Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife - Chapter 16.3

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Chapter 16.3 : Sinking into Depravity (3)

Translator: Blue Bamboo

Editor: sora

Ideliberately harden my face and then began to speak in a flat, emotionless tone of voice,

“……Is that so . ”

I convey my apparent displeasure with a cold face .

Upon seeing my stony expression Oichi Hime turns frightfully pale .

“…In that case let’s stop for now, we shall continue some other night . ”

“Please wait…!”

When I stood up from the bed and pretended to leave Oichi Hime rushed forward anxiously and hugged my feet tightly .

After getting on together for so long, I understood her thoughts more or less .

Like a clear lake whose interior was clearly available from the surface, the innocent Oichi Hime’s thoughts could be gleaned very easily .

After being cherished by me, after experiencing my love like a blossoming flower she had matured and experienced emotions that had changed her at a fundamental level .

Thus, what she feared the most was loving this love of mine that I had showered upon her .

She would never have even imagined entreating me like this at the place where our hearts should be the closest to each other .

“Please forgive me…! It is all my mistake! I never should have hesitated to receive Nagamasa Sama’s favor . Please don’t leave me alone! I am willing to do anything!”


I pretended to think and sat down on the floor with my legs crossed .

Seeing my response her face brightens in anticipation yet it was still too soon to loose the pallor of anxiety that has shrouded it since my declaration earlier .

“Since you are so willing are you willing to do what I asked?”

Upon hearing my inquiry her face turned crimson out of shyness and she nodded gently .

“…Is this all right…?” she asked hesitatingly in a soft voice .


The scenery was so amazing that my voice leaked out involuntarily .

My beloved wife, swaying in shame, is holding her hands up to her chest and gently pushing the rather impressive bulge that seems to defy gravity .

The bulge shook slightly as her body trembled, and the pale pink tip danced in the air akin to a willow branch shaking in a spring breeze .

What supreme scenery!

That dainty body when combined with those rich breasts form an invincible combination that resonates deep with my pleasure centers .

As a sign of acknowledgement, my son stands up quite proudly showing off his impressive stature as he rears into the sky .

Even as saliva drips out of my mouth at the sight, I still am sane enough to command Oichi Hime to take the next step .

“Grasp my son firmly and insert it there, right into your cleavage . ”

“Eh ……!”

Perhaps she was confused due to my rather strange request .

Oichi Hime who fears of angering me, gives me those all too familiar puppy eyes .

Although my heart melts at the sight I still maintain a firm image .

“Didn’t you hear me? Tuck my son into that impressive valley that you’ve got there . ”


She blushes in embarrassment on hearing my request again .

To expose the chest in front of a man and to use it to pleasure his penis; was an obscene act that was unthinkable to the conservative folk of the Warring States Period .

Breasts may be caressed by man during intercourse however their main purpose in this age was to provide nutrition for the children .

Thus, her initial hesitation on hearing my command .

Even so, in the battlefield of competing emotions that lasted for a moment within her pretty head, it was my will that won for she with a firm glint in her eye, grasps my son firmly, and then gently wraps it within her chest .

The moment that the sensitive skin of my member grazed the soft flesh a jolt of electricity passed right through me causing me to involuntarily let out a moan .

Wow . This is amazing…


“Yes, yes!”

When I call out her name, my beloved wife trembles in shock and looks up at me in a frightened state .

Is there something wrong with what I did?

Or is my body not pleasurable enough for Nagamasa Sama?

It’s easy to see why those emotions would circulate in her brain .

I decided to stroke the head of Oichihime gently .

“Nagamasa San…”

Oichi Hime’s face blossoms like a blooming rose of the night .



“It’s so good…”


Now that she is sure that I am not angry with her, the usual coy smile returns to her flushed face .

When I gaze at her …

I am convinced once more that you really can’t stay angry at her for a long time, even as a pretense .

It is just not humanely possible .

Still praising her after a brief bout of anger will instill a sense of self-security in her, deep into her psyche it will be engraved that “never again do what made him angry in the first place”

Such a philosophy was used often in the training of dogs, a common name for this strategy was the so-called “Carrot and Stick” stratagem .

Through the help of some elementary psychology knowledge that had disseminated far in the modern era, I could proceed full speed in my development plan to develop the ideal wife!


“What is it, Nagamasa San…”

“Look up”


Her assent was interrupted by my act of adhering my lips to hers .

As our lips touched, I could feel a strange sense of connectivity like a thread binding her to mine, bringing us lovers ever closer to each other physically and spiritually .

Looking at the blissful expression on her face, a sly gleam invaded my eye as I continued on with my relentless onslaught .

Oichi who was unused to such intensity promptly blacked out from the sudden, intense burst of pleasure .


She moaned, unable to let out the words properly; for I had seized her tongue firmly .

Slowly entwining her tongue in mine, I gently fed her glistening threads of saliva from my mouth .

It is well known that humans cannot swallow things when their tongue is tampered with .

Thus, Oichi Hime who was unable to swallow could only let out the silvery liquid that was pooling in her mouth .

It was my purpose to feed her large amounts of saliva and ensure deliberately that she would be unable to swallow them all .


“Oichi, don’t swallow it…”

I muttered softly, on hearing me my wife nodded tearfully even as the saliva filled her mouth .

“Don’t let all that saliva go to waste! Let it slowly drip on to your chest!”

Oichi Hime may have understood my intention .

The water of love is slowly drained from the ends of her mouth and slowly drips on to the plump bulges in the front .

Propped upward by her own two hands, her impressive breasts that have caught my son in between glisten with the liquid that pools over them .

“You’re so beautiful right now, Oichi… . ”

I whisper into her ears .

“……Thank you”

She responds shyly .

The fire in my chest rises as I contemplate my next action .

NIMW Chapter 16 : Sinking into Depravity (4)

Translator: Blue Bamboo

Editor: sora

With this Chapter 16 has come to an end, it seems Chapter 17 has less ero content so updates should be faster . Part 3 has also been updated with edits .

“Then you can use your breasts to pleasure my son… . Can’t you?”

On hearing my request, Oichi Hime who holds my impressive member between her bountiful breasts dripping with saliva turns red from shyness .

An act that is commonly known as “Paizuri”, pretty popular in the developed modern world of my past where content had disseminated widely was unthinkable in this conservative feudal age .


It has been a month since I married my wife, as someone who has witnessed the prosperity of sexual pleasure and depravity at its peak there was no way that I was going to be satisfied with the mediocre methods of this era .

To give an analogy, to someone who had got used to an expensive diet using the finest of squids in his sushi would he just settle for the plain cucumber? (TL: Kappamaki / Cucumber rolls are regarded as the plainest kind of Sushi)

Thus, I was going to guide my wife in the right direction of learning to service me as my next step in my development plan!

“Oh… it feels great…”

“Is it true…?”

While I patted Oichi Hime’s head in pleasure, her movements became more and more enthusiastic on hearing my praise .

Nyuchu Nyuchu, Nyupu Nyupu .

With such a sound, my gigantic son repeatedly thrusts in and out between Oichi hime’s big, soft, yet tight breasts .

While stroking my wife who eagerly worked on my penis, I couldn’t help thinking that:

“Oichi Hime…”

“The undisputable number 1 beauty of the Warring States Era is giving me a fucking service!”

Just considering the wonderful situation was enough to cause my member to rise up like a dragon soaring into the clouds .

Too much excitement caused the thick and viscous pre-cum fluid to leak from my Big Son’s entrance, mixing with the saliva and eventually transforming into a more obscene lotion .

That is-

“Ah… amazing, slimy… . ”

The effect turned out to be clinching for Oichi Hime .

Her moans flowed out in a sweet burst as she climaxed rapidly .

My sperm had been bathing her womb for the past month and slowly but surely her body had adapted to react to its appearance and odor .

By the way, precum is practically no different from semen, since sperm is present in the fluid as well even if precum is passed into the vagina there is a possibility of pregnancy .

One of my friends had a rather ‘smart’ friend idea of getting his girlfriend who detested physical contact to sexual intercourse . He thought that masturbating while naked and then showing her his penis would do the trick .

Who knew that a short while later, a DNA test revealed that his girlfriend had become pregnant, naturally it was due to the precum .

It was at this moment the two virgins had realized that their ‘innocuous’ activity had caused them to become Mommy and Daddy in a single step .

The lesson is “Don’t underestimate precum! “

The fact that the precipitating liquid clung to Oichi Hime’s chest meant that my sperm which was eagerly assaulting her soft meat was desperately attempting to make her pregnant .

Her chest is being attacked not only by my penis but also by sperm–

And, my beloved wife, Oichi Hime, who has inhaled the smell of the runny milky white liquid shows an ecstatic expression .

“Wow… Oichi, it… feels really good…!”

“Thank you……”

Oichi Hime’s actions get even hotter .

The occasional tingling sensation I feel is probably due to the tightness of her nipples .

Even though my wife was hesitant, she was completely engrossed in the chest service .

It seems that the smell of my precum has the potential to excite her- which was great progress in my wife development plan .

Since we have reached this point, the next step was obviously – fellatio!

Now that I have got my wife to do Paizuri for the first time, my mind was running at a full speed .

My son who could not bear it anymore reared like a horse charging on the battlefield .

Due to Oichi Hime’s enthusiasm, my member completely overhangs, the stiffness caused by the multitude of veins pulsating under muscle was clearly visible .

“Nagamasa . San ~~ . It is getting bigger…”

“Oh… I’m gonna let it out”

I groaned even as my hand rubbed my wife’s head continuously .

Feeling the uncontrollable urge, I gave my next instructions immediately .

“Apply more pressure using your chest . Rub it faster and faster!”

“Yes, yes…!”

Nyupu Nyupu, Nururunuru, Nyuchu Nyuchu .

While making a violent sound that resembled a river raging over protruding rocks, my member clamped among the soft mountains present in my wife’s chest slowly reached the finish line of its race .

“I’ll let them out… Oichi! Use your mouth to devour them all!”


Not giving her any time to think, I held Oichi hime’s head down with one hand and ejaculated grandly while handling the penis with the other hand .

My semen that was released suddenly is scattered on Oichi Hime’s face, throat, and clavicle – all the way down to her chest .

Milky white liquid completely covered her face and upper body .

“Ah… it’s useless… it’s useless…”

Oichi Hime murmurs with a hazy expression on her face that was so mesmerizing at that instant .

She desperately scooped the semen that was spread all over her upper body and then rubbed it against her nether region .

Her finger crawled into a pool of semen that had accumulated in her clavicle and then slowly spreads the same dripping finger all across her vagina, seeing this my inactive member begins to rage again .

“Oichi … do you want my semen?”

When I pushed down my wife who was covered with semen, she pleaded with a sly face .

“I want… I want Nagamasa-sama’s splendid seed… I want, I want…”


I asked her with a wretched expression on my face .

Feeling my hot breath on her tender face, her slender lashes quiver . Her face turns red even as she spits out her response in a whisper, “In my … my pussy . ”

After a month of repeated intercourse and impartment of knowledge, it seems that that the words that I had suggested that she incorporate into her vocabulary had become a part of her involuntary usage .

“Is that so? In that case, show that place to me using your fingers . ”

On hearing my command, my wife who was covered with the obscene odor of semen obeys my orders while showing a prominent sex appeal .

Using her fingers, she slowly prised open the hole that dripped in semen and love juices, all for me to see .

I pressed the glans of my son against her vagina, ripe for insertion at the right time .


Out of my control, my son suddenly slid into the insides of Oichi Hime .

“Ah… it’s… it’s………”


Oichi Hime had moved her hips and invited my member into her womb-all by herself!

My development had paid off!

“…Hh! This erotic wife!!”

While swinging my hips to grasp the rhythm as the gentle honey pot grasped my son into its depths, I held onto her waist and thrust forcefully .

Unlike the dignified beauty of the day, she showed a different side of her beauty then- the raging lust and the throes of passion that cause her waist to twist around my own as our bodies merge into one brings forth a different sort of beauty .

Under the dim light, what is left is a pure land of bliss .

A world of pleasure and depravity that I am happy to sink into -forevermore!

“Ah…ah…it feels good…!”

While swaying her robust chest, the Princess of the Odas whose beauty was boasted as the first in the era was behaving like a nymphomaniac trying her best to absorb the impressive girth that I possessed .

Her white skin is flushed, and her long, flowing locks of black her stick to the skin wet with semen and sweat .

And those eyes…

Those eyes that seemed to hide a world within them, they were owned by me .

Regardless of how gentle or violent I was, those eyes would always meet with mine, her cries would only be of her name!

Deep within those orbs, I could see my own soul reflected in pristine white .

“Ah… there…!”

Responding to any stimulus on my part, her sensitive waist shakes quickly in response .

Her body which craved for my seed eagerly awaited its arrival by catering to each and every need of mine .

While pulling myself outward for a bit, I traced the lining of her opening with a single finger .

Her body writhes and spasms even as her hole contracts in expectation .

Unconcerned by the climax that she has reached I used my finger to prise open her walls, reach deep into the opening and then gently rub the insides .

“Deep… deep… Nagamasa… Nagamasa . San ~!”

My wife hugs me as the passion wreaks havoc through her being .

I patted her head while raising her gently so that we were sitting face to face .

I grab her plump butt with both of my hands and give it a firm squeeze .

She hugs me even harder and her two impressive mounds nearly squeeze the last bit of air within me .

Her nipples felt hard, I noted in passing .

“Nagamasa San ~…Nagamasa San ~…!”

She sought a kiss from me and entwined her tongue with mine .

An obscene sound echoes when she squeezes, and she tries to take up all the saliva from my mouth and drink it up .

The esophagus had remembered the pleasure of swallowing!

While concurrently shaking her waist, seeing the chaotic state of my wife made my desire to ejaculate even greater .

My son which had swelled up to an impressive width was indicating that it was time to disperse the seeds .

“I’ll put it out… Oichi! Where do you want it?”

Now, it is not the time to play with riddles and I decided to satisfy my wife’s desire .

“Mmmm . . Mmm… I want to become pregnant…! I want Nagamasa’s seed flowing into the insides of my body!”

I was completely captivated by this cute begging and decided to devour her inner part till the time I ejaculate .

Her arms are swung around my back and her both legs are wrapped around my waist .

“Ah… no, no, no… no… no… no… no… no…”

“What is it… Oichi!

“No… no… I want to go… please let me…”

Oichi Hime desperately begged for a reprieve but I only gave her a wicked smile in response .

“Time to put it in! “ I grin even as my member rears up .

“Okay, get pregnant with my child!”

I matched the timing of my ejaculation with the contractions of her walls and then firmly poured all of my semen deep into her vagina .

I could feel that each time I poured a part of my essence she strengthened her ability to hold them within, it was as if that she was as reluctant to part with any part of my being .

“Inside me… A lot of Nagamasa San’s ~ … . . ”

My wife muttered incomprehensibly while her face blushed the same color as a ripe tomato .

Pulling out my son from her vagina- There was a sense of accomplishment that I could not express in words .

I gently hug my wife and stroke her body that was heating up at that instant like a fiery furnace .

“Nagamasa . San . . ”

“What happened?”

When I drop a kiss on Oichi hime’s lips, she puts her hands on my chest, whispering in a mellow voice, clinging tightly to me .

“Thank You… . ”

She kissed my chest once and then stroked her tummy with a blissful expression on her face .

It was as if she was convinced of something .