My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1934

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"Dare to scold me a big fool and see how I deal with it." Hang Jin lowered his head and grabbed the earlobe of Chi Yang Yang. He was so scared that he not only didn\'t dare to move, but also didn\'t dare to make a sound in the atmosphere, but also heard his sexy voice ringing in her ear, "baby, how about we

have a baby?"

Maybe having a child can distract her attention, distract her from the pursuit of the murderer, so when the truth appears in front of her, she doesn\'t care so much.

Don\'t care, it won\'t hurt.

With a child, she will think more about her child after encountering things, maybe it can make him and her family more stable.

Chi wanted to say no, hoping he would give her a little more time, but he couldn\'t say it at all.

Later, Chiyang had already forgotten where to travel. There was only one thought in his mind. Hang Jin, the great devil, was still so good in physical strength, as if he could never use it up.


After the storm, Chiyang had no strength.

She nestled in Hang Jin\'s arms feebly. When she was confused, she heard Hang Jin say in his deep voice, "baby, can you promise me something?"

"Good." He didn\'t say anything, and Chiyang was determined to answer.

Hang Jin bowed his head and rubbed her nose with the bridge: "little fool, I haven\'t said what\'s the matter. I deserve to be so frank. Aren\'t I afraid of cheating?"

"Will you deceive me?" Chi Yangyang opens her eyes slightly, and the just rolling clouds and rain make her usually clear eyes more charming, which makes Hang Jin\'s mind ripple.

He involuntarily hugged her more tightly, so tightly that he could feel each other\'s heartbeat frequency: "maybe I will cheat. If one day I cheated, would I hate me? "

Chi was very tired and sleepy, but he thought about it seriously and gave the answer: "No."

This made Hang Jin extremely puzzled: "why?"

He shook his head: "I don\'t know."

Maybe he thinks that Hang Jin is the best person in the world. Even if Hang Jin wants to cheat her, he thinks that cheating her is the best choice for her.

"This little fool!" I don\'t know why, but I still don\'t want to hate him. Hang Jin can\'t help beating the little fool so that she can grow her brain and don\'t trust others unconditionally.

"Then tell me what I want to promise?" It\'s not hard to hear from the voice of Chi Yangyang. She is very tired and sleepy. She just wants to close her eyes and go to sleep, but she still tries to get up and listen to him. "Promise me that no matter what happens in the future, you will be fine." Hang Jin knows that no matter how he conceals it, Chi Yangyang will know what Chi Yishen has done sooner or later. What he can do now is to give her a preventive injection in advance and quietly do

psychological construction, which will probably minimize the harm to her.

"Why do you suddenly say such a deep topic?" After the two people were just so close, shouldn\'t they say something sweet to make her happy?

And the stinky man in her family is really so different. I\'m afraid that her wife just gave it as a gift in his heart. It\'s not worth any money and it\'s not worth his treasure.

Hang Jin stressed: "Yang Yang, remember that although our lives are given by our parents, our lives are independent individuals. Our lives are our own, not the accessories of anyone."

"I know." Chi is very tired and sleepy, but she doesn\'t know why her brain is very clear. Once again, she is sure that the people Hang Jin meets tonight must be related to her parents\' case.

Hang Jin, a big fool, can cover up all his emotions, but he is afraid that her eyes will not deceive her.

She has only recently learned that he is very nervous about anything related to her.

Hang Jin suddenly raised the volume: "I don\'t know!"

Chiyangyang: "..."

What happened to the murderer all of a sudden?

She rubbed against his chest and said pitifully, "I really know. Don\'t worry."

Realizing that he was over stressed, Hang Jin immediately picked up his emotions and said, "let me give you an example."

Chi Yangyang: "well."

Hang Jin: "suppose that one day I did something illegal, the police have no evidence to arrest me, and if I am known, what will I do?"

Chi didn\'t think much about it, and the way to deal with it blurted out: "if I can be sure that I have done something illegal, I think I will report it myself. If you break the law, you will be punished by the law. Everyone is equal before the law, no one can be an exception. "

Chi\'s answer is what Hang Jin wants to hear, but it\'s just a hypothesis. Under the assumption, she can keep thinking rationally and normally. It\'s really hard, I\'m afraid.

Hang Jin said again, "what will I do when I accept the legal sanction?"

He shook his head: "I don\'t know."

Hang Jin: think about it

"I still don\'t know," he thought seriously

Hang Jin sighs.

Chi Yangyang: "because I know that I will never do illegal things, why should I spend my brain cells to think about those impossible things?"

Hang Jin: "..." I can\'t go on talking this day, but I have to say, "I want to tell you that even as my wife, my bad deeds have nothing to do with it. Don\'t blame yourself for my personal behavior, and don\'t care about other people\'s eyes."

"Now it\'s not ancient. There\'s no saying that there\'s no crime to kill the nine tribes." He leaned against him and chose a comfortable position. "I don\'t know what I\'m worried about."

Hang Jin stressed: "I mean, psychologically, don\'t have any burden, don\'t think I have done wrong, and also have responsibility."

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" good

"Little four eyes, I hope that no matter what happens in the future, I will think about what I promised to do tonight and treat myself well." After that, Hang Jin didn\'t get an answer from Chi Yang. He looked down and found that she was asleep.

He was helpless and spoiled: "my little fool!"

She fell asleep, but he didn\'t sleep at all. Then there was a hard battle to fight. He couldn\'t relax half of the time.


LAN Feiyang\'s case can\'t find new evidence, the case can\'t be pushed forward, everyone is worried, but there is no way.

After sorting out the evidence again, Chi Yangyang still hasn\'t gained.

Before work, she received a phone call from the Bureau, asking her to help.

Their forensic personnel are scarce. They go wherever they are needed. Today, Chiyang central didn\'t think much about it, let alone Jiang Zhen working in the general administration. Before she left, she called Hang Jin: "the general administration asked me to help now. I don\'t know when. Come home for dinner after work. Don\'t wait for me. "