My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1951

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"If you use a deadly poison, there\'s no need to take a dagger." Hang Jin\'s face was relaxed and his mouth was sure, but he was a little flustered.

What kind of person is sister 19? He knows that she may appear, but he didn\'t tell Chi Yang in advance.

He thought that he had already arranged everything and that everything was under his control. He thought that elder sister XIX would be in his hands sooner or later, but he did not consider any small mistake, which might have cost Chi Yang his life.

Hang Jin stepped forward two steps to lift up Chi Yang and probe her breath with his fingers. The breath was weak, but it was even. She was ok, and his heart was steady. "Hahaha..." 19 elder sister looks up and laughs, "men, they are all the same. In order to make their own future ideals or self righteous decisions, they can bet on women\'s lives. I wonder if she is really the woman you love

"Get people back." Hang Jin directly gave an order to take the 19th sister away. He picked up Chi Yangyang and pressed her hard into his arms, "little four eyes, I\'m sorry..."

He did not know, at this time in the arms of the pool center slowly opened his eyes.


At night, it was as black as ink. Chi Yangyang is holding a long knife in his hand. When he sees people, he will cut them. The more people he sees, the more he will pour them. In a short time, all around her are corpses, but she doesn\'t think it\'s enough. He is still waving the long knife and yelling, "I\'m going to kill you"

you, kill you all... "

"No, no, no, I don\'t want to kill, I don\'t want to..." She seemed to wake up suddenly, drop the long sword and run hard to escape from the dark abyss, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not run out. All of a sudden, a vague figure stood in front of her, and the long knife she had lost was returned to her hand. She cut it with her hands in a row. She was so scared that she left the knife and wanted to run, but it seemed that someone held her legs. She couldn\'t run. "In the middle of the pool, you have the deep blood of the pool. In your blood, you have the violent factor It belongs to our world, and the light does not belong to you. "

"No, no, no, I\'m not me no, you let me go, let me go, I don\'t want to kill, I don\'t want, you don\'t force me..."

"Little four eyes! Four eyes! Wake up, wake up! " Hang Jin\'s voice pulled Chi Yangyang out of her dream. When she woke up, she clasped her hands as if she had a knife in her hand.

Looking at Hang Jin, she couldn\'t tell if she was in a dream or where she was. "I killed someone?"

Hang Jin patted her on the back and comforted her, "no, you didn\'t kill, you just had a nightmare."

"Is it just a nightmare?" But why does she think this dream is so real? It seems that she really killed people.

Is it true that, as Chi Yishen said, she has his blood and gene in her body, so sooner or later she will find the violence in her own bones like him? "Yes, it\'s just a dream. I\'ll be fine when I wake up." Fortunately, there was Hang Jin. His low voice pulled her out of the unreal dream in time. She leaned against him and looked up at him. "Hang Jin, what kind of person do you think I am?"

Hang Jin hugged her in her arms, chin gently rubbed her forehead, "you are a little fool."

"I\'m asking you very seriously. Don\'t perfunctory me," he said

Hang Jin hugged her and warmed her with her temperature. "You are a little fool in my heart."

Chiyang Yang glared at him, turned over angrily, and tried to open the distance with him, or she would not help but want to beat him. But as soon as she took action, Hang Jin pulled her back and pressed her in his arms. His pleasant male voice sounded over her head. "You are a man with strong sense of justice and strong principle. As long as you don\'t involve principle issues, it\'s good to be here

to say that once you involve principle issues, you are bound to adhere to your principles." "Do you think it\'s good or bad to have a strong principle?" I don\'t know whether she is happy or unhappy when she hears this evaluation. Her good personality is very principled. If she doesn\'t, she doesn\'t know how to turn her head. It\'s not enough

tactful and sophisticated. Hang Jin kissed her forehead and said, "everything in the world is relative, and nothing is absolute. A strong sense of principle is very good in some aspects, especially those related to your current work, but occasionally in life, you still need to change your mind, not one muscle, or know how to adapt. "

What Hang Jin pointed to, Chi Yang Yang is clear, she is also willing to think about the good, but Chi Yishen\'s thing is branded in her life a mark, even if she does not think, others will point her back.

She is just an ordinary person, there is no way to be completely indifferent to other people\'s pointing.

The profession of forensics itself needs to be clean. She is not qualified to go on.

She erased the disturbing thoughts and said, "I\'ll go to see Fei Yang tomorrow."

"Let\'s talk about tomorrow. Go to bed tonight."

"But I don\'t want to sleep." She is afraid of sleeping and having nightmares. She is afraid that she will become the villain in the nightmares. She is afraid that she will wake up and become another person. She is afraid of too many things.

She was afraid. Hang Jin didn\'t understand, but didn\'t know how to share her "small four eyes, let the past go. The future road is still long. Let\'s take the future road together."

"I know, you don\'t have to say that." Chi moved to his arms and whispered, "do you think anyone in the world can\'t believe except himself?"

"What are you talking about? Can\'t you believe me? " Hang Jin suddenly raised his voice, "don\'t think all men are pool deep."

All of a sudden, Chi Yang was silent.

Realizing that he was wrong, Hang Jin lowered his head and rubbed against her. "Little four eyes, it doesn\'t matter that you can\'t believe others, but you can\'t believe me."

"I know it\'s hard for you to accept Chi Yishen. I also know that your heart is not as peaceful as you see on the surface, but you have to believe me. You have to let me accompany you."

Chi Yangyang didn\'t answer.

Can she still believe in love?

In her opinion, Chi Yishen loves her mother so much. She burns one finger of her hand. He will be sad for a long time But later, the woman he loved was stabbed in front of his eyes Thinking about this, a nausea came up to the throat of the central pool. She rolled out of bed and ran into the bathroom. She vomited, and the bile came out, but the nausea did not disappear.