My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1952

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"What\'s the matter with you? What\'s wrong with your health? Let\'s go to the hospital at once. " Hang Jin not only does not dislike it, but also helps Chi Yangyang clap his back and give her mouthwash.

I don\'t know how long it took to puke. When she was exhausted, she couldn\'t lift her head. "Don\'t worry about me. I feel sick all of a sudden."

Hang Jin squatted in front of her and let her lean against him. "We\'ll go to the hospital now." "Not going. I don\'t want to go anywhere, I just want to have a good rest. " She was so tired that she couldn\'t even open her eyes, but she struggled to push him away. She didn\'t want to use his strength. But when she had a move, she was tightly clasped by Hang Jin. "Chi Yang Yang, you spit like that. What else are you doing?"

"Ouch..." Another wave of strong nausea and vomiting came quickly. Chi Yang tried his best to push away Hang Jin. He turned around and vomited with the toilet in his arms. Seeing that Hang Jin was worried, his face was almost black.

Things in his stomach were spit clean by Chi Yang. Now it looks like bile is spitting out. Hang Jin can\'t wait. He plans to call the familiar doctor overnight. "Hang Jin!" When he doesn\'t pay attention to his mobile phone, Chi Yangyang uses the biggest voice she can make now to yell at him, "I\'m also a doctor. I say I\'m ok, but I\'m ok. Am I not clear enough, or can\'t you understand what I\'m saying?"

"Chiyangyang, you..." Hang Jin also wanted to roar back, but seeing her weak appearance, he had no heart. No matter how she struggled, he picked her up and said, "let\'s go to the hospital now."

"I don\'t want to go to the hospital! I said I don\'t want to go to the hospital. Can\'t you hear that? " Chi Yangyang roared and struggled, but Hang Jin did not move at all, and walked steadily to the door.

Chi Yangyang was angry, but he grabbed his arm and bit it hard. He wanted to bite a piece of his flesh.

But he didn\'t know the pain. He didn\'t hesitate for half a second to take his step. Chi Yangyang was so distressed that he cried and couldn\'t bear to bite him again. She sniffed "brother Jin..."

Whenever the words "brother Jin" are used by Chiyang yang to deal with Hang Jin, the three words will stop him.

"Brother Jin, I know you are good for me, I know everything, but would you please let me choose? Don\'t take me to the hospital, I want to have a good rest. \'

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. Even if she said she wanted Hang Jin\'s life, Hang Jin would send it without hesitation, let alone she just wanted to go back to the room to rest.

Hang Jin changed her direction uncontrollably and carried her back to the room. "If you want to rest now, you need to rest first. If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me. We need to go to the hospital in time."

"Well." She nodded, pulled up the quilt and covered herself.

Hang Jin lay down beside her and hugged her in her arms. "Little four eyes, if you want to say anything to me, I will listen to what you say." "Um." Chi Yangyang snorted in his arms, and after a long time, he slowly said, "I am an ordinary girl, I am not as strong as I think, I am afraid of many things like everyone. I\'m afraid to go out and see other people. I\'m afraid that they will look at me with different eyes. I\'m afraid that someone will point at me and say - look, that\'s the daughter of big poison maker Chi Yishen. "

Hang Jin clapped her back to comfort her with heartache. "We are all ordinary people, it\'s human nature to be afraid, but you must make sure that Chi Yishen is Chi Yishen, you are you..." "I know that you have to say that he and I are completely independent individuals, but he is my father, and his blood is flowing in my body, which is an unchangeable fact. I thought it didn\'t matter that I could do it, but the truth is that I can\'t With a long sigh, Chiyang said again, "I don\'t even have the courage to see Feiyang now, let alone other victims."

Hang Jin said, "you are not the fault of flying things, and she will not blame you." "She doesn\'t blame me, do I use guilt? Can I have peace of mind? " Chiyang Yang shook his head, thought of the past, and smiled again. "From small to large, Feiyang sister took care of me like her own sister. The first person who thought of good things was me, while

was not Zhiyang. However, my father framed her and made her bear the crime of murder, which could hardly be cleared. What face do you think I have to see her? " "Four eyes, you can\'t think any more." Hang Jin knows that what he is worried about has happened. Chi\'s heart is not as calm as it seems. Chi Yishen has shocked and hit her. It\'s hard for him to come out personally. He has to think of other ways.

"Brother Jin..." She called him again.

"I\'m here." He said.

"What is love? What is it like to love someone wholeheartedly? We\'ve been married for such a long time, I don\'t seem to understand it very well. "

"One day you will understand."

"What if this day will wait a long time?"

"It doesn\'t matter. I\'ll wait for a long time."

He said, how long he would like to wait, he does not understand her real meaning or silly ah?

"Brother Jin, in fact, I know that you are good to me, but I\'m sorry that I can\'t do one tenth of what you do to me. I may also make you sad and sad."

"Never mind, I don\'t mind." He hugged her, but the unease grew.

"Then will you leave me alone?" She smiled at him, but the smile was worse than crying.

Hang Jin understood what she meant.

"Good." Hang Jin dropped a kiss on her forehead and got up. "I\'ll sleep on my second bed. I don\'t close the door. If you need to call me out, I can hear you."

"Well." She nodded. He didn\'t know that the better he treated her, the more she didn\'t know what to do.

Leaving the master bedroom, Hang Jin did not go to the second bedroom, but came to the study and called Xiao Qinghe, his classmate with Qin Yue.

Xiao Qinghe is a famous psychological consultant. Hang Jin suspects that he may be able to help Chi Yangyang in this matter.

Hang Jin called. Xiao Qinghe was just in Jiangbei. They had an appointment in the morning. Seeing that it was almost dawn, Hang Jin was not in the mood to go back to sleep. He simply cleaned up and was ready to go out to meet his friends. Before going out, he saw that Chi Yangyang slept well, and he didn\'t go to talk to her. He didn\'t know that when he came back, Chi Yangyang had already left home. There was a note left for him on the bedside table.