Necropolis Immortal - Chapter 1661

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Chapter 1661: A World of the Mind

Lu Yun’s pupils constricted with surprise. He hadn’t thought that the power of a world would be so immense. In fact, he’d never fully understood what the worlds were. It wasn’t until the one hundred and eight soldiers manifested heaven and earth, using the power of one to forcibly expunge the Curse King from immortal dao, that Lu Yun realized the might of the worlds.

This was the true ultimate order.

Most importantly was that the Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Demons being assembled was the same formation that Lu Yun had once used to make immortal dao whole and etched into cultivators’ bodies! The soldiers were borrowing his formation to restrain the Curse King.

Wisps of vivid black smoke wafted from the Curse King’s body. As he struggled and howled, his almost transparent skin turned pure black and even darker glyphs crawled over his skin.

“What is he?!” Sea Lord Haidong Lin jumped with shock and hastily backed away, deathly afraid of being affected by the Curse King.

“Perhaps there was a Curse King long ago, one that traveled to the Hongmeng in search of the origins of the withered wood,” the Soldier King said as he stood in midair. “But the thing in front of us is absolutely not him anymore. The true Curse King is dead and whatever is occupying him has used the corpse to resurrect himself.”

What the Curse King had said before was possibly true, but only from the real Curse King’s perspective. The thing that’d killed and become him was something outside the scope of order. Thus, the power of a world could restrain him and the Disordered Hell could bury him.

However, his primary body wasn’t present in Myriadsea World. Perhaps even the primary Curse King wasn’t his true form either.

“A creature from the darkness?” Lu Yun surreptitiously stretched out his hand and grasped a section of the Curse King’s aura so he could analyze it with formula dao. It changed into something like a black worm as soon as his hand closed around it, exploding with a bang after writhing a few times.

“Do you think this tiny world is all that it takes to trap me?” the Curse King threw his head back with laughter. Since he’d revealed his true form, he no longer needed to hide his strength. The black glyphs crawling over his skin morphed into tiny black worms and flung themselves at the assembly. Lu Yun and the Sea Lord were their primary targets.

Apart from the Soldier King, the Sea Lord was the strongest out of the crowd. Since they had a common enemy at present, Lu Yun naturally wouldn’t restrict the latter in any way. The Sea Lord became one with the sea dao in the outside world and regained ninety percent of the world’s seas as his body.

A torrent of violent force surged from all sides and reinforced the world of immortal dao, attacking the Curse King in a mad barrage at the same time. The world manifested by the one hundred and eight soldiers was already part of the world of immortal dao. Immortal dao encompassed all and most importantly, encompassed a world!

“It seems that it’ll be impossible for me to refine this world of sequence and create a world of curse dao sequence. But sacrificing a replica to bring down a troublemaker like you is well worth it.” The Curse King suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yun, ignoring the Soldier King, Sea Lord, Jian Bu’er, Dongfang Mo, and Demonic Vine. No one knew how he’d bypassed the others to attain this positioning.

A delicate fragrance emanated from his body and wafted into Lu Yun’s nose, melting into the young man’s body. It wasn’t a real fragrance, but the manifestation of a curse. The fake Curse King was the lord of curse dao and had reached great perfection with it. His strongest methods were also curse dao, ones that exceeded the once real Curse King.

“You know that I’m a troublemaker, but still openly approach me to enter the world of my mind. Are you trying to ensure mutual destruction?” The power of the Six Royals had faded from Lu Yun’s body, returning him to the cultivation level of World Manifest. He had no chance of defying the Curse King.

Rather than the real world, the two currently communicated in something like a mental one. In the outside world, the Curse King standing in front of Lu Yun was no more. It appeared that he’d already been defeated.

“I know that you might have some tricks up your sleeve to resurrect yourself if I destroy your body from the outside world. Killing you in the world of the mind is the best course of action.” The fragrance around the Curse King intensified and continuously corroded Lu Yun’s mind and soul.

He’d learned his lesson after snapping Lu Yun’s neck. That Lu Yun had only been a replica refined from a section of the Myriad Spirit Root. This time, he entered his enemy’s mind to ensure the annoyance’s demise from inside.

It was the same course of action that Lu Yun had crafted for the Sea Lord. So what if the Sea Lord was still alive when his mind and consciousness were gone? He would hardly be a threat if he was a walking dead.

As the Curse King stood in front of a mental manifestation of Lu Yun, the fragrance wafting from his being grew ever stronger. It wasn’t his core strength—that was outside the scope of order. He wouldn’t commit such a basic mistake when the Disordered Hell could suppress all instances of disorder.

Lu Yun remained calm and silently watched his opponent.

“I’m wondering what kind of being are you? Something outside the scope of order?” Lu Yun asked with confusion. “I know that you, or your side, destroyed the original Hongmeng. Did you destroy it because you were afraid of the worlds it manifested?

“You’ve been causing no end of trouble in the Central Hongmeng, destroying world after world. You’re not doing so for the seeds of nothing or to destroy immortal dao. You’re doing it solely to destroy the worlds.”

He gently extended a hand to summon the true form of the Hadal Hell. The hell glistened like a string of nine flawless black pearls. The true form of the Hadal Hell wasn’t nine Hongmengs, but nine worlds. Nine worlds that had grown to the level of the fourth realm.

Apart from the Central Hongmeng, these were the last worlds in the fourth realm. Someone had destroyed them all the same and refined them into the Hadal Hell, turning even their denizens into the hell’s prisoners.

“You have no need to understand that.” The Curse King shook his head; he had no intention of wasting time with Lu Yun. His moves were swift and decisive. His curse was cast and continuously built on Lu Yun. There was no need to chat with his doomed opponent and give the latter a chance to identify any flaws or openings.

“It looks like you still don’t understand.” Lu Yun shook his head while the Tome of Life and Death slowly emerged from the top of his head, enveloping this world of the mind. The heavy fragrance immediately faded away.

“What is that?!” The Curse King cast a terrified look at the book.

“I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you in the outside world, but in my mental world? You can just sit back and relax in irrevocable humiliation.”