My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1950

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"Mother Wei qubabadi said," I also because I haven\'t seen you and the central bank for many days. I want to see you earlier before I rush back. "

"If you are in a hurry to see us, you can ignore your own safety?" Obviously, he was worried, but his father still pretended to be vicious. "If you can\'t come back today, what can I do with the central bank?"

The mother knew that her father was worried about her safety, but her father\'s shouting at her would make her feel aggrieved. She tooted her mouth and said, "I\'m sorry!"! I\'ll pay attention later. " Seeing his mother\'s grievance, his father\'s fire slowly subsided. He hugged his mother into his arms and spontaneously let go of his voice. "I\'m scared by you today. I dare not think about what to do with the Central Committee and I if you have an accident. As soon as we have family members together for a lifetime, we are not in such a rush. When we go out, we must remember safety first. "

When my mother is away on business, my father always tells my mother to remember safety first. Don\'t rush home when I\'m too late to finish my work. But my father always rushes home in advance when I\'m away on business. He says that he needs to take care of two of his favorite women at home.

The past days were so beautiful that people who knew their family were envious.

Chi has always thought that such a beautiful day will last forever It never occurred to me that father was the culprit in the killing of mother.

"Mom..." Chi Yangyang raised his hand to wipe away the tears, "forget the people who hurt you, forget the bad past If there is an afterlife, you must polish your eyes and never meet a man with a beast\'s heart. " "Human face and beast heart? He is so protective of you, reluctant to let people move you a hair silk, but in your heart he is a human face beast heart thing. " All of a sudden, an extremely enchanting female voice came from behind. Chi Yang immediately turned around and saw a woman in a long red dress standing a few steps away from her. In the cemetery, there is a woman in a red dress without a sound. If you change the scene, you will be scared. But Chi Yangyang is calm. Her brain is running fast. She hopes to find information about this strange woman. Soon she finds the information in the memory bank


When she was kidnapped a few months ago, Hang Jin told her about a woman who likes to wear red clothes. From their conversation, she knew a person named 19 elder sister.

At that time, the murderer was arrested and the kidnapper was arrested, but one sister 19 was missing. Later, Chi Yangyang didn\'t hear that sister 19 was arrested, so she was sure that the woman in front of her was "you are sister 19?" "I can guess who I am when I meet you for the first time. It seems that you are not as stupid as I thought. You still have the shadow of brother Chen." 19 elder sister is just a few steps away from the center of Chiyang. She has long hair and a smile. The breeze blows and moves her skirt. Looking at the cemetery, she is not beautiful, but rather rather sinister. "Do you know Chi Yishen?" Chi Yangyang doesn\'t know why sister Xixi is here, but she knows that this woman is not a good role to deal with. She is full of vigilance and defense for the comers, but she has no self-defense tools, and the way to escape is blocked by sister Xixi. "He is my favorite man! I love him more than myself. " 19 elder sister has never concealed her deep love for Chi Yishen. When the other side is still an ordinary person, she loves him silently. When the other side wants to be an unforgettable villain, she also accompanies

he loves him.

"You love him?" Chi wanted to laugh, and she did, "so does he love you?"

"He loves my body." Sister 19 knows what she is in Chi Yishen\'s heart. She knows that Chi Yishen has never been sincere to her. She knows that what he needs is her working ability and her body. But what does it matter?

As long as he needs her, no matter what kind of needs, to prove that she is useful to him, she will be satisfied.

"So you came to my mother\'s graveyard today to announce the ownership? In fact, there is no need. You are not the same as us. "

"I know you don\'t want to see me, but believe me, I don\'t want to see you."

"And you\'re still in front of me?"

"Because I want to tell you that if it wasn\'t for protecting you, Hang Jin couldn\'t find our shelter and Chen would not be arrested." Sister Xixi said this with a smile, but it\'s not hard to see the hatred in her eyes for Chiyang.

"If you break the law, you will be punished by the law. No one can make an exception," he said

"Don\'t tell me those grand truths. I\'m not interested." 19 elder sister shakes the white envelope in her hand, "if it wasn\'t for Chen Ge to ask me to hand over this letter to you, I would not like to say a word to you."

"His letter to me?" It\'s said that it\'s something from Chi Yishen. Chi Yangyang doesn\'t want to accept it, but she is curious about what letter he wrote to her. She reaches for it, and 19 elder sister suddenly fans the envelope.

Nineteen elder sister sneered, "he\'s all caught, and he\'s thinking about you."

Chi Yangyang notices something wrong and wants to step back, but finds that her body is weak and her brain is slowly blank. Next second, she loses all her senses, and her body slowly slides down the tombstone and sits on the ground. "Little girl, I have been waiting for you for many days." Nineteen elder sister looked down at Chi Yang, who had fallen under her feet, and there was cold and fierce cruelty in her eyes. "Brother Chen is reluctant to hurt you in the end, and you can see how you treat him. You are not worthy to be his daughter. Today, I will kill you as an unfilial daughter myself."

She drew a dagger from her waist, and squatted down slowly. "That boy of Hang Jin is too conceited. He dare to let you go up the mountain alone in this critical period. He doesn\'t worry about your accident?"

"If I don\'t let you have the illusion that she is the only one to go up the mountain, how can I catch you so easily?" While Hang Jin\'s voice sounded, the back spoon of sister 19 had been held by someone with a gun.

Sister Xixi looked up and saw that Hang Jin was standing on her left side. She held a gun behind her and held it against another person. There were some people around her. So many people appeared at the same time, but she didn\'t find them. It seemed that they had been ambushed for a long time, waiting for her to catch up.

She slowly stood up. "Hang Jin, I thought you really love this little girl. I didn\'t expect you would use her as bait."


Hang Jin is very unhappy with this word. He never thought of using chi yang as bait, but this time 19 elder sister smiled, laughing crazily and insidiously. "Hang Jin, guess, guess if I am using a perplexing drug or a deadly poison for your sweetheart?"