My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1933

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"If you hear me wrong, I can\'t say anything." Chiyangyang is ashamed of the thought in his mind.

Hang Jin\'s father did not like her and did some small things behind her, but he could not do such a vicious thing. She should never put such a bad hat on someone\'s head.

"Do you think this young master is deaf or something?" The more he disguised it, the more curious Hang Jin became. "Four eyes, you\'d better be honest."

"True..." Chi wants to argue, but suddenly she feels the danger is approaching. She quietly sticks her head out of the quilt to see what Hang Jin is doing.

Unexpectedly, at this sight, Hang Jin was walking towards the big bed. He had a towel around his waist. As he walked around, it seemed that the towel might fall down at any time.

Even though he has been used to seeing the sexy naked appearance of Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang is still ashamed to drill into the quilt: "hang, can you put on your pajamas?"

"Where else have you not seen in my young master? The old husband and wife are blushing. You are too thin skinned. " Hang Jin took the wind tube and blew her hair. At the same time, he looked at her with contempt.

"You think everyone is as shameless as you," he retorted in a low voice

"It\'s outside. I\'m afraid that human beings have already been extinct." Hang Jin took it for granted, and he was upright and vigorous.

"I can\'t tell you," he said

He blew his hair at random for several times, whether it was dry or not. Hang Jin left the windpipe, turned over and went to bed. With his long arm extended, he took Chi Yang into his arms. "Do you want to say or not?"

"I just thought of the case..." Chi said carefully, shrinking his neck

In the middle of the night, what she was thinking about was the case. She didn\'t need to make up a lie again. Hang Jin Li interrupted her: "don\'t make a proposal with me at home. If you can\'t sleep, you can accompany me to see where we are going to travel."

Chiyang Yang is very proud of him. She can fool him with any topic she wants. She says every day that she is a little fool and doesn\'t know who is.

"Raise your head, don\'t be an ostrich." Hang Jin hugged Chi Yang with one hand and flipped over his mobile phone with the other. "There are many places around the world suitable for the couple to spend their honeymoon. Where do you want to go?" Chiyang Yang looks silly and follows him to see his mobile phone: "most of the strategies of honeymoon online are to soak in the sea on the island. We are a city near the sea in the north of the river, and there are also beautiful islands. As a native of Jiangbei, we are not rare, so the island line can be ruled out."

"I think you are afraid of water." Speaking of this, Hang Jin was very impressed. Before, several of them often went out to sea on an appointment. Once, Chi Yang was so excited that he fell into the sea when he was snatching, singing and dancing in the speedboat.

Mingming is wearing a life jacket, and in the area near the beach, as long as she stands straight, the sea water is almost the same but below her waist, but the little fool still drinks several salty sea water.

That time left her a very big shadow, and later she was unwilling to go to sea with them, even where there was water. Later, Hang Jin taught her how to swim, and her fear of water improved.

"Hang Jin!" Chi Yangyang shouted angrily, "I didn\'t know who was chased by Yuanbo\'s dog with his pants on."

At the mention of this, Hang Jin\'s face turned black.

From childhood to now, he is the most arrogant son of nature. He has rarely done anything embarrassing to make people come out to talk about after dinner. The only thing is that he was chased by Xie Yuanbo\'s dog.

Several other small partners know about this, but no one dared to mention it in front of Hang Jin. Even if they talked, they talked quietly behind Hang Jin Di. This is the first time that Chi Yang Yang raised it in front of the parties. Chiyangyang didn\'t dare to mention it before, because she was afraid that Hang Jin would beat her little butt like when she was a child, but now it\'s different. She knows that he likes her for many years and has arrogant capital: "how? If you allow me to mention my embarrassment, I will not be allowed to mention yours. "

"Chi Yangyang, I think you forgot that." As soon as Hang Jin said this, Chi Yangyang raised his hand to cover his mouth, "Hang Jin, no more."

Hang Jin easily took her hand away: "small sample, fight with me, you are a little tender."

Chi Yangyang is angry in his heart. He has grievances in his heart, but he doesn\'t have the courage to talk back. Once again, she felt deeply that she didn\'t have any preferential treatment as a girl she liked.

Other boys like a girl, are not fight back to scold not to return, try to hold the girl in the palm of the hand pain Pang.

And the stinky man in her family, quarreling with her, not only won\'t let her, but also threatened her.

Wuwuwu She\'s so pathetic!

Looking at the pitiful appearance of Chiyang Yang\'s grievance, Hang Jin was distressed, but he couldn\'t help laughing. He pinched her pink face: "OK, let\'s get down to business. Where do you want to play? "

Chi didn\'t want to talk about the business at all. He just wanted to fight with him. He had to win the fight. But he didn\'t dare to say no. he had to follow Hang Jin\'s steps: "you let me think about it."

Hang Jin looked at her: "don\'t worry, think slowly."

It\'s late, but Hang Jin doesn\'t want to sleep at all. He just wants to fight and quarrel with Chi Yangyang and listen to her voice more.

Because he knew that maybe in the near future, such a day of skirmish might become precious to her and him.

Chi Yangyang is so engrossed in things that he soon thinks about where he wants to go. Then he looks up and bumps into Hang Jin\'s eyes. Mingming Hang Jin is the same one she can\'t be familiar with any more. Mingming\'s eyes are almost the same as before, but I don\'t know why at the moment when he looked at her, Chi Yang Yang\'s heart was hurt: "brother Jin


"Well?" He should, the palm still caresses her head gently, the voice of exit is also damned gentle, "you say, I am listening."

Chi Yangyang unconsciously leaned on his arms: "several years ago, several of us said to go to the north pole for a walk, but later each busy didn\'t make it. Or we can go to the north pole, watch the snow, the aurora and the penguins. It\'s beautiful to think about. What do you think? "

"Go to the north pole to see penguins. Do you still want to go to the south pole to see polar bears?" Hang Jin was made to laugh, his tone doting on the tunnel, "little fool." Pool Yang Yang Dudu mouth: "big fool, people make a joke with you, don\'t I know to see penguins going to the South Pole?"