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Chapter 1811: Starting A Business

Seeing that Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were not speaking, the principal continued tactfully. “Although our school encourages students to capitalize on their own capabilities to earn money, the students still have to adhere to certain rules. It’s just like managing a business. We can’t be using illegal methods to earn money, can we?”

Nangong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows slightly. “Principal, are you saying that Nan Xu is carrying out illegal business in school?”

“No, no, no, of course not!” The principal immediately shook his head. He then continued. “However, even though it’s not illegal, it’s still bending the rules. What I mean is that the school does not have a specific rule against this, but Nan Xu’s actions are pushing the limits.”

“Oh? What did he do?” Nangong Nuannuan’s interest was piqued. She was not angry at him like any other parent might be. Instead, she was excited to hear more about it—and her face clearly showed it.

The principal, “…”

Although he did not want to continue upon seeing Nangong Nuannuan’s excited expression, he had the duty to inform her of what was going on.

“It’s like this, Miss Nan. Nan Xu is the only publicly acknowledged prodigy in our school. Although he is only five years old and only in the second grade, with his intelligence, he could be easily in the fourth grade. However, Nan Xu’s parents were afraid he wouldn’t be able to get along with his classmates considering their age difference, so they held him back by two grades and enrolled him in the second grade. However, we’ve come to learn that Nan Xu had been studying on his own, and now can do schoolwork the level of a sixth-grader.”

“That’s a good thing,” Nuannuan said.

“It is indeed a good thing. It’s just…” The principal was not sure how to phrase what he had to say.

“It’s just that Nan Xu has started a business in the school.”

“A business? He was able to start a business in school?”

“Of course, the school doesn’t allow businesses to be set up, but Nan Xu did everything on his own. He set up a business completing other students’ homework and even recruited some students who were in need of money to work for him. Most of these students agreed to help as they were not receiving enough pocket money from their parents.

“Miss Nan, you are aware that our school is well-known as an elite school. Thus, we have certain expectations of our students, so we tend to assign more homework and more difficult homework. Many students don’t like this and don’t want to do their work.

“However, completing their assigned work by building self-discipline is necessary for the students to learn. Nan Xu noted the homework that was assigned by each teacher in every class every day. Then, he recruited students from each of these classes and referred to their completed homework. He would use this to provide the answers to the other students who did not want to complete their homework—at a price. As for the students he recruited, he would give them a cut of the earnings.

“Miss Nan, look at all these students standing here. They were all recruited by your Nan Xu’s business.”

When Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang heard this, they could not help but smirk.

Nangong Nuannuan looked at Nan Xu and saw that he was still as calm as ever. This made things difficult for her.

She did not think of this situation as a big deal, but she knew that she had long lost her moral integrity back at KE.

However, Nan Xu was still so young. He should have a normal outlook on life.

Should she say something now?

For the first time, Nuannuan, who always had an infinite number of things to say, was stumped—by her own nephew!