My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1942

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Hang Jin\'s legs are long. He catches up with Chi Yang Yang in two steps and pulls her back. "Little fool, what did you say just now? I have the courage to say it again."

"Big fool, I say you hang Jin is a big fool..."

Before this "son" could be said, Chi Yang was blocked by Hang Jin\'s lips, which made her stiff and motionless.

It\'s in the park. There are so many people coming and going around. Soon someone\'s eyes come to see it.

Chi Yangyang wails in his heart. Can we pay attention to the influence of this kind of behavior on the city appearance? Fortunately, Hang Jin soon let go of her, but he put her in his arms again, and Chi Yang struggled. When an ostrich hid in his arms, he pretended that passers-by didn\'t see her. Well, as long as she didn\'t see passers-by, passers-by couldn\'t see her.

Soon, however, Chi Yang heard the voice of the tyrant of Hang Jin saying, "look, what\'s the matter with my wife?"

Central pool "..."

There\'s nothing wrong with him kissing his wife, but would you mind the occasion?

Is this a park, not a small garden of his own, or does the Hangzhou master think that all the parks in the world are the back garden of his family?

All of a sudden, Chi wants to say something. I don\'t know this man at all.

But it\'s impossible at all. The possessive hug of Hangzhou is so threatening that she can hardly breathe. Let alone break away from his arms and say something that will definitely make him cruel.

The people around were frightened by the fierce eyes of Hang Jin. Who dared to look around and walk away. The passers-by, especially around them, as if forced to hide like the God of plague.

Hang Jin just let go of Chi Yang, and saw that his face was as red as a red persimmon, and his face was covered with a smile that was too proud to beat. "Chi Yang, I\'m your man, what happened when I wanted to kiss you?"

Chi Yangyang was speechless and even wanted to bite him twice, but they were too different in height, body shape and strength. She could only pass the gun. "Hang Jin, can we go out later and pretend not to know each other?"

Hang Jin pinches her face. "Chi Yang Yang, let me hear you say something that makes me unhappy from your mouth. I engraved four words" Hang Jin\'s wife "on your face. I see how you pretend you don\'t know me."

Chi Yangyang knew that the great master of Hangzhou sometimes took pleasure in scaring her, thinking that it would frighten her. She wanted to work against him. "Hang Jin, I\'ll pretend that I don\'t know you when I go out. If you have the ability, you can write on my face." "You think I dare not, little fool." The smile on Hang Jin\'s face is so evil that it makes Chi Yang\'s back cool. She thinks she should admit it, otherwise, the master can say it and do it. But she hasn\'t opened her mouth yet. Hang Jin has already acted.

He opened his mouth and took a bite in her face. "Hang Jin, what are you doing? You\'re biting me! " This smelly man bit her, but also her face. When he felt that the meat on his face was about to be bitten by him, he just let go of her, and looked at her with his deep eyes, "little

four eyes, braver and fatter, but I said something can\'t be touched, you can\'t touch it."

He touched the face he had bitten, and his tears rolled in his eyes

Hang Jin came close to her, and the warm breath was spitting in her ear. "You didn\'t know that I was an asshole until today."

Chi Yang forced back the tears in his eyes, glared at him, turned around and left.

"Little four eyes..." Hang Jin immediately chased her up, but Chi Yangyang was really angry this time. There were many people around her. She was much smaller than Hang Jin. It was much more convenient to move. So Hang Jin took some effort to catch up with her.

Chi Yang Yang shook off his hand, but he didn\'t shake off. He was so anxious that he shouted "let go!"

Hang Jin has a thick skin, not only is he not so thick. He not only does not let go, but also holds Chi Yang in his arms

"I want you to let go," Chiyang said

Hang Jin shook his head. "If I say no, I will not."

Chi Yangyang roared angrily, "Hang Jin, what am I?"

Of course, it\'s my wife "Wife? Do you really think of me as your wife? " Chi gave him another fist, but the man was muscular and hurt her hands. "If you don\'t tell me something, you will bite me if you want to. Is that what my wife should have? I think you only think of me as your pet. "

Hang Jin is also a natural image of the second generation: "you look down on me too much. Do you think that I have no choice but to come? You think no matter who I am, I can bite. Besides you, who else have you seen me bite? "

Central pool "..."

She was about to laugh at his arrogance.

How can there be such a person in the world? It\'s just that this person is still her man.

What did she do last life.

She wants to go again, but Hang Jin holds her hand tightly, she can\'t go.

"Then let\'s go home," said Hang Jin

Who wants to come home with you

Hang Jin: "I\'ll tell you everything you want to know when you go home. There\'s no word missing."

Central pool "..."

She didn\'t want to compromise, but she had to, because as long as the man didn\'t let go, she couldn\'t do anything.

…… Chiyangyang came back home with a stomach full of anger. He didn\'t want to deal with Hang Jin, but he also thought that Hang Jin said that he would tell her what she wanted to know when he went home. So after he went home, she didn\'t go anywhere and sat on the sofa. "You can tell me."

However, Hang Jin not only ignored her, but also turned into the storage room. When he came out again, he was holding the small medicine box that he often used.

He came to her and sat down. Under the angry gaze of Chi Yang Yang, he said, "although I haven\'t bitten the skin on your face, I think it\'s still necessary to detoxify, just in case."

Chi Yang stared at him, but he just didn\'t speak.

She\'s no longer a child. Don\'t think the trick of slapping her first and then taking a piece of sugar will help her. Chi Yangyang didn\'t speak, but it didn\'t affect Hang Jin at all. He took out the medical disinfectant alcohol, touched it with a medical cotton swab, and gently applied it on the tooth seal he bit. "I\'m just biting you, but I didn\'t break the skin. It\'s good that the tooth marks are removed and no scars will be left. "

Chi Yangyang still didn\'t speak, staring at the eyes of the water spirit, but it\'s not hard to see that tears would soon roll out of her eyes.

Hang Jin held up the mirror in front of her again. "Look for yourself. Is the tooth mark very shallow?" Pool Yang Yang subconsciously glanced at herself in the mirror, the tooth mark on her face was not obvious, but her poor appearance of crying was like being wronged by heaven.