My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1938

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Yin Susu told Hang Jin what he saw and heard last night, then added: "ah Jin, when the central government refused to sign, I seemed to see a light from her, which was so dazzling and so firm. She\'s really not the little girl we think she is. When she grows up, she knows what she wants and what she\'s doing. I think it\'s true that she wants to tell her that she\'s going to share it with her, not hide everything from her. "

Hang Jin also heard this remark from Chi Yang Yang, but he didn\'t think much at that time. He always thought that his choice was the best for Chi Yang, but now it seems that he didn\'t think much about it.

He got up: "three elder sisters, thank you for telling me this. I want to know what I should do."

"Well." Yin Susu nodded contentedly, "our Jin has grown up a lot."

As he walked out, Hang Jin said, "third sister, I won\'t have dinner with you tonight. Tomorrow I\'ll invite you with Yang Yang."

"Well, go ahead and do it." Yin Susu smiles.

When she came to him, she didn\'t really want him to eat with her, or she wanted someone to talk with her.

She looked out of the window, out of the window on the street, people came and went, the traffic was endless, everyone seemed to have a very clear purpose, but she did not know whether to go on right or wrong.

She can persuade others, but she can\'t persuade herself. She knows that the darkness ahead may never be able to see the light she wants to see, but she goes forward without hesitation.

Even if it was broken to pieces, it was her own choice.


From the hotel, Hang Jin drove straight to hang\'s home.

Yinian was very happy to see him coming back, but he always glanced at Hang Jin\'s back: "Jin boy, come back alone. What about Yang Yang? Why didn\'t you take her with you? "

"Mom, where\'s my dad?" In front of his mother, Hang Jin still gave Hangzhen mountain face, or he might call the name of Hangzhen mountain directly.

"Dad is in the study, and seems to have some work to do." Yin Nian pointed to the upstairs with a smile. Seeing Hang Jin\'s face was not good, he asked again, "what happened when I came back to find him today?"

"Nothing." When he spoke, Hang Jin had already gone upstairs.

When Hang Jin came to the study, he didn\'t knock at the door either. He pushed the door open and walked in. Then he locked the door and strode to the desk of Hang Zhen mountain. He asked in a harsh voice, "hang Zhen mountain, don\'t I have a clear idea?"

Hang Zhenshan raised his head slowly, took off his spectacle frame, and pinched his nose gently: "as a younger generation, I don\'t knock at the door when I enter the elder\'s study. As soon as I come in, I don\'t have big or small questions. It\'s becoming more and more ugly."

"Respect the elders?" Hang Jin sneered, "if you want to get respect from me, you need to be an elder worthy of my respect, and see what you have done in one day?"

"What did I do?" At the first time when Hang Jin stepped into the door, hang Zhenshan had already guessed what he was coming for, but he didn\'t intend to find out.

Compared with hang Zhenshan, Hang Jin is much more direct: "what did you take last night to sign for Chi Yang? Do you understand?"

"Oh..." Hangzhou town mountain smile, "it was the little girl with the complaint."

"She didn\'t tell me anything," said Hangjin angrily

"Oh? Not her? Who else would it be? Is it Secretary Zhou? " Obviously, hang Zhenshan didn\'t believe what Hang Jin said, because he knew that this boy would protect the little girl.

Hang Jin was very angry: "hang Zhenshan, now I\'m asking, not asking who told me that."

Hang Zhenshan said, "what do you ask me?"

Hang Jin: "why do I do this? Why should we focus on the Central Bank of Chiyang everywhere? Is also looking at her grown-up elders, what did she do to make every day want to drive her away? "

"She didn\'t do something that I didn\'t like," said Hangzhou mountain

Hang Jin slapped his hand heavily on the desk: "why is it still aimed at her everywhere?"

Hang Zhenshan: "why do I do this is not clear?" Hang Zhenshan\'s tone of leadership is full of ten words. Hang Jin\'s punch is like hitting cotton, which has no effect: "hang Zhenshan, whatever the reason, I will tell you that Chi Yangyang is my wife, I will love her and hurt her generation

and no one will want to support her from my side. If you dare to deal with her on your back, don\'t blame me for being rude. "

"You\'re not polite to me? How can I be rude? You\'re divorced from me? " Hang Zhenshan shook his head. "Hang Jin, Hang Jin, for a woman, I don\'t even have the most basic respect for my father. I\'m so disappointed."

Hang Jin: "for a woman? Ah... That\'s because I don\'t love my mother at all. Say love my mother, but marry her just to be able to climb up "Bastard!" In recent years, the most important thing in Hangzhen mountain is that other people question his feelings for yinnianxiao. What\'s more, he said it from his own son\'s mouth. He was about to go to Hangjin fan with his hands raised, but when he looked at shanghangjin coldly, he took back his hands.

He took a deep breath and said slowly, "Hang Jin is the child of Hang family and Yin family. Our two families are innocent for generations, and we can\'t have stains in this generation."

Hang Jin: what do you mean

Hang Zhenshan: "don\'t think anyone who went to see me last night can hide it from me."

Hang Jin: do you know Hang Zhenshan added: "as early as many years ago, I found there was something wrong with Chi Yishen, but there was no evidence at that time. Later, something happened to him. I thought that other people had already gone, so I didn\'t ask people to look him up and think about how much I could give him a bit of decency.

However, it never occurred to me that Chi Yishen was not dead at all. He was still alive and had a better life than me. "

After hearing this, Hang Jin felt cold behind his back. He wanted to say many things, but he couldn\'t say a word.

Hangzhenshan continued: "I grew up with that child in Yangyang. She is very good, but she has such a father. No one knows if she will be like her father in the future..."

Before hangzhenshan\'s words were finished, he was interrupted by Hangjin\'s cold voice: "first of all, I don\'t believe that chiyangyang won\'t, but even if she goes bad, she is the woman I want to protect for my whole life."

Hangzhenshan picked up his eyebrows: "it means that even if she goes on a road of no return, she should be protected to the end?" "She walked on the bright road, and I accompanied her. I\'ll accompany her if she\'s on a wrong path. In this life, no matter how chiyangyang she is, she is my wife Leaving words behind, Hangjin walked out of the study with firm steps under the gaze of Hangzhen mountain.