My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1947

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Two days later, Chi Yangyang saw Chi Yishen.

In a prison with a locked iron door.

Chiyang Yang didn\'t know how she stepped into the meeting room. In a word, it was a short distance, but she walked for a long time.

Every step is very hard, and the steps seem to be as heavy as gold.

Hang Jin said she wanted to accompany her. She refused. She didn\'t want Hang Jin to see her relatives so dirty.

I don\'t know how long it took, Chi finally arrived at the destination, and Chi also came under the leadership of the C.O.

He thought that his family members who had died for two years suddenly appeared in front of him alive. In such a situation, even if there were so many psychological preparations before, Chi Yang could not accept it for a while.

She looked at him, looked at the one she had been familiar with and close to, and the pool with her blood relationship was deep. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, like falling into the infernal hell in an instant.

Before she saw him, she imagined that maybe the villain was not Chi Yishen, or the villain just had the same name as her father, maybe She has quietly found many reasons and excuses.

Now these excuses have been broken by Chi Yishen who appears in front of her.


He called her first. This voice is familiar to Chi Yang. It is the kind voice her father used to have.

However, such a familiar voice can no longer make her feel warm, only make her feel fear and uneasiness.

She opened her mouth to say nothing, but she couldn\'t say a word.


She didn\'t want to admit that she had such a bad father.


But his blood was still running in her body. He gave her life. Whether she wanted it or not, she was his daughter.

"Yang Yang, Dad, I\'m sorry!" He said that his voice was a bit loud and dumb. With the appearance of his current depression, he couldn\'t imagine how he lost his humanity and was lawless before he was arrested.

Chiyangyang looked at him, the face in front of him was very familiar, but he felt very strange.

Because he is no longer her familiar father, there are too many things she is not familiar with between his eyebrows. In the past two years, she has hoped her father to be alive, to see her father again, and to be alive. But when she saw him, how she hoped that everything was false.

I hope he died two years ago.

Chi Yishen is also looking at her. After a long time, he sighs, "in these two years, when I want to see you, I can only look at you furtively and far away. Now I can see you so close and see that you have a good life, so I\'m relieved." "I\'m doing well?" Hearing his words, Chi Yang suddenly burst out, pointing to him and yelling, "do you know what I\'ve been through these two years? Do you know how many nights I wake up from a nightmare in the past two years? Do you think I have a good time? " "Yes!" Chi also looked at Chi Yang deeply, and said slowly, word by word, "I admit that I have done a lot of things that hurt the nature and cause harm in the past two years. I have today\'s result that I am responsible for it, but I have never done anything that I am sorry for you.

Anyone can blame me, but you don\'t have central Chi. " "You\'ve never done anything I\'m sorry about?" Mingming feels so sad that he wants to cry, but he laughs out, "do you really think you have never done anything sorry to me? You\'ve made me suffer every day, and you\'ve been able to say that you\'ve never done anything wrong with me. " "The Central Committee, this is the end of the matter. What\'s the use of saying that there are no such things?" Chi Yishen shrugs his shoulders deeply. He looks relaxed and at ease. He can\'t see the panic of being arrested and about to be judged by law at all. "I\'m very happy to see you here today. I just hope that you can vote for a good family in the next life and never meet a father like me again. " "Yes, I will never meet a father like you in my next life." Chi Yang Yang clenches her hands tightly into fists, and her fingernails fall into the palm of her hand. Only pain can make her stabilize the emotion that may collapse at any time. "You tell me, how did my mother die? Did you move your hand? "

"No." He shook his head. "After all, I really loved her. I can\'t get off her hand."

When hearing Chi Yishen\'s answer, Chi Yangyang was relieved. Maybe this person has a little human nature. However, Chi Yishen\'s next answer pushed her to the bottomless abyss when she was about to climb the cliff.

He said it was as bland as talking about the weather. "It\'s not my hand, but I saw her cut by someone in front of me. It\'s like buying fish in the supermarket and cutting off pieces of fish..."

"Shut up! Shut up! I told you to shut up! " The picture in his mind made him scream uncontrollably and fall into his chair powerlessly.

This devil, how can he? That\'s his wife who has lived with him for more than 20 years. Did he love his wife in disguise in the past few decades?

Hang Jin, who had been uneasy to leave, rushed in at the first time when he heard the news, and held on to Chi Yang\'s shoulder "little four eyes......"

Hang Jin\'s big palm seems to have endless strength. Through physical contact, she can transfer the strength to her little by little, so that her body can slowly recover its strength and her mood can slowly stabilize.

She clapped his hand and gave him a shallow smile. "I\'m ok, you go out and wait for me first."

Hang Jin holds her hand. "I\'ll be here with you."

Chiyangyang looked at him, but he didn\'t speak any more. Seeing this, Hang Jin felt flustered and said, "then I\'ll wait for you at the door."

Pool Yang Yang gently hum.

Before he left, he looked at Chi Yishen, who was looking at him. Chi Yishen smiled and said, "hang family boy, this time is my miscalculation. You have more skills than I thought."

Hang Jin knew what Chi Yishen meant, but he didn\'t answer. He turned around and walked out, but there was some uneasiness in his heart.

After Hang Jin left, Chi Yishen was still smiling. "Yang Yang, it\'s you who want to listen, and you don\'t let me say, you are still too much like a child. You say if I leave the world, who can protect you in the future? "

"Protection? Do you think you\'re protecting me? " Once again, Chi Yangyang was angry and laughed. His face said that he was protecting her. "Otherwise?" Chi Yishen laughs, "Yang Yang, if I didn\'t explain that they couldn\'t touch you, you would have been focused on the case two years ago, for a long time Do you think Hang Jin has three heads and six arms or what? He can rescue you safely every time you are in danger? "