My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1937

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"of course. How long has it been since I went to see Grandpa? His old man thinks that he can\'t eat well or sleep well. He specially asked me to come to Jiangbei and take him back to see him. " Yin Susu is really because the old man of Yin\'s family wants hang Jincai to come to Jiangbei. Hang Jin admits that he hasn\'t been to see the old man in the capital for a long time, but he still has some self reproach in his heart: "recently, I\'m so busy that I don\'t have time to get away from him. I haven\'t even called him. It\'s really my unfilial younger generation."

Yin Susu said, "prepare for it, and come back with me tomorrow."

Hang Jin reclined lazily on the back of the chair. His long fingers tapped on the teacup in front of him and said slowly, "not yet."

Yin susuna was born with the authority of elder sister: "what can I do? What\'s wrong? I never dreamed that I could hear the word "no" in Hang Jin\'s mouth "Where is it. I still have a case unfinished. When I finish this case, I\'ll take Yang Yang back to see his old man. He must be happy. " Hang Jin only hopes to find a perfect way to solve this case in

. Only by solving the case of Chi Yishen perfectly, can Chi Yang Yang not be hurt, and he has the chance to take her to the capital. "At the beginning, Grandpa was not allowed to do this business, but he just wanted to do it. But because of his love and persistence, he didn\'t stop him. Now he can\'t see him because of his work. Do you think you are short of these salaries or what? It should be clear that there is no way for the old man to go on if he speaks. " It\'s not that Yin Susu is cruel, but that the old man of Yin family really has that ability. According to the extent that the old man loves Hang Jin, he can do everything

. "I know the power of the old man, but ask him if he wants to control my life or if he wants me to live as I want." When Hang Jin chose to study criminal investigation, the old man tried his best to stop it. Hang Jin also tried his best to get the old man\'s consent. "Grandpa just cares about Ann." Yin Susu understands Hang Jin\'s personality, and tries to force him to push him further and further. He tells him well that he can listen to advice. "Ah Jin, grandpa doesn\'t want to take care of him. He\'s the most precious grandson of him when he\'s older. He thinks that he wants to spend more time with him. That\'s not too much."

"Go back to tell Grandpa first, and I\'ll accompany him when the case is finished." The old man of Yin\'s family is getting older. His health is not as good as one year. His children and grandchildren are spending less and less time with him. Hang Jin knows that.

Chi told him to spend more time with his relatives. Don\'t regret losing them like her.

Yin Susu persuades patiently: "can\'t you find someone to take over the case?"

Hang Jin shook his head.

"Ah!" Yin Susu sighed, "how can you be so stubborn, just like the little woman at home. The two of us are really stubborn together. "

"No matter how stubborn my little four eyes are, they are lovely. I like her silly stubbornness." When it comes to chiyangyang, Hang Jin\'s face smiles unconsciously, and the love in his eyes can\'t be concealed. Hang Jin\'s feelings for Chi Yangyang are so clearly written on his face. It seems that he would like to tell everyone in the world that he is a little fool who loves his family. He is envied by Yin Susu Haosheng. In a trance, Hang Jin\'s face has become another handsome face that doesn\'t mean to laugh


"Third sister, what are you thinking of staring at me?" Hang Jin\'s voice brought back Yin Susu\'s thoughts. She smiled and casually found a topic. "I wonder if I can hold the children of central and central at any time."

"Well, probably next year." Hang Jin said with a smile that last night was the critical period of Chiyang. With his special efforts, maybe their children have landed and will come soon.

"That Grandpa must be very happy." Seeing that Hang Jin and Chi Yang are in a good relationship, Yin Susu is happy for them, but I don\'t know why he is a little uneasy. Maybe it\'s because last night\'s matter was not clear.

She added: "ah Jin, I won\'t tell you what happened last night, but you must make it clear to the Central Committee that you can\'t let her think nonsense."

Hang Jin: "..." Yin Susu added: "you should understand that a woman\'s character is inherently more sensitive and delicate than a man\'s. When two people are together, the most important thing is communication. If one side often says nothing to the other side, a short time is OK, but a long time will definitely lead to a great event. Doubting this kind of thing is like a seed, it will sprout slowly, it will grow up slowly, once a hole is punctured, then we may never trust each other again. "

Hang Jin nodded, "third sister, I know all about it, but I have a reason why I don\'t say it."

"What\'s the reason for not saying it? To take care of the central government? " Yin Susu repeatedly asked, "ah Jin, how can I know if the best choice is for her without telling her?"

Hang Jin: "..."

Chi emphasized to him that she was an adult, his wife and no longer the little girl under his wing. She has to take the responsibility of two people together with him, instead of hiding it from her alone.

Hangzhou and Jin all know the truth, but the other side is Chi Yishen, the biological father that Chi Yangyang thought had been dead for more than two years. That\'s a bomb for Chi Yangyang, and it\'s likely to blow her strength to pieces.

Hang Jin didn\'t say a word. Yin Susu knew that he was seriously thinking about her words. She added, "ah Jin, do you know what I saw last night?"

Hang Jin: what

Yin Susu said: "last night I left it in the hotel alone. It was so boring that I drove to the parking lot downstairs unconsciously. I was just about to call, but I saw a big play with my own eyes. "

"What\'s the big show?" Hang Jin asked

Yin Susu said, "my father\'s secretary took a document to the Central Committee for signature."

"What document?" said Hang Jin Yin Susu thought for a moment and organized a language: "my car was parked not far away from them, and I could hear their conversation vaguely. Maybe the central bank thought it would be dangerous, so I called my father for help, and my father took the opportunity to ask her to sign a


Hearing this, Hang Jin hit the table with a fist and drew the eyes around him. Yin Susu clapped his hand: "don\'t worry, listen to me finish." "Said Hang Jin angrily