My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1931

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Hang Jin drove back to the community at 2 a.m.

At such a late hour, most people were sleeping. He saw two people who should have slept at the entrance of the garage, one was Chi Yang, the other was Yin Susu, the third cousin he hadn\'t seen for many days.

When Hang Jin\'s eyes fell on Chi Yang Yang, he could not help clenching his fist. He was afraid that the girl who had always been slow would suddenly become intelligent tonight. He could see something from his look at a glance.

It was clear that the dull little idiot couldn\'t become intelligent all of a sudden. Hang Jin was still so nervous that his face was not normal. After a few seconds, he quietly picked up his mood and got off the bus. He deliberately didn\'t look at Chi Yangyang and went up to give Yin Susu a hug. "Third sister, you have come to Jiangbei many times, but you haven\'t informed me in advance. This time, you suddenly appear in my building

to give me a surprise or a scare?" Yin Susu looked at him and pretended to be dissatisfied. "When did you become stupid? Even if your third sister didn\'t tell you that I came to Jiangbei, can\'t you guess that I must also be there. What\'s more, are you allowed to go out and play, and I\'m not allowed to come over to see central? "

Yin Susu has something to say. How can hang Jin not understand her intention? She immediately cooperates and says, "sister three, I told Yang Yang to go out to work. How can you break through my lies so quickly. Do you want me to go home and kneel on the washboard? " "I also watched the central government worry about you, just told him not to carry out the task but to accompany you to be the third brother-in-law." Yin Susu raised his hand and gave Hang Jin a light blow. "Well, it\'s not early. Since you have come back, I have also returned to the hotel. Let\'s get together after a good sleep. " "Three elder sisters..." Hang Jin still has something to say, but Yin Susu said, "just now, the central government was worried about you. Your husband made his wife worry so much, and she was not responsible at all. You need to reflect on yourself. Otherwise, I will call your elder sister two to help them out."

"You must not." There is a empress dowager at home who protects Chiyang Yang. He has already parried. If Qi Yin\'s family collects another three thousand dollars, he may not live a peaceful life.

"If you don\'t let them come, don\'t bully or worry about her." Yin Susu tells Hang Jin and looks at Chi Yangyang again. "Yang Yang, if Hang Jin dare to bully you, please call me and I\'ll bring someone to clean him up."

Chi Yangyang smiled, "OK, third sister."

"Well, I\'m leaving, and you\'ll go home and rest early." Yin Susu waved. A taxi had just stopped by the side of the road. She turned and got on.

Seeing Yin Susu leave, Hang Jin just turned around. It\'s impossible to look back. Chi Yang, who was still smiling at Yin Susu, was already in tears, which made him tremble with heartache.

He immediately wiped her tears. "My little four eyes, what\'s wrong with you?"

Chiyangyang claps his hand, turns around and walks to the community. Hang Jin doesn\'t care about the car parked at the intersection, and rushes to catch up with "how did you cry just now?"

Chi Yangyang stops and goes back "to park the car. It will affect others if the car is parked in disorder. You\'ll pay more attention later, you know? "

Xiaobai is crying so hard that he can still think that if he doesn\'t park the car well, it will affect others. Hang Jin really doesn\'t know how to say that this silly girl is good, "OK, stop crying, and come to the parking with me, OK?"

Chiyang Yang didn\'t talk to him anymore. He turned around and left.

Hang Jin wanted to keep up with him, but he stopped at first. When he got home, he opened the door and saw Chi Yangyang sitting in the living room, looking at him with sad eyes.

Chi Yangyang\'s eyes made Hang Jin feel flustered, as if he had done something sorry to her on his back.

As he changed his shoes, he asked, "baby, what\'s the matter with you?"

Chi continued to look at him with sad eyes. "Hang Jin, tell me honestly, where are you going tonight?"

Hang Jin changed his shoes and went to her side to sit down. "Just now, the third sister didn\'t say that. In the future, the third brother-in-law will go out to talk to me."

"Who let you sit?" Chi Yangyang suddenly yelled out, so scared that Hang Jin immediately stood up, "OK, I won\'t sit if you don\'t let me sit. Baby, we have something to say, don\'t worry, worry about your body, I love it. "

"Hang Jin, do you know that you love me? If you really know that you love me, you won\'t lie to me. " As he spoke, the tears of Chiyang began to roll down again. How pitiful and pitiful he looked. Looking at the tears of Chi Yangyang like broken pearls one by one, Hang Jin was so upset that she couldn\'t help but soften her voice and coax her like a child. "Little four eyes, let\'s talk to me about something, let\'s not cry well, OK?"

Chi Yangyang sniffed and tearfully said, "Hang Jin, tell me, who am I?"

"Little idiot, I need to ask. Of course you are my wife."

Hang Jin wants to hug Chi Yangyang in his arms, but as soon as he moves, he is stared back by his tearful eyes.

Hang Jin knows it\'s not so easy today.

Don\'t look at this girl\'s weak appearance that the wind can blow down, but she is stubborn like a donkey. It\'s hard for her to come out again when she gets into the horn.

All of a sudden, a bad premonition came to Hang Jin\'s heart. She would worry about him and ask him where he went tonight. Did she know something about him from someone?

Hang Jin was worried that she was testing him after hearing some news.

When Hang Jin was uneasy, Chi said, "do you know that I am your wife?"

Hang Jin tried to cover up his uneasiness with a smile. "What nonsense?"

Listen to him to say so easily, pool Yang Yang tears more fierce "you never when I was your wife, never."

Hang Jin felt very wronged. "Small four eyes, I didn\'t take you as my wife. Who else can I take as my wife?"

Chi Yangyang stared at him and wiped his tears hard. "No matter what happens, you don\'t tell me, because in your heart you think that I am still a child, a child who will never grow up."

Hang Jin asked Heaven without words, if he took her as a child, would he marry her home?

You think I can\'t do anything well. You have to help me with everything, so you don\'t tell me anything. "

"I......" Hang Jin opens his mouth to explain, and Chi Yang interrupts him. "You don\'t have to explain. I know that\'s what you think of me."

Hang Jin is also worried, "small four eyes, can you not be so unreasonable?" "I have a theory with you. You say I\'m unreasonable. You dare to say that you don\'t treat me as a silly child who doesn\'t understand anything."