouped up and used long distance skills to fire arrows and ether bullets. Shin Yoosung knew them.

King of Beauty, Min Jiwon.

The Maitreya King Cha Sangkyung.

The Neutral King, Jeon Ildo.

It was strange. They were those who originally shouldn’t be alive or had already gone under Yoo Jonghyuk’s leadership. It was because all kings other than Yoo Jonghyuk should’ve been incorporated into one throne at the end of the fourth scenario.

Then what the hell was this?

“Attack! There is only one enemy!”

Who the hell was this army under? Where had the Absolute Throne gone? Who was governing this world?

It was at this moment that she felt killing intent. The ground where Shin Yoosung was standing was frozen.

…Ice Breath?

She reflexively looked behind her and saw a large serpent pouring its breath towards her. It wasn’t the King Masswood. She raised her right hand and the King Masswood moved.

Two ichthyosaurs roared towards each other at the same time and started to bump against each other.

The king and queen bit at each other, turning the entire Han River into a huge battlefield. An ichthyosaur the size of a dragon was fighting King Masswood. This ichthyosaur, Shin Yoosung knew its identity.

“…Queen Mirabad?”

She knew that the queen was on Earth but there was no reason to attack her. No, what was this?

“Are you the future me?” A voice was heard.

She looked back and Shin Yoosung’s mind became blank. The nostalgic days shook her soul.

“Save Ahjussi!”

The girl shouted while a woman tried to stop the girl.

“Yoosung, no!”

Shin Yoosung recovered from the shock and noticed everything.

“Haha… yes. I knew it.”

Shin Yoosung moved towards the girl. She knew why Yoo Jonghyuk had done this. He was a human who would just any means and methods to achieve his purpose.

“Yoo Jonghyuk, you son of a bitch…”

“Yoosung, flee!”

Yoo Sangah simultaneously activated Hermes Walking Method and Arachne’s Spiderweb. Shin Yoosung’s eyes narrowed.


However, Yoo Sangah’s dagger didn’t reach Shin Yoosung. Shin Yoosung made a simple hand gesture and the flying monsters gathered around the gate flew towards Yoo Sangah. In a flash, Yoo Sangah disappeared into a horde of monsters.

Shin Yoosung ignored Yoo Sangah and approached the little girl. The girl looked up at her with fear and anger. The girl wasn’t able to move an inch. Shin Yoosung raised a hand to the girl’s cheek.

“Yoo Jonghyuk really did find the ‘me’ of this world.”

“Uh, ah…”

“He tried to kill the little ‘me’ to stop me. Right?”

A terrible joy filled Shin Yoosung’s head. The faded hatred and anger quickly returned to their place. There were some things that couldn’t be changed no matter how many times a person went back to the past.

The ‘disaster’ Shin Yoosung laughed. “Hello, my past self.”

The moment her hand moved, a strong blow came from the rear and swallowed up Shin Yoosung. The dust rose and a giant praying mantis appeared.

“A 6th grade insect king?”

“Titano! Do it!”

The sickle attacks of the praying mantis turned the ground into tofu. It was a scary attack. Of course, it wasn’t an attack that could kill a disaster.

“Get lost.”

The ether condensed in Shin Yoosung’s right arm and drilled a hole in the titanoptera’s stomach. The praying mantis spilled green blood and fell to the ground.


The outraged Lee Gilyoung jumped from the head of the praying mantis. A yellow mucus emerged from Lee Gilyoung’s body and spread into the air.

“Go! Antinus!”

A wind parasite emerged from Lee Gilyoung’s body. It was a 5th grade parasitic species. Shin Yoosung was startled.


Shin Yoosung knew this presence. It was because she destroyed Chronos before coming to Earth. Antinus was the from the dominant species on Chronos. She was a monster in the form of a queen.

Shin Yoosung couldn’t believe it. The child had dominated Antinus?

“You are better than expected, Kid.”

After her moment of surprise, Shin Yoosung grabbed the parasite in her hands. Antinus’ mucus that was touching her fingertips started to burn black. It was natural. The guides had bodies that couldn’t resist the disasters.

“You have the talent to tame a guide. You are a child with the talent of a Lord. Right? He also found…”

Lee Gilyoung shouted without caring about her questions. “What did you do to Dokja hyung?”


“Where is Hyung?”

Lee Gilyoung’s fist hit her belly. It was a direct blow but Lee Gilyoung was the one whose wrist broke. He was a great talent but the opponent was too terrible. Shin Yoosung grabbed Lee Gilyoung’s neck and lifted him into the air.

“….Who is Dokja?” Blood poured down the struggling Lee Gilyoung’s face. “Say it. Otherwise I will kill you.”

At this moment, a booming sound was heard in the distance and shells fell towards the ground where she was standing. Shin Yoosung jumped lightly and avoided the shells. The Ghost Fleet started firing again? How?


She could see Lee Jihye and Lee Hyunsung running in the distance. Doubt filled Shin Yoosung’s head..

It was strange. Surely those were deadly blows. How were they still alive? Did her strength control fail? Her?

Shin Yoosung feel annoyed and inserted more strength into the hand holding Lee Gilyoung’s neck. In any case, it was better to ask them.

“Goodbye Kid.”

The moment she increased her grip, pain spread in her head. She was startled and dropped Lee Gilyoung to the ground. Her trembling right hand was wriggling abnormally.

Surely she wasn’t infected with a parasite? No, it was impossible. A 5th grade parasite couldn’t interfere with a returnee. Then what was this?” Why wasn’t her body listening to her all of a sudden?

Then she heard a voice. 「 Stop, Shin Yoosung. 」

Strangely, Shin Yoosung found something deep inside her react the moment she heard this voice. One side of her heart started to ache like crazy. She didn’t know it. It was obviously a voice she didn’t know.

“…W-Who the hell are you? Get out of me!”

What was this nostalgic feeling? Shin Yoosung grabbed her head like she was resisting her own senses.

“You! Get out of me!”

She was filled with the desire to vomit as unknown memories revolved in her head. The films of the worlds were becoming tangled together.

「 Yoosung. 」

She was distracted by the voice when the young Shin Yoosung approached.

The young Shin Yoosung’s lips moved. “Ahjussi, are you there?”