My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again - Chapter 707 - Gossips (1)

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Chapter 707: Gossips (1)

After Zuo An fed Xu Weilai the painkiller, he lifted her head slightly and slipped a pillow underneath.

As he did not have any woolen blanket lying around in his office, he took off his suit jacket and laid it on top of her lower abdomen before he turned on the heater in the office.

Zuo An noticed improvements in Xu Weilai’s expression, as it seemed to have eased up a little when the office was warmer. He heaved a sigh of relief and returned to his desk to continue his work.

The elevator reached the top floor.

Gu Yu and Assistant Lin stepped out from the elevator and were heading towards the presidential office when they passed empty seats of employees who were not on working on their desk. Instead, they were crowding on one of the work seat, chattering excitedly with each other and were having their eyes fixed on a certain thing.

Too absorbed in their discussion, none of the employees noticed Gu Yu and Assistant Lin were approaching them.

Employee 1: “I always felt that there was something between them before this. This proved that my sixth sense is still very accurate.”

Employee 2: “If that’s the case, does that means they are already together? Oh my god, isn’t she just lucky? Every man she meets is of the level of Mr. Mcdreamy. Why is it never my turn?”

Employee 3: “This isn’t because of luck. This is tactics. Can a silly goose like you do that?”

Employee 4: “Looking at this, I really wanted to be in her shoe.”

These words piqued Assistant Lin’s curiosity. Was there a new romance in the office? Who could the new couple be?

The gossipy side of Assistant Lin surfaced, and it immediately attracted him into the crowd full of curiosity, ” Who are you talking about?”

The employees subconsciously answered as they did not recognize his voice at once, “Isn’t this clearly recorded? It’s Vice President Zuo and Secretary Xu.”


Assistant Lin’s expression froze, and a hint of panic appeared in his eyes. He reflexively glanced at Gu Yu, who had already walked over, hoping that he did not catch what they were discussing. Gu Yu had already stopped on his track.

Assistant Lin’s heart rate sped up as if his heart would thump out from his body anytime.

At this moment, an employee glimpsed Gu Yu from the corner of his eye. His face turned pale with fright as he hurriedly patted the other employee’s shoulder that was playing the video clip on his phone. His voice trembled as he stammered, “Quick, quickly put it away, CEO Gu… CEO Gu…”

It stunned the employee with the phone when he heard his colleague’s warning. When he finally reacted and was trying to put away his phone, the phone fell from his trembling hand on the ground with a thud.

The screen of the phone was facing up with the video still playing.

Assistant Lin looked down. It was about a minute-long video of Zuo An and the Xu Weilai, and it captured the entire process of him taking care of her…

When he raised his head, he saw his big BOSS’s gaze fixated on the screen.

Assistant Lin went forward and bent down to pick up the phone. He swiftly deleted the video and then pretended to be angry at the group of employees who were standing with their heads facing the floor in panic.

“Who allowed you to do such silly things during office hours? How dare you secretly video your upper management and talk about them in private? Do you still want your job?”

Gu Yu was still standing at the same spot while Assistant Lin was teaching the employees a lesson. He took a glance around the crowd without any expression, then turned around and walked into his office in big strides.

Five minutes later, Assistant Lin knocked on the office door.